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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 5




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 5

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


Natalie paced around the room restlessly, panting heavily in annoyance. Alpha Marcus asked her to leave just because of that stupid wolf-less girl, Allison. That was getting her so angry.

“Claire, is Allison more beautiful than I am? Like, does she look better than me?” She raised her brows at her.

Visibly scared, the maid, who was arranging her clothes, shook her head in disagreement with what she asked. “No, ma'am. You're so beautiful, and your beauty cannot be compared to that of Allison.”

“Is that so? But why is Alpha Marcus always flirting with her? I'm the one who is getting engaged to, but he has all his attention on Allison. That's absolutely unacceptable and absurd!” She freaked out.

The maid didn't know what to say, probably she didn't want her to get annoyed by her words. “I'll take my leave, Miss Natalie.”

With that, she walked out of the room. All Natalie wanted was to crush Allison with her palm, that way she will never appear in front of her man.

“I am the only one who is befitting to become the Luna of the Night Wind Pack… Me, and me alone.” She mumbled.


Tilling the hard ground, I groaned in pain as I felt a sharp cut on my knee. I don't even have my healing powers yet. The other servants stared at me and turned their faces away. 

The slave mistress glared hard at me, scornfully. “Get your dirty self up from there, and get back to work, silly.” She yelled at me. 

My knee was bleeding, but of course, no one cares whether my legs are being cut off or not. My stomach grumbled noisily. 

Without hesitation, I picked up the tiler and continued digging the ground. A few minutes later, the loud sound of the bell was heard and the slaves who were working rushed out of the mine. 

The bell was a signal that it was time for lunch. I heard a sigh of relief. At least, I can get something to eat at last. Immediately, I dropped the tiller and turned to leave the mine. Vanessa grabbed my arm. “Where do you think you're going?”

I gulped hard, praying within me that she doesn't starve me this afternoon because I was so famished. “It's time for lunch. I'm going to eat.”

“Stupid! We got an order from the Beta's daughter, Natalie, that you can't have lunch today.” Valerie sneered.

“Not again, please. At least not today.” I mumbled.

Tears circulated in my eyes and slowly rolled down my cheeks. “What? I… I haven't had breakfast since this morning. Likewise, I can't skip lunch, either.”

“Who cares?” Vanessa rolled her eyes.

I couldn't hold the tears back anymore. My eyes stung with tears, and they kept running down my face. Sluggishly, I turned back and walked into the mines. 

“Move it! If you don't finish working at that portion, you'll not be getting dinner as well.” Vanessa yelled at her.

A few hours later, darkness was slowly enveloping the earth. I struggled out of the mines because I was done with the portion that was assigned to me. My vision was becoming blurry, but I managed to walk over to the other side.

“Psst…” I heard a voice from the other side, and slowly turned around. I managed to smile at her. It was Karina, my best friend and Omega slave girl.

She saw how gloomy I was looking and rushed to me. Aiding my head with her palms, she asked. “Allison, are you okay?”

Smiling faintly, I nodded my head. “Yes… Yes, I'm fine.”

Still not convinced, she brought a wrapped paper out of her sack cloth zipper. It was freshly made cookies. I was already salivating, I gulped. Luckily, she works in the kitchen, and would always find a way to get food for me, except I was locked in the basement.

Without hesitation, I took the cookies from her, and ate it hungrily. I almost choked. “Calm down, Allison. You'll choke if you continue eating this fast.”

“I'm so hungry, Karina. Thank you so much.” I smiled, still eating hungrily.

Karina patted my head, and cleared her throat. “Uhm… Happy birthday in advance, Allison. You'll be getting your wolf tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Karina.” I replied with a faint smile. Who knows what awaits me after my 18th birthday? Whatever it is, I must leave this hellhole of a Pack.

The next day, at exactly 12am, I was lying on my worn-out mat fast asleep when my cell phone beeped. Rubbing my eyes tiredly, I picked the phone up and stared at the screen. It was captioned, “Happy birthday to me.”

Turning the alarm off, I yanked the blanket off my body and walked towards the mirror hanging on the wall.

“Happy birthday to me.” I mumbled with a faint smile. Of course, I know that there's nothing to celebrate, but at least I'm alive.

I was still lost in thought but smacked out of it when I heard a strange voice. “Happy birthday, Allison.”

Shocked, I stared around in fear. The voice continued. “It's me, Lily. I'm your wolf.”

Gasping in excitement, I glanced at the mirror and saw my wolf. Immediately, my eye color changed, and my eyeballs became red. “My wolf, Lily, you're here.”

“Yes, Allison, it's so nice to finally meet you and to tell you about our mate.” Wolf Lilly continued.

I gulped nervously. “Our mate? I… I mean, we have a mate, yes?”

“Yes, that's him behind you.” Wolf Lily said, and I quickly turned around. “It's Marcus Klein, Alpha of the Night Wind Pack.”

I gasped in fright. “Lily, that's not funny. I hope this is not a…”

Likewise, I was still speaking when someone interrupted me from behind. “I'm sure you're so excited about your birthday.”

Swiftly, I turned to face no other person but Alpha Marcus smirking mischievously at me. A red rope was connecting our pinky fingers. “Did you know about this? All these years, you knew that I was your mate, yet you still…”

“So what? You're just a maid… A packless orphan, so what if I knew? We can never be together. I reject you, Allison.”

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