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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 4




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 4

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


Turning his gaze away, Alpha Marcus exhaled deeply, but Gamma Drake didn't stop. “Does she still not know that you're her mate?”

“Don't you dare… don't ever mention that again, Gamma Drake.” Alpha Marcus snapped at him. He was obviously tensed up because of the topic.

Bowing his head, the Gamma continued. “I'm sorry, Alpha. It just looked like you two were…”

“We are nothing. Allison is just an orphan… a Pack-less one at that. She's nothing more than the Pack's maid. I can't fathom why the Moon Goddess paired us together, but I don't care, okay? I don't intend to accept it.” He blurted out.

Gobsmacked, Gamma Drake found his voice and responded. “Yes, Alpha. But what do you intend to do with her?”

“Nothing. When she turns 18, she's going to find out that I'm her mate. And I will reject her then and there, and that's it.” The Alpha picked up his smoke pipe and dragged on it like his life depended on it.

Gamma Drake gasped. “But that will break her. I mean… Will her wolf be able to take the rejection on the very first day of uniting with her?” 

“I don't care. Gamma, Drake, you're dismissed.” Alpha Marcus glared at him.

Bowing slightly, he walked out of the Alpha's office immediately. 

Slipping his fingers through his hair, Alpha Marcus exhaled deeply. “Damn it, Allison. I just can't think straight.”


Sobbing silently, I grabbed the worn-out pillow for myself. I would actually be working on her 18th birthday. That was enough torture for me.

Mumbling with myself, I said. “I hate you, Marcus. I will never acknowledge you as my Alpha. I was never a part of the Night Wind Pack to start with because I have never been treated as family.”

“Hey!” Someone kicked me roughly, and I quickly wiped off my tears and struggled up from the torn mat I was sleeping on. My head was aching so bad, probably because I had been crying.

Furthermore, I raised my head, and it was the slave mistress of the pack, Vanessa. She had always hated me… not like anyone liked me except for the Omega slave girl, Karina, who was the only friend I had. “Yes, mistress?”

“Do you think you are actually here to have fun? Where have you been the whole evening? I can't believe we're wasting food all in the name of feeding you.” She sneered.

Biting my lower lip hard, I thought within myself. “By the time I get my powerful wolf, I'll surely make you suffer for all the mistreatment you've been giving me.”

“You little rascal! Why are you still sitting there? Move it, go straight to the mines now.” She yelled.

I quickly sprang up from the mat and rushed out of the basement. My stomach was rumbling. I haven't eaten since morning. Well, I have no hope of getting any food to eat until I've worked on the mine.

“Get your dumb self, and work on the other portion, lazy ass.” I heard the mistress scream at me from the other end.

I shook my head and muttered. “As always.”

At the Cold Moon Pack's mansion, Alpha Atlas was seated majestically in his office when he heard commotions from outside.  The door was opened, and Beta Jackson was trying to stop a lady from barging into the Alpha's office. 

Sighing gently, Alpha Atlas said. “Let her in, Beta Jackson.”

Glaring hard at the arrogant looking lady, Beta Jackson gave her way and she cat-walked towards the mean looking Alpha Atlas.

“What is this about, Harper?” Alpha Atlas asked with an expressionless face.

Harper feigned sadness as she held his hand. “My Alpha, it is unclear to me why Beta Jackson hates me so much. I'm sure I haven't done anything to him. Why won't he let me see you, Atlas?”

He snorted. Harper was his childhood friend and his father's Beta's daughter. She has always had feelings for him, but it was quite unfortunate that she wasn't his fated mate, and wouldn't help him break his curse. “What do you want, Harper?”

“Can you stop sounding so formal, Atlas? Haven't you known me long enough to sound like we're strangers?” She freaked out.

Trying to put up a cheerful face, he feigned an obviously fake smile. “Harper, I have something important to discuss with Beta Jackson. I think you should come back before evening.”

Smiling mischievously, Harper caressed his chest rather flirtatiously. “How about I come over to your chambers tonight?”

He flinched, and his eyes snapped wide open immediately. “No! Don't you dare come to my chambers at night.” 

Startled, Harper took her hands off him, breathing heavily. She had never seen him so aggressive, especially to her. “F…. Fine! I'll leave now. See you later this afternoon.”

With that, she stormed out of the office, still turning to look at him with fear written all over her face. She mumbled. “Creepy!”

Beta Jackson rushed to him. “Alpha, are you okay?”

Blinking hard, Alpha Atlas took a deep breath before turning to Jackson. “I'm fine, Jackson. You must never…read my lips, never let Harper into my chambers at night. I know she might be aggressive, but you can't let in. She mustn't see me in my night form, do you understand me?”

“Yes, my Alpha. By the way, Alpha, the Night Wind Pack sent an invitation to you. I think he's throwing a party for his engagement to his Beta's daughter, Natalie Kane.” Jackson handed an invitation card to Alpha Atlas.

Without taking a look at it, Alpha Atlas took the card and threw it into the trash can beside his table. “I never accept invitations from any god-damned Pack, and you know it, right?”

“I'm sorry, Alpha. I was just thinking, staying indoors won't help you find your destined mate to break your curse. Who knows? You might find your mate at the Night Wind Pack.” Beta Jackson said before turning to leave.

“Wait! Get a decent gift for Alpha Marcus of Night Wind Pack, we'll be attending his party.”


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