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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 3




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 3

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


“Oh, yeah! F*** me… Oh my gosh! Don't stop.” 

Natalie's moan filled the room. Apart from her moans, there was also a sound of slap as Alpha Marcus slammed into her like his life depended on it. 

Flipping her over the table, he bent her over and slipped two of his fingers into her opening. A gasp escaped her lips the moment his fingers went into her. He kept shoving his fingers in and out of her, making her legs shiver in pleasure.

His left hand reached for her bare breast, and he fondled them. His face was expressionless, and all he did was groan lightly as she stroked on his d·ck.

He slowly took his fingers out of her and reached for her mouth. Hungrily, she sucked his fingers as if it were a lollipop.

“My Alpha… My Alpha, please don't stop f****** me.” She pleaded. The pleasure she felt was at its peak.

Aggressively, Alpha Marcus grabbed her hair, making her go on her knees in front of him. Of course, she knew exactly what he wanted. Without hesitation, she quickly grabbed the erected manhood in front her and sucked on it.

Alpha Marcus groaned lightly as he grabbed her blonde hair, shoving her mouth around his d·ck. She choked on it, but the Alpha didn't stop.

After s*cking on the erected manhood, Natalie went on her fours on the table, and Alpha Marcus nudged her opening with his big c·ck. Immediately, he shoved it into her and she moaned softly.

He kept slamming into her, and her moans increased as he increased his slam. 

Natalie was moaning so hard that they didn't hear the knock on the door. The door was creaked open, and I walked in. 

I gasped on seeing the scene, and quickly turned my back and apologized. “I'm… I'm sorry.”

Upon hearing my voice, Natalie quickly sprang up and grabbed her skimpy dress. Her countenance changed and she fumed angrily. “That b*tch!”

“Marcus, you asked to see me.” I bowed her head as I faced them.

Natalie flared up immediately. “You dumb! Why the f*** Are you here? Don't you know how to knock?” 

She turned to Alpha Marcus, who wasn't even reacting in any way. “Was she watching us, Marcus?”

Ignoring her, Alpha Marcus said. “Allison, you will address me as your Alpha, do you understand me?”

Of course, I would rather die than address Marcus as Alpha. Death is nothing to compare to the hardships and sufferings that I've been going through. I know I'm a slave, but I'll never acknowledge someone like Marcus as my Alpha. 

The fact that I kept mute freaked Natalie out the most. She walked closer to me with annoyance. “I swear by the Moon Goddess, I'll rip your tongue off if you dare do…”

She was interrupted by the unmoved Alpha, who sat on the rotating chair, staring at us with ease. “Leave my office, Natalie.”

Natalie's eyes popped out in shock. She turned to the Alpha with furrowed brows. “What, Marcus?”

“I said leave now. Leave us.”

Glaring back at me, she stamped her feet on the ground with a groan. “Argh… damn you.” She walked out of the room angrily.

Taking a deep breath, I stared at the cunning Alpha, who quickly got up from the chair. “What is he up to?”

I was still lost in thoughts, but his deep voice smacked me out of my thoughts. “Have you ever been thrown out of this Pack to go homeless?” 

I blinked rapidly and replied. “No!”

He smirked. “Good. How long have you been in this Pack?”

“7 years… to become 8 by the weekend when I turn 18. That's If I recall correctly.” I mumbled.

“I'm glad you have a sharp brain, even if you're dumb. For these past few years, the Night Wind Pack has been your home, although you're just a packless orphan, right?”

I thought within myself. “Yeah! They have. But I actually wish they didn't because I'm better off being a lone she-wolf than a Pack's worthless slave.”

After a few minutes of silence between us, he cleared his throat and continued. “Give me a reason why you won't acknowledge me as your Alpha.”

He walked closer to me, and I stepped backwards until I landed my back on the wall. Without hesitation, he pinned me to the wall, and stared directly into my eyes. “Don't tell me you're jealous? You wish you're the b*tch who I was screwing, yeah?”

“You irritate me, Marcus.” I gritted my teeth in annoyance.

He twitched his brows. “I beg your pardon.”

I didn't know where I got the courage from, but I spoke up almost immediately. “You disgust me. I can never be jealous of you and Natalie. Do you know why? Because I know my class, and you're the last person I'd ever want to have anything to do with. Lastly, I can't call you Alpha.”

“You…” He raised his hand to slap me when the door flung open and his Gamma, Drake, walked in. “Alpha, there'll be a Pack meeting by…”

He paused on seeing the position we were in. Of course, he turned to leave, but the Alpha stopped him. “Gamma Drake, what were you saying?”

Without hesitation, Alpha Marcus let go of me, and I exhaled deeply in relief. I just can't wait to leave, his sight irritates me, plus I don't want his god-damned s·x-mate, Natalie, to assume that I want to take him away from her. Duh!

“The Pack's meeting will take place at 3pm today.” Gamma Drake continued.

I turned to Marcus and said. “Can I leave now?”

“Of course, but not without a punishment for being disrespectful to your Alpha. You'll do the gardening this weekend alone.” He snapped.

Tears stung my eyes. This weekend? Didn't he always let other slaves have fun and not work on their 18th birthdays? I asked with a teary voice. “It's my 18th birthday this weekend, shouldn't I be off work?”

“Everyone else can, but you can't.” Alpha Marcus snorted.

Sniffing hard, I rushed out of his office and continued sobbing.

Alpha Marcus turned to Gamma Drake, who stared at him without saying a word. “What is it?”

“When are you going to tell her that she's your mate, my Alpha?”

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