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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 2




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 2

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


Dragging me violently, the men threw me into a dark room, locking the room behind them. This dark room is mine. I slept here, and had all my possessions… A few sack clothes… in this room. The days I was given food, I ate here and everyday I cried in this room.

Of course, they didn't even bother to give me a room in the boy's quarters like the other slaves, I was the only one who had to stay in this dark room in the basement. I remembered that I'd still been whipped, my eyes stung with tears I held at bay.

Three months ago, I spent two weeks locked up in this room. Sometimes in these two weeks, my food supply was cut off. I'd starve for three days or more down here in the damp basement of the Pack house. Time became relative. Everything was dark… every hour of the day.

I was still lost in thought, thinking of how I'll be beaten up when the wound on my body has still not healed. The door handle jiggled as someone tried to get in. The door jammed a lot, but with brute force, it was opened. 

I heard mocking laughter, and of course, I knew who it was… Natalie and her brother, Thomas. They were both wearing nasty smirks. They've always enjoyed it whenever I'm being punished.

“What was going through your little brainless head, you slave? Do you actually think that Alpha Marcus will take your side?” Natalie laughed hysterically.

I kept mute, and Thomas kicked my tummy, making me groan in pain. Ever since Thomas told me to mate with him, and I refused, he despises me so much. “Oh, Allison. You're so stupid. I'll make sure that the Alpha deals with you.”

Natalie stared around in disgust and said, “This stinky place… it suits you well. Of course, you're nothing but a wretch. Don't ever dream of having anything to do with the Alpha because he's mine. What makes you even think he has his eyes on you? No one would love an ugly duckling like you. Yuck!”

“What have I done to you, Natalie? Why do you hate me so much? I'm not the only slave in this Pack house, but why am I the one you hate the most when I've done absolutely nothing to you?” I spoke with a heavy heart.

She smirked. “That's because your sight irritates me. And because you are nothing but a flirt. You think I don't know that you've been flirting with the Alpha? It's good you know he cares less about you. This is still a tip of the iceberg, Allison. By the time I'm done with you, you'll regret ever stepping your feet into this Pack.”

“Loser!” Thomas mocked as they walked away, slamming the door in my face.

Sniffing hard, I bowed my head and tears rolled down my face. “I can't wait to leave this Pack and go rogue.”


Smokes emanated from his nostrils as he dragged on the pipe. The room was so dark that one could barely see someone in it. He sat in front of the mirror with his bare body. His chest was so muscular and broad… a perfect definition of every she-wolf's dream mate. 

His face was brutal. He had no single warmth in his face, even though he has a pretty face. I bet he has never smiled.

With his cold and hoarse force, he called. “Jackson!” 

The door was immediately flown open, and a young, handsome man walked in. Bowing slightly, he answered. “My Alpha.”

There was silence between the both of them for a few seconds before the mean looking man continued. “What time is it? Is it getting darker? How long will it take before 7pm?”

“Yes, Alpha Atlas! It's dark. You have 30 minutes left.” He snapped.

The Alpha sighed before saying. “No one is allowed to see me after 7pm except you. I can't step out of this room even if there is an emergency, do you understand?” 

“Yes, My Alpha.”

“My hood! Give me my hood.” He coldly said as Jackson, who happened to be his Beta, handed a hood to him.

Just then, a knock came on the door. Jackson quickly turned around to look at the brutal-looking Alpha. “My Alpha, are you expecting a visitor? It's almost time, and you can't entertain anyone.”

“Leave… Leave! Tell the person to get the hell out of here. You too… leave now.” He growled.

Without hesitation, Jackson rushed out of the room. The darker it was getting, the more the pains Alpha Atlas felt. He groaned in excruciating pains as he fell to the ground.

His face was already transforming into a hideous monster. His ears became long and his nails became long as his hands were hairy. Likewise, his teeth became like those of a vampire. From a handsome looking Alpha, he turned into a hideous monster.

After a few minutes of pain, he got up from the ground and turned on the table lamp before staring at the mirror.

It was 7pm… He was back to his hideous form. Looking handsome in the day and like a monster at night. He's the cursed Alpha.

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