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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 17




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 17

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


“My Alpha, we've searched for her all over the place, but she seems to have disappeared into the thin air. No one has seen her, either.” Gamma Drake reported.

Alpha Marcus gulped hard. “How is that possible? Allison has absolutely no where else to go. She grew up in the Pack House, and she has never left this house as well.” 

“Alpha, your wedding with Natalie is approaching faster, and you've not even prepared at all. That's a lot to worry about.” Gamma Drake reminded him.

Upon hearing that, Marcus banged the table with his fist, fuming angrily. “The one you are looking for is my mate…my one true mate, don't you understand? Natalie is not the one I'm fond of.”

“I'm sorry, Alpha. By the way, the Beta brought in a report that the three neighboring Packs would be going hunting together by next month.” He replied.

Alpha Marcus sighed. “I'm not desiring having fun. All I want now is to find Allison.”

“My Alpha, it's not optional, and you know that. It's compulsory for the packs all over North America.” Gamma Drake spoke tenderly.

“Whatever! I don't want them to stop searching for her. She must be found and brought back into the Pack house. Allison is mine, no one else is allowed to have her.” Alpha Marcus said with finality in the tone of his voice.

“Yes, Alpha.”

Meanwhile, I was lying fast asleep but then the sun rays directly from the window into my eyes. I breathed heavily as I tossed from one side of the bed to another.

With my eyes still shut, I wondered why that bed seemed so soft. I mean, my bed was soft, but it seemed much softer and bouncy… I don't think I've ever slept in such a bed before.

Rubbing my hands on my eyes, I yawned tiredly and opened my eyes. My vision was blurry, but I saw the figure of a man standing in front of a mirror opposite me… he was backing me.

Immediately, my eyes widened, and I jerked up from the bed in shock. I looked at my body to make sure I wasn't taken advantage of, but I was still clothed.

“The Alpha's chambers? What am I doing in the Alpha's chambers?” I half yelled.

The man turned around with a malicious smile. My jaw dropped the moment I saw him… it was Alpha Atlas.

Without a second thought, I went on my knees and bowed my head. “Alpha, I'm deeply sorry. I can't even remember how I got into this room. I don't… It is unclear to me why I'm here this morning. Furthermore, I mean, I should be in my room outside the pack house.” 

He kept silent, and it was getting me worried. Countless thoughts filled my mind. Was he going to punish me? How did I get in here? Why can't I remember anything? Was I sleepwalking? But I have never done that before.

“Do you really not know when you got in here? Or did you come here because you wanted something?” Alpha Atlas sounded so naughty.

I gulped hard as my cheeks flushed. Likewise, I couldn't control it. “Of course not… No, I didn't.”

“That wasn't what you told me last night.” He snapped.

My eyes widened in shock. “What? What did I say to you last night? I had a few drinks. I can't even remember how or who I had it with, but I just know that I drank because I felt my head is aching.” 

Alpha Atlas scoffed. “Leave! You can leave now.”

Without hesitation, I grabbed my footwear and dashed out of the room immediately. I was panting heavily. Immediately I stepped into my room, I met Sophia, cleaning my room.

She quickly ran to me. “Allison, are you okay? Where have you been? I came here this morning, and I've been searching all over for you.” 

“I… I… I just went over there. Uhm… did you bring some alcohol for me last night?” I stuttered.

She narrowed her eyes. “Alcohol? No, I didn't. I had a lot of work at the servants quarter, I'm sorry I couldn't keep you company. Do you… Do you want to drink?” 

“No… No… I was just asking.” I faked a smile at her and she nodded. 

With that, she nodded. “Oh, okay! What would you like for breakfast, Allison?” 

Upon hearing that, I couldn't hold my laughter back anymore. I chuckled heartily, and she stared at me confused. “I'm sorry I had to laugh. I don't think anyone has ever asked me that before.”

“Oh, Allison. You are now a member of this Pack. When are you going to ever consider yourself that?” She smiled softly.

I nodded. “I know. Actually, anything is okay with me. But I really prefer flatbread. I don't know if such kinds of meals are being served here.” I walked towards the restroom.

“Flatbread? Isn't that food for prisoners?” She laughed.


Walking into the bathroom, I picked up my toothbrush. Thoughts filled my mind. I have plenty of questions running through my mind. Why can't I remember anything that happened last night apart from the fact that I was drunk? I couldn't even remember who gave me the drink. “Weird!”


“Are you sure this is right, Sophia? I don't feel comfortable with this whole arrangement.” I kept mumbling as we headed down the stairs.

Sophia smiled. “You have nothing to worry about, Allison. Alpha Atlas was the one who gave the order.”

“I'm just not comfortable. I can eat anywhere else but the dinning… Hell no! I feel this isn't right.” I cried out.

Sophia feigned sadness. “You don't want me to be punished, do you?”

“No, I don't.”

“Then you must come with me to the dining table. Alpha Atlas ordered that you should have breakfast on the dining table. If I fail to bring you to the dining, I'll get punished.” She replied.

Unwillingly, I followed her and we went to the huge dining table. Of course, I have never had breakfast together with Marcus at night Wind Pack…never!

I was nervous, but I managed to drag out a chair and sat down. The Alpha wasn't there yet, only a few pack members were. 

One of them, a handsome looking guy, waved at me with a wink. He seemed very flirty, and that was likable. “Hey!”

“Hello.” I smiled faintly.

I was interrupted by a loud scream. “What the hell are you doing in the dining table?”

Turning sharply, it was Harper.

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