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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 16




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 16

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


The full moon in the sky became red. Wolves howled loudly. The wind became heavier as it blew.

There was absolute silence until the witch who had a black veil over her head spoke up. “Bathed in shadows, cloaked with malevolence, the last Luna emerges from the depths of ancient darkness. Her wolf fangs are as sharp as a knife edge and her heart black as an abyss. Your eyes are filled with malicious intent, Natalie.” She laughed maliciously.

Natalie only smiled faintly and kept mute. The witch continued. “What you seek is already here.” 

“Finally. For a long time, I've been waiting to become the Luna of the Night Wind Pack.” Natalie smirked.

The witch continued. “All in due time, Natalie.”

Heaving a sigh, Natalie sighted the black egg on the table. The egg had cracks all over its body, but it wasn't open yet. “Witch, will this egg hatch?”

“Once the ritual is complete, we won't be needing it anymore. It is nothing but a fossil that…”

Natalie cut in sharply. “What then do you mean by what I seek being already here when this f****** egg has not hatched?”

“Patience, Natalie. That is a crucial virtue that you lack. 5 more full moons and what you seek shall come to you.” She replied.

With that, she opened her fist in front of Natalie. She had a coin on it. Natalie tossed the coin to her palm, and she looked at it with a malicious grin.

“What shall be the price?” Natalie asked anxiously.

The witch snorted. “That you will not know, until it's taken away from you. The universe will always find its balance, my dear Natalie.” The witch laughed wickedly.


Tapping her feet furiously, Harper glared at Alpha Atlas. She was obviously burning up in annoyance.

“I don't understand you, Atlas. What do you intend to do with that girl?” Harper asked, trying hard to hold back her annoyance.

Alpha Atlas kept mute as he flipped the pages of the book on his office table. He was lost in thoughts of how his night transformation was influenced by Allison.

After a few minutes of waiting for his response, Harper scoffed. “You can't even say it, huh? Have you forgotten that this girl in question is a slave of the Night Wind Pack? Are you planning to become enemies with them just because of her?”

“Harper, she is my slave. I bought her with my money, and that means that she is mine now.” Atlas half yelled at her.

She clenched her fist in annoyance. “You're seriously going to harbor her here, aren't you, Atlas? What do you want her for?”

“Harper, you have no right… absolutely no f****** right to tell me what to do and what not. This conversation is over, your suggestion is not needed.” His voice was cold, and there was finality in its tone. 

Fear gripped Harper, the Alpha she grew up with is actually setting boundaries just because of a mere slave, huh? Without hesitation, she got up from the chair where she sat opposite him. “Fine! Since I don't have a say anymore. I'll take my leave, Alpha.”

With that, she barged out of the office. “Allison just got here, but she's already snatching my man away from me. I'll make sure she pays dearly for this.” She mumbled inaudibly.

Grumbling, Harper stormed into her bedroom, still mumbling in disgust.

“Get me a glass of water.” She snapped at the servant who stood by the entrance.

The confused servant wanted to make sure she didn't hear wrong. “Ma'am?”

“Are you deaf or pretending to be dumb? I said, get me a glass of f****** water. This house is filled with numerous useless losers!” She freaked out, stamping her feet angrily.

The servant quickly nodded, and rushed out immediately. “Yes, ma'am.”

With a scoff, Harper said. “Allison, oh, Allison. You have bitten more than you can chew. I have been by Atlas's side ever since we were kids, do you really think you can show up from nowhere and ruin our relationship? I can't let you do that.”

It was getting dark. She walked into my room with two bottles of whiskey. I sat up on the bed, staring at her confused. “What is the drink for?”

“Allison, I see you have been down spirited lately, so I brought this to cheer you up.” She said with a faint smile.

I heaved a sigh. Who wouldn't be worried in such an environment? I mean, I feel like I'm falling for the Alpha… the mean Alpha. “Yes, you're right.”

“I sensed that. So, I think with a few glasses of drink, you can calm your nerves down. All I want is for you to be alright.” She replied, and I smiled.

Sitting right beside me, she corked the drink open and filled my glass with whiskey. Without a second thought, I grabbed the glass and gulped the drink down. Furthermore, she didn't hesitate to refill my glass with more drink. Of course, I kept drinking and drinking.

Soon, I was dead drunk and reeked of alcohol. “Don't you want to get a glass of water, Allison?” She asked.

Laughing hysterically, I nodded my head. “Oh, yes, I do.”

“Then, go get it.” She replied.

Without hesitation, I staggered up from the bed and headed out of the room, staggering. I couldn't even walk properly, and all I did was talk and laugh to myself. My head was aching as a result of the alcohol that I drank. “Maybe I should retire to bed. I'll drink water tomorrow.”

Upon saying that, I turned back to go into my room. I got to the door and grabbed the doorknob.

Twisting it open, I walked into the room. It was a dark room and that got me confused. “Why is my room dark all of a sudden?”

Strangely, I heard someone groaning in my supposed room. I staggered to the other side and turned the switch on. 

My eyes widened in shock as I saw the figure of a hideous monster, lying on the ground and groaning in pain.

I gave out a loud scream, and turned to leave, but the little water on the ground made me slip and fell on the monster. I lost my consciousness.

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