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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 12




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 12

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


His voice was hoarse, but sounded surprisingly sweet to my ears. Why am I being attracted to such a brutal Alpha? 

“Damn you, Allison! Why would you be daydreaming about the impossible?” I thought within myself, but was smacked out of my thoughts when I heard his voice again. “Miss Allison!”

I flinched, and turned sharply to him. “Yes, Alpha.”

“Are you a virgin? Why do you tremble at the mention of getting intimate?” He sneered at me.

Gulping hard, and blinking back the tears that filled my eyes, I nodded. “Yes… Yes, I am.”

He chuckled rather in disbelief. “You, liar!”

“Me? I would never lie to you, Alpha Atlas. I'm really a virgin. Furthermore, I've never gotten intimate with anyone, I can swear to that.” I cried out.

He was silent for a few minutes before clearing his throat noisily. “Have you not been living with the Alpha of the Night wind Pack?”

“Yes, I have. Actually, I was once a slave of the Night wind Pack before I was thrown out of the Pack by the Alpha.” I replied with my head bowed.

He snorted. “I saw the way Alpha Marcus was looking at you, it was obvious that he had feelings for you. I doubt that you haven't had s·x with him.”

The mention of Alpha Marcus's name made me fume with annoyance. I can't even imagine myself sitting next to him, talk more of me getting deflowered by him. “That is practically impossible. Alpha Marcus and I can never ever mate. He's the last person I would want to sit next to.”

I could hear him chuckle, and this time he sounded excited, or am I mistaken? There was silence between us for some time. My heart was still racing as fast as ever as I thought he would definitely f*** me. My zipper was already open. Likewise, I was waiting for him to order me to yank it off.

“Give me a massage.” He broke the silence, and my eyes widened in shock as I turned quickly to him.

Furthermore, I was unsure of what I heard him say, so I had to ask him again. “Yes?”

“Are you deaf or pretending to be? Can't you hear me? I said you should give me a massage.” He blurted out, and walked towards the bed.

Likewise, I watched him lie on the bed after taking off the hood he had on. I couldn't help but drool at his manly abs. They were so broad and attractive. I found myself blushing helplessly. He's so hot.

“Are you done checking me out, Miss Allison?” His voice smacked me back to consciousness.

Biting my fingernails, I nodded my head. “Yes… I mean no!”

He smirked. “What are you waiting for? If you don't give a good massage, I'll have you beheaded immediately.”

Gulping hard, I quickly rushed to him. “I can do it, my Alpha.” I snapped.

There was a massaging oil on the stool, I quickly grabbed it and applied it smoothly on his spotless back and massaged him gently. For some reason, I felt drawn to him. Is he my mate? Why am I so attracted to this Alpha? I already accepted my mate's rejection, can I still get another mate? That's impossible, right?

Meanwhile, Alpha Marcus filled his glass up with the dry gin on the bottle for the fifth time and drank it all up at once. He was about to refill the sixth time when Gamma Drake stopped him. “My Alpha, what's the issue? You've been drinking for so long.”

“Did she leave the Pack house?” He asked anxiously, grabbing Gamma Drake by the arm.

He was stunned, but had to cover up. “Who are you talking about, Alpha?”

“How many people did I tell leaving the Pack house? Can you not ask stupid questions, Gamma?” He yelled at him.

Gamma Drake was confused. “I… I… I don't understand you, my Alpha.”

“Damn! I'm talking about Allison.” He gulped hard.

He nodded his head. “Yes, my Alpha. She left immediately you ordered her to.”

“God dammit! She left immediately, huh? She wasn't even going to beg to stay when she has absolutely nowhere to go?” He fumed.

“Didn't you want her out of the castle, my Alpha? You clearly asked her not to spend more than 10 minutes in the Pack house, that was why she left in fear.” Gamma Drake responded.

Alpha Marcus banged his fist on the table and sprang up angrily. “Have you forgotten that she's my f****** mate? Do you think I'll really throw her out? I was just p*ssed, I didn't mean it when I asked her to leave the Pack house. She's the only woman I'm drawn to.”

“But… You… You rejected her, right?” He stuttered.

He breathed heavily. “I did, but I only did that to make her plead with me not to reject her. Besides, she's the one my wolf wants badly.”

“What about Miss Natalie?” Gamma Drake asked anxiously with his eyes narrowed.

Alpha Marcus snorted. “What Natalie? She's just there. I'm not drawn to her at all. We might be engaged, but she's not the one my heart yearns for. I only engaged or just to get Allison jealous.”

“What? You engaged me to get to Allison?” A voice was heard from behind, and they turned around.

Natalie was standing behind them with tears streaming down her cheeks.

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