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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 11




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 11

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


The sun rays directly from the window to Natalie's eyes, and she gently opened her eyes. Smiles escaped her lip as she thought of the passionate love she made with Alpha Marcus last night. Then, she thought to herself.

“You have always been mine, Marcus. And whatever that is mine will remain mine forever.”

Her attention was drawn to the door when she heard a creak on the door. Claire, her personal servant, walked in with a tray of milkshakes. “Good morning, Miss Natalie!”

“Good morning. Where's Marcus? Why isn't he here? What about the peasant she-wolf Allison? I hope she's being given a tangible punishment.” She asked anxiously.

Claire smiled. “Ma'am, don't you know that Allison has been thrown out of the castle?” 

Shocked, Natalie widened her eyes, and clasped her right palm over her mouth. “You're joking, aren't you?”

“Joking? Why would I joke about something as sensitive as this, ma'am? I have always been on your side, I would never joke about things like this.” Claire shook her head.

Excitement filled Natalie's mind. Thus, she was very convinced that the Alpha liked her so much. “Really? I wish I could see her crying helplessly as she was being thrown out. I would mock her and make fun of her. Now she knows who Marcus loves more.”

“But ma'am, you took such a big risk. What if you had died from the Wolf's bane?” Claire whispered.

Natalie smirked mischievously. “You punk, I can't believe that you're so foolish. What makes you think I would risk my precious life like that? There was no Wolf's bane.”

“But… But the doctor confirmed that.”Claire stared at her in a confused state.

“Silly girl! I had it all planned with the doctor, of course. And guess what? I got my desired outcome. Now, I'll become the Luna of the Night Wind Pack and no one will stop me.” Natalie laughed hysterically.


Alpha Atlas walked closer to me. He was trying hard to control his wolf, but it seemed uncontrollable as it was attracted to me like a magnet. His eyeballs had already turned red. Fear was an understatement of what I was feeling because I didn't know what was going on.

He walked closer to me, and I stepped backwards, but landed my back on the wall. There was no way for me to escape him anymore. Is he going to force himself on me? Would he grab my neck? Thoughts kept running through my mind, and I was almost going crazy.

Likewise, he landed his palm on the wall as he stood opposite me, caging me with the two hands. I felt like I was choking.

“Do you think I'd force myself on you?” He snorted.

My heart skipped a beat. Was he reading my mind? I was scared. “No… No… Alpha.”

“No?” He snapped, and I nodded my head immediately.

With a brutal glare, he continued. “But that's not what your mind is saying, my little property. Why is your mouth and your mind saying two different things?” 

“I… I'm sorry, Alpha.” I stuttered.

He sneered at me. “I hate the word “sorry”. I don't ever want to hear you apologizing to me when you shouldn't again because I'd strangle the life out of you the next time you do that.” He shunned me, and that brought tears into my eyes.

Blinking the tears back, I nodded my head. “Yes, Alpha.”

He kept mute for a while. I glanced at him, and what I saw on his face was regret. Was he actually regretting yelling at me? That can't be! I managed to calm myself down, but he was still in front of me, I could feel his warm breath on my neck.

After a few minutes of silence, I managed to speak. “Alpha? I beg to take my leave.” I snapped, and he turned his gaze away. He stared back at me, but his eyeballs were already back to their normal color.

He smirked. “Do you know that you're mine?”

The coldness in his hoarse voice was somehow attractive. I found myself blushing. “What is wrong with you, Allison? Here you are standing in front of your death, and you have the guts to daydream?”

“Yes… Yes, my Alpha.” I stuttered.

Taking a deep breath, he said. “Are you not scared that I will tear you apart, Miss Allison Acosta?” 

I flinched in fear. How did he get to know my name, and my last name too? I gulped hard. “I know that you bought me, Alpha. I'm willing to serve you.”

Furthermore, I was feeling extremely uneasy, but I had to get a hold of myself. 

“Do you know why I bought you?” He asked as he walked away from me, and I exhaled deeply in relief.

Reluctantly, I replied. “No, Alpha Atlas. It is unclear to me why you bought me.”

“Because I sense that you're the cure.” He said, and that got me confused. My eyebrows twitched as I bit my lower lip.

“Cure? I don't understand you, Alpha. What do you mean by me being the cure?” I asked anxiously.

I heard him smirk, or should I say chuckle softly. Actually, I didn't see his face because he was backing me. Then, he ordered. “You're not meant to understand. Allison, strip and get on your fours now.” 

Cold shivers ran down my spine and hot tears pricked my eyes. I felt dizzy all of a sudden. He was going to f*** me… I was scared. Should I still use the word "scared" when it's more than that? Then, tears rolled down my cheeks as I walked towards the bed.

He raised his eyes at me, and blinked hard. “Are you… Are you crying?”

“No… No, Alpha.” I sniffed, but my voice betrayed me, no matter how hard I tried to conceal the fact that I was crying my eyes out. I zipped down my dress and was about yanking it off my body.

“Wait. Are you a virgin?”

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