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The Cursed Alpha - Episode 10




The Cursed Alpha - Episode 10

©Pinky Presh Chi❤️ma


Gradually, I forced my eyes open. My vision was still blurry. It took a few minutes before I could see clearly. I tried to move, but then I noticed that my hands were tied to my back and my mouth too glued. I was hearing voices, and one of the voices sounded familiar… like I've heard it before.

“Alpha, she has already been bought by somebody else. You can buy any other person you want, but not her.” One of the abductors said.

I heard a mild chuckle, and then the familiar voice came again. “I'll pay you triple the price that she's been bought.”

“What?” The abductors screamed.

Furthermore, I managed to get up from the old bed to the door, straining my ears to hear what else they were saying, but I didn't. Are they murmuring? Who is it that wants to buy me? Oh, God! Why do I keep getting into trouble?

My left ear was still placed on the door when the door was thrown open, causing me to fall out of the door. I groaned in pain, and the man glared at me. “You, little rascal! Why were you eavesdropping?”

I wanted to speak, but words couldn't come out of my mouth. “I… I…”

“Shut up! Your stay here is over, you have been bought.” He smirked as he brought out a stick of cigarette from the pack he was holding. Placing the cigarette in between his lips, he lit the cigarette and smoked deeply. Smoke emanated from his nostrils and mouth.

He grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the dungeon. It was still dark… probably very early in the morning. I can't tell because I've been unconscious for a while.

A Range Rover was driven in, and it halted in front of me. The door was automatically opened, and he pushed me into the car, and the car zoomed off immediately.

My hands were still tied to my back. I stared around the luxurious car that I was in, and then to the driver. “Sir? Where are you taking me?”

He turned to me, and sneered before turning his gaze away. Of course, I was expecting him to reply, but he ignored me.

Tears pricked my eyes. That was when it dawned on me that I've lost my freedom again. I thought that after leaving the Night Wind Pack, I could be free to live my life as a rogue, now this.

Then, I thought. “Am I going to be killed? Would I be turned into a breeder?”

Thoughts kept running through my mind until I was tapped. Smacked out of my thoughts, I flinched in fear. That was when I realized that we already got to a mansion. 

“Get down!” He ordered.

I struggled out because my hands were still tied to my back, my long hair was looking so messy in the sack clothes I was putting on.

Likewise, I didn't need anyone to tell me that I had to follow him into the magnificent mansion. I kept staring around in astonishment. What kind of place is this?

Walking into the big sitting room, my jaw dropped in awe. Some people were in the sitting room, so I had to stand in the middle of the room. They were all feasting their eyes on me.

Footsteps approached from the large staircase. I raised my head to see who it was when one of them yelled at me. “Kneel for your Alpha.”

I quickly went on my knees, and bowed my head in fear. Of course, I was obviously shaking in fear. Should I say I prefer being the maid of the Night Wind Pack than being brought here? Probably because of the saying that the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know.

“Take her to the prepared room.” The Alpha said with a cold, deep voice. That was the familiar voice I heard.

Slowly, I raised my face and glanced at him. A gasp escaped my lips. Is he the powerful Alpha who came to Marcus's party? I saw the lady beside him, and my heart skipped a beat. It was the lady who came with him… his mate, perhaps.

I followed the elderly lady who he assigned to take me to the room, with my head bowed. Fear was an understatement of what I was feeling.

The door was unlocked, and I walked in with the lady. My eyes narrowed in surprise. The room was surprisingly furnished and big. It doesn't look like a room where a slave would be.

“What is your name?” The lady asked.

Gulping hard, I replied. “I'm Allison, ma'am.”

She smiled faintly. For some reason, I felt safe with her. Perhaps because no one has treated me so calmly like she is. “Allison, I left a new dress on the bed. You have ten minutes to freshen up and change into it, then go straight to the Alpha's chambers.”

Upon hearing that, cold shivers ran down my spine. “Ma'am, am I going to become a breeder? Why am I here?” 

“By the way, I am Alpha Atlas's only relation. You can call me, Aunt Maggie. I don't also know the reason Atlas bought you, but I hope you will be okay.” She replied.

Her words made me so confused. Should I be happy that I'm Alpha Atlas's possession? Breathing heavily, I said. “How do I find Alpha Atlas's chamber, Aunt Maggie?”

“Once you're done, press the bell, someone will assist you.” She snapped before walking out of the room.

In a few minutes, I was already dressed in the clothes. It fitted perfectly, but it was really short. Does he want to turn me into a stripper? My mind was made up to face whatever it is that would happen.

As soon as I pressed the bell, The Alpha's Beta came in and walked me down the hallway. My hand was shaking as I clicked the door handle. I walked into the room, it was dark and that scared me the most.

Staring around in fear, I was visibly shaking. The light in the room was turned on, and I saw Alpha Atlas standing right in front of me. I screamed in fear, and rushed to the door. I clicked on the handle, but the door was already locked. 

My heart kept racing faster as Alpha Atlas, whose face was expressionless and brutal, walked closer to me.

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