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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 9 & 10





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 9 & 10

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 



Noah opened his eyes slowly,the rain already stopped,he discovered he was laying down on someone but he haven't moved yet. Birdie was still touching his hair hoping he wake up soon until suddenly Noah moved his head. Birdie immediately removed her hand from his head and Noah raised his head up,he had a blunt look on his face but the moment he saw Birdie,his eyes widened and he shifted back. 

"What the fúck are you doing here?" He asked. 

Birdie was quiet for two seconds before speaking up. 

"I....found you unconscious in the car,you were cold and hot at the same time so I was worried,I tried to help but then you fell on me,I swear I tried to move away but you asked me not to,I wasn't really stalking or spying you this time around" Birdie explained. 

"Gosh" Noah touched his head and lean on the seat. 

"Are you okay?" Birdie asked. 

"Don't talk,tell me where you are going,I will take you home" He muttered and checked the time,it's almost nine. 

"Oh...I...was on my way to get medicine for grandma" Birdie replied. 

"You should have left me and go your way,don't be nosy next time" Noah muttered and almost started the car when he noticed his unbuttoned shirt,he looked at Birdie.

"It's because you were sweating" Birdie defended herself instantly. 

"I can see you're not only a spy,you're a pervert also,this isn't your first time feeling my chest,are you obsessed with me or something?" Noah snapped and Birdie bite her lips. 

"I'm sorry....." She muttered. 

Noah buttoned up and faced her again,she had her lips in her mouth and she was playing with the money in her hand. 

"How old are you by the way?" He threw the question and Birdie faced him. 


"Don't try to lie" Noah cut in. 

"I'm....nineteen" Birdie muttered. 

"Obviously you're still a kid,so you should learn how to respect people older than you,you should focus on your studies and not chasing guys around" Noah said and started the car. 

"I'm not in school" Birdie said. 

"Why? You're not brilliant enough or what? You didn't pass the Exam?" Noah asked,focusing on the road. 

"I'm still saving up for that" Birdie said and Noah looked at her. 

"You? Saving up? What about your parents?"

"I only have grandma" Birdie answered. 

Noah said nothing more and just kept driving,they arrived at the nearest pharmacy store and Birdie got down. 

"Thank you Anaconda" She waved. 

"What? Anaconda?!" Noah's eyes widened,he remembered she mentioned that in the morning but he didn't know the name was meant for him. 

Birdie grinned. "You sound like an Anaconda whenever you're angry" She said and ran into the store

"Hey...come here!!" Noah yelled but she didn't wait. 

Noah wanted to get down but immediately comported himself,he wouldn't want anyone recognizing him in such area. He waited in the car and soon,Birdie came out,she was surprised to see him still waiting. 

"Get in,I will take you home since it's my fault" he muttered bluntly. 

Birdie blushed.....

"Don't blush,it's nothing to blush about" Noah scoffed and Birdie came in,she closed the door and Noah turned back toward her house. 


It only took three minutes,Noah stopped the car right in front of the building and Birdie faced him with a smile. 

"Thank you....." She stopped when Noah frowned. 

She wanted to call him Anaconda again and Noah caught her. 

"Goodnight,Anaconda" She mumbled and got down from the car,she ran in without looking back. 

"She's a troublemaker" Noah shook his head and drove off also. 

"Isn't that.....Noah?" Hailey asked no one in particular,she was watching from her window and she was in shock. 

She closed the curtains and went into the bedroom,she sat down to do her night face care when suddenly the door opened,revealing a happy looking Birdie,she jumped on the bed and Hailey faced her curiously. 

"What's going on?" She asked and Birdie sat up. 

"He brought me home" She grinned. 

"Who?" Hailey asked. 

"Noah!! He really brought me home in his car!!" Birdie screamed,jumping around. 

"That's crazy,how?!" 

Birdie explained to her. 

"But then,I wonder if he's sick" Birdie said worriedly. 

Hailey chuckled and turned back to the mirror. 

"You're so lucky Bambie" She said. 

"That means child" Birdie frowned. 

"I know" Hailey smirked and Birdie groaned. 

"Not you again!!" She stood up and Hailey laughed. 

"Goodnight Hailey" Birdie muttered and walked out od the room. 



📞 Let's have lunch together
Axel said on phone

📞 Then,see you later

Noah hung up the call and dropped his phone,Vivian moved closer to adjust his tie. 

 "What important business or meeting do I have today?" Noah asked. 


"Get rid of the tie then" Noah said. 

"Oh" Vivian immediately removed the tie,Noah undo the first two buttons and Vivian lost her breath for a second.

"What are you waiting for?" Noah asked. 

"Your coffee" Vivian walked to the table and took the mug,she returned to Noah and he only sipped once before giving it back to her. 

"I need to go,what time will the commercial be out?" Noah asked,going out of the room already. 

Vivian immediately drank the rest of the coffee,making sure she drank from the same spot Noah did,she followed him and immediately checked her iPad. 

"It was supposed to be 10am but we changed it to 7pm" she said. 

Noah nodded. 

"What about the magazines?" He questioned again. 

"It will be out next week" Vivian smiled. 

👥 Morning Boss

The guards greeted,they opened the car door for him and he entered,Vivian joined him and the car drove out of the island. 

"I went to the island last night,when it was rainy" Vivian started a conversation.

Noah said nothing and she continued. 

"I was worried about you but you weren't home,I called you countless times also" Vivian muttered.

"Where were you?" She asked. 

"I was on my way home when it started rainy" Noah answered. 

"You should have called me at least,I'm sure you were in pains...."

"Yes I was,but I'm fine now" Noah cut in. 

"How? Did you went to the hospital? You didn't take your pills with you either" Vivian said. 

"Maybe it was miracle" Noah mumbled and Vivian said no more. 

Only two people know about his phobia,that's Axel and Vivian,No other person is aware or must be aware. 

'What does he mean by miracle?' Vivian thought,staring at Noah. 



Birdie let out a loud groan as she finished a complete bottle of water in a single gulp,she's been working all day and very tired. She made way out of the restaurant to dispose the bottle,the door opened almost immediately and she almost bumped into the customer who was coming in. 

"Hey careful" The manly voice said,holding her so she would balance,Birdie looked up to see his face and immediately her eyes widened. 

'Waylon!!!' She screamed inwardly and immediately shifted backward. 

"Are you okay?" Waylon asked. 

"I'm a fan!!" Birdie screamed when she couldn't control herself again. 

"Really?" Waylon asked and she nodded repeatedly. 

"Thanks for being a fan" Waylon smiled. 

"Come in please" Birdie said and Waylon entered.

👥 Oh My gosh!!!

👥 That's Waylon or is it my eyes?!!

The workers continue screaming,Waylon smiled at them. 

"You're welcome to our restaurant! We have a special space for special guests....."

"No,I don't mind the regular ones" Waylon said. 

"We can just stop anymore customer from coming" Another one said. 

"No,it's fine" Waylon said and sat down. 

Birdie wanted to go take his order but before she could move,two of the waitresses ran past her and went to Waylon. 

"Wow,this is so good" Birdie muttered,grinning ear to ear. 

She always love influential people,that's her crazy part. 


"We are not taking the car" Axel said as Noah was about opening the door. 

"What?" He faced him. 

"There's a restaurant close here,I've always wanted to try their meals,let's go" Axel smiled, throwing his arm around Noah's shoulder. 

"Move that hand or you're dead" Noah threatened. 

"Dude,you can't even fight,stop that threat" Axel chuckled and Noah frowned. 

"Nobody heard me" Axel whispered. 

Noah pushed him off and he laughed. 

They both walked out of the company's compound,some minutes later,they arrived at Chicken Restaurant and went in. 

👥 Ahh!!!!

👥 It's Chris Noah!!!

Three waitresses screamed out and Noah almost turned back but Axel pulled him back. 

"Try to smile at least dude" Axel whispered when Noah didn't make any attempt to do that. 

Noah let out one strange smile that almost made Axel laugh,

"You're welcome Sirs,please come with me" the waitress said,leading them to a table. 

Birdie just couldn't believe her eyes as she stared at Noah's back. 

"I think our restaurant is bless today,we are not letting anyone in here again" The manager appeared. 

"Birdie,what are you waiting for? Take the order" He ordered and Birdie immediately walked to them. 

Noah and Axel sat down and Axel's eyes fell on Waylon. 

"That's Waylon" He said to Noah but he didn't turn. 

"I guess I'm the only one who's not curious about this restaurant" He mumbled and Axel chuckled. 

Birdie got to their table,Noah was already operating on his phone,he didn't look up,the manager also joined Birdie. 

"You're welcome men,please place your orders" He said,smiling. 

Birdie gently placed the menu book in front of them and that was when Noah looked up,his eyes meeting with Birdie's own instantly,he looked away. 

"Order anything" Noah said to Axel. 

"Great" Axel smiled. 


"Cute one" Waylon called Birdie after she finished serving Noah and Axel,she smiled and immediately walked over to him. 

"She get excited unnecessarily" Noah scoffed. 

"Who? That girl? You know her?" Axel asked. 

"Somehow" Noah muttered. 

"She's cute......"

"She's a child,stop that" Noah said. 

"Hey come on,that's not what I mean,you should know I love sexy àss,but she looks young,it's gonna be a child abuse" Axel said and Noah cracked. 

"Do you want anything sir?" Birdie asked politely. 

"Your name" Waylon said. 

"Birdie" She smiled. 

"Ah.....cute" Waylon said and she blushed. 

"I'm buying milk for my puppy and...."

"You have a puppy?" Birdie gasped. 

"I just got it actually" Waylon replied. 

"Awwwn,you should get puppy milk instead then,it's more healthy than just ordinary milk" Birdie advised.

"I should have studied about them before buying one" Waylon said and Birdie chuckled. 

"I can tell you where you can get it" She said.

"I love that...."

"I want to see the puppy one day,I love dogs alot" Birdie said. 

"You can have mine" Waylon said and they both laughed. 



Noah was still in the office,he decided to stay and finish up some work before going home and that's why he's working late. 

The door suddenly opened and Vivian entered which made Noah to look up. 

"I said I don't want to be disturbed" he stated. 

"I'm sorry but that girl is here again,she insisted on seeing you" Vivian said and immediately Noah knew who she was talking about.

"That spy again" He muttered beneath his breath.

"Let her in" He said and Vivian gave him a surprise look but Noah didn't see that. Vivian went out and a minute after,Birdie came in. 

"Why are you here this time?" Noah asked. 

Birdie walked closer and placed two bottles of strawberry milk on the table,Noah raised his brows. 

"Thanks for taking me home last night" She smiled. 

"I told you it was a pay back for helping me....."

"Take this as a payback also" Birdie muttered. 

"You can also pay me back again" She added with a smile and Noah scoffed. 

"You should have said this is a bribe" he said and Birdie chuckled. 

"What do you want?" 

"Take me home tonight again" Birdie immediately said. 

"Nope,I'm too busy for that child's play now as you can see" Noah replied. 


"No,you should go home before it's late" Noah said and Birdie took her lips in sadly. 

"Goodnight" She mumbled and slowly walked out of the office. 


"He's really an anaconda,He's heartless" Birdie muttered as she walked toward the bus stop. 

Suddenly a car stopped beside her and she turned.

"Hey" Waylon smiled at her. 


"Waylon" Waylon immediately said. 

"Waylon?" Birdie called and he nodded. 

"I'm going to get the milk ,wanna come along?" Waylon asked. 

"Really?" Birdie asked excitedly.

"Sure,I will take you home afterward,promise" Waylon said And Birdie nodded. 

"Come in" Waylon said and Birdie almost made a move when another car parked,she looked up to see Noah inside the car.

"Get in before I change my mind" He said coldly and Birdie blinded twice not believing her eyes. 

She looked at Waylon.

"What are you waiting for?" He asked,ignoring Noah. 

"Hey Spy kid,are you coming or not" Noah also asked. 

Birdie became speechless. 


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