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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 7 & 8





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 7 & 8

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 


Birdie opened her eyes slowly,seeing the strange room made her jump down the bed,she looked around and found no one. 

"I'm still in NH" she mumbled and bit her lips,she walked to the door and opened the door slowly,she looked left to see if no one is coming,she turned to look at the right also but she gasped when she saw Adam.

"You're awake" Adam smiled at her and Birdie sighed out. 

"Thank goodness it's you" She touched her chest. 

"Are you okay now?" Adam asked and Birdie nodded with a pout. 

"But I caused another trouble again,why me" She grumbled,facing the ground. 

"You and trouble were born on the same day I guess" Adam said and Birdie groaned. 

"I should be going now,thanks" She bowed and made to walk away,the moment she turned,she saw Noah walking with about four men,she quickly rushed and hid behind Adam who chuckled. 

"I'm dead if he sees me" Birdie said,burying her face in Adam's back. 

Noah doesn't seem to notice since he was busy talking to the business men with him,Adam bowed shortly for them till they walked past them. 

"He's gone,you can come out now" Adam said and Birdie came out slowly. 

"Thank you Panda,you're the best" She muttered. 

"That's not free tho" Adam said. 

"You collect bribe?" Birdie grinned and Adam nodded. 

"I don't mind" he said. 

"Sorry I don't have money to give you" Birdie said. 

"I don't need money either" Adam said. 

"Oh" Birdie mouthed. 

"I will think about it,you should leave before the boss show up again. 

"Bye" Birdie said and immediately ran away. 

"Gosh,must she run?" Adam shook his head. 


"We really appreciate you Mr Chris,we hope to work with you even more in future" One of the men said as they shook hands. 

"It's nice working with you too" Noah replied. 

After the friendly manly shaking of hands,Noah watched them go into their cars and left the company. He was about turning back when he saw Birdie running out of the gate also,more like sneaking out coz she was looking around as if someone was chasing her. 

Noah shook his head and went in without saying anything. Vivian appeared almost immediately. 

"The shootings already started,do you have anything you would like to add more to the project?" Vivian asked. 

"I'm done for today,you can do the rest,I have somewhere to go" Noah said. 

"Okay... "

"What about the bouquets I asked you to prepare?" Noah asked. 

"Inside your car" Vivian replied. 

"Good" Noah muttered. 


Birdie got back to the restaurant and saw Hailey sitting,she was about eating.

"Kiddo" Hailey called her and she smiled,walking over to her. 

"Hey Hailey" Birdie sat down. 

"I was told you left since morning,where are you coming from?" Hailey asked. 

"NH" Birdie grinned and Hailey raised her brows. 


"I went to deliver the strawberry milk I told you about,it was my fault yesterday actually" Birdie muttered and Hailey sighed. 

"I wonder what happened,it's past 2pm already" Hailey said and Birdie gasped. 

She stood up and rushed to the other workers.

"Is the manager here?" She asked. 

"Don't worry Birdie,I covered up for you. I told him you went on a delivery" One of the ladies said and Birdie exhaled. 

"Thank you sis,you're the best but i'm hungry right now" Birdie rubbed her tummy and they laughed. 

"I wonder where all those food enters,you don't change at all" 

Birdie chuckled. 



Noah stood straight in front of the two graves next to each other. 



In just one month time,it will be sixteen years since they died and left him alone in the world,he was just ten years old when it happened and till now he haven't forgiven himself,it was all his fault,as far as he's concerned. 

But why did he survive the accident? They were all in the car that night when the deadly accident happened,it was a rainy night also,they didn't survive it but he did. 

Tears dropped out of Noah's eyes as he placed the two flowers on their graves. 

"I'm so sorry" He muttered,going on his knees. 

"I'm sorry....dad....mom" He muttered,allowing his tears to drop freely. 

Remembering how everything happened that night. 



It was Christmas eve night,the Chris family were on their way home after having enough fun at the park,it was all Noah's idea though,he insisted they must go have fun that night since Christmas is always boring in the family. 

"Noah boy,did you enjoy yourself?" Mr Chris asked the ten years old who was busy with strawberry ice cream in his hand.

"Yes daddy" Noah grinned excitedly. 

"I'm so glad we finally gave you what you've been craving for" His mom also said from the front seat,only Noah was at the back. 

"Gosh,this rain isn't ready to stop anytime soon" Mr Chris complained as the rain got even heavier,actually it was the rain that made them left the Park earlier. 

Just few minutes after that moment,they heard a loud horn from a truck coming in full speed,before they could do a thing,it hit their car straight up and everything was a news.



Noah woke up in the hospital two days later and discovered that he had became an orphan. He developed an Ombrophobia since that day,a phobia for rain,it comes with anxiety disorder anytime it's rainy. 

It became worse because his father's family claimed all the properties after lying that they would take care of him,his uncle only sent him to high school but refused to send him to college so he had to drop out and start working at the age of eighteen. 

And now here he is......

"I miss you so much,alot" Noah said,wiping his tears slowly. 

Some hours later,Noah checked the time and it's already six in the evening,he glanced at his parents grave for another last minute before standing up and he walked away. 

"Oh,I was about coming to you" The cemetery guardian said to him as he approached his car. 

"Huh? Why?" Noah asked curiously. 

"It's going to rain" The man said and Noah immediately looked up,the weather didn't change,he looked back at the man. 

"You should go,it's really going to rain" The man said and walked away. 

Noah said nothing,he got to his car and entered,he zoom off immediately. 



Waylon was the last to join for the family dinner,his father and step mother were already there together with Reagan. 

"Sorry I'm late,I was busy all day" Waylon said. 

"I'm glad you're busy at least" Kay said and Waylon said nothing. Reagan had a mocking smile on her face which Waylon ignored. 

The maids dished out his meals and they left. 

"I heard the CEO award is coming in few weeks" Kay said. 

"Three weeks time" Waylon replied. 

"I hope you win it this time,Noah have been winning for five years straight and you aren't dead" Kay said. 

"That's not mine to decide dad....."

"That's why I'm telling you to work harder so you can win it this year" Kay snapped. 

"Come on honey,Waylon is doing his best also" Serenity,his step mother said and Waylon was so sure it's all fake. 

"His best isn't enough,he should do more or Reagan take over that space" Kay said and Reagan grinned. 

"You know how much I've sacrificed on that company father...."

"Do more!" Kay snapped. 

"You didn't even build the foundation,look at Noah....."

"Dad,can you stop comparing me to Noah for once??"

"You are lucky to have a father,that boy is an orphan and still doing better than you!" Kay snapped. 

Waylon swallowed,he had his fists folded under the table as Kay continue talking,half were all about Noah,making him feel totally useless. 

Waylon stood up when he couldn't take it anymore. 

"Thanks for the food" He muttered and walked out,he left the house and entered his car,he drove out of the compound but stopped the car sooner because he couldn't go more. 

Tears rolled down his eyes uncontrollably,his hands folded tightly around the wheel,he's totally lonely and depressed,why's no one seeing that? Even his own father open more wounds for him more than anyone else. 

He wiped his tears just a minute after and drove off speedily. 



"I will be right back grandma!" Birdie said aloud as she was about leaving the house. 

"I can hold it in for tonight child,it's already late" Winona said. 

"The Doctor said you must use your medication every night grandma,we can't go against that,don't worry about the rain,I took the umbrella already" Birdie said and like that she walked out of the house. 

The rain was really heavy outside. 

"Wow" Birdie mouthed and turned toward the street road,she have to walk to the pharmacy actually. 

She held the umbrella tightly as the cold breeze almost took it from her hand,she kept on walking until she sighted a car from afar on the lonely street,no one was walking or passing because of the rain,the car was standing just beside the road with all the car lights on.

Birdie stopped walking,she felt scared. What if the car belong to kidnappers?? She turned back immediately to run away but then suddenly she turned again. 

"That car" She mumbled,it looks familiar but she was finding it hard to remember who it belongs to,she gasp all of a sudden.

"Anaconda" She muttered and immediately started running toward the car,she got to the car and gasped when she saw Noah's head placed on the wheel,he doesn't look like he's okay. 

"Anaconda" she called,knocking on the car door.

"Noah!" She called again but he didnt move. 

Birdie dropped the umbrella in her hand and started trying hard to open the door,she pushed her hand inside and opened it from there,it opened and she immediately jumped in. 

"Anaconda!!" She shook Noah,she carried his head with almost all her power,his eyes were closed and he was sweating,his body was cold but he was sweating.

"What....happened" Birdie muttered fearfully. 

"What do I do..what......" Her body was already shaking as she thought of the perfect solution for fever and chills at a time. An idea suffer came to her head and she started unbuttoning his shirt. 

She wanted to take it off to stop the fever at least but he was too heavy for her,but she kept trying,and when she tried carrying him at least,she lost balance and fell back on the seat,she was about getting up again when Noah fell directly on her body and her eyes widened. 

She remembered what happened in the morning and swallowed,now Noah is shirtless again but the difference is,he's the one on top. 

"He will kill me" Birdie muttered and tried to push him away.

"Ah!" She groaned,her strength wasn't enough,she wanted to try the second time when suddenly. 

"Don't move" Noah said faintly and she gasped. 

"I....have........."she stuttered 

"It's cold,don't move" Noah muttered,making his cold body come in contact to her warmth even more closer.

Birdie could feel her throat becoming dry. 


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