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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 5 & 6





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 5 & 6

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 



"Then.....with....what?" She asked. 

"Your tongue" Noah smirked.

Birdie's eyes widened,Vivian smiled secretly,staring at Birdie who haven't moved yet. Then all of a sudden she broke into tears,Vivian laughed uncontrollably. 

"She's really a kid" She muttered. 

Noah shook his head,looking at Birdie's tears falling freely from her eyes. 

"Get out" He said. 

Birdie took the empty package and walked out of the office in tears. 

"I will get someone to clean this up,there's an extra clothes for you here,so please wash up in the bathroom" Vivian said. 

Noah said nothing and left the office room to another side leading to the restroom. 

"How can someone be so clumsy?" Noah scoffed. 


Birdie was still walking trying hard not to cry but the tears wouldn't stop dropping,she's more hurt because no matter what she can't even hate Noah,he's her childhood crush and she's still Crazy about him. 

"You're going the wrong way" A voice made her look up to see Adam standing in front of her. 

Birdie immediately recognized him but she didn't say a word. 

"Are you okay?" Adam asked and moved closer,Birdie sniffs and wiped her tears. 

"I'm fine" She uttered and took her lips in cutely. 

"Do you remember me?" Adam asked and Birdie nodded. 

"I'm Adam" Adam introduced himself with a light smile. 

"Birdie" Birdie mumbled and bowed. 

"Bye" She said and made to leave. 

"Wrong way" Adam said and Birdie faced him. 

"Where's the right way then?" She asked. 

"Smile first" Adam teased. 

Birdie bite her lips and did nothing. 

"Come on smile,say cheese" Adam said,cupping his face in his palms,he looks so cute and that made Birdie chuckle. 

"Great" Adam Said and she smiled. 

"Come with me,I will show you the way" Adam led the way and Birdie followed him closely till they entered the elevator. 

"Oh....that's right" Birdie muttered and Adam smiled as the door closed. 

"I guess the boss did something" He said and Birdie shook her head. 

"It was my fault......but....he's so mean" She said lowly. 

"That's why you're sad?" Adam asked and she nodded. 

"He's like that sometimes" Adam said and Birdie looked at him. 

"I don't think so.....I think he personally hate me" She said sadly and Adam shook his head. 

"He's been working all day,so I guess he's stressed. But then,strawberries always calm him down,you came to give him right?" Adam asked.

"Oh...I guess that's why he was so mad. I....spilled his drink" She muttered 

"Oh,that's crazy,can't believe you made it out alive" Adam teased and they both laughed. 

The elevator finally stopped and opened. 

"Oh,I know my way out from here,thank you so much Adam" Birdie said,waving her hand. 

"Bye Eaglet" Adam waved back. 


"Cute and stubborn" Adam said and Birdie chuckled.

"If I'm eaglet then you're a.....Panda!" She said loudly and ran off. 

Adam laughed,watching as she ran out. 

"So cute" He said. 

"That face is so unusual for someone who frown 28 hours a day" Someone said behind him and he turned. 

It's Maria,a coworker. 

"We have just 24 hours in a day.... "

"Exactly what I mean" Maria said. 

Adam ignored her and walked away. 

"Between him and the boss who's more cold?" Sophie asked beside her. 

"Definitely both,but the boss is scary and Adam is not" Maria said as they both walked away. 



It's not your usual clubhouse,this one is only meant for billionaires,they come in and out of here everyday to have fun with sluts and other means of having fun,games,to drink and all that. 

"Seriously,I thought you wouldn't try to show up dude" Axel,Noah's only friend said as they played the snooker game together. 

"You don't have to make it obvious that you can't live without me" Noah muttered,hitting his cue stick on the ball and three balls entered at once. 

"You're right,I can't live without you" Axel smirked giving him a flirty look knowing Noah will get offended.

"Do you want to die?" Noah glared and Axel laughed. 

"Only lovers use that word,so don't say it again" Axel smirked and played next,he hit and two balls went in. 

"Wow damn,she's hot" Axel said,his eyes on someone and Noah turned to see the girl he was talking about,he scoffed and faced him again,he was about to talk

"Don't say it" Axel cut him off. 

"Okay" Noah muttered. 

"You can't possibly say she's not hot......"

"She's hot" Noah said and Axel gasped. 

"Irony" Noah mumbled and Axel hit the cue stick on his head. 

"Are you crazy?!" Noah yelled. 

"You're the crazy one here,I've never heard you saying a girl is sexy or hot no matter what,are you gay or something? Do you like me and wanna fúck me instead? Should I turn my ass then so you can fúck me??!" Axel yelled. 

"You can turn it,bastard" Noah scoffed. 

"Gosh sometimes I feel like killing you in cold blood,what type of girl do you like then?!" Axel snapped. 

"Don't get me wrong okay? It's not like they are not really attractive,but to me they are not" Noah shook his head. 

"It's finally official,my best friend doesn't have a heart. Fine I agree,but at least fúck and have fun" Axel said. 

"I'm not interested..."

"Not like you're a virgin,I'm getting you one right now" Axel said. 

"Axel no......"

"If you're impotent,then decline my offer" Axel said and Noah's eyes widened. 

"Axel please,I swear.....send your account details...."

"Keep that money for the bitch I'm getting you" Axel said and walked away. 

"What the fúck" Noah roughed his hair. 

A minute later,he saw Axel coming with a hot girl beside him,Noah immediately turned away. 

"Whoa......is this not......Chris Noah!" The girl screamed but Axel cautioned her. 

"He doesn't really like noise" he grinned at Noah

Noah glared at him. 

"What are you waiting for?" Axel asked and the girl walked over to Noah's side. 

"Hi...my name is Becky" Becky said in a flirty voice and touched his chest. 

Noah exhaled and held her hand. 


"I know a perfect room,come with me" She smiled seductively and started taking him away,Noah looked back at Axel as if to bury him alive,Axel smiled and waved at him. 

👥 Oh my gosh!!

👥 That's Noah!!

👥 He's so handsome!!!

👥 She's so lucky gosh!

The girls kept screaming as Becky walked with Noah,she was blushing. 

Finally they got to where the rooms are,she almost opened one when Noah stopped her. 

Becky faced him. 

"I'm not interested" Noah said and Becky raised her brows unbelievably. She's sure the hottest girl there in the clubhouse,men fight to have her. 

"Why? I'm not sexy enough....."

"No,you're very sexy,like more than,but I'm not interested" Noah repeated and Becky's eyes fell. 

"Hey....here" Noah brought out his phone and handed it to her. 

"Your account number" He requested and her eyes widened. 

"Can you just lie to that dumb friend of mine that we did something? He won't stop pressurizing me if you don't tell him" Noah said. 

"Oh" Becky muttered and immediately pressed the numbers,she gave the phone back to Noah and he sent some dollars,her phone buzzed and she brought it out,her eyes widened. 

"Five thousand dollars?!" She screamed. 

"Do a good job" Noah smiled at her and tap her shoulder before walking away. 

Becky stood there in shock,speechlessly. 

"Okay,breathe in and out Becky" She muttered but she couldn't control it,she entered the room and screamed out loudly. 



Noah appeared with Becky beside him,Axel was busy with about three girls drinking and laughing,he stood up the moment he saw Noah,the girls gasped and started blushing seeing Noah. 

"You guys took longer than I expected" Axel said. 

"He's such a beast" Becky said,touching Noah's chest. 

"I knew it" Axel grinned at Noah. 

"You underestimated me" Noah said proudly and Becky chuckled. 

"You can go now,see you next time" Noah winked at Becky and she blushed before leaving. 

"Next time?" Axel smirked. 

"She's really amazing" Noah said and Axel grabbed his hand and dragged him away. 

"What is it this time?" Noah groaned. 

"You think you can fool me seriously?" Axel asked and Noah's eyes widened 


"Dude,we've been friends for nine years,I know what you can do" Axel said and Noah groaned. 

"Goodnight" He muttered and started leaving. 

"Bye ironman!" Axel laughed and returned to the girls. 

"Is he a wizard or something?" Noah scoffed and entered his car,he drove out of the clubhouse. 



"Whoa,that boots!!!" Birdie screamed. 

"Gosh,you see that bag also?!" Hailey groaned. 

They are both watching as NH premier products are being advertised on TV.

"Wow,even the models are pretty and handsome" Birdie muttered,chewing the beef barbeque in her mouth slowly. 

"Why are they so expensive?" She asked. 

"What do you expect,this is NH we are talking about,we both know they have the best luxuries" Hailey said. 

"I know,it's sad I can't get anyone" She pouted and Hailey chuckled. 

"Don't sorry,I will get you a NH perfume on your twentieth birthday" Hailey said and Birdie gave her a frowny face which even looks cute since she hardly frown. 

"That's twelve months to come,I clocked nineteen last month" She saud. 

"I know" Hailey said 

"Hailey!" Birdie shouted and Hailey laughed. 

"I said that because I will definitely have money by then,but right now,I can't afford it" Hailey said and Birdie pouted. 

She continue eating and focused back on the TV,Noah appeared on the screen and her breathing seized seeing the hotness he carries. 

"Why is he......so handsome?" She muttered and Hailey smiled but said nothing. 

"So you're still crushing on him? After everything you told me he did to you?" She asked. 

"There must be a reason why he's like that to me" Birdie muttered. 

"Of course,it might be annoying when you find out a child is crushing on you" Hailey said.

"I'm not a child,I'm nineteen....."

"Noah is twenty five and will be twenty six soon,that's almost seven years age difference,wake up Birdie,even if he likes you,you think grandma will accept that? You should focus on yourself first now,okay?" Hailey said. 

Birdie kept quiet and bit her lips,she stood up. 

"Hey,where are you going?" Hailey asked. 

"Goodnight Hailey,I will see you tomorrow" Birdie mumbled and walked out. 

"Is she angry?" Hailey asked and sighed. 

They live in the same building but different floors,Birdie stays on the third floor while Hailey stays on the fourth floor which is also the top floor. 


Birdie sat down on the seat,facing the table. She picked her diary and started writing. 


"That's not true" Birdie mumbled and bit her lips. 

"I definitely want him to like me back,but I see it's not possible" She closed her diary and fell on the bed,she stared at Noah's portraits for a while before she slept off. 



Birdie walked in slowly,expecting the securities at the gate to stop her and they did. 

"Where are you going?" One of them asked in his deep voice. 

Birdie smiled and raised the customized package in her hand. 

"An order I have to deliver" She said. 

"Okay,go in" 

Birdie smiled and went in,actually she lied. Nobody ordered anything,she came on her own to drop the strawberry milk she destroyed yesterday,it was just 7am and she was sure Noah wouldn't be at work yet. 

She remember the way according to how Adam led her yesterday,she made sure to dodge people walking and since it's a large space,to notice her is difficult. 

Birdie entered the elevator and exhale,she held the bag in her hand tightly praying that she doesn't get caught,finally the elevator stopped at the top floor and she came out,walking straight to Noah's office. She opened gently hoping it's not locked,the door opened,the cleaner had came to clean it already. 

"Thank goodness" Birdie sighed out and immediately dropped it on the table,but then her eyes caught a glimpse of the mini freezer there,so decided to put them there so it won't become less cold. 

She walked to the freezer and started arranging the five bottles there,she bought it with her savings. After arranging,she closed it and made to go out when she suddenly heard some footsteps coming,her eyes widened and looked around,finding an escape route but none,she can't possibly jump from the window,she will die and to make things worst,they would have to pick her body in pieces. 

She saw another door and immediately opened,she entered and it's like a closet,different wardrobes were there,she opened one immediately and entered,since she's slim,she entered with ease and closed the dark wardrobe. 


"I don't understand why everything wasn't displayed last night,I f**king told you I don't have time waiting!" Noah shouted on someone through the phone. 

Vivian was standing there in silence. 

"Then get the remaining models! They've been waiting and you're keeping them waiting,should I do your job for you? I guess you're ready to loose your damn job" Noah snapped.

"I'm so sorry boss please forgive me....." Noah hung up angrily and turned to Vivian. 

"Gather everyone in the conference room right away" he ordered. 

Vivian bowed and immediately went out. 

Noah sighed and walked to the freezer to get water but then was quite surprised to see the bottles of strawberry milk. 

"Did Vivian get them?" He took it anyway and uncapped one,he sipped from it and nodded. 

"Relaxing" He muttered and drank more before dropping the bottle,he walked out of the office. 

Birdie sighed out inside the wardrobe when everywhere became silent,she made to open the wardrobe door but it didn't open. 

"What's going on?" She asked herself and kept trying to open but couldn't. She was already feeling hot,she kept struggling to open but her attempts failed. 

"Help grandma" Birdie said in a tiny voice. 



"Leave" Noah said to Vivian as she entered the office with him. She walked out and Noah removed his tie with a groan. 

He took off his suit also,leaving just the shirt,he wanted to sit down but stopped,he felt like changing his shirt,he walked into the dressing room and took off his shirt revealing his naked shirt. 

He opened the wardrobe but the first thing he saw was a human,her face buried on her laps,his eyes widened.

"What the f**k is this?!" He screamed and Birdie raised her head,she was already weak due to the heat,she was sweating profusely. 

"Spy Kid?" Noah called. 

"Ana....Anaconda" Birdie called and broke into tears. 

Noah shook his head and run his fingers through his hair. 

"I guess she was sent to me" He muttered. 

"Hey,get out first" He said,Birdie was still crying even as she tried coming out. Her legs were shaking and she ended up loosing the right place to put her leg,she almost fell but unconsciously and unknowingly,Noah caught her and they both fell on the floor with Birdie on top of him,she lost her consciousness and her head fell on his naked chest. 

"Hey Spy kid!!" Noah shouted tapping her but no response. 


"Spy kid!!" 

The door opened,Vivian and Adam rushed in and their eyes widened. 

"It's not what you're thinking....hey spy kid! Wake up!" Noah screamed. 


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