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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 39 & 40





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 39 & 40

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 



I'm here because I'm going to have you to myself tonight,don't try to stop me" Hailey muttered and without thinking twice,she slammed his lips on Noah's lips. 

Almost immediately the door opened and a scream followed. 

Noah pushed Hailey off and turned back to see Birdie whose eyes widened as she saw Hailey.

"Sis......." She Called,her fingers shaking in absolute shock .

"Don't get it twisted babe,I'm not your sister so stop acting like I did anything wrong" Hailey said. 

"Hailey... " Birdie broke into tears.  

"See what am saying? She's too weak for you,her cries can be irritating sometimes...." 

Noah started pushing her toward the door. 

"You can't chase me out for her!! Noah!....."

"Try this again next time and you're a walking dead" Noah whispered into her ear before pushing her out roughly,she landed on the ground and Noah locked the door. 

He turned back to Birdie,she was still crying,their eyes on each other. 


"Tell me....what was that?" Birdie asked. 

"You wouldn't have believed me if I told you" Noah moved closer. 

"What are you talking about?" Birdie asked. 

Noah took his phone from the couch and played a video,he handed over to Birdie. It's a video of the first time Hailey came to his office. 

At some point,Birdie was breathless,she couldn't believe her eyes but then again,She's seeing a clear evidence right in front of her. 

"Is she the reason why you ignored my calls? Because she was coming here?" Birdie asked. 

"That was......."

"You shouldn't have allowed her kissed you!!!" Birdie shouted. 

"It wasn't really a kiss,her lips just brushed through mine before you came in"

"Still.....I hate it. But how could she....I told you she's like a sister to me,how could she change so suddenly,how" Birdie said brokenly. 

Noah moved closer to her and hugged her tightly. 

"It's okay,stop crying" He told her. 

"And you.....you made me to worried,why is everyone doing this to me?" She cried. 

"I'm sorry bug forgive me" Noah said and broke the hug. 

"It's getting late,I will take you home...."

"I'm not going!!" Birdie snapped and Noah looked at her. 

"Are you chasing me away? So you can bring another girl...."

"Come on bug,what girl are you talking about?" 

"I'm not going anywhere,I'm not" Birdie said and Noah chuckled. 


Birdie looked at him. 

"What" She asked. 

Noah cupped her cheeks and kissed her forehead. 

"You're so cute bug" He said. 

Birdie hugged him,she placed her head on his chest. Noah smiled and also wrapped his arms around her. 

"My cute bug is getting more mature" He said. 


"I thought you would get mad at me and leave" Noah replied and Birdie sighed. 

"I'm learning the hard way" She mumbled. 



Adam entered the house and the first thing his eyes fell on was the couch where his mom was sitting,waiting patiently for him. She Immediately smiled and got up,Adam gently closed the door. 

"Welcome son" Mrs Levis said,standing there as Adam walked closer. 

"Thanks" He muttered,taking the staircase. 

"Did anything happened?" Mrs Levis asked again. 

"No" Adam mumbled. 

"I....made dinner. You should freshen up and come back downstairs" She said and Adam looked at her. 

"Or should I bring it to your room?" She asked. 

"I will eat it before going upstairs' Adam said. 

"Oh....you must be so hungry" his mom said with concern and Adam nodded. 

"Really? Was work too hard today?" Mrs Levis asked as Adam followed her to the dinning room. 

"Yeah,more busier these days" Adam replied shortly and sat down. 

"You sound like a businessman" She said and started dishing out the meal. 

"Go on and eat,alot" She smiled. 

Adam stared at the delicacies and picked up the cutleries,he can't even remember the last time he eat an homemade food prepared by his mom. 

He started eating,Mrs Levis helped him cut the beef into smaller pieces and added it to the rice he was eating first,she shifted the chicken soup to him also. 

"Have a taste from this,it's so delicious" She smiled and Adam dropped his fork,he grabbed a spoon and took a full spoon of the soup,he sipped from it and lick his lips. 

"What do you think?" Mrs Levis asked and Adam nodded,he ate the chicken. 

Mrs Levis pulled another plate of freshly chopped veggies salad to him. 

"Eat this too....."

"Thanks" Adam muttered and continue eating,from each plates without leaving one. 

Mrs Levis watched him while smiling brightly,she was controlling the urge to stroke his hair,she don't want to cross the line yet,but she was feeling so happy that he decided to eat at least. 

After some minutes,Adam dropped his cutleries.

"Thanks for the food,goodnight" He muttered and went upstairs. 

Mrs Levis Stared at the empty plates and sighed. 

"He was really hungry" She muttered. 



Arya dropped the cake she was munching on,she swallowed and looked around hoping to get a bottle of water at least but none. 

"Gosh I hate going downstairs" She complained and got up from the bed,she paused the movie on her laptop and walked out of the room. 

She was about climbing down the stairs when she started hearing Santiago's voice,he was making a call in the living room. She stopped walking to eavesdrop. 

"He might end up like my dear brother, As always no one will find out with a great plan" Santiago said and Arya gasped,she immediately covered her mouth with her palm and tiptoed back to her room.. 

"End up like his brother?" Arya muttered. 

As long as she's concerned,Santiago only Have a brother and he's late...that's Noah's Father. 

So what does he mean by that? And who exactly was he referring to?? 

Thinking about that,she suddenly remembered that Adam bought her a bottle of milk earlier,she opened her bag and brought it out. 

She sighed and sat down on the bed,her mind went to Noah and her eyes suddenly widened. 

What if Santiago was referring to him?? She doesn't trust him a bit and she's not ready to. 



Birdie walked out of Noah's dressing room,she had her bath and no other choice than Noah's shirt. 

She entered the bedroom and Noah looked at her from the bed,he burst into a loud laughter that he almost fell off the bed. 

"Are you mocking me?" Birdie asked. 

"No,but...why does my shirt look extraordinarily big on you? It's like a bird inside a duvet" Noah Said. 

Birdie took a pillow and threw it at him. 

"But it's the truth bug,you're so small...but I love it,you are so cute" Noah grabbed the shirt and pulled her to himself,she fell on top of him and he smirked. 

"I said you look cute....like a barbie doll" He said and Birdie blushed. 

The shirt was truly oversized,the hand was supper long that it covered up her hands,the shirt does not reach her thighs,big but cute. 

Birdie's tummy suddenly made a loud noise and Noah chuckled.

"I'm hungry" She pouted and tapped her tummy twice. 

"I will order some....."

"No,I bought pasta and some ingredients while coming from work,I was planning to cook it for grand ma" Birdie said. 

"And now?" 

"You're also important" Birdie muttered and Noah smiled. 

"Let's go" He grabbed her hand,walking out of the room..

"But can you really cook?" He teased. 

"I'm quitting my job" Birdie blurted when they got to the kitchen. 

"Why?" Noah asked. 

"You want me to become you cook.. You said you will pay me" Birdie said,avoiding his gaze. 

Noah smiled.

"So you agreed after all" He said and Birdie nodded. 

"Should we say...your work starts tonight? Give me your details" Noah said,bringing out his phone. 

"You just needed an excuse to give me money" Birdie scoffed. 

"Is it that obvious?" Noah asked and Birdie chuckled. 

She started setting the ingredients one by one...Noah wanted to join her but then a text came on his phone and he opened opened at once. 


Noah sighed and turned off his phone. 

"Are you okay?" Birdie asked and he smiled. 

"Sure,what should I help with?" Noah asked. 

"Can you cut the onion......"

"No!!" Noah screamed and Birdie laughed. 

"Stop acting like it's such a big deal" She said. 

"Unless I'm gonna use an helmet or something,you wanna see me cry?" Noah said.

"You're such a rich spoilt brat Mr Chris" Birdie said and Noah chuckled. 

"I guess" He muttered. 

"Can I ask a question?" Birdie asked and he nodded. 

"How did you end up having a rain phobia?" She asked. 

There was silence,Birdie looked up.

"Why are you quiet?" 

"I will tell you another time" Noah replied and she nodded. 

"Let me help with that" He said with a smile and Birdie returned the smile. 



Birdie entered her room after greeting Winona,she want straight to her bags and started bringing out all the clothes,dressings and every other thing Hailey had ever given to her,those she haven't used at all,she packed everything into a bag and walked out of the room . 

She left their apartment and went to Hailey's own,Hailey was home fortunately. Birdie knocked the door and it opened a minute later. Their eyes met and Hailey frowned. 

"What are you doing......" Before she could Finish,Birdie threw the bag on her Face. 

"I should have known you meant no good for me,you kept telling me to stay away from him but really? You're in love with him? You don't have Shame and you don't deserve to be called a human,I regret trusting you with everything!!!" Birdie yelled. 

Hailey chuckled.

"So now what? You think you've won?" She asked. 

"Of course I won,coz you know what? Even if you strip naked in front of him,he wouldn't even look at you once,you know why? Because he doesn't give a damn about you now and that's how it's gonna be forever.....You might want to pick up a note and jot down because I'm not going to be that same Birdie you've known for years. So f*ck you" Birdie said and walked away. 

Hailey chuckled. 

"Seriously? She really have guts now" Hailey muttered and closed the door. 



Birdie just entered her room after eating dinner with Winona,she almost fell on the bed when her phone began to ring. She checked and smiled.

"Anaconda" she muttered and immediately answered the call. 


She heard a faint voice and her heart skipped a beat.

"What's wrong? Noah?" She called but got no response after that.

"Hey!! Are you okay??!"

The call was hung up. 

Birdie called back but it wasn't reachable. 

She didn't think twice before getting dressed,she rushed out of the room and left the house. 


Birdie hit the door alarm impatiently,she just got to Noah's house,she was so scared and worried. 

"Hey Anaconda!!!!" She screamed,hitting the door loudly. 

She was almost in tears when suddenly the door opened,she entered In a rush but the sight shocked her. 

In the air were hanged the luxury cards, written in a bold capital letters. 


Birdie gasped,allowing the tears to fall freely from her eyes,she couldn't take her eyes off the cards. 

Then Noah showed up with bouquet of flowers. 

"Sorry I can't wait any longer,please....be my girlfriend" He said. 

Birdie took the bouquet from him and nodded. 

"I will......I want to..." She Said and Noah smiled. 

He hugged her tightly at once,they disengaged and Noah wiped her tears. 

"You really don't mind about my age...right?" Birdie asked. 

"No I don't" Noah replied.

"You don't care if I'm not classy,rich......." Noah placed a finger on her lips. 

"I don't care about any of those,all that matters is you,just you" He said and Birdie dropped the flower immediately. 

"I love you" She said. 

"I love you too love bug" Noah replied and their lips crashed against one another in a deep romantic kiss. 


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