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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 37 & 38





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 37 & 38

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 




Birdie was still on her bed rolling from one side of the bed to another,Noah left just after their little make out and since then it was almost as if Birdie was going crazy. 

Her cheeks were so red and she couldn't even control her smiles. 

Anytime she remember the way he kissed her so gently,she just can't help it. 

"Oh Noah" She moaned and hugged her pillow tightly while still blushing. 

She suddenly heard the door opening in the living room. 

"Grandma" Birdie mumbled and immediately got down from the bed,she opened the door and was about going out of her room,but then she saw Winona sneaking in,as if making sure no one was seeing her. 

Birdie went back inside and only opened the door a little. 

"She looks weird" She said in her mind. 

Winona was looking really weird,her hair looked quite scattered and her dress.....

"What am I thinking? It's probably the breeze" Birdie said and closed the door back. 

"She must have thought I'm asleep and doesn't wanna wake me up...right?" Birdie smiled but somehow,she still sense this weird feeling she doesn't understand. 

"It's nothing" Birdie assured herself and climbed back on the bed. 


Noah was still driving on his way back home,he checked the side mirror and sighed. Two cars have been following him for about ten minutes now,they seem to speed anytime he does and they would slow down anytime he does the same. 

"What's going on?" Noah asked and stepped on the car speed but almost immediately the cars also sped up,after him. 

Noah didn't slow down again,he kept up with the high speed but soon enough the two cars overtook him and crossed his car,he stepped on the break at once. 

"What the fvck?" Noah raised his head as it hit the wheel,he touched his head to see if he was bleeding or not,fortunately he wasn't. 

The cars opened and some hefty men came out,they were looking quite dangerous as they approached his car. 

One of them knocked on the window. 

"Come down" He said in his deep voice. 

Noah said nothing and whined down the glass. 

"Come down!!" They yelled. 

"Why should I?" Noah asked bluntly with a cold face. 

"Can't believe he's still proud in this situation" The one who seems like their leader scoffed. 

Noah opened the door all of a sudden and it hit the guys lips. 

"What the f**k!" He yelled. 

Noah came down. 

"Who sent you?" He asked. 

"You can ask the devil when you get to hell" He replied and gave his men the sign. 

They all moved forward with different weapons to use on him,but before they could approach him,Noah's guards arrived in two cars.  They are actually more than the thugs.

"Step aside if you love your lives!!" They covered Noah up,pointing their guns out at the thugs who immediately shifted back. 

"What should we do to them boss?" They asked Noah. 

"Teach them some lessons and send them back to the fools who sent them" Noah said. 

"Yes boss!!" They chorused.

Noah smirked and entered his car,he zoomed off. 



Evelyn was busy in the kitchen,she was cleaning up precisely. She had to turn when she heard footsteps behind her. 

"Sir" She immediately bowed and Axel nodded. 

"What...are you doing here?" Evelyn asked. 

"To get a drink,why?" Axel asked,opening the fridge. 

"You should have called me sir" Evelyn said and Axel faced her. 

"You're working....."

"I'm just doing my job,I'm getting paid for it" Evelyn cut in and Axel chuckled. 

"You're quite impressive,should I increase your salary?" Axel asked and Evelyn gasped. 

"I will appreciate that!" She screamed. 

"No,I can't" Axel said 

"But...why?" Evelyn asked.

"You might start helping me take my bath and brush my teeth if I do that,you might even climb on the roof to clean,in a nutshell,you should be calming down,okay?" Axel said and Evelyn bite her lips. 

"Okay sir" She mumbled and turned back to her work. 

Axel took a drink from the fridge and they suddenly heard the door bell. 

Evelyn faced him. 

"I will go and check" She bowed and walked out of the kitchen,Axel's eyes followed her Àss and he slapped himself. 

"Stop" He mumbled to himself. 


Evelyn checked the door camera and it was an unfamiliar face,a lady. Obviously one of Axel's bitches. She sighed and almost opened the door but a hand grabbed her hand,she turned back to see Axel. 


"Go" Axel said. 

Evelyn bowed and walked away. 

Axel opened the door and the lady showed up 

"You've been ignoring my calls" She pouted and tried hugging him. 

Axel stepped backward and she almost fell.

"Axel" her eyes widened. 

"I ignored your calls because I don't want to talk to you again,what else do you need to understand?" Axel asked. 

"You can't do that to me........."

"Hey,are you crazy? You think you're my girlfriend or something? We only fúcked each other....I fúcked you...is it twice or three times? And I gave you money,that's all,so stop coming to my house or I will inform the securities to wipe your @ss next time" Axel said and closed the door on her face. 

"Is my díck that sweet that they keep coming back for more?" Axel scoffed and went upstairs. 



"Boss,you have a guest" 

Waylon looked up from the file he was holding. 

"Who is......" The door opened before he could finish and Noah came in. 

Waylon raised his brows trying to understand what was going on. 

"You can go" He told his secretary and he walked away. 

"What are you doing here?" Waylon asked. 

Noah walked closer and placed his two hands on the table,staring straight into Waylon's eyes. 

"I never expected you to stoop this low,the first time I did nothing and now you think I'm going to let this go just like that?" Noah asked calmly.

"What are you talking about?" Waylon asked. 

"Keep playing dumb,I'm not here to shout or prove any damn thing,if you're the one behind these child play or maybe someone else..I will advice you to stop here because from now on I'm not going to keep quiet without doing anything. I'm quite crazy,don't push it too far,,I'm going to destroy you" Noah said and stormed out of the office without looking back. 

Waylon was left confused.

"What's.....going on?" He asked no one in particular. 

He sighed out and took his phone,he dialed a number. 

"Hey,find out what happened...



"What are you going to do now? It's obvious already" Vince said.

"What's obvious?" Noah asked. 

"That someone is after your life...." Axel said. 

"Why? Why would anyone be after my life......"

"Maybe for money or because of something important" Vince said and Noah rest his back on the seat. 

"Are you gonna involve the cops?" Axel asked. 

"No,cops might not be the answer for now. I need to find out alot of things before concluding if I wanna involve the cops" Noah said 

"Is there any suspect?" Vince asked. 

Noah scoffed. 

"Three" He muttered 

Vince and Axel exchanged glances.


"That bastard Waylon and his father...then Santiago. I don't trust that goat" Noah said. 

"Santiago......I don't think he would go as far as this,I mean he's the one who wronged you,not the other way round dude" Axel said and Noah scoffed. 

"They are the only ones I know,my head is a mess right now" Noah sighed and ruffled his hair. 

"Just ignore it and do your thing,don't let it ruin your day" Vince said and Noah chuckled. 

"Don't worry about me" He muttered. 

"Here,this should do" Axel dropped a bottle of strawberry milk on the table. 

Noah took it at once and opened the bottle. 

"Can't believe you still love this thing" Vince said.

"Thing? Why would you call what I love a thing?" Noah scoffed. 

"Less I forgot,you won't believe this dude ditched me for his cutie yesterday" Vince faced Axel and he laughed. 

"I told ya" Axel said. 

Noah sighed out and shook his head,ignoring their dramas. 



Kay was in his room,he sat down on the couch with his legs crossed while sipping the wine in his hand. 

The door suddenly opened and he looked up to see Waylon coming in. 

"Wasn't expecting you here today" Kay said. 

"What did you do this time?" Waylon asked and Kay looked at him,he dropped the wine glass in his hand. 

"What do you mean?" He asked. 

"Noah came to me today,I think something happened" Waylon said. 

"So you think it has to do with me?" Kay asked. 

"I'm not suspecting you dad,I'm just trying to confirm......"

"Confirming means you're suspecting me" Kay cut in. 

"And you're not even denying either" Waylon said and Kay chuckled. 

"How was office today?" He asked,changing the topic. 

"I'm not here to discuss anything with you,goodnight" Waylon bowed shortly and walked out of the room. 

Kay rolled his eyes and gulped down his wine. 


"See who we got here" Reagan showed up and Waylon was about opening his car door. 

"I'm not in the mood" Waylon said. 

"You came here because you're suspicious of your father" Reagan said and Waylon faced him.

"Were you eavesdropping?" He asked. 

"Couldn't help it....but then I don't trust him,he might be threatening Noah" Reagan said and Waylon suddenly remembered the day they were having a meeting and his father spoke of how they got a contract that was meant for Noah. 

"I don't think you should be surprised tho,you know what he can do,don't pretend" Reagan smirked. 

Waylon said nothing and entered his car,he drove off. 


Arya and Adam were walking side by side,Arya held an ice cream cone in her hand. Adam glanced at her as she ate it slowly. 

"Where have you been?" He suddenly asked. 

"I should be asking you that" Arya pouted. 


"Of course,you're the busy one not me. I don't have a job to keep me busy" Arya replied and Adam sighed. 

"I've been quite busy these days,we have alot of company events coming up,so don't be mad" He said. 

"I'm not mad,I'm just jealous" Arya said and Adam faced her,she also stopped walking.

"Jealous of??" Adam asked. 

"At least you get to talk to him everyday" Arya muttered 

"You mean ....Mr Chris?" Adam asked and Arya nodded. 

"You really think I get to talk to him everyday? Oh please,the only person who talk to him everyday is his secretary,if I want to tell him something,I have to go to Vivian then she would inform him,so don't worry,we are the same" Adam Said and Arya sighed. 

They continue walking. 

"Do you think he's ever going to make up with me?" Arya asked. 

"You're too cute to ignore for too long,so don't worry and wait for it" Adam roughed her hair and she smiled. 



Noah climbed down the stairs slowly with his two hands dipped in his pockets,he seems to be in a deep thought when suddenly his phone buzzed. 

He removed it from his pocket and checked. 

A video was sent to home,he clicked and played it. 

It's a video of Birdie walking by the road,Noah was confused until a call came on his phone,he answered right away. 

"What are the possible accidents that can happen to her?" The voice asked and Noah recognized it right away. 


"Have you gone mad completely? What the héll are you talking about?!" Noah shouted. 

"I just asked a simple question......You must have thought I was joking when I said I would be waiting for your answer but you ignored my warning" Hailey said. 

"What are you going to do right now?" Noah asked. 

"You might wait and see,your precious girl wouldn't be alive in the next five minutes because of you" Hailey said and hung up. 

Noah swallowed and immediately called her back. 

"So what's your answer?" 

"Where are you?" Noah asked. 

"Great question....tell your guards to let me in,I'm close" Hailey replied and hung up again. 

Noah let out a loud sigh. 

"She's....crazy" He muttered and dialed a number again. 


Birdie was walking beside the road,her focus was on her phone. She's been trying to reach Noah for hours but she couldn't. She checked the company and discovered he already left. 

"Did something happened?" She sighed worriedly and suddenly decided to go to his house. 

"Gosh he always get me worried" She muttered and ran to the bus stop,the bus got there almost immediately and she entered. 


Back in Noah's place,he opened the door and Hailey came in with a smile. 

Noah closed the door and faced him coldly. 

"What was that? You're really not going to hurt her......"

"You underestimated me......."

"She think of you as a sister!! Where the fuck is all these coming from?!" Noah said angrily. 

"Because I like you too!!" Hailey yelled back. 

"Not just her,I'm in love with you but you only see and notice her,do you even know what this means if you choose that tiny thing over me!!" 

"Call her that one last time and you will regret it" Noah said 

"What,why are you sounding like you've never called her that?? Don't forget she always tell me every little thing,so you're not holy either,you can't just start all of a sudden to show her the affection you never had for her......."

"Why are you here? Coz I still don't understand how we got to this extent......" 

Hailey grabbed his shirt and moved closer to her. 

"I'm here because I'm going to have you to myself tonight,don't try to stop me" Hailey muttered and without thinking twice,she slammed his lips on Noah's lips. 

Almost immediately the door opened and a scream followed. 


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