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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 35 & 36





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 35 & 36

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 




Birdie opened her eyes followed by a tired groan,she stretched like a child and looked around,she's in her room.

"What" she sat up and grabbed her hair trying to remember how she got home last night. It was Noah who brought her home. 

"He really entered this place?" She muttered and looked around for her phone,she took it and checked the time.

"Ahh!" She screamed. 

It's already past 11am. 

She almost jumped down from the bed when she noticed she got a message,she opened it at once,it's from the manager of the restaurant where she works. 


Birdie was confused.

"What's going on?" She mumbled,still staring at her phone. 

Another message popped up..From Anaconda as she saved his contact. 


"What?! Me? Drunkard?!" She scoffed and immediately dialed his number but he didn't answer her calls. 

"You better don't answer,just like that. Drunkard? I didn't even drink too much,who does he think he is?" Birdie scoffed and got down from the bed. She wore her flipflop and went out grumpily after changing into a more comfortable wear. 

She went to kitchen first,she opened all the pots.

"There's no food or left over" She said sadly...her tummy made a sound and she groaned. 

She went out and walked straight to her granny's room,she was still on the bed. 

"Grandma"  Birdie immediately sat down on the bed and touched her forehead.

"You're running temperature,have you used your pills?" Birdie asked,Winona shook her head. 

Birdie stood up and rushed to take the pill bottle and water. 


After Winona used the drug,she lay down again. 

"I will prepare something to eat,rest" Birdie said and stroked her hair before going out of the room. She returned to the kitchen and started looking for what to cook. 

Her mind went to Noah and she removed her phone from her hoodie,she checked to see if he called her back but nothing like that. 

"I guess he's busy" She mumbled and dropped the phone. 



Vivian was in front of all the staffs explaining few things. 

"Our designers said the new designs for our new year wears should be out in two weeks time but they sent few samples for us to check..may I proceed?" She asked. 

"Go on" Noah muttered and Vivian pressed the remote in her hand,the outfits designs came on the electric board screen. 

"Whoa,it's amazing" Maria said. 

"I agree,they are so beautiful." Sophie smiled and Vivian looked at Noah. 

"Cool" Noah said. 

"I think it's really great to have our own new design starting from next year,I love this" Adam smiled brightly and Vivian nodded. 

She pressed the remote and the board started showing them different perfumes. 

"This perfume company want a collaboration with our company,our marketing and tags. I haven't given them a response yet,but I think it's really going to be good for the end of the year collabs" Vivian said and Noah nodded. 

"My work ends here" She smiled and bowed before going back to her seat. 

Adam stood up next and went to the front. 

"I've started preparing for the new year's products auction like you requested sir" Adam said and began explanation how far he's gone. 

"Only the date and launching of the designs would be needed to decide the auctions also" He said. 

"Let's think about that later,for now. Focus on the new designs coming up,make sure you check up on them to get a better result" Noah said. 

"I will do that sir" Adam bowed. 

Noah stood up and others also did the same,they bowed as he walked out of the boardroom. 

"Boss" A guard ran to him as soon as he came out.

"There's someone waiting for you in the office" he said and Noah frowned. 

"Who said anyone can wait in my office?!" He half yelled. 

"I'm sorry boss" 

Noah ignored him and walked away. 



Hailey was walking around the office,her heels making the clacking sounds,she was staring all around. She wore a very tight short skirt and a crop top,a small fashion bag was in her hand and her make up was beautifully made. 

"So hot" she smiled,staring at Noah's portrait. 

The door suddenly opened and she turned back,Noah frowned the moment he saw her. 

Hailey smiled and walked closer to him.

"Stop there" Noah said and she stopped walking. 

"What are you doing here?" He asked. 

"To see you obviously,isn't this your office?" Hailey asked,looking around. 

Noah sighed.

"Why are you here?" He asked. 

"You haven't given me a reply to what I said to you that night" She moved closer.

"Hey,are you insane? What do you think I am?" Noah snapped. 

"A man" Hailey smiled and touched his tie. 

"I'm not interested in your drama,aren't you got any shame at all?" 

"Shame?" Hailey laughed. 

"Wait,you don't think I'm Birdie's blood sister right?" She asked. 

"Of course you can't be" Noah said and Hailey smiled. 

"Good,so what's your reply?" She asked. 

"I just said I'm not......" Hailey pulled his tie and glared at him. 

"If I were you,I won't turn me down. Think about Birdie's safety" Hailey said. 

"What are you talking about?" 

"You should think about what I'm talking about,I don't have time to explain. And you really wouldn't wanna tell her anything,she won't believe you....she's that dumb" Hailey smirked and caress Noah's cheek. 

"Think about this deeply.....or you're going to be the reason why she get hurt" Hailey said and smiled. 

"Here's my phone number.....I will be waiting for your call" she dropped the paper on the table and faced him again. 

"I don't really have patience,so don't keep me waiting" She said and walked out of the office. 

"Whoa" Noah muttered speechlessly. 

Who would have thought it's going to become as serious as this?

Noah sat down and removed his tie,he let out a loud sigh. 

The door opened at once and a guy walked in. 

"Boss" he called and Noah looked up. 

"Vince?" His eyes widened and Vince bowed with a smile. 

"You're back dude" Noah stood up excitedly and Vince went to hug him shortly. 

Vince is Noah's PA and also friend but he had to leave the country for some personal reasons. 

"Yes I'm back now,no more running away" Vince said and Noah chuckled.

"That's going to be better" He said. 

"Axel told me about your little cutie,where's she?" Vince said and Noah frowned. 

"That bastard,will be ever shut up?" Noah groaned and fell back on the seat 

"Who's she?" Vince grinned. 

"Did you cone back for gossip or work....."

"Both" Vince grinned and Noah scoffed.

"You don't even know how happy I was when he told me you finally like someone. ...."

"Who said I like her?! Gosh!" Noah groaned 

"You don't?" Vince shook his head. 

"No I don't,you can stop talking about it now"  Noah scoffed.

"I understand" Vince said. 

"Actually,I'm hungry,let's go get something to eat" Noah stood up. 



Santiago was lost in deep thoughts when suddenly his secretary came in breathing heavily. 

"Boss!" He called and Santiago raised his head. 

"Here...." He immediately showed Santiago his pad screen .

"What's this?" Santiago asked with shaking lips 

"The people we.....invested out last hope on......They are fraudsters" He replied and Santiago swallowed. 

"So....so...what now?" His secretary asked. 

"We just entered a deep debt you idiot!!" Santiago yelled and immediately dialed a number but it wasn't going through. 

"If you're trying to call them,I'm sorry I've done that countlessly already" 

Santiago fell on the seat. 

"What do we do now boss? We borrowed loans to invest on that...."

"I guess I don't have a choice now" Santiago muttered.

"What do you mean?" 

"Don't worry,I will take care of this my own way" Santiago said and stormed out of the office. 



"What else do I need to buy?" Birdie mumbled as she walked around with the shopping basket in her hand. 

"Oh....My choco pie!" She said as soon as her eyes fell on them. 

She tried picking but she wasn't talking enough. 

"Oh no" Birdie mumbled and tried jumping but then someone grabbed the pack for her,she turned back and her eyes widened when she saw Waylon,he was wearing a face cap to cover his face but she recognized him straight up. 

"Waylon" Birdie called and he smiled before putting the pie into her basket. 

"Thanks,what are you doing here?" Birdie asked. 

"I came to get this" Waylon said,showing her a wrapped nylon pack in his hand. 

"Oh" Birdie nodded. 

"Are you ready to leave?" Waylon asked. 

"Yes I am...."

"I will drop you home then,don't say no" Waylon said and collected the basket from her before she could talk. Birdie followed him to the cashier,Waylon paid for everything.

"You really didn't have to pay for me" Birdie muttered.

"Will you pay for me then?" Waylon asked. 

"What?!" Her eyes widened. 

"When two people meet,one have to pay for the other of course" Waylon said.

"Really?" Birdie chuckled and Waylon nodded. 

"Here you go sir" The cashier said after packing Birdie's stuffs. 

Waylon took it. 

"I can carry it...."

"You can hold my hand instead" Waylon said,stretching his hand for her. 

Birdie looked at the hand without moving.

"As a pay back" Waylon said and Birdie slowly held his hand,Waylon changed it and held her hand instead,Birdie looked at him. 

"Your hand is too small to hold me,so let me do it instead" Waylon said and Birdie chuckled.

Waylon smiled at her and they went out of the store like that. 


Noah was in his car,Vince was driving. Noah suddenly saw Waylon and Birdie walking out of the convenience store together and he rolled down the car window. 

"What ....what's that? Why are they looking like couples?" He asked,staring. 

Waylon and Birdie were walking to Waylon's car.

"Stop the car" Noah immediately said to Vince. 


"Stop the car!" Noah snapped and Vince stopped at once. 

Noah opened the door and stepped down,he was looking so angry as she approached Waylon and Birdie who were about entering the car. 

Birdie saw him first and she immediately tried letting go of Waylon's hand but he won't let her. 

Noah glared at Waylon and Waylon smirked. 

"It's so weird seeing you here Mr Chris,is there a problem?" He asked. 

"I'm not here to crack a joke,,let go of her hand,I'm taking her with me" Noah said at once. 

"Why should I let go? I don't think she's yours to begin with" Waylon said and Noah scoffed. 

"You're still thinking?" He asked and Waylon raised his brows. 

Birdie finally released herself from Waylon's grip,she took her stuff from him. 

"Thanks for helping me with this" She said with a short bow. 

Noah grabbed her hand before she could do it properly and started dragging her to his car. 

"Hey! Let me walk!" Birdie shouted but Noah ignored her until they got to his car. 

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop getting close to him? I hate it when you two are close to each other alot" Noah said. 

"Well he's Right" Birdie rolled her eyes. 

"Right about what?" Noah frowned. 

"I'm not yours,so you also have no right" Birdie muttered. 

"No,you're quite wrong. You're mine" Noah said and Birdie's heart skipped a beat. 

"I'm....I'm yours??"

"Yes of course,I told you to be my cook,so you're mine" Noah replied and Birdie frowned. 

"What were you expecting?" Noah grinned 

"I hate you" Birdie muttered. 

"Get in,I will take you home" Noah said and opened the driver's side. 

"Hey,get down" He said to Vince. 

"What?" Vince's eyes widened. 

"Call a ggard to bring you a car or somehow" Noah said and Vince got down,Noah entered. 

"Come in before I change my mind" He said to Birdie. 

Birdie greeted Vince and joined Niab immediately. 

"Whoa....He's really going crazy like Axel said" Vince muttered,staring at Noah's car as it went off. 



Noah stopped the car in front of the house,Birdie's phone buzzed and she checked,it's a message from her granny.


Birdie sighed. 

"What's going on?" Noah asked. 

"Grandma isn't home" Birdie replied and Noah smiled secretly. 

He suddenly coughed and Birdie faced him.

"Are you okay?" She asked. 

"I guess I need water,can I come in with you?" He asked and coughed again.

"Of course" Birdie said and they both got down. 

They went into the house together. 

Hailey saw them from her window and scoffed loudly 

"Is he crazy?" She started pacing around,biting her nails aggressively. 


"Water" Birdie said,handing him a bottle. 

Noah ignored the bottle and grabbed her hand to pull her close,The bottle fell from Birdie's hand. 

"What....." She gasped when Noah carried her. 

"Hey.....what ......are you doing?" She asked nervously. 

"Guess what I'm doing" Noah whispered and Birdie swallowed 

"How would I know that?" She asked. 

Noah left the kitchen with her in his arms and entered her room

"How did you know my room." Birdie asked. 

"I brought you here last night of course,and your granny seems to like me" Noah said and dropped her on the bed. He also lay beside her and held her waist. 

He closed his eyes. 

"What's this supposed to mean?" Birdie asked. 

"I missed you all day" Noah replied without opening his eyes. 

"I don't want to leave you yet....how could you think of spending time with Waylon and not me?" He opened his eyes. 

"He met me there" Birdie groaned. 

"You wanted to follow him home" Noah said and Birdie sighed. 

"Fine,I won't do it again" She muttered. 

Their eyes fell on each other,they just stayed that way,staring at each other without moving. 

"Hey bug" Noah finally called. 

"Huh?" Birdie answered. 

Noah pulled her hair back with a finger,his eyes not leaving hers. 

"What did you do to me?" He asked. 

"What do you........." His lips landed on hers before she could finish,her eyes grew wide and Noah broke it. 


The words dried off her throat when Noah came on top instead. His two hands balanced on the bed beside her,his eyes on her lips. 

"Anaconda......." Birdie whispered breathlessly. 

"Your lips....looks like strawberry right now,I want to taste them so badly" Noah said softly and Birdie's heart started beating fast. 

Before she could do a thing,His lips were on hers. 

It was so soft and tender,yet sweet. The way his lips moved against hers and the way he was sucking on them,he parted her lips with his tongue and slipped it inside. Birdie didn't know when she made that sexy sound from her throat. Her eyes were tightly closed and her fingers found their ways into his soft hair. 


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