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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 3 & 4





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 3 & 4

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 



It was around 9:30pm already when Birdie got home,actually she ended up walking home since she already missed the bus,and getting a taxi to their street is one of the hardest things in the word. 

Granny Winona immediately stood up as soon as Birdie came into the living room. 


"Goodnight granny" Birdie mumbled and went straight into her room,she closed the door and fell on the bed,her eyes were still red as a result of the cry,she hugged her pillow to herself,looking around the bedroom that was covered with Noah's portraits. 

"Mean Devil" She mumbled sadly. 

"Cute mean devil" She said again and threw her shoe to one of the paintings,it almost fell on the floor. 

"No!!" Birdie screamed and rushed out of bed immediately,she took it and clean Noah's face with her palm. 

"I still love you" She said,pouting like a child. 

"No matter how harsh and mean you are,I will still like you a lot" She said and hang the back happily forgetting that she was crying some minutes ago. 

The door opened and granny Winona came in,holding a glass of water. 

"Are you okay?" She asked. 

Birdie took the water from her and dropped it,she hugged the granny and closed her eyes. 

"I was a bit sad just now,but I'm okay after seeing his face again" She said and granny Winona rubbed her back. 

"I don't like my granddaughter being sad" She said and Birdie smiled. 

"Thank you grandma" She said and broke the hug. 

"I will heat your dinner while you freshen up,go on" Winona said and left Birdie's room. 

"Oh Noah" She yawned and quickly closed her mouth. 

"I didn't just said that!" She screamed and ran into the bathroom. 

"He's a fox" She mumbled,thinking about how he bad insulted her. 

"But Fox should be added in the dictionary and the meaning should be "Handsome" Noah Fox" Birdie said and laughed at her own joke



Noah live in an island,an expensive one,but crazily he stays here all alone,no maids,just his guards who have no access to the main building,he only took them in for security purpose and nothing else. 

He prefer being in his own private space when he's home. The island is a very big and beautiful one,scent of flowers would welcome anyone coming inside peacefully as it was prettily decorated with them,giving it the perfect unique style. 

It is well fenced with transparent glass giving passers by the perfect view of the mighty wealth but nobody can enter. 

Inside,Noah just came out of the bathroom looking neat and fresh with water dripping from his head down,he have a towel around his waist and his abs can be clearly seen,he's just handsome. 

Entering into his dressing room,he met Vivian there already and he stood by the door,Vivian turned and smiled. 

"Finally you're out,I choose your outfit already" She said. 

Vivian is the only one who comes in and out of the island anytime without being questioned,aside from being his PA,they've been together for years and she was right there beside him even when the company haven't gotten the popularity it's getting now. 

"When did you get here?" Noah asked still standing. 

"Just now" She said and walked closer. 

"Morning Sir" She smiled. 

Noah scoffed and went inside while Vivian left the room. 

Noah came out minutes later,holding his tie in his hand. 

"I will help with that" Vivian immediately went to him and took it from him,she curled around his neck and began knotting the tie,Noah kept a straight face while Vivian steal glances at his face every minute,her eyes fell on his lips and she bit hers before moving back. 

"All done" She muttered. 

"What's the deals for today?" Noah asked,checking himself out in the mirror. 

Vivian walked into his shoe closet room and selected the perfect shoes,she came back inside and bent down,putting the shoe just in front of his leg. 

Noah wore them and she stood up again. She used the perfume on him and finally it was all done. 

"There are a lot" Vivian said,picking up her iPad. 

Noah slides his hands into his pockets and walked out of the room,Vivian followed. 

"You have an interview to attend today,on RT TV,after that the CEOs conference...."

"Cancel,I already said I'm not going" Noah said without turning back. 

"You didn't attend the last one too,please try to make it there this time around....sir" Vivian persuaded. 

"Go on"  Came Noah's voice as he kept on walking. 

"Our new luxuries are ready for marketing according to what I heard,we are likely to check them out today,and you haven't chosen any of the ambassadors we are using for this years Magazine cover,to cut it all short,you have a lot to do today" Vivian concluded. 

"Why wound you cut them short?" Noah asked. 


"Tell me everything word to word" He said. 

"Oh" Vivian muttered and started reading out everything. They were still walking and finally they got outside. 

The guards all bowed and the car door was opened for him,he entered as Vivian joined him also. 



"Thank you" Birdie said to the taxi driver as she came down from the cab and started running toward the restaurant. 

You might be wondering why she's working and not studying,her parents are late and the only family she have left is her granny who is obviously not capable of sponsoring her education,she only run a small store where she sells little provision for their feeding. 

Note...that was what she was told,she doesn't really know who her parents are or what they looks like,she grew up to know only the granny. 

But a dedicated Birdie also decided to work,maybe she might be able to save up for her education later in future. 

"Good morning!" Birdie greeted loudly as usual. 

"Morning Birdie"

"Morning Cutie"

Other waitresses answered,everyone seems to love her a lot,maybe because she's the youngest or because of her cute innocent face and attitude,she get along with everyone and it's so easy to fall in love with her. 

"Birdie come here fast, Lion face will be here soon" Hailey came into the restaurant,referring to the manager as lion face because he's strict. 

Hailey is a nurse in the hospital just close to the restaurant and she takes Birdie as her little sister because according to her,Birdie remind her a lot about her late kid sister. 

"Hailey" Birdie walked over to her. 

"Ahh,open your mouth" Hailey said,showing Birdie the chocolate cake in her hand,she immediately opened and Hailey dropped it in. 

"Whoa,yummy!" Birdie held her face cutely and Hailey smiled. 

"Cutie,see you later" She touched Birdie's cheek and left. 

Birdie went to change into the restaurant uniform. 




They showed Noah's face and the audience in there screamed out. 

Kai took the remote and tried switching it off. 

"Stop" Waylon stopped him and Kai turned back in surprise. 

"I should at least know the reason why he captured people's hearts so much" Waylon smirked. 

Waylon is another young billionaire that people always tag as Noah's rival,he's also rich but when it comes to everything,he's not a match to Noah at all. Noah is way more richer,handsome but they are age mates. 

"Why do you think he captures heart?" Waylon asked Kai and the door opened. 

"What else? The fact that he worked for his money all alone without parents" Reagan came in. 

She's Waylon's step sister,they have never gotten along,they fight and argue about everything. To top it all,she's crushing on Noah. 

Kai bowed and walked out of the office. 

"What are you doing here?" Waylon frowned. 

"What else? I'm here to see how you're doing" She smiled,a fake one. 

"I see you're going crazy already" Waylon scoffed and turned off the TV as Noah started talking. 

"Why did you turn it off?" Reagan asked with a smirk. 

"Get out of my office" Waylon muttered. 

"Stop spying on Noah and try to get better" She said. 

"I already told you to stop comparing me to him....."

"Say that to your dad" Reagan winked at him,she used he glass and walked out of the office. 

Waylon clenched his fists,His mother had died since he was just a teenager,and his father married another wife who also have a daughter,that's Reagan,they are age mates and enemies. 

Growing up,Waylon suffer from being compared to Noah a lot,well yes they attended the same highschool,but since Noah couldn't further into university because there was no one for sponsor,he dropped out. 

Waylon on the other hand came from a rich home. In high school,Noah was the most brilliant and Waylon's father always slap that on his face telling him how useless he is. 

When he became a CEO in his father's company,He was doing perfectly but the joy didn't last because Noah's company overshadowed him sooner than expected. His enemy is Noah even though Noah doesn't know a thing. 

"I just wish he dies" Waylon muttered,still clenching his fists. 

That's his everyday prayer,yes....Noah's death and exit,or downfall,anyone. 



The guards rushed to open the door immediately the cars entered the company,Noah stepped down followed by Vivian as usual,the guards bowed. 

Noah went in together with Vivian,the workers and staffs kept greeting from every angle. 

Noah only kept a straight face until they entered the elevator. 

Vivian pressed for the top floor and the elevator started,it stopped some minutes later and the door opened. 

"Strawberry milk,,I want it now" Noah said and left her in the elevator,to his office. 

"Now?" Vivian muttered and immediately ran out,her heels making noise,she entered the general office to see everyone busy 

"Is there anywhere close where I can get strawberry milk? Like right now?" She asked. 

"Yeah sure,Chicken Restaurant is just ten minutes away from here" someone answered.

"Help me order immediately,the Boss want it right away" Vivian said. 

"Okay ma'am" 

Vivian sighed out loudly and walked out,hoping it gets there soon enough. 


Noah get to his office and opened the fridge,he grabbed a water and loosen his tie immediately,it's hard using it everyday anyway,he hates it so much and most times he prefer dressing in his normal style,leaving suits out of it. 

He was craving badly for strawberry milk at that moment,,strawberries are like his addiction and he's not ready to let go at all.

Cold attitude,but once it's about strawberry,he's like a kid. 

Noah sat down on his seat,rolling from one side to another with his eyes,he was counting seconds in his head. 



Birdie exhaled unbelievably,staring at the tall building. Finally she's going to enter this company for the first time,she held the package well in her hand and finally entered,she was stopped by the securities. 

"I'm here for delivery" She immediately raised the package up. 

"Go in" 

Birdie smiled and went in immediately,the fresh coldness from the AC slapped her body and she groaned excitedly. 

Definitely everything screams wealth,wealth. 

She continue walking even though she doesn't seem to know where exactly she's going. She kept looking around,watching everyone walking all around,everyone looking pretty and smart that she suddenly wish she's one of them. 

"From Chicken Restaurant?" Someone appeared to Birdie and she immediately nodded. 

"Bring it" The lady said,trying to take the package from Birdie but she suddenly dropped her hand. 

"Oh I need to go,stay here I will tell a guard to walk you to the boss's office" She said and walked away. 

Birdie's eyes grew wide


Isn't that Noah? Or probably someone in a higher rank who's not the CEO? If it's Noah then she's dead. 

She was still thinking when a guard showed up. 

"Come with me" He said and led the way,Birdie said nothing and followed him quietly. 

After some minutes,the guard finally stopped. 

"You can go in" he pointed to Noah's office. 

"Huh. I......" The guard left before Birdie could talk. 

She swallowed hard and gently opened the door,she entered and everywhere looks empty.  

She was walking slowly,looking around the big office.

"Wow" She mumbled. She saw a portrait of Noah hanging on the wall. 

"I have one in my room" She gasped and almost ran closer....

"Who are you?" Came Noah's voice,he just entered the office. 

Birdie turned immediately and Noah frowned.

"You again?" 

"No,it's not what you're thinking,I came to......." She was walking toward him but hit her leg on the table's leg,she lost balance and she fell,the package dropped and the strawberry milk opened and the content poured all on Noah's trousers. 

Birdie gasped,she immediately stood up. 

"I'm so sorry!!" She said,trying to help him clean it 

"Don't touch me!!" Noah yelled and she moved back immediately,shaking. 

"I'm....sorry" She muttered. 

Noah walked angrily to the table and took the office line phone,he dialed a number. 

"Come here right now!" 

He hung up and dropped the phone,Birdie bite her lips. 

The door opened and Vivian rushed in,she gasped the moment she saw Noah's trouser. 

"What is she doing here? Why is she the one bringing me what I requested for?! What happened to you?" Noah asked.

"I'm sorry,I didn't mean to do it,I will do anything to make you forgive me" Birdie said innocently in her soft voice. 

"Really?" Noah asked and she nodded. 

He moved closer to her and she looked at him. 

Vivian stood there watching without saying a word. 

"Since you're an obsessed fan and would do anything,as you can see,you did not just destroy my clothes,you made a mess on the floor also,so clean it" Noah said. 

"I will do that,where's the mop?" Birdie asked. 

"No,not with that" Noah said. 

Birdie glanced at him,

"Then.....with....what?" She asked. 

"Your tongue" Noah smirked. 


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