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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 25 & 26





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 25 & 26

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 



"I missed you" He muttered and Birdie's heart skipped a beat. 

Did he just uttered that word out to her?? Is he mistaken or something?? He missed her??

Noah Broke the hug and their eyes locked,Birdie stared at him innocently waiting for his next word,he probably made a mistake by saying that to her right??

"Why are you quiet? I said I missed you" Noah repeated and Birdie looked away from his eyes. 

"You missed me but you didn't order anything from the restaurant,that's the only way I can see you" She muttered and Noah nodded. 

"I've been busy,alot" He said and Birdie looked up again. 

"I missed you too,I thought you were mad at me" She said. 

"Yes I was mad at some point" Noah replied. 

"Why? Because I went out with Waylon? You didn't even allow me explain,you concluded so fast,it's not nice" Birdie pouted and Noah sighed. 

"I guess......."

"It was because of you" Birdie cut in and Noah raised his brows. 


"My dress......I came here to find you first but you were not here,I was on my way home when I met Waylon,I didn't dress up because of him" Birdie explained. 

"Really?" Noah asked. 

"Of course,it's too bad you did not even allow me talk. I was sad" Birdie said and Noah touched her hair. 

"What gift did you brought for me?" He asked and Birdie finally got down from his laps. 

"You know I don't really have money right?" Birdie asked and Noah scoffed.

"Why would you buy me a gift when you don't have money? Who does that?!" He asked and Birdie looked at him. 

"You're scolding me again" she said and Noah sighed. 

"Now I can't even scold you?" He asked and Birdie smiled. 

"I missed it" She said.

Noah unwrapped the gift she brought,it's a wallet,no doubt it's looking so cheap and not up to his taste. He took it and turned it around,staring at it blankly. 

"You don't like it,give me back..... " Birdie tried taking it from him. 

"I like it" Noah immediately said and she stopped. 

"Really? It's quite....cheap"  Birdie muttered and Noah nodded. 

"I know,but I will manage it. Thanks bug" Noah said. 

'Smiling won't hurt at least' Birdie thought,staring at his face. 

Her tummy suddenly made some sounds and she grabbed it. 

"Hungry?" Noah asked and she sighed.

"I was about going home so I will....." Noah grabbed her hand before she could finish.

"I will order some food for us" he said. 

"Us?" Birdie asked. 

"Let's go to my place" Noah said and Birdie took her lips in 

"Or will your granny be worried?" He asked. 

"I'm going to call her I will be late" Birdie said and Noah nodded. 

They both got out of the company,the guards immediately opened the car door for them,Noah entered and Birdie scoffed. 

"A gentleman would allow the lady enter first" She said. 

"Really? I didn't know" Noah said and Birdie glared at him. 

"You seriously don't know?" She asked . 

"I mean I didn't know you're a lady" Noah said and she frowned more deeply. 

Noah cracked and looked away trying to control his laughter.

"Take me to my house......"

"Hey sorry,gosh you get angry so easily" Noah groaned.

"At least I'm better than you Mr Chris Anaconda" Birdie rolled her eyes. 

"I seriously wonder why you always get mad when I say that,I'm being seriously bug,you're still a girl" Noah said. 

Birdie ignored him and he chuckled.

"Cute" he muttered and focused on his phone. 



"Are you seriously not going to talk to me? You keep on drinking,you've almost finished a bottle,take it easy babe" Olivia said,she's Vivian's friend. 

"I can't believe a kid from nowhere will come just anyhow and get his attention just like that" Vivian chuckled. 

"What are you talking about?" Olivia asked. 

"Noah,he's hurting me so badly and he doesn't even know. That kid?" Vivian scoffed.

"Oh the one you told me about,are they really getting closer?" Olivia asked 

"I don't even care what happens at this moment,I'm going to make him mine no matter what,He's mine but haven't realized it yet,for real" She scoffed and Olivia sighed. 

"You can't just keep saying he's yours without doing anything babe,you know that" Olivia said 

"What else am I supposed to do? I'm sure he knows I have feelings for him,but he keep pushing me away,I'm really fúcked up right now,I'm a mess. I can't allow that child win over me,I can't" Vivian said and pushed the beer bottle away 

"I don't want to reach my limit but I wanna get him off my mind at least,it's not working anyway" She said and Olivia sighed. 

"Think Vivian,that space is yours from the beginning,you can't loose him now,never" She said and Vivian nodded. 

"Trust me" She smirked.

"Good,that's what I'm talking about. Tell me if you ever need my help" Olivia winked and Vivian chuckled. 

"So what about Reagan? You told me she's also ban headache" Olivia said. 

Vivian scoffed.

"Noah doesn't like her one bit so I  don't really care about her,she's just fighting herself" She said and Olivia laughed. 

"For real,that's crazy" She said and they both laughed.

"I've known Noah for years,even If she appear naked in front of him,he won't spare her a glance. But that little witch is making me worried" Vivian scoffed. 

"She's nothing to you,she's not even sexy. What the hell does Noah see in her?" Olivia scoffed and Vivian sighed. 



"Everything is eight dollars in total" The cashier said to Arya after calculating everything she got. 

'I still have ten dollars in my account,thank goodness' Arya said inwardly and immediately handed over her card. 

"Declined" The cashier said and Arya frowned. 

"That's not true,I have ten dollars,please try again,please" Arya said and the cashier tried again like she said but it's the same 

Arya checked her phone to see if there was any debit she didn't notice and there it was,someone actually used her card without her permission,she was scrolling when she found her mom's message also. 


She read and didn't know when tears rolled down her eyes. She doesn't have any body lotion or her hair treatment left,she came to get them because her hair seems to be breaking already,and now....

"I'm sorry young girl....."

"It's fine" Arya muttered and wiped her tears,she turned to go and bumped into someone.

"You okay?" The familiar voice asked and she looked up to see Adam. 

"Oh....yeah....." She bite her lips. 

"Here,use my card" Adam dropped his card for the cashier,the money was removed and Arya's stuffs were packaged. 

"Here you go" The cashier handed other to her and she took it.

"Thank you" Arya said to Adam.

"It's nothing" He muttered and they walked out of the store together.

"You came in to buy something right?? ..."

"No,I went in because I saw you" Adam replied.

"Oh" Arya took her lips in. 

"Thank you again Adam" Arya said. 

"Stop thanking me already please" Adam groaned and she smiled. 

"Are you walking home? If you're taking the bus,you should go,I don't have any money with me anyway" Arya said. 

"I love stretching my bones,so I'm walking you home. It's not that far anyway" Adam said and Arya chuckled. 

"You're really nice" She said. 

"You're welcome" Adam said. 


"Goodnight Adam" Arya waved. 

"Bye" Adam replied and walked away. 

Arya entered the house and met Jenny in the living room,she was testing out a necklace she just bought. 

"Oh,you're back. Check this out" She smiled,showing Arya the jewelry box. 

"This is what you bought......with my money?" Arya asked in shock. 

"What do you mean? It was only ten dollars,I added it to what I have,isn't it pretty?" Jenny smiled. 

"Is this really all you're thinking about right now?" Arya asked. 

"What am I supposed to think of? Your father is becoming useless everyday,I already told you to forget about college this year and rewrite the exam next year,I have to look good at least......"

Arya walked out of her sight and ran upstairs,she entered her room and locked the door. She sniffed in her tears and sat down in front of the dressing mirror,she removed her hair tie and checked her hair,it's really breaking. 

"Gosh" She muttered and immediately brought out the hair treatments she got,she can't even remember when last she washed her hair with something nice,she's not used to the ones she's been using. 

"Finally,gosh Adam is an Angel at this point" She muttered and took her phone,she checked the message she sent to Noah,still no response. She sighed out and dropped her phone slowly.

"What else should I do now?" She muttered sadly. 



"Birdie is not home?" Hailey asked again.

"Yes,she called and told me she will be late. Maybe she have a lot of work to do at the restaurant" Granny Winona said. 

"She said that?" Hailey asked. 

"No,I just guessed. Where else would she be?" Winona asked,sitting down. 

Hailey scoffed.

"Seriously? Now it's everyday?" She muttered and went out.

"Is there something wrong? Did she lie or something?" Winona asked no one in particular,wondering why Hailey reacted that way. 



"Why is he not down yet?" Birdie sighed looking up the stairs,Noah went to freshen up according to what he said,but she's downstairs waiting for the food they ordered. But Birdie being herself,she was restless. 

"Should I go upstairs?" She asked herself and took her lips in. 

The moment she stood up,she heard the door bell. 

"The food" She said and immediately rushed to the door,but before she could open,the door opened by itself and Birdie stopped walking. 

Vivian came in and her eyes widened when she saw Birdie,the rage and hatred in her eyes were so obvious and visible. 

"What are you doing here?" She threw the question immediately.

"Oh,I came with A......" Birdie swallowed,she almost called Noah Anaconda.

"You came with who?" 

"Noah" Birdie said and Vivian scoffed.

"The gut,seriously? Noah? Who the fúck do you think you are to call his name like that?!" Vivian snapped.

"He invited me over by himself,I don't know what you're talking about" Birdie said.

"Are you crazy?!" Vivian yelled angrily and raised her hand to slap her,Birdie flinched and quickly turned her face away waiting for the slap. 

"Don't touch her" Noah's voice made her stop and Vivian looked up angrily.

"What is she doing here?" She asked. 

"This is my house,I don't think I owe you any explanation Vivian" Noah said. 

Birdie swallowed and quickly moved closer to Noah. 

"What are you doing here by the way? I didn't call for you" Noah said. 

Vivian couldn't talk,she kept on glaring at Birdie who quietly hid behind Noah. 

"If there's nothing,then you should leave" Noah said. 

"Delivery here boss" A guard showed up with their meal. 

"Drop it in the dinning" Noah said. 

The guard went in and dropped it,he went out again.

"Don't tell me....she's spending the night here" Vivian asked ,with shaking hands. 

"It's not her first time" Noah said and Vivian's eye widened,her breathing stopped for a second.

"Goodnight" Noah muttered and closed the door on her face. 

Vivian stood there,shaking and trying to stop herself from screaming. 


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