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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 13 & 14





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 13 & 14

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 


Waylon and Birdie left and Noah also made way to go back inside the party hall but he was blocked by Reagan who was standing in front of him with a flirty smile on her face. 

Noah said nothing and raised his brows. 

"Hi,you might not know me. My name is Reagan" She introduced herself,grinning. 

Noah gave her a simple nod and tried walking away again but still she covered his path.

"That's not really nice," she said and Noah sighed. 

"Nice meeting you Reagan" He said with a forceful smile.

"I've always wanted to meet you Noah,I've always wanted to. Can we be friends? I would love to" Reagan said.

"Friends?" Noah asked and she nodded quickly. 

"Please huh?" She held his hand with a soft look on her face.

'Does she think that face get me or something?' Noah scoffed inwardly and gently removed her grip from his hand. 

Vivian showed up that very time and seeing Reagan with Noah made her frown. 

Subsequently,she walked closer to them almost pushing Reagan away,she faced Noah.

"I've been waiting,are you done calling?" She asked and Noah nodded before going inside leaving the two ladies alone. 

Vivian faced Reagan who was already glaring at her also. 

"What was that?" Reagan asked. 

"I simply came out for my boss,what about you?" Vivian asked. 

Reagan scoffed and crossed her arms,glaring at Vivian. 

"Who are you to tell your boss who to talk to? Or do you perhaps like him somehow? But I'm very sure he's not interested in you,so next time stay off my business! Do you get that?! Bitch" Reagan said and walked away angrily. 


"You're back" Axel smiled when Noah sat down beside him. 

Noah poured himself the wine a little and sipped from it. 

"I'm surprised you came anyway,it's not your thing attending parties" Axel said,staring at the couples who were called up on the stage. 

"Miles......is quite different" Noah muttered and Axel nodded. 

"I saw your so called kid earlier,she's pretty" Axel grinned,referring to Birdie. 

"Every girl is pretty to you" Noah scoffed. 

"Seriously? But I'm saying the truth,she doesn't look like a kid when she dress up" Axel smiled. 

"Am I supposed to care about that? Stop it dude,if I'm going to become interested in a relationship,it will be a lady not a girl" Noah said and Axel nodded. 

"I understand" he muttered

Vivian joined them after a while. 



"Bowie?" Waylon read out the name Birdie just wrote down.

"What,you don't like it?" She raised her head. 

"No,it sounds so cool,really cool" Waylon replied and Birdie smiled. 

"Great,so Bowie is his name,congratulations" Birdie said and Waylon laughed. 

"Sounds like a naming oath" he said. 

"Of course it is,everything deserves a name or two" Birdie said and Waylon nodded. 

"Thank you cute one" he said.

"You're welcome" 

"We should go back inside,it's my fault we are out" Waylon said,they both got down from the car and he once again held her hand. 

Birdie looked down at their hands and bite her lips,her mind went to Noah from earlier and she sighed out. 

She shouldn't have ignored him like that,but then he doesn't want to see her anyway,right?.

"Are you okay?" Waylon looked down at her,she immediately shook her head. 

"I'm okay" She smiled shortly. 

They entered the hall and Birdie waved at Waylon before going Back to her seat.

"Where did you go to? I've been waiting" Hailey said. 

"I'm sorry,I met Waylon on my way back" Birdie replied and Hailey's eyes widened. 

"Waylon? You two talk?" She asked and Birdie nodded.

"Whoa,you're in another level than I imagined,it was Noah and now Waylon?" Hailey scoffed

Birdie smiled and looked at the meals on the table. 

"Why are you not eating?" She asked. 

"How can I eat alone when I came here with you?" 

"Sorry for keeping you waiting" Birdie muttered and they started eating,her eyes moved to Noah's table,he wasn't eating,he was on his phone instead. 

"Doesn't he eat out or what?" She thought. 

Just a minute later,Noah stood up,Axel and Vivian also did,they walked out of the hall together,Birdie's eyes followed him,she turned back and caught Hailey staring at her. 

"You scared me" She said. 

"You still talk to Noah?" Hailey asked. 

"I.....I don't know" Birdie mumbled. 

'I see" Hailey nodded. 

Birdie drank water and sighed out. 



Noah was in the gym,sitting down on the chest fly machine,he was working out and sweating profusely,his airpod were in his ears as he listened to music while working out. 

He would breathe in and out as he pulled the handle of the machine to the front and then back again,his muscles clapping along with his veins. 

He suddenly got a call,he released the handle and answered through his airpod. 

"Boss" Vivian called from the other side and Noah sighed out,he already thought it was another business,he wasn't planning to leave home today. 

"Vivian" Noah said and stood up,he walked toward the treadmill and started pressing the necessary buttons.

"I'm coming over......you should eat something today,I can cook for you............"

"Never mind" Noah muttered,now walking on the treadmill slowly.

"Why? Are you going to order food or something?" Vivian asked. 

"I'm not planning to do that" Noah replied,increasing the speed of the machine.

"Then just get a maid at least,you can't keep on like this" Vivian said. 

"I'm not interested in having anyone around...."

"Noah!" Vivian shouted. 

"Are you shouting at me now?" 

"We are not working right now okay?! Do you want to die or something?! How can you live without eating? Are you a vampire? Do you suck blood for a living?!" Vivian Snapped. 

Noah ignored her,running speedily as the treadmill race became faster.

"Are you ignoring me?" Vivian asked. 

"Worry about yourself Vivian,you know I don't like....."

"You always don't like,when will you like? But i'm standing on my word,you should get a maid,it's not necessary she live there,she can....."

"Bye" Noah cut her off and hung up immediately. 

"So lousy" he scoffed and pressed a button,the treadmill became slow again. 

He removed his phone from his pocket and he opened the mail he missed. It's from Santiago,Noah immediately frowned. 

"Where the f**k did he get my number?" He asked,folding his shaking fist as he became angry. 

He turned off the machine and walked out of the gym. 

He walked straight to the kitchen,it's large and unused,he walked to the fridge and brought out a bottle of water,he uncapped it and gulped everything down at once. 

He exhaled loudly and looked around. 

"Ahh ahh" He said and it echoed back to him. 

"Nice" He muttered with a smirk. 

Noah dropped the bottle inside the trash can and walked out of the kitchen.  



"Birdie! We've got a delivery to do" 

"I'm coming!" Birdie replied,she was serving customers,after she was done,she ran over to where the packs are. 

"Five pack of chicken ordered" 

"Where?" Birdie asked. 

"NH,don't take too long,there's another one" 

"Alright" Birdie smiled and immediately ran out of the restaurant. 

In no time,she got to the company and entered. 

"But....who ordered chicken?" Birdie asked no one in particular as she got on the elevator. 

"Eaglet" Adam's voice came from the back and Birdie turned instantly. 

"Panda!" She called,waving. 

Adam ran and joined her inside the elevator before the door closed. 

"You're faster than I thought" Adam smiled. 

"Huh? It's for you?" Birdie asked. 

"Of course,I'm the only one in the office,I'm hungry and bored" Adam replied. 

"So you ordered because you are bored?" Birdie scoffed.

"Hey,not even a single sorry?" Adam pushed her head. 

"Hey!" Birdie yelled back and Adam touched his chest.

"Oh I'm scared" He said sarcastically and Birdie chuckled.

"Are you mocking me right now?" 

"Of course not" Adam laughed. 

The elevator door opened and they stepped out,Birdie followed Adam into the office and it was empty. 

"Why are you the only one here?" She asked. 

"We have something to cover up,I can't just leave,I have to monitor how our orders and delivery are made,It's not only me though,there are others in different offices too,but I volunteered to stay for my team" Adam said,sitting down. 

"You're the youngest here" Birdie said.

"How did you know that?" Adam asked,opening the chicken box. "Wow! Looks yummy" he said and took one of the crispy chicken. 

"It's obvious in your face,how old are you?" She asked. 

"Nineteen,what about you?" Adam asked,chewing in his mouth. 

"Whoa! I'm also nineteen" Birdie said excitedly and Adam smiled.

"Are you that happy?" He asked and Birdie nodded. 

"Eat with me then" Adam said.

Birdie took one of the chicken and started biting and chewing also. 

"You're nineteen,shouldn't you be in school?" Adam asked. 

"My grandma is poor,what about you?" Birdie asked. 

"When I save up enough,I will definitely do that" Adam muttered. 

"Why? What about your parents?" Birdie asked. 

"I don't know" Adam smiled.

Birdie wanted to ask more but she decided to keep quiet. 

After finishing one chicken,she stood up. 

"I need to go" She said and Adam nodded. 

"Get ready to come here everyday....not Sunday tho" Adam said and Birdie smiled. 

"Bye" She said and ran out of the office. 

"Must she run?!!" Adam groaned loudly. 



Noah was sitting in the living room,He's been going from one room to another in the house since morning and finally he settled here,his legs crossed as he watched the TV. 

📺I can't live without you. 

The male lead in the movie said to his girlfriend,they were both in tears,they almost got separated but now back together.

"Is he crazy? Why can't he live without her? You call that love?" Noah hissed and switched off the TV. 

"I love my parents so much and would have said that,but I've been living without them for years,what the f**k is a lady? He's bursting out rubbish for real" Noah scoffed. 

He suddenly heard the door bell and he turned his face,he wanted to ignore but it came again,he stood up and walked to the door camera. He saw Birdie there and he frowned. 

"What is she doing here? How did she know this place?" 

He opened the door anyway.

Birdie was surprised to see him.

"Oh....it's you" She muttered.

"Me??" Noah raised his brows. 

"Here's your order" She smiled,saying the nylon pack in her hand. 

"What's that?" Noah asked. 

"Huh?.....Someone ordered me to bring food here" Birdie said. 

"A mistake" Noah muttered,trying to close the door. 

"I'm very sure it's here" Birdie said loudly.

Just then,Noah's phone rang and he checked,it's Axel calling. He answered at once. 

"I ordered the food,eat or you die" Axel snapped at him on the phone and hung up before Noah could talk. 

Noah sighed and looked at Birdie.

"Bring it,you can go" He mumbled. 

"He asked me to help you dish it out nicely,he paid me for that" Birdie said. 

"Never mind,I will do it myself" Noah said and tried collecting it from her. 

"But I was paid......."

"Give me and get the f**k out?!!!" Noah yelled angrily and Birdie flinched,looking at him in shock as he breathe heavily while glaring at her. 

"Don't you get it? I hate people's presence in my house,especially strangers,so stop being stupid" He took the food from her and closed the door loudly on her face. 

Birdie swallowed hard still getting herself back from the shock.

"Why......why is he.....so harsh?" She muttered with shaking lips and tears came rolling down her eyes. 


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