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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 11 & 12





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 11 & 12

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 



Birdie left Waylon's car side and ran over to meet Noah,she stood by the driver side and Noah raised his brows. 

"I don't want to disturb you,and then I have to follow Waylon to get milk for his puppy....."

"Hey,why are you explaining to me? Just go" Noah cut her off and she bit her lips. 

"Goodnight" She mumbled and left. 

"Seriously? Waylon? She doesn't even know him,she met him just today" Noah scoffed,he was still there when Waylon's car drove past him. 

His phone suddenly started ringing and he answered the call at once. 

"What are you talking about?" Noah frowned. 

After listening to whatever the person who called him said,he hung up the call and drove off with a deep frown on his face. 


"Do you know him well?" Waylon asked Birdie after some minutes of silence. 

"Who? Anaconda?" Birdie faced him and Waylon raised his brows.

"What's Anaconda?" He asked and Birdie chuckled. 

"He's cold and and mean,that's why I gave him the name" She replied. 

"Oh" Waylon mouthed. 

"Do you know him so well?" He asked further. 

"I'm just a fan,and I always deliver his favorite drink to the company" Birdie replied and Waylon nodded. 

"That place" Birdie pointed out at a building with lights on. 

Waylon stopped his car right in front of it and they both came down. 

PUPPIES LOVE was written on the building,they entered and immediately they were attended to. 

"You're so amazing Birdie,I wouldn't have gotten this without you" Waylon said on their way out. 

"You're welcome" she smiled. 

"Where do you live?" Waylon asked. 

"Just......some street to this place" Birdie replied and Waylon chuckled. 

"Come on,get in" He said and she smiled before getting inside. 

Waylon started the car again. 



The gate opened automatically and drove in,just by the gate were some guards and a man in his thirties,Noah stopped his car and came out. 

"Welcome boss" The guards bowed. 

Noah ignored the greetings and faced the man,that's Santiago,Noah's uncle who he Stayed with for few years and one of the family who took his parents properties all for themselves. 

"You're finally here,dear nephew" Santiago said with a smile. 

"What are you doing here?" Noah asked coldly. 

"It's been a while,like.....eight years now..."

"What are you doing here?!!" Noah yelled impatiently and Santiago smiled. 

"You need to calm down...."

"How did you even find out where I live? How?" Noah faced the guards. 

"Why did you let him in?" He asked them angrily. 

"He told us he's a family boss"

"Do I ever f**king told you that I have a family?! Do I!" Noah snapped and they bowed. 

"Noah" Santiago called and Noah faced him. 

"If you Call me once more,I am going to do what I will regret,I swear" Noah sworn. 

"I'm here because I need your help,,I need some money for my business,I'm at the point of going bankrupt,your sister is going to college too"

"Sister? Do I have a sister? The last time I checked,I'm the only child of my parents" Noah said. 

"My daughter......."

"My parents money that you stole,why not take from it? You refused to send me to college because you have your own child to take care of,you should be able to take out of those money or ask any of your family to help you Santiago" Noah said,going back to his car. 

"Noah please wait!....." Santiago made to run after him. 

"Throw him out" Noah ordered and immediately the guards grabbed him from the back. 

"Noah!! I'm still your uncle!! You can't do anything about it!! We are families!!!" Santiago shouted as they dragged him out. 

Noah entered his car and drove in,he got to the main building and the guards there ran to him but they moved back seeing his face. 

"Next time y'all allow any f**king strange person in here without my permission,get ready to loose your job" He said and went in. 

He was fuming with so much anger that it's hard to control no matter how he tries,reason why he doesn't like getting angry,he always go crazy more than he can handle. 

He walked straight to the wine cellar and grabbed a bottle of whiskey,he opened it and started gulping without stopping,all he wanted that very moment was forget about what just happened. How could Santiago find him to his house? After everything he made him go through. 

Noah doesn't want to take his mind back to the past but he just couldn't help it the moment he saw Santiago. 

"What?....His daughter need money for college?? What the f**k does that have to do with me?" Noah scoffed and continue drinking again. 

He remembered the day he got admission Into college,back then he had one of the best results among his mates and he went home happily to inform his Uncle. 



Noah opened the door and entered the living room with smiley Face,anyone would know that he was highly happy that evening. Santiago's wife,Jenny was the one in the living room. 

"I don't understand why you look so Happy but that face is so annoying" Jenny said and sixteen years old Noah stopped smiling immediately. Jenny hissed,she was busy brushing her daughter's hair,Arya who is just six years old. 

Santiago walked into the living room also and Noah greeted him,as usual he ignored and sat down. 

"Your nephew seems happy today" Jenny said to her husband and Santiago looked at Noah. 

"Did something happened?" He asked. 

Noah immediately moved closer,he was sure too happy that he couldn't wait to tell him the good news. 

"You don't really have to go so close to him" Jenny snapped at him and he stopped,but anyways that didn't stop him from speaking up.

"I just checked my result uncle,I got admitted into College" Noah said excitedly.

"Seriously? That's why you're smiling? I mean who's going to send you to college?" Jenny asked and they smile on Noah's Face dried off. 


"Sorry Noah,but I don't have that money to take care of your education to that level,I have a wife and daughter also,my brother should have just waited and not die miserably so he could take care of his son" Santiago cut in and Noah was speechless. 

Even if he was young,he knew these people are living off his parents money,He's not even asking for anything,but at least he need to study so he would have a career at least. 



Tears were already rolling out of Noah's eyes as he think about all that,he could remember vividly that night how he cried till daybreak. But he still waited,he waited two more years to see if his uncle would at least change his mind. 

But then when he became eighteen and still,no hope,he left the house. 

"Family?......Love??....what the f**k does those sh*t even mean??" Noah pushed the bottles in the cellar away and they all broke into pieces. He wiped his tears and went in. 



Reagan smiled sheepishly while staring at the invitation card in her hand,she have been invited to a very prestigious party hosted by a millionaire. 

VIP GUESTS.......Chris Noah....Waylon Kay.....Reagan Kay......

"Since Noah is there,who am I not to attend?" She chuckled and dropped the card,she turned back to see the new dress which was delivered to her some hours ago. 

"It's time to show how sexy you are Reagan,you need to get his attention no matter what" She bite her lips imagining how it would look like kissing him or f**king him. 

"Oh f**k" She moaned. 

"Oh Noah,you make me wet,Crazily" She entered the bathroom. 



"I wonder If he's mad at me" Birdie mumbled while in the elevator. Someone ordered for the strawberry milk as usual and she came to deliver. 

The elevator door opened and she came out,she turned toward Noah's office,she was still walking when Vivian blocked her way and she stopped walking. 

"Oh...hello. I'm here to give this to...."

"Give it to me and stop that fake smile of yours" Vivian said and Birdie was confused. 

"It's for...."

"I'm going to give it to him myself,he doesn't want to see you don't you get at all?" Vivian snapped and hijacked the pack from her. 

"Get lost" She glared at Birdie one last time before walking away. 

Birdie bite her lips hard trying to control her tears. 

'He doesn't want to see me.....he probably hate me again now' she thought as she began walking back,she was at the point of tears but then Adam showed up. 

"Hey Eagle" he smiled at her and Birdie also forced a smile Out. 

"What happened? Are you okay?" Adam asked. 

"I'm fine" Birdie muttered. 

"No you're not,your eyes are red" Adam said and Birdie shook her head. 

"I'm really fine,I will see you later Adam" Birdie muttered and walked away leaving Adam standing. 

"She's not fine,I wonder what the boss did to her this time" Adam sighed and also went on his own. 


Noah was standing and Staring at a portrait when the door opened and Vivian entered,he turned and was surprised to see Vivian. 

"You brought it instead? What about that kid?" He asked. 

"She gave it to me herself,I guess she doesn't want to come here today" Vivian replied. 

"Oh" Noah muttered. 

"Tonight is the party Sir,the one you were invited to" Vivian said.

"I remember,Miles wedding anniversary" Noah replied and Vivian smiled

"You should get ready too,we should go together" Noah added. 

"Of course sir,I can't wait" She said and Noah nodded. 

"Do you want something else sir?" Vivian asked. 

"No,you can go" Noah replied. 

Vivian bowed and walked out of the office. 

Noah's phone rang just as he was about taking one of the bottles,it was his unfinished business with his partner. He moved the bottles away and started operating on the system while also talking on phone. 



"Wow,your heart beat finally became normal sir" Hailey said to Miles,He's her patient and she's always the one who attend to him most times. 

"It's all thanks to you Nurse Hailey,I really appreciate how you dedicate a lot of time for me" Miles said. 

"It's nothing,I'm just doing my job sir" Hailey smiled and Miles removed a card from his chest pocket. 

"Here,I will be having a party tonight,you are invited,it's my wedding anniversary,so you're among the few guests I would like to see there,sorry it's coming late" Miles said. 

"Oh my goodness,I'm so happy sir,I will make sure I'm there no matter what" Hailey said happily. 

"You can bring your friends along too" 

"I will sure do that sir,and congratulations on your anniversary" 

"Thank you Nurse Hailey" Miles said and walked out. 

"Bambie,get ready for this" Hailey chuckled,looking at the expensive invitation card in her hand.



"Hailey,I don't think I can wear this" Birdie said as they came out of the taxi,they are already in front of Miles mansion. 

"Why?" Hailey looked at her. 

"It's short Hailey,I've never dressed like this before,it's really tight also and the shoes,I can barely walk" Birdie complained all over. 

It was Hailey who dolled her up,she had bought the short black dress on her way home,seeing it at first sight,she knew Birdie would look hot in it with her slim figure and she wasn't lying because right now Birdie is looking so hot,even without makeup,she had straightened her curly hair which now reach her butt side,it's really long that Hailey wondered why she prefer it curly.

"C'mon Bambie,you look so perfect,you can't be dressing like a child every time,you're nineteen baby" Hailey said and Birdie pouted. 

"Just trust me this once,huh?" 

"Okay" Birdie muttered and Hailey smiled,she held her hand. 

"Let's go" She winked and they went inside. 



Birdie was sitting down,watching as Hailey greeted Miles and his wife,after a while,they left her and continue greeting other guests. 

Hailey came back to join her on the table.

"Gosh,this is money Bambie" Hailey said,looking around. 

Birdie sipped from the wine and lick her lips. 

"Kind of sweet" She said and Hailey chuckled. 

"You look restless" One of Reagan friends said to her. 

"I can't wait for Noah to get here" She replied,adjusting herself,they are on the Vip table
Some minutes later,they started hearing some murmurs. Waylon just arrived. 

🎤 Ladies and Gentleman please welcome our VIP guest,Waylon!! 

The party MC said and everyone started clapping. 

Waylon bowed repeatedly with smiley face as the guards led him to his seat. 

"You should go" Waylon told them. 


"You will make people uncomfortable,leave" Waylon said. 

They bowed and simply walked away. 

"Hi Waylon" One of the ladies sitting also in the VIP immediately greeted,she was sure crushing. 

"Gosh,He's so humble and cute" Hailey said,staring at Waylon who was smiling so brightly at everyone who came to him. 

"He is" Birdie smiled. 

Just a second later,Noah,Axel and Vivian walked in together and more murmurs started. 

Axel and Noah were putting on the same outfit looking smoking hot,Vivian's dress was so hot and expensive. 

👥 Noah never disappoints when it comes to fashion. 

👥 Noah is fashion and Fashion is Noah,period

👥 He's so hot. 

👥 Gosh,Vivian's dressings are high rank. 

👥 Axel is so handsome. 

"He didn't look at me" Reagan muttered sadly. 

Birdie stared at them till they sat down together.

"One night think Vivian and Noah are dating" Hailey chuckled. 

Birdie said nothing. 

The party started in full few minutes later. 



Birdie groaned tiredly as she find her way to the restroom as she was directed. She found it and opened the door,after doing her business she came out again. She was at the edge of taking off the heels but she don't want to disappoint Hailey. 

Birdie suddenly stopped when she saw Waylon right in front of her. 

"Waylon" She called and he smiled. 

"I saw you going out so I followed" Waylon said. 

"Really?" Birdie smiled and walked closer. 

"You were right,my puppy love the milk a lot" Waylon said and Birdie grinned 

"I told you,what's his name?" She asked. 

"Actually.....I haven't thought of that" Waylon said and Birdie gasped. 

"What?! Why? Name should come first if you're adopting a puppy" She groaned. 

"I only did because I'm too lonely and bored,nothing special" Waylon chuckled. 

"But still,he need a name,do you want me to give him one?" Birdie asked. 

"Will I remember?" Waylon asked 

"I will write it for you,do you have a pen and note?" She asked. 

"My car" Waylon replied. 

"Good,let's go" Birdie said and Waylon smiled. 

"At this point,I can just give the puppy to you" Waylon said and Birdie laughed.

They both started walking toward the entrance,Waylon was about opening the door but it opened by itself revealing Noah. 

His eyes moved away from Waylon and fell on Birdie beside him. 

Waylon grabbed Birdie's hand. 

"Let's go" He said and Birdie nodded. 

Waylon went out with her,holding her hand,leaving Noah standing. 


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