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The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 1& 2





The Billionaire's Enchantment - Episode 1& 2 

Subtitle: His Unsophisticated Girlie

GENRE: Billionaire/CEO Romance. 




Hailey already stood in front of the entrance door for about three minutes before the door was finally opened,revealing a woman in her late sixties with her usual glasses in her eyes. 

"Granny Winona!" Hailey called happily and the granny smiled. 

"Good morning granny" Hailey said as she finally entered. 

"Morning child" Winona said and closed the door.

"Granny,I brought you some energy drink,the one you saw with me the other day" Hailey announced,removing a pack which contain five bottles of the drink. 

"Oh thank you so much Hailey,I appreciate that" Winona said,taking it from her. 

"I will stock it in the fridge" Hailey reversed her hand back and the old granny smiled. 

Hailey put the pack inside the fridge and returned to the living room,just then Birdie came out of her room,in a hurry,she was carrying a camera in her hand,trying also at the same time to tie up her hair. 

"Hey Granny!" Birdie greeted,running out. 

"Hey!!" Hailey shouted and Birdie looked back. 

"Oh you're here" She smiled cutely.

"Where are you going?" Hailey asked. 

"Chris Noah's flight arrived in twenty minutes,I need to get to the airport" Birdie said. 

"You need to take it easy child" Winona said. 

"Tell her granny,this Noah guy doesn't even know her" Hailey agreed. 

"There are millions of fans like me that he doesn't know,so not just me" Birdie said and quickly kissed Winona's cheek before running out. 

"Wait for me!!" Hailey shouted and ran after her. 

Nineteen years old Birdie have been crushing on Noah ever since she was sixteen,in fact she's in love with him,she's his biggest fan. 

The camera she bought is specially made for Noah's picture alone,her room is all covered with different paintings and portraits of him,she's crazy about him. 

There was even a time when she was watching Noah on TV and he was being emotional,leading him to tears,surprisingly Birdie couldn't control her tears either,she cried. 

That was three years ago,when she was sixteen. 



"Thank you!" Birdie said to the cab driver as she came out with Hailey,she started running again. 

"Calm down Birdie,I'm tired already!" Hailey called after her. 

"I have to stay where I can get a better view for my pictures" Birdie replied,still not stopping. She looked back at Hailey and saw that she was still following,the moment she faced front again,she bumped into someone's body and her camera almost fell but the person was faster,he caught it and Birdie sighed out loudly. 

"I'm so sorry and thank you so much" Birdie bowed and looked up to see the guy she bumped into. 

'He looks familiar' she said inwardly. 

"It's fine" Adam smiled. 

"Yeah thanks" Birdie took her camera from him and ran off. 

Adam turned and stared at her until she was out of sight. 


Inside the airport,it was so full of people waiting for Chris Noah,one would think he's actually an idol but he's even more popular than some,he's a celebrity on his own. A billionaire,CEO,Model,producer and more,what do you expect? And to crown it all,he's damn hot and handsome. 

After the long wait,Noah showed up at the top of the escalator with his PA beside him,Vivian. They go everywhere together and are always seen together,you can't see Noah without Vivian,is that even possible? 

Unless it's not working time.

As soon as the crowd and fans saw Noah,they started screaming and rushing to the escalator,some even tried climbing but the guards were fast enough to cover them up. 

👥 Chris Noah!!!

👥 I love you!!

👥 You're so Handsome

👥 Vivian please keep taking Care of our strawberry

Strawberry is Noah's favorite fruit,he's addicted to it so sometimes his fans call him that. 

When Noah and Vivian finally got down,even the guards couldn't control them all,the fans surrounded Noah immediately 

👥 Autograph please

👥 So handsome!

"Please move away,I will sign autograph as many as I can so please don't get hurt while pushing" Noah spoke up. 

👥 Awwwn!!

👥 His voice is a turn on oh my gosh

Amidst the large crowd,Birdie was also present,taking countless pictures and videos of Noah. 

After minutes of signing autographs,Noah stopped and the other fans who couldn't get kept calling sadly as he started walking with Vivian,more guards covered him up,the fans kept running after him and it was more rough than before. 

In the middle was Birdie trying to balance as the crowd kept pushing and pushing and in the end,she fell flatly on the floor,landing on Noah's feet. 

👥 (Gasps)

Noah and Vivian said nothing,they only stared at her there on the floor,it was the guards who quickly picked her up and Noah walked out with Vivian. 

The fans still ran after him but Birdie stay still without moving,Hailey ran to her,breathing fast. 

"Birdie,are you okay?" She asked and Birdie nodded. 

"My.....my hand.....touched his leg" She said,almost in tears and Hailey groaned out. 

"This is more serious than I thought" She muttered. 

"His feet are pretty" Birdie said and Hailey shook her head. 



"You're welcome boss" Adam bowed as he quickly opened the car door for Noah,Noah entered,followed by Vivian. Adam closed the door and joined the driver in front.

"Are you okay?" Vivian asked Noah who was lost in thought. 

"Why asking?" Noah asked back. 

"The girl touched you,her fingers didn't hurt you or something?" Vivian asked and Noah shook his head. 

But somehow that girl's face is definitely familiar but he just can't remember no matter how he tries,but his mind never deceives,he has definitely seen that girl before. 

"How many minute before the meeting?" Noah asked Adam.

"We still have up to Twenty minutes boss" Adam replied. 

"Go straight there" Noah said. 

"You don't want to change clothes at least?" Vivian asked. 

"I will do everything I have to do now and go home" Noah replied and Vivian nodded. 

"To white house" she informed the driver

"Okay Ma'am"The driver replied. 


Back in the airport,Birdie was still staring at her hand even as she walked,she would place it on her chest and even kiss it. 

"That's enough girl" Hailey laughed. 

"I'm so happy Hailey" Birdie muttered but then she suddenly gasped.

"I have to go to work!" She screamed,checking her time. 

"Thought Noah is more important than work...."

"Yes he is,but I have to go because I have to earn money,see you later Hailey" Birdie said and ran off. 

"Will she ever stop running?" Hailey shook her head,staring at Birdie as she stopped a cab and entered.



Birdie was walking to the nearest bus stop after work,but the moment she passed in front of NH company,she couldn't help but to just stop as always. 

The restaurant where she works is just some feet away from here,she work there just for one reason,because of Noah,but crazily she have never seen him walking around there,not even once. 

"He must be an Angel that I get to see once in a while" Birdie muttered,blushing even as she think about him. 

She walked closer to the gate trying to check if she would see anything inside but the gate is too tall,even the fence is too tall to jump,the securities are also moving around so there's no how she can go in without being invited. 

"Now I see,it's really you" 

She heard a familiar voice behind her,the voice she would recognize any where any time,Noah's!!

She quickly turned back and she was right,Noah was leaning on his car meaning he just got there without her even noticing. 

Birdie stood there,staring at him,it's her first time seeing him naturally without any guards,even Vivian isn't there. Her hands were shaking,her palms sweating and her legs were becoming weak,she couldn't even talk. 

Noah stepped forward a bit,looking at her blankly. 

"Now I see why you look familiar,you're that stalker" He said and Birdie's heart skipped a beat. 

"You think I don't know? You probably came here to look for me,such an obsessed kid" Noah said,glaring at her disgustingly. 

"I'm not a kid......." Birdie managed to mutter

"Well you look like one to be" Noah snapped and she bite her red lips. 

"You might not know,but stalking is a great offense,invading someone's privacy....."

"I....didn't invade your privacy.....I just.....like seeing you" Birdie tried to explain. 

"That explains how obsessed you are. I know a lot of people like you so this isn't new okay? But I will advice you to stop this crap you're doing,you really think stalking will make me notice you? Well sorry I don't deal with dry bones like you,so get lost" Noah said and went into the company. 

Birdie broke into tears,loud one coz she doesn't even know how to cry in silence. 

She was crying as she walk,people were staring at her but she didn't mind. 

"How could he say all that to me? Is it a sin to like him that much?" She sniffs and cried even more. 

'I don't deal with dry bones like you' the word stabs her heart and her cries became more louder that she even passed the bus stop and kept walking without knowing. 


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