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Moana Mulan - Episode 81 & 82




Moana Mulan - Episode 81 & 82

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R





"Teddybear!" Brielle called the moment she sighted Jimmie taking pictures with some of his friends. It's the convocation day and Jimmie is graduating from school,Brielle left the school two years back also. 

👥 Oh My God,Brielle!!

👥 She came!!

👥 Awwwn!!!

👥 I'm so jealous of Jimmie

👥 Brielle you're so pretty!!

👥 I love you!!

Jimmie left the midst of the other students and ran to Brielle who was still waving at the students screaming her name. He got to her and carried her at once.

"Hey!!" Brielle screamed,laughing hard as Jimmie turned around with her. 

"Teddy bear drop me!" She laughed. 

Jimmie dropped her and kissed her deeply before letting go of her. 

"Here baby" Brielle smiled,handing over a bouquet of flower to him.

"You're quite early,the ceremony haven't really started yet,even my parents aren't here yet" Jimmie said,kissing the flowers. 

Brielle started adjusting his graduation gown properly.

"My boyfriend is finally leaving college on this special day,you don't know how long I've been waiting for this,telling people my boyfriend is still in college will stop now....."

"Do you really have to tell people your boyfriend is in college?" Jimmie asked. 

"I'm not ashamed of that,they should deal with it for all I care" Brielle said and Jimmie smiled. 

"I was twenty one when I fell in love with you,and now I am twenty four,my boyfriend is twenty one......but still it still fells like yesterday,I love you more everyday teddy bear" Brielle muttered. 

Jimmie kissed her eyes. 

"I love you more than you do" He said and Brielle smiled.

"Love birds!" They heard Arielle's voice from the back and they turned to see Arielle coming with her boyfriend beside her. 

"Congratulations Dimples" Arielle hugged Jimmie. 

"Thank you" He said as she also gave him a flower. 

They all started walking toward the hall. 

"I'm sad Moana isn't here" Arielle muttered. 

"Her flight was delayed,she would have been here,I will forgive her tho" Jimmie said and they all laughed. 

"Oh,Mother and Father are here" Brielle said the moment she sighted Mr&Mrs Mulan. Jimmie immediately grabbed her hand and they walked over to them. 


"And the award of best graduating student in Red Gold University,goes to nobody else but....Jimmie Mulan!" 

👥 Jimmie!!!!! 

👥 I knew it!!

👥 He's so handsome!!!

👥 I love you Jimmie!!

"Loving my boyfriend" Brielle scoffed jealously and Arielle laughed. 

Jimmie made a short speech and returned to his seat. 

Hours later,the ceremony came to an end. 

Jimmie came to drag Brielle. 

"Let's take pictures together first" He said and Brielle smiled. 

"First option huh?" 

"Obviously" Jimmie said and pecked her lips. 

"Am I doing this too much?" Jimmie asked. 

"No!" Brielle screamed and they both laughed. 

They started posing for the camera as they took countless pictures before his parents came over too and then the students,it was all fun. 



🗣 His Majesty and the Queen Just Arrived!!

The royal announcer announced loudly and the maids immediately bowed,Irene and Elliot stood up also as King Cyrus came in with Queen Louisa. 

"Why are you up,stop it" King Cyrus immediately said to Irene who was heavily pregnant,he walked over to her and sat her down gently. 

"Thanks kiddo" Irene smiled and faced Louisa. 

"You look even more beautiful sis" Louisa said and they hugged each other. 

"Thanks for the lie" Irene whispered and Louisa laughed. 

"Hey dude" King Cyrus exchanged a brotherly hug with Elliot before they both sat down. 

"I've missed this place a lot" Irene said,looking around as the maids began setting the table. 

Irene and Elliot got married a year ago. 

"I'm so happy to see you big sis,really happy" King Cyrus said and Irene smiled. 

"I'm happy to see you happy kiddo,you're doing well and Golden City keep getting better everyday" Irene said and Louisa smiled.  

"He's amazing" She said. 

"I wish Moses was here too" King Cyrus said. 

"Me too" Elliot muttered. 

"I wonder when that dude is getting married" Irene said. 

"He doesn't even have a girlfriend" King Cyrus and Elliot said at a time. 

"What?" Irene and Louisa said in disbelief 

"He's not ready,he want to clock thirty" Elliot said. 

"He's such a gamer" Louisa laughed. 

"Happy birthday in advance kiddo" Irene said. 

"That's tomorrow" Elliot winked at King Cyrus and he scoffed.

"You should start celebrating your birthday" Irene pouted. 

"Eat more" King Cyrus said,feeding her. 

"Stop it" Elliot slap his hand and they laughed.

"Don't go overboard,I can decide to take my sister from you dude" King Cyrus said and they laughed again. 



"My prince!" The nanny called as she ran after the two years old prince Julian who was running happily toward the king's chamber,he finally entered and King Cyrus turned to him. 

"Daddy!" Prince Julian called and he smiled,carrying him up. 

"You can go" The king said to the nanny and she simply walked away. 

"Precious best" The king called him as usual and Julian smiled,wrapping his arms around the king's neck. 

"Do you miss me?" He asked and Julian chuckled playfully,playing with his face. 

Louisa came in a minute later. 

"Your Majesty" She called with a smile and the king dropped Julian who jumped on the bed immediately. 

Louisa came closer and hugged him. 

"Tomorrow is your birthday" She muttered. 

King Cyrus smiled,hugging her back. 

"You will be twenty seven tomorrow" Louisa said. 

"Geez,I still have a long way to go but I'm getting tired of it already" King Cyrus said 

"No,you're the best king that has ever ruled,you're amazing,thoughtful,smart,brilliant,handsome,you're a perfect father too" Louisa said and he smiled. 

"I want Julian to be more than me though" He said. 

"He would,he took after you anyway" Louisa said. 

"Honey" She called and the King broke the hug. 

"Heard there will be a meteor shower tomorrow,let's go together please" She pouted. 

"We can't just stay here on your birthday,just you and I" 

King Cyrus nodded. 

"Let's do that" He agreed and Louisa hugged him again. 



The door bell came sounding again and Jimmie walked over to the door,he opened,revealing Moana ,standing beside her is Silas,her boyfriend. 

"Moana!" Jimmie screamed and hugged her at once. 

"I missed you so much baby" Moana said,reciprocating the hug before breaking it. 

"Oh here,Meet my boyfriend,Silas" She introduced. 

"Hi" Jimmie smiled shortly at him and turned back to Moana. 

"I'm sorry we wanted to make sure we were at the ceremony,but...." 

"You don't have to explain daughter" Mrs Mulan showed up with Mr Mulan. 

"I should be the one to say that mom not you" Jimmie groaned and Moana chuckled,hugging her parents one after the other. 

"Is he the one you've been telling us about?" Mrs Mulan asked,looking at Silas. 

"Yes" Moana nodded. 

"Good evening mother" Silas bowed and then to Mr Mulan also. 

"You're welcome to the family Silas,my daughter told me a lot about you" Mr Mulan said and Silas smiled at Moana.

"Let's talk while eating,I prepared dinner" Mrs Mulan said. 

"Wait,what about your things?" Jimmie asked. 

"Oh,at his place" Moana replied. 

"Silas have an apartment here?" Mr Mulan asked. 

"Yes I do," Silas replied as they all sat down. 

"How much do you miss me?" Jimmie whispered to Moana and she spread her arms wide.

"More than this" She said and Jimmie smiled. 

"You're really more handsome than what I saw in pictures Jimmie" Silas said and Jimmie chuckled. 

"Thank you" He said and Moana looked at him. 

"Be nice" She mumbled and Jimmie nodded slightly. 

They all started eating,and talking about alot of things. 



Jerome opened the door for King Cyrus on tge left side while Jericho opened for Queen Louisa on the other side,she was holding Prince Julian. 

"Your majesty,we are coming with you" Jerome said. 


"You can...watch us from Afar" Louisa cut in,interrupting the king.

"Yes Queen" They bowed and Louisa faced the King. 

"I already told you to stop going out or walking without guards,please" She said and King Cyrus smiled.

"Yes Queen" He said and she chuckled. 

They began walking,the park was totally filled with people coming and going,the meteor shower have started and everyone was screaming,taking pictures happily. 

The king and queen walked together while holding the prince in the middle.

"They are so beautiful" King Cyrus commented.

"I already told one of the guards to take a lot of pictures of them" Louisa said and he looked at her. 

"Thanks" He said.

"You're welcome" She smiled. 

👥 Isn't that his majesty?!!

👥 It's the king!!!

👥 Make way for the king!!

Everyone started bowing,some began taking pictures of him. 

In a minutes,all the digital billboards around started showing pictures of King Cyrus with the big writing of BEST KING TO RULE OVER US,HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING CYRUS!! WE LOVE YOU!!

👥 Happy Birthday Your Majesty!!

👥 Long Life!!

King Cyrus stood there emotionally,he couldn't fight back the tears forming in his eyes as he stared at his people showing him the best love he's ever wished for. 

Louisa held his hand and he faced her. 

"You deserve more" She said and the king pulled her into a tight hug immediately. 

👥 They look so amazing!

👥 King Cyrus is such a beautiful king

👥 Little Prince Julian is so cute!!

A lot of people started coming to take pictures with him and he didn't decline anyone of them,a lady came over with her baby girl. 

"Your majesty,please carry her for a second,I will like to take a picture and show her one day" She said and King Cyrus laughed. 

"You can even make a video,I don't mind" He said and carry the little girl in his arm as the mother took pictures and videos happily. 

"Thank you your majesty" She bowed and took her child back,the king waved at the baby and they continue walking. 

"You're like an idol honey" Louisa smiled,seeing everyone taking pictures of him. 

They continue seeing his pictures around,over the billboards and others with write 




Moana kept looking at the king's pictures being displayed everywhere,she also came to watch the meteor shower with Silas. 

"He's really amazing,even though he's young" Silas said,holding Moana's hand. 

Moana nodded gently,taking her eyes from the pictures only to turn and find The king coming with Louisa beside him. She froze....

"Isn't that the King?" Silas asked in an excited voice. 

King Cyrus and Moana's eyes met but Louisa was the one who stopped walking,King Cyrus looked at her. 

"Why did you stop?" He asked. 

"You don't want to talk to her?" She asked and the king kept staring without saying a word. 

"Go ahead" She smiled in approval and turned back to Moana and Silas. 

"Good evening your majesty" Silas and Moana bowed lowly. 

"Hey Moana" Louisa smiled at her,Moana gave her a light bow and her eyes met with Prince Julian who was busy having fun while looking around. 

King Cyrus said no word,maintaining a straight look on his face. 

Louisa turned to Silas. 

"Why don't we watch the showers together?" She asked and Silas looked at Moana who gave him a nod and he followed Louisa. 

"Daddy" Julian called,not wanting to go with her. 

"I will join you soon" King Cyrus smiled and kissed his hair and Louisa took him away. 

King Cyrus turned back to Moana and smiled at her. 

"It's been a while,Moana" he said as they started walking together. 

"Yes..........My King" Moana mumbled trying hard to say that out. 

"You still call me that?" King Cyrus looked at her and she also looked up. 

"Do I have to stop?.....just the way you called me Moana,not Ana?" She asked and the king said nothing.

 They kept walking. 

"I'm happy to see you" King Cyrus said. 

"The prince.......is handsome" Moana muttered.

"Are you married to him?" King Cyrus asked about Silas. 

"I would like to..........I want to" Moana muttered and stopped over the bridge,she walked closer and held it,looking up. 

King Cyrus also joined her. 

"I'm happy for you,He's a lucky one" He said,looking at the Meteors. 

Moana faced him. 

"It's been.....three years. But,I never stopped thinking about you,not even once" She said and King Cyrus also faced her. 

"And I keep asking......why you never came for me,why you gave up on me,on our love...." 

"Because I was waiting for you to come back" King Cyrus said and Moana swallowed. 

"I waited for you Moana" 

"Same way I was waiting for you" Moana muttered and the king smiled. 

"I missed you" Moana said. 

"A lot" She added,trying not to tear up. 

"I wonder why I can't stop the feelings for you,but it's more painful whenever I think about how well you're doing without me....it hurts" She said and finally the tears came dropping. 

"Am I not miserable? Still feeling crazy after three years.....Maybe I'm getting punished....maybe I was the one who broke us apart...it's all my fault" She said. 

"It's not your fault Moana,it's nobody's fault. Maybe it's fate" King Cyrus said. 

"I hate fate then" Moana muttered and wiped her tears. 

"I'm Twenty four now......maybe if I was this old back then,I would have handled the situation well enough........"

"Stop regretting your decision" King Cyrus cut in. 

"I was at fault too,I should have gone after you......"

"I was selfish" Moana said. 

"Moana,it's not your fault. Trust me" the king said and Moana bit her lips. 

"The only important thing is....we are both doing fine" He said. 

"Are you doing fine?" Moana asked and the king nodded.

"I'm learning to be fine and accept everyday,I can't show my weakness,as a King,I should always appear strong no matter what" He smiled. 

"I'm not fine" Moana shook her head and the king looked away,preventing her from seeing his tears. 

"I'm sorry Moana" he said and the tears came rolling down his eyes. 

"I failed to keep my promise to you,,you have the right to hate me forever" He said,looking at her. 

"I wish I can" Moana said,staring into his eyes. 

"But I can't" She shook her head and wiped her tears. She turned back to the meteors in the air. 

"If we are ever reborn again,What would you wish for?" She asked and King Cyrus sighed out.

"In my next life......I don't want to be a king....I want to meet you as an ordinary man....so I can find you first" She said and tears rolled down Moana's eyes. 

"In my next life........I want to be loved by you again......Cyrus" She said and their eyes met,both shedding tears. 

"I.......still love you......badly" Moana cried out.

"I still love you too Ana....insanely.....I love you so much" King Cyrus said in tears. 

And the reality was dawn on them,,no one is to be blamed on their love story,maybe it's just fate,or they were the ones who gave up. 

They both lived ever after apart but with their love for each other living in their hearts....FOREVER. 









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