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A Wife For Hire - Final



A Wife For Hire - Episode 22


We all watched in silent as she walked past us to the room

I followed behind, hoping she's not up to something.

"Quit body guarding me, this is still my house, I only decided to leave on my own accord..." She picked up a small box from the dressing stand. I stood by the door watching her without saying a word.

 "...I forgot my makeup kit and foreign soap dish. I could have choose to leave it and get another instead but knowing that your bïtchy hired wife will have access to my stuff is sickning. I will rather burn them or give it out than leave it behind for that hārlot of yours..."

She took the things, pushed me aside and walked out while rolling her and catwalking like nothing matters.

After she was gone for good, I took a deep breath before going to join others on the table.

Days turned to weeks and then months, life was back to normal.
I sat with Tessy watching as the children played and happily ran round the sand of the seashore and I couldn't help smiling alongside Tessy to join in the children's happiness.

It's a Sunday and Tessy had suggested that we go on a family picnic to help cool off and clear our heads of the week's happenings.

Truly the month has been hectic and filled with activities: 

First is; Sophie and I got officially divørced and fortunately, I was given full custody of our daughter Angie.

Second is; Tessy completely warned Ben off Chioma and herself. We later heard that he went back to the States together with my ex-wife Sophie, and although I don't know how true the rumor is but God knows that I care less about those two.

That's why I had wholeheartedly taken Tessy's suggestion of a family outing and now here we are at a beautiful sea shore enjoying ourselves.

" Daddy! Daddy! Angie is feeling hungry and me too dad" Chiom said running with Angie to meet me and Tessy at where we sat on the sand

It's beautiful how they both love and look out for each other like biological sisters would.

" Are you two done playing now?" I asked and Angie nodded followed by Chiom

" Alright Chiom sit and relax with daddy.. let me dish the food and also share the fruits and snacks for everybody okay" Tessy answered before I did and stood up to dish the jellof rice and shared the snacks we brought along with us.

After which we sat laughing, gisting and playing together as one happy family before we finally went home.


**Five Months Later**

I sat down on my bed as I reminisce on how far we've come and I feel so fulfilled.

The weeks passed by quickly and right now I can proudly say that it is already five months of being in a love relationship with Tessy. 

Five months in a relationship filled with bliss, love, forgiveness, compromises and happiness overflow with no drama.

Tessy made me happy in a way I never thought existed, having her in my life made me realize just how much I was missing while I was married to Sophie.

Today is a Saturday and as usual she is coming over to the house to stay for the weekend

In the past five months, Tessy has become a successful business woman which makes me so proud of my woman.

On the evening after our outing picnic five months ago, I had discussed with her about quitting her numerous part-time jobs to focus on one personal business of her own. 

I had even offered my assistance to singlehandedly open a personal business outfit for her to enable her gain independence as a woman, instead of constantly relying on her part time meager salaries.

At first she was reluctant and sceptical as she was scared that I might in future use that to control or maybe start feeling overly entitled to her 

After consistent assurances from me and out of her love for me, she obliged but on a condition.

Her condition was that; she will gradually pay me back the amount of funds and capital that I invest in the business.

Although I found it absurd that my woman wants to repay me for what I intended giving to her freely, but I accepted Tessy's perspective of independency and not wanting to feel indebted so I gave my consent to her condition.

We talked some more and at the end of the discussion she made a decision on what personal business she would love to venture into.

It was baking she opted for and I gave my whole support to her.

Throughout the speedy process of erecting a vast bakery, I gave her my assistance physically, financially and intellectually.

To cut the long business story short, my Tessy is currently running the bakery smoothly while also schooling, which is why I said earlier that I am so proud of my woman Tessy.

I am also impressed about her transparency to me, she is a woman of her words because every month for the past four months in her baking business, she ensures that a certain percentage of the proceeds is paid directly to my bank account.

Gradually she has paid 60% of the funds I invested and even though I don't really need it, I am actually happy to know that I am going to be getting married to a woman who knows what responsibilities and financial independence entails.

Yes you read right, I do want to get married to Tessy who is my happy pills and also my soon-to-be finacee.

Tonight I plan proposing to Tessy over dinner but I do know that for now I am only of liberty to refer to her as my soon-to-be fiancee, at least until l get from her a big yes to my proposal! 

Gosh! I can already envision my Crystal shouting !Yes! to me in front of Angie and Chioma, and believe me when I say that I can't wait for tonight to come so I can make it a reality.

I can't wait to call Tessy my wife, make sweet love and birth beautiful kids with the hired wife who has stolen my heart.

We've already talked and decided on the number of kids we would love to have, Tessy wants two in addition to Angie and Chioma but as a lover of children I initially wanted three children.

I soon saw reasons with her choice and had to compromise, afterall that's what love is about. That's how we finally decided to have two children in addition to Angie and Chioma.

Still sitting on my bed, I opened the side drawer and brought out the gold engagement ring I ordered online yesterday.

I stared admiring it for a long while before finally putting it in my trouser's pocket, continually smiling at my own fantasies.

The doorbell rang bringing me out of my reverie and fantasies.

I think that is Tessy at the door and I do know it's only a matter of time before she would come into my bedroom to check up on me, that's how sweet and loving my Crystal is.

I wasn't far from the truth as some minutes later, my door was opened and Tessy came in closing the door behind her

" Babe I'm here.. how is my lover boy doing today?" Tessy inquired smiling as she catwalked to meet me on the bed and sat down beside me

" I'm okay now that you are here beside me my beautiful Crystal.. so tell me baby, where did you keep my second daughter Chiom? it's unusual that she didn't come along with you to my room" I asked with a smiling face as I gave Tessy a peck on the lips

" I suppose she is in Angel's bedroom.. Ton that your second daughter didn't even let me unlock the door fully.. when she flew to Angel's room saying that she wants to first show her sister the new toys I brought for them at the market yesterday" Tessy said now kissing me fully on the lips, we kissed for some seconds before we broke off

" That's okay Crystal, obviously those two have gotten so close and I'm so happy for our kids... but babe I still don't understand why you do knock at the door before unlocking it with your spare keys... isn't it funny when this is equally like your house!" I said looking at her skeptically

" Common Ton it's just courtesy besides it's not officially my house so I can't just barge in like that... yes I do have the spare keys but I love knocking first, and if I don't get a response from anyone inside that's when I open it for myself" Tessy said and I nodded in understanding

" It's okay your highness, I have always respected your perspectives and wishes... but that aside, Crystal I have missed you so so much and I'm happy you finally came to see me after dumping me here for days " I said pretending to be angry

" You're funny Ton! please stop being sarcastic with me... you're exaggerating and we both know that it has only been two days since we last saw each other at my bakery" Tessy said shrugging

" Yes but that two days seem like ten years to me... Crystal I know it was last two days we saw each other but it still doesn't change the fact that I miss you and I can't wait to make this house officially yours.. that way you will move in permanently with me..." I said and as I continued Tessy kept blushing like a lovestruck teenager

"...if you move in here permanently, I will get to see your angelic face everyday, forever and always until dëäth do us part" I expressed with all sincerity looking at Tessy who smiled shyly in ignorance

If only she knows that I am indirectly trying to get her answer and also giving her verbal hints about what I have in mind to do today.

" you and this your sweet mouth Ton! you're always making me blush.. anyways you are right because I missed you too.. and just like you I can't wait to live here with you, Angel, and Chiom together as a family... eitherways I believe everything is a gradual process and that we will get there someday" Tessy said and I  smiled satisfied by her response

" I'm so happy babe.. come here" I said as I hugged and kissed her joyfully while Tessy looked at me surprised by my sudden reaction 

" Why are you happy now? did you win a spiritual contract?" Tessy inquired amusingly after we released from our hug

" I think I actually won more than that Crystal.. but don't worry you will get to find out soon okay!" I said and Tessy shrugged before saying

" Okay if you say so.. so tell me, what would you like to have for dinner tonight? I'm hungry and I believe the children must be feeling hungry too" Tessy inquired and I shook my head in response to her question

" No Tessy don't stress yourself in preparing dinner.. I will do tonight's cooking so just relax!" as I said this I stood up from the bed and I pecked Tessy on the cheeks before going out of the bedroom, making sure my ring box is still intact in my pocket.

I entered the kitchen and soon finished cooking a simple meal of coconut rice with fried chicken, after which I set the dinning room and called everyone out for dinner.

We were chatting while eating and when we were almost done with the meal, I stood up and walked over to where Tessy sat in between the children.

" What is it Ton? is there anything on my mouth you want to help me clean?" Tessy asked dropping her spoon and staring directly at me who now stood in front of her nodding

" Yes there's something I want to clean but it's not from your mouth... It's from your heart!"

" I don't understand Ton.. what do you want to clean from my heart? is it my feelings for you?" Tessy asked looking at me in amusement

" May God forbid that... No Crystal, it's not that" 

" Then what is it Ton?"

" What I want to clean from your heart is the status of a girlfriend that is presently inscribed there" I said gently

And when I was sure that I had successfully gained the children's full attention, I gently went down on one knee in front of Tessy bringing out the ring box I kept in my trouser pocket

I opened the box revealing the ring whilst looking up at Tessy who kept staring at my hands in surprise and with mouth agape

" Wow! Oh my God! I never expected this so soon Ton!" Tessy shouted in surprise and I smiled in fulfilment

" I know and I equally wanted it to come as a surprise to you and the children.." I told her and then paused to see her reaction before I continued with my words pouring out all the emotions I had in my heart

" ...Tessy Ikenna Ugo, you came into my life as a hired wife and gradually you turned out to be someone so important to me... you're like the air that I can't do without, you are my Crystal and my forever amore... Tessy I love you and can not imagine a life without you or the children, that's why I am here on my knee today to ask you one question.. please Tessy Ugo will you marry me and make me the happiest man on earth?" I asked looking at Tessy whose look was now fixed on me with tears streaming down her eyes

" Please say yes mummy!" both Angie and Chioma chorused

" Yes! Yes! Yes Ton!.. of course I will marry you over and over again.. yes I will marry you" Tessy shouted and the children shouted cheering us on

The moment I heard her answer, I slipped the ring into her middle finger as I stood up and swept her off her feet spinning her round the dinning room in happiness.

" Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much Tess" I shouted dropping her on her feet again and excitedly kissing her all over her face.

" Congratulations mummy and daddy... so when is the wedding day going to be?!" Angie asked childishly

" Yes I am with Angie on this inquiry.. when will the wedding date be fixed daddy? mummy?" Chioma asked next and I turned to look at Tessy in a way that had silently passed the message 'you get to decide the wedding date' across to her

Tessy nodded in understanding of my unspoken words and smiled at me before answering

" It's going to be on the 14th of next month Angel.. and guess what? you and Chiom, my two cute babies is going to be the little brides for that day!" 

" Hurray, hurray!" Angie and Chioma chorused jumping down from their chairs to run around the dinning room in happiness.

As I stood close to Tessy I decided to be naughty by  whispering in her ears inaudibly, so that the children who were now playing would not hear what I'm saying to her

" I'm so glad that you had choosen a closer date Crystal... on that day I promise to savor your lovely body and make sure you scream my name telling me not to stop the pleasure I am saving specially for that night" I said and winked at her

" Leave me alone jhor, naughty lover boy... well you are actually very free to bring it on, so you know! I will be delighted to surrender to your touches and to be all yours for that night and subsequent nights!" Tessy answered smiling shyly and I smiled back at her

" I love you so much my Crystal.. and everyday I thank God for letting me meet you as a hired wife!" I confessed with all sincerity

" I love you more Ton my amore... you are the best thing that has happened to me this year.. thank you for showering me with so much love and care!" Tessy confessed too and I signaled her that I wanted to kiss her in the bedroom 

Tessy laughed and nodded in understanding of my signals

We immediately left the children who were still busy playing as a way of celebration.

At the bedroom to celebrate our engagement, Tessy and I shared various kissing sessions.

We later laid on the bed to discuss about the wedding arrangements and plans.

In all, we are optimistic about our future marriage and strongly believe that together as a couple we will conquer whatever obstacles that may come our way. 

My prayer now is; May the Almighty God help us, Amen!

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