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A Wife For Hire - Episode 8



A Wife For Hire - Episode 8

I walked into the Hall that is to be used for the surprise welcome party, yes! Tessy suggested that we make it a surprise although I don't know how she intends to do so when Angie has already been told about it and is even looking forward to it.

Eitherways, I sent her money and left it to her. I did so with the trust that she will make something beautiful out of it.

She is reliable, that I have come to like and admire in her personality.

And In the past three days, we've gotten more closer and relate more freely with each other compared to before that she usually kept me at arms length.

But then I observed that her private calls is becoming more frequent, which gets me nursing the belief that; she is actually in a relationship but trying to hide it from me because of the contract. Time will tell though.

I entered the hall not expecting much but was wowed by the whole preparation; there is a cake with the design ANGIE on a huge glass table, in the middle of the hall.

Balloons, ribbons, flowers and glittery lights are used to beautify the atmosphere. 

I saw an area where chairs were kept and at a side of the hall different dishes and snacks were displayed in transparent classic glasses and basins.

I also came across different children's game materials, and a small refrigerator which contains Angie's favourite ice cream and chocolate bar besides the food stand.

A stage was set in the far end of the hall, for only God knows what she has in mind.

I looked further and saw a huge portrait of Angie beside where the gifts for guests were kept, it is in that instance I noticed that the wallpaper used in designing the room had Angie's face and name all over it.

Wow! It was simple but also very exquisite. I am sure Angie will love it. 

I continued looking around and that's when I came across the invite card on the floor.

Looking at the card, I saw that she had invited and probably paid for three children's singers and drama actresses to be present at the party, which will likely make it more fun for Angie and the children that will be present.

Now I understand why the stage has been set!.

I looked around some more before I finally left the hall to the hospital to check up on Angie.

Her bandage was discarded yesterday and the doctor confirmed her fit to be discharged, so she will be discharged to go home today.

I walked into Angie's hospital room and found her sitting on her bed looking so dejected and unhappy. Tessy who was sitted beside her, equally had a dejected look on her face.

I wondered what was wrong as I walked towards them on the bed. I sat down beside Tessy as I asked in concern

" Tessy, Angie what is wrong? why are you two sitting and looking this way, did something happen?" I asked touching Angie who can now see me

She looked at me with sad eyes and said inaudibly

" Mummy says that the party will no longer hold because she has to travel today... I am not sad because of the party is not holding, I am actually sad because she is breaking her promise of not traveling to the states again!" Angie said and bursted out crying while covering her face shyly

I looked at Tessy wondering what this is about, but instead she gave me the signal to play along with everything.

I do hope that whatever this is all about is actually worth my daughter's tears, else I might not take it lightly with her for making my daughter cry over a lie.

" It's okay Angie... I think it's best we try to understand mummy but don't worry okay, it wouldn't change anything since we can celebrate your party together without mummy" I said trying to appease Angie

" No need daddy.. the best part of this party which I looked forward to was mummy's presence, she has been absent from me for too long and so I wanted spending time with her" Angie said and I was shocked as I never knew my daughter truly felt this way all the while she kept claiming to be fine with her mum's absence. 

I looked at Tessy who kept pleading with her eyes for me to keep playing along, amidst the mixed emotions I am feeling

" Tess.. please listen to our daughter and don't go! Please lets organize the welcome party for her as we initially planned to" I said but just at that instance something occurred to me, and I began getting a clearer picture of what she was doing.

Clever girl! I thought as I smiled

" Please mummy, don't go today" Angie added with pleading eyes

" I'm so sorry Angel, I will really need to go back today because it's very important that I do.... but not to worry when next I return I will get you your favourite ice cream and chocolate bar, and we will also throw a big party for you to replace the one of today, okay?" Tessy said as she gently but swiftly wiped Angie's tears with her handkerchief

I watched as Angie sniff before she repeatedly knocked her head

" It's okay mummy since I can't change your mind to stay with us... you don't need to worry about the ice cream and chocolate... all I do want is for you to take good care of yourself for me and daddy!" Angie said in understanding whilst I was touched and so proud of my daughter

" Thanks baby.. I should get going now" Tessy said getting up before turning to look at me

" Ton please take good care of yourself and Angel.. also don't stress my Angel with anything, you know she needs to rest so take her home from 7pm, that way she will get enough rest" Tessy said as she wink at me and I got the signal immediately

" It's okay Tess I understand... Let me drop you off at the airport" I said getting up but she objected smartly

" Not to worry Ton.. I am fine, you can just stay here with Angel so she won't feel so lonely without mummy!" Tessy said and I shrugged as I sat down

" No problem then.. I will call you, please take care of yourself"

" I will Ton, take care of yourself and Angel for me.. I'll get going now"

" Goodbye mummy, drive safely.. I love you" Angie said wearing a smile on her face

" I love you too Angel.. bye Ton, bye Angel" Tessy said kissing Angie on the forehead, she continued waving at us before finally walking out of the door.

I turned to Angie and met her almost in tears

" Daddy, I will miss mummy so much!" Angie said looking at me

" It's okay Angie.. everything will be fine, trust me!" I said and hugged her as I patted her on the back soothingly.

My phone beeped indicating that a text message came into my phone.

I looked at the message sender icon and saw it came from Tessy.

I opened the message which reads:

" Make sure you and Angie arrive at the venue party before or by 7:30pm. I am going out to make sure everything will be kept in place, including the children and adults I invited to be in attendance before the stipulated time without Angie suspecting a thing. I told you already that I want it to be surprise hence the game I pulled earlier. Try to make her sleep while in the car before reaching the venue of the party but if she doesn't sleep, when you reach the venue make up something so she doesn't suspect anything. 7:30pm it is, please don't be late"

I read the message smiling because I caught on the game already.

I turned to my side to see Angie sleeping soundly and I looked at her wondering what I'd do without my daughter in my life. 

I discarded the thoughts and heaved as I looked at the time on my wrist watch, it is 6pm on the dot which means I still have an hour more.

Hopefully, Angie should be awake and ready by then.


I arrived at the venue at 7:26pm with a wide-awake Angie after successfully lying to her that I have an urgent business meeting and contract to sign there, hence I needed her to wait for me so we will go home together.

I opened the door for Angie and carried her up as she giggled happily

" Daddy, if you and mummy keep carrying me up like this... I will get use to it even after I reach ten years" Angie said jokingly and I laughed wondering why she sometimes tend to speak and act older than a six years old.

" you're my baby Angie.. so you have the free ticket to get use to it all you want" I said locking the door of the car

" But daddy, hope you won't take long in signing the contract.. I am missing home already!" Angie said and I smiled, if only she knows what awaits her inside she won't be missing home at all.

" No Angie.. I won't take long but I doubt you will want to go home afterwards" I answered smiling as I carried her inside the hall to meet it very dark, that I began wondering if I was at the right hall or I missed my way

" daddy! are you sure it is here you are having the meeting? why is it so dark in here?" Angie asked but I became silent not knowing what response to give her

I blindly brought out my phone to place a call to Tessy to ask her if the venue has been changed, but before I could do so, the lights came on as postcards and shouts of 'WELCOME BACK FROM A SUCCESSFUL SURGERY ANGIE' filled the air.

Saying Angie was shocked at the scenario displaying before her was an understatement.

From my daughter's facial expression, I knew she was so wowed by everything she saw!

Her biggest surprise was when she saw Tessy dressed in a simple party gown and heels, coming out of the midst of the children and adults present. 

Dave, Debbie and few acquaintances were present too. God knows how Tessy was able to get to them because I can't remember giving her their phone numbers or addresses.

" Mummy?" Angie called out to Tessy who smiled wildly as she came closer to where we stood

" Yes Angel.. hope you love the welcome surprise party?" Tessy asked looking up at Angie on my shoulder

Angie kept disturbing to be kept down and when I kept her down, she immediately ran to hug Tessy who carried her up

" I love it so much, thank you mummy.. I never expected something like this since you told us already that you were traveling.. or were you just pulling I and daddy's legs?" Angie asked looking at Tessy who bursted out laughing

" Your legs, yes! but daddy's legs, certainly not! because he knew of this surprise arrangement too" Tessy said and I watched as Angie turned to look at me in amusement

" Really daddy? so you and mummy were making a joke out of me? I will report you to the police" Angie said jokingly and I laughed as I went round to greet the invitee present at the party.

Angie soon came down from Tessy's shoulder and joined the children present who kept joyfully chanting 'welcome Angie'. 

I have never seen my daughter so very happy and socializing. She was pratically glowing with happiness and it was infectious.

Soon Angie was called upon to cut the cake after which different refreshments were shared.

On the stage, stood different singers and actresses who were entertaining the invitees with children's songs and drama.

I sat on a chair enjoying myself when Dave walked up to me

" My man! you are really enjoying this your hired wife o" Dave said jokingly and I looked at him smiling

" You're right.. she is not a bad idea afterall" I answered sincerely

" But man when I was making the suggestion, you were adamant.. for that you need to pay a fine!" Dave said 

" Leave me jhor.. but honestly I am still surprised at how she was able to invite you and everyone else present today, to the party!" I rhetorically said

" She called me on phone to invite me and Debbie.. why? you were not the one who gave her our contacts?" Dave asked but I shrugged dramatically and we laughed it off as we continued chatting and enjoying the rest of the evening.

After the entertainment, Tessy danced on the stage specially dedicating the dance to Angie, who did not even know she could dance that expertly.

People clapped in appreciation of her dancing skills, and some of my single friends who knew that she isn't actually my wife tried to get her contact but she politely declined.  

After the dance, games were made available for children who played and won different gifts prizes.

Towards the end of the party, Tessy made sure that all the children and guests had at least a gift with them before leaving.

The party soon came to an end and everybody left in smiles including Angie, Tessy and I.

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