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A Wife For Hire - Episode 6



A Wife For Hire - Episode 6


I reached home and walked into the sitting room to meet Dave cracking jokes for Angie who was laughing so loud, that it was infectious.

I smiled as I walked towards them and kissed my daughter on the forehead

" Good evening Angie..  I see you are enjoying yourself and have forgotten all about daddy!" I said jokingly

" No daddy, I missed you so much and that's why uncle Dave has been cracking jokes to make me feel better" Angie said in her little voice

" Is that so? so Dave you are now stealing my daughter from me" I asked Dave jokingly

" Leave me man! See the time you are coming back.. see as you forget your daughter and I here in this house for two hours plus, shame no catch you! " Dave replied teasingly

" Shüt up jhor! As I gather liver leave you with my beautiful daughter, you know thank God" I teased back, I can't come and carry last nau

" I don't have your strength now, till some other time... for now gist me how your outing went" Dave asked while smiling sheepishly

" it went well, I will give you the full gist later.. let me first make dinner for Angie, give her an evening bath and put her to bed before I give you the full gist of everything" I said standing up

" don't worry about dinner.. I made dinner for us, I was just waiting for you to come back so we can eat together" Dave said and I looked at him alarmed, hope it is not what the doctor against

" what did you make? Hope it is not anything tomatoes, yam or potatoes?" I asked

" No man! you told me about the doctor's warnings on those kind of food so I avoided cooking them.. I made porridge plantain" Dave answered and I replied smiling

" Thanks Dave, you're the best!" 

" I know already man! There's no need saying it again before my head will swell" Dave said dramatically which got Angie laughing as she said

" You're funny uncle Dave... yes daddy uncle Dave is right, we were waiting for you to come back so we eat together" 

" No problem Angie, let me go to the kitchen and fix the meal in the dinning room for everyone, I'll be back" I said and left to do as I said.

Shortly afterwards, I called Dave and Angie to the dinning room and we ate while cracking jokes, ignoring the good table etiquette.

After the meal, I helped Angie with an evening bath and put her to sleep in her bedroom, before joining Dave who was relaxing in the sitting room.

Typical of Dave, he did not even let me sit properly before curiously bombarding me with questions

" Tony my man! Talk nau curiosity is kílling me already! what happened? did she accept? will she be able to cope with being Angie's hired mother? what is her personality like? Is she cutier on a closer look?"

" Dave calm down nau! All of these questions for just one person! First of all, yes she accepted the hired wife proposal and for the coping part, I think so because she seems to be fond of young children" I said and went further to narrate everything that happened to Dave as he listened attentively.

" Wow! I usually think women don't joke with money but from your narration she seems different and cool, I like her already!" Dave said smiling sheepishly, I wonder what was funny

" Like her ke? Shea you remember you are engaged and that I know your fiancee very well.. I will just call her now to inform her that you are liking another woman in my house" I jokingly said to Dave and watched as he bursted out laughing

" Natty knows I can never cheat on her not now, not even in the near future.. I love her too much to even think of liking someone else... So man keep your new wife to yourself" Dave said as I looked at him in amusement

" My new wife? you better don't let my wife, Sophie catch you using those kind of jokes o, or else you are on your own!" I joked

" leave me jhare! where will she stay and catch me? Is it at Germany where she is, but jokes apart you are really a good man and deserves better than this" Dave said and heaved

" How? I don't understand" I asked although I knew where he was driving at

" Nevermind man! but tell me one last thing Tony.. how do you do when you feel hørny, abi konji no dey catch you?" Dave asked as he looked at me in amusement, I knew he just wanted something to laugh about, what a funny guy!

" well it does but then since my wife is hardly here, all I do is to either take a cold bath or I cover blanket and sleep" I said shrugging while Dave heaved

" I'm so sorry man! so did Sophie talk to Angie as she promised to? you forgot to tell me about that"

" oh! sorry, many things has been on my mind lately.. yes she did call and she also told Angie about the voice surgery thing.. so now that Tessy has accepted my proposed, everything is settled" I said exhausted

" It is well man, so when is she coming?" Dave asked

" she is coming tomorrow to sign the contract but she is starting fully on Monday" I answered and Dave looked at me strangely

" Did you ask about her status.. if she is married, divorced, engaged, in a relationship or single?"

" No I didn't.. was it important to ask?"

" yes nau.. what if she is married, engaged or in a relationship.. how will she fully concentrate on being a hired wife without thinking of her husband, children, fiance or boyfriend?" Dave asked and I saw sense in his explanations

" That's true Dave! I sincerely forgot.. I will ask her tomorrow, lest I forget I promised to send her money for portraits when I get home.. let me do that now before I forget again" I said as I brought out my phone to make the transfer

" No problem man.. I wish you good luck with Tes.." Dave was saying but was cut off by his phone ringing tone

" ...it's my fiancee.. I think she is missing me already!" Dave said smiling sheepishly before picking his call.

After the call ended, I walked Dave to his car, after which we bade each other a good night and he drove out.

As I went back into my house; I switched off the lights, checked up on Angie before finally going to my bedroom to sleep.


In the afternoon of the following day, Tessy came as she promised

She signed the contract agreement which stated all the terms and conditions, one of which includes that her family or part-time jobs should not come in between her job and she agreed.

After signing the contract, we sat down at the sitting room area whilst drinking the fruit juice I brought for us

We soon got talking and I asked the question I have been curious about

" So are you married, divorced, engaged, in a relationship or single" I asked while sipping from my apple juice

" I am single" Tessy answered nonchalantly

" Okay no problem.. it makes it simple to cope then" I said

" Yes, so where is Angie? I brought her chocolates, biscuits and ice cream.. I pray the ice cream hasn't melted completely by now.." Tessy said and looked into the white bag she came with

".. thank God it hasn't.. so where is she?" Tessy probe further

" Actually she went to the children's playground with Debbie, my friend's fiancee who is also her home teacher... moreso you aren't to meet her yet until tomorrow after the surgery" I told her and watched as her face dropped

" Oh! you never told me this on time.. I wouldn't have gotten all this" 

" That's not a problem.. I can still give it to her, I'll just keep the ice cream in the freezer until tomorrow when she will be told her mum got it for her" I said and was caught off guards when I heard Angie's little voice 

" My mummy got something for me? daddy, you mean my mum is actually here in this sitting room right now?" Angie asked coming into the sitting room with Debbie, Dave's fiance guiding her.

Debbie brought Angie to me and walked over to where Tessy sat to get acquainted with her, as Dave had already filled her in on all she needed to know about the hired wife.

"Hello.. good afternoon, I am Debbie, Dave's girlfriend" 

" Nice to meet you Debbie.. I am Tessy" Tessy answered although she did not even know who the Dave was, she just knew she had to play along

" I have heard a lot about you Tessy.. sorry I won't be staying for long for some chitchat" Debbie said smiling as she turned to look at me

" Tony I will have to get going now.. Dave your friend is waiting for me at my place!" 

" No problem Debbie.. see you!" I bid her goodbye and she walked out, left with only me, Angie and Tessy in the sitting room

Angie's little voice brought me back to the reality of things unfolding before me

" Daddy! is it really mummy? mummy are you really here?" Angie said blindly looking around the sitting room

I was lost for words and had to signal Tessy to play along. From all indications, it seems her hired wife job might actually start today instead of tomorrow

" Yes Angel.. mummy is here" Tessy said standing up from where she sat and walked towards Angie

She got to where Angie was and carried her up as Angie giggled happily. 

Sophie has never done that, she hardly play or lift Angie up like Tessy just did

 I kept inwardly praying that it won't make Angie suspect that something is amiss.

Thankfully she didn't as Angie was rather happy about her supposed mother's change in behavior towards her.

I sat there watching them and soon heard Tessy saying to Angie who giggled more

" Seems my baby has gotten bigger and heavier than when I last saw her" 

" Yes mummy! I am now a big girl.. but mummy your voice has changed, did you really do that surgery you told me about on phone?" Angie asked in her little voice

" Yes Angel I did.. do you like my new voice or you prefer the first one?" Tessy asked as she sat down on the sofa with Angie on her laps

" I love this one more mum, I can't wait for my surgery tomorrow so I can see how beautiful you are" Angie said smiling as Tessy bursted out laughing

" Okay Angel.. I too can't wait to see your eyes radiate in happiness knowing your sight is back.." Tessy said and saw as Angie eyes became clouded with tears and I became alarmed

" What is the problem Angie, did mummy say something wrong?" I asked walking towards their side of the sofa

" No daddy! I just realised how much I've missed mummy so much.. please don't leave me again mom, I love you a lot" Angie said which moved Tessy to tears

" I love you too Angel and won't leave you.. so don't worry okay, everything will be fine" Tessy said and kissed Angie on the cheek as my daughter smiled

" so mummy, what is it you got for me that daddy was trying to hide from me until tomorrow?"

" Don't mind your father.. I got you chocolates, biscuits and ice cream" Tessy said and handed over the items she brought to Angie who shouted excitedly

" Thank you mummy! you know how much I love chocolates and ice cream.. I am glad you remembered to get it from Germany for me today!" 

" I'm happy that you are happy Angel" Tessy said looking at Angie

" Mummy, I love your new name too and even my new name"

" Our new names? I don't understand Angie" Tessy asked confused and I won't deny the fact that I was equally confused as to what Angie meant by new name

" you introduced yourself to aunty Debbie as Tessy but your first name was Sophie and also you've been calling me Angel, a name you never referred me with before!" Angie said as we both looked at her with mouth agape.

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