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A Wife For Hire - Episode 4



A Wife For Hire - Episode 4



Loud pop music was blaring from the huge speakers of the grand club popularly known as the Relieve Club.

This was the most exquisite and famous club in town for men and women, who want to have fun and relieve themselves of the day's stress and trouble.

Ever in need of a club to relieve yourself of your sorrows or have the wildest fun, then here it was. I guess this is what brought about the name Relieve Club.

At the far end of the club, two young men sits at the bar with two alcoholic drinks in front of them.

One is me, dressed in a blue jean trouser with a simple T-shirt and the second man sitting beside me is Dave, my childhood friend who is engaged to be married.

" are you serious with all you've just told me now?" Dave asked unbelievably after I was done with my narration of what happened with Oge

" Yes man, have I ever joked with you about something related to my daughter?" I asked back while sipping from my drink

" Wow! some women can be so wícked and unpredictable.. so what are you planning to do to the silly girl for such acts?" Dave inquired about Oge

" I went with Angie to file a case against her today, on Saturday I am going to see my lawyer so we can push the case in such a way that Oge doesn't spend less than five years in jail.. that way by the time she is out, she will learn her lessons with people's children" I said determined

" I agree with you man.. So how is Angie doing now? I mean partaining to her mental health and why did you leave her home alone? " Dave asked concern written all over him

" Angie is okay.. I took her out today to have fun and help her to mentally forget her experience with Oge, after which we went together to the station to file a case against Oge..." I said and paused to sip my drink before I continued 

".. by the time we came back she was tired and wanted to sleep but was having insomnia, so in other to help her I gave her melatonin supplement to aid her sleep.. I decided to use her sleeping time to cool out with you today" I concluded looking at Dave

" No wonder! I almost thought you were joking when you called on phone and requested that we should see at the Relieve Club.. it has really been a while we sat out, I think the last time we did was the last time your wife visited and stayed home with Angie" Dave said and I was moved emotionally

" I'm sorry Dave.. you know it's because I cannot leave Angie alone in her condition" I explained and saw him nod his head in understanding

" It's okay man! I totally understand.. so what is Sophie saying after what happened with Oge? Has it changed her mind?" Dave inquired looking at me

" I initially thought she would have a change of heart and return home, but no, she still insisted that I hire a wife in her place until when she is given a leave from work.. as usual her work comes first before me and Angie" I replied feeling sad

Dave heaved as he looked at me pitifully

" Tony I'm short of words.. so what is the way forward now that Oge disappointed in what you were later hoping to hire her for?"

" I honestly don't know.. I am already skeptical about leaving my daughter for any third party but I don't have a choice.. I just have to fulfill my promise to Angie" I responded
"...anyhow I believe I will find someone good for the job before then, so please quit with the pity face!" I said as I heaved

" I understand man.. so about the nurse aspect, have you thought of anyone to replace Oge?" Dave asked further

" I haven't neither do I want to choose using facial appearance this time.. I think I will just call Angie's doctor tomorrow or next, to recommend someone for the job since I believe he will know better who fits for the job amongst his nurses" I replied whilst sipping my drink in silence.

" No issues man.. I am always behind you in every decision you make!" Dave assured me as he equally drank from his own drink.

Not long afterwards, an announcement was made on the club stage, that a dancer would soon be performing to entertain people in the club.

To my amusement, everyone in the club shouted excitedly including my friend, Dave.

I became curious and had to ask Dave

" Dave, what up? why is everyone so excited about the dancer girl, is she a celebrity or what?"

" Celebrity ke? which celebrity will want to come and be performing in a club?" Dave asked back and I then realized how dumb my question was

" You're right, so who is it then and why the excitement?" I probed further

" Just one fine girl like that! for the past two months now she has been coming to the club every Thursday to perform and entertain the clubbers.. everybody is excited because the girl sabi dance eh"
"..she can whine her waist in such a way that you won't even know when you stand up to dash her money.. she's that good!" Dave expounded

Although I felt like he was just exaggerating, I still decided to play along

" Wow! which means I have been missing a lot o" I said and ordered another drink since the one I have been drinking is almost finished

" Don't worry, you will see for yourself.. and aside the dance part, the girl is a goddess in human form in terms of beauty"

" Okay o, let me see for myself because I know you to be good at exaggerations" I said and we both bursted into laughter, but it was cut short when the bright stage light went off.

Shortly afterwards, a dim light came on and a moderately slim girl came into view, I am guessing it is the dancer with the way everyone was shouting joyfully.

She began dancing and moving her waist so flexibly that I was wowed!

Shouts of encouragement filled the air and soon people stood up individually to drop money at her feet, probably for appreciation.

Wow! Dave was actually right about her, she is indeed beautiful and such a great dancer. 

I did not realize when I also stood up alongside Dave and walked to the stage like others did, to drop money at her feet.

Few minutes later, the dance ended and everybody including me clapped wishing it never ended, but everything that has a beginning has an end too.

She left the stage and I couldn't stop smiling and shaking my head at such dancing talent.

Dave began laughing and I knew very well that his laughter is actually directed at me as he asked sarcastically

" Tony my man! So now you've seen for yourself, what is your review?" 

" She is truly good at dancing and also beautiful but not like a goddess as you painted it.. I believe my wife Sophie is more beautiful than her" I simply replied 

" See comparison.. tell me what concerns a dancer and your wife? why comparing them nau?" Dave asked looking at me

" You that compared a dancer to a goddess nkor? what concerns a dancer and a Mami water?" I asked back and we both bursted into wild laughter.

This made me realize how much I missed us and our petty friendly arguments.

" But on a serious note, Tony have you noticed? Anytime we talk about any woman you must always compare them with Sophie your wife, it's not right nau..." Dave said and paused then continued
"...me I believe every woman is beautiful in their own unique way" Dave concluded and I saw sense in what he was saying

" You're right.. I guess it is because I love my wife so much that's why I unconsciously compare every woman with her.. I will try to stop the habit if I can" I said sighing

" I know you love your wife, I have never argued on that and you know it.. that aside, something just crossed my mind now!" Dave said and I looked at him in anticipation

" Really? What's that?" I asked curiously

" It's partaining to the hired wife issue.. I think this dancer would actually fit for the role since she somehow has Sophie's physique and round face" Dave suggested to me

" I never thought towards that area.. but I don't think she fits the role moreover physique doesn't really matter as I will make sure to get rid of Sophie's portraits in the house before the contract comes to play" I said nonchalantly

" So Angie doesn't come across it and discover the truth?" Dave asked a question that already has an obvious answer

" Isn't the answer obvious? all the same, like I said earlier I don't think she is fit for the job of my hired wife!"

" Why? she seems okay to me"

" Dave, if a home trained money earning nurse would actually behave the way Oge did, how much more a club dancer who might have tasted enough street life before finally landing here in a club.. I don't need any second problem!"

" There you go with the whole generalization and comparison thing again.. Tony! everything is a trial.. who knows, she might actually be different from the rest" Dave said in a convincing manner

" What really makes you think so? Give me two solid reasons"

" Well.. First, she is physically beautiful and can dance very well too.. second, hiring her is like having a free dance entertainment in the house for as long as the contract will last" Dave said jokingly and I bursted out laughing at such sarcastic reasons he gave

" you're so funny Dave, please stop being sarcastic and be serious abeg!"

" Jokes aside, you can't deny the fact that the girl is physically very beautiful both in face and shape.. I believe she would actually fit to be the hired wife you are currently looking for" Dave said to me with all seriousness

" True.. I won't deny the fact that she is beautiful physically but is she beautiful at heart? So you know Oge actually taught me a lesson about judging physical beauty only" I said in all seriousness too

" You know what? do what your heart tells you.. but if I am to advise you as a good friend, I will say you should go for her, at least a trial is okay!" Dave concluded and sipped from his drink silently

" Wait! let me ask you.. do you even know her name?" I asked Dave

" I do hear people call her Nmesoma.. I think that should be her name" Dave replied

" Nmesoma? isn't that an Igbo name?"

" Obviously it is, why?"

" That makes it a red flag then.. Oge came from the same tribe!"

" Tony o! I give up on you with comparison, do what you want abeg!" Dave said raising his hands up in a dramatic manner

I was embarrassed and also I felt like I should actually think this through thoroughly before coming to a decision, instead of simply concluding base on past experience with Oge who is an Igbo girl.

I turned to Dave and said in defeat

" Okay fine.. I will think about it tonight and if my instinct gives me the go ahead, then I will come here tomorrow to find out more details about her.." I paused when I saw Dave's happy reaction before I continued

"... if possible I will see her tomorrow too, talk to her about it and if she agrees to the contract agreement, we will take it from there" I said and heaved already tired

" That's my man! Now you are talking" Dave applauded happily as he checked his wristwatch, that's when I became conscious of time and inquired from him

" Please, what is the time now?" I asked 

" It's 10:28pm, I think we should get going now since we are not much a fan of late nights" Dave said standing up

" I agree with you Dave.. let me go home and rest ahead of tomorrow" I said also standing up

From there, we both walked outside to the garage where our cars were parked.

Then we hand shake each other goodbye, entered our cars and drove off to our individual homes.

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