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A Wife For Hire - Episode 18



A Wife For Hire - Episode 18


After shopping with Tessy for the kids, we went over to the food mall to get foodstuffs for vegetable soup preparation.

Shortly afterwards, we arrived at Chiom's school to pick her up and from there we drove home. 

As soon as we arrived home, I went straight to the visitors room where I am presently staying for the meantime, Tessy went to the kitchen to drop the foodstuffs we brought while Chioma went to meet Angie in her bedroom to share with her the goodies we shopped for them. 

In the bedroom, I took an evening bath and changed into something simple so that I can go and help Tessy out in the kitchen.

As I approached the kitchen I began hearing loud female voices, it's more like people were quarrelling in there.

Straining my ears, I recognized the voices to be that of Sophie and Tessy, curiosity got me wondering what is happening between them.

" Bïtch! it's not a enough that you're gradually taking over my husband and daughter.. now it's my kitchen you're planning to take over... Aren't you ashamed of yourself husband snatcher? !" was the first thing I heard the moment I opened the door and came in

" Sophie I'm warning you for the last time to stop calling me names... God knows that I have not taken or snatched anything from anyone without the person's mutual consent... so please let me be now that I don't want trouble, just allow me do my cooking and I will leave you to shallow your kitchen if that's your problem!" Tessy retorted and continued with the vegetables she was washing in the sink, while Sophie stood behind her with a serious face and hands akimbo

It's funny how I end up meeting women that are fire and a bit of trouble mixed together; the Sophie I know won't back down from a fight or a word exchange so easily and the Tessy I know is not one to back down so easily either, so I guess that as a peace loving person I'm hooked.

Now I understand why researchers said that opposite attracts, because that's the case with mine.

At first, I wanted to intervene but after seeing the way there were both ready to reciprocate each other's spiteful words, I was amused at the display and decided to wait behind to see where this exchange will end.

" If I were you I would have some shame young lady!.. your mates are happily married in their own husband's houses with kids but here you are in my husband's house with your baggage of a daughter and worst still trying to snatch the man who hired you... Are you that miserable Tessy or whatever your name is?" Sophie echoed behind Tessy and I saw Tessy face slowly become gloomy, it's obvious that the words Sophie just said had hit her directly and got her hürt. 

She left what she was washing and turned behind her to face Sophie who smiled victoriously

" Sophie I can take any insult from you but not when it concerns my daughter... yes I admit and I have never denied the fact that I am a single mother.. but then so what?"
".. also for your information I don't consider my daughter a baggage, she is my treasure... so I am stating this clear to you, leave my daughter out of whatever you have against me! I won't warn you again" Tessy warned looking at Sophie who laughed hysterically

" Isn't it the same antics of snatching people's spouses through that overused thing you have in between your legs, the same thing you used in birthing a båstård? You go around destroying homes,  Can you tell me Tessy, whose husband is your båstård daughter's father?" Sophie asked sarcastically and I could tell that she is trying so hard to get to Tessy who is visibly angry

" My daughter is not a bastard, she has a father whom she knows and who knows her too.. and do you care so much about my daughter that you want to know her paternity?... Well thank you but she doesn't need your care! instead transfer it to Angie, she needs it more from a woman who is her mother but doesn't talk or act like one!" Tessy said and it was now Sophie's turn to look sullen

" How dare you try to lecture me on what to do and not do as a mother... and wait! did you insinuate that I am a bad mother just now?" Sophie asked frowning in a manner that showed that she wasn't pleased with what Tessy said to her

" Well I never said so.. probably it's your conscience eating you up because I don't understand how work will make a woman prefer another location to her husband and daughter over here.." Tessy said and paused to see Sophie's reaction before she continued undeterred

"..are you sure it was truly just work? I'm a woman too you know and can tell vividly how a woman's mind and emotions work... for a woman it's family and the people she loves the most, that is usually everything to her! I wonder why yours is the exact opposite madam Sophie" Tessy concluded looking at Sophie who was visibly boiling in anger at Tessy's use of words

" I see Tony told you all about us.. and what exactly are you insinuating now? that there's more to the work I went to do in the states?  Is that what my husband thinks too? Start talking you bitch!.. I will make sure Tony also hears of this accusations of yours so he will explain better, you really got dírty guts. I don't blame you, I asked for a hired wife not one that will do everything to become the real wife, gold-digger like you. You dare accused me of doing something else apart from work in the states..." Sophie said and Tessy realized that she went too far with her words but the words has been said already

" No! Tony never told me anything of sort... I'm sorry for all I said earlier, even though I knew those judgemental remarks were senseless, I still  said all of them with the intent to get back at you for insulting my daughter... I guess I went too far with my words but you had pushed me to do so, eitherways I'm really sorry Sophie!" Tessy said sighing heavily in remorse

" Well what did I say about your daughter that were actually lies or insulting?... isn't it true that she is a båstård child bore out of wedlock?" Sophie asked spitefully and I knew right there that if I don't put an end to this now, it will gradually deteriorate into something worst, like a physical combat.

" That's enough Sophie.. you've insulted my future step daughter enough already... Like Tessy said Chiom is not a båstård child, she actually has a father who is back for her!" I said walking forward to where the women stood angrily facing each other

" So you are now defending her against me?.. what about me? or didn't you hear all that she accused me of?" Sophie said now directing her gaze to me and I heaved staring at her

" Sophie I heard all that and yes I know Tessy did go too far with her words but I equally heard her apologise to you for her choice of words... so I believe you should do same instead of trying to fuel the fire using Chiom as the subject matter" I said although I knew already that Sophie will not accept it

" Tony did I just hear you say that I should do same by apologising to this bïtch?.. hell no! this Sophie here will do no such thing!.. you know what? to hëll with you and your hired wife but let me make this clear to you both that I will go nowhere from this marriage!" Sophie concluded and walked out of the kitchen leaving Tessy and I standing there.

I heaved and turned to Tessy who still looked remorseful

" you went too far with your words Tess, I know you said it out of anger but your assumptions were still too extreme and wrong... I told you all that happened with Sophie and I don't remember telling you that Sophie was doing anything in the states aside work... See Tess! I may no longer have feelings for Sophie but I still won't speak ill of her, she's still the biological mother of my daughter. Sophie has always been a virtuous woman who as a wife never cheated on me  throughout our years of marriage till date, so please don't allow what you insinuated earlier repeat itself again" I said to Tessy who slowly nodded her head in understanding

" Yes Ton I understand and believe me I am still sorry for all I said to her... she insulted Chiom and I couldn't take it so I lashed out words I couldn't fathom where it came out from.. I'm sorry, you can still apologise to her on my behalf!" Tessy said and I heaved before saying to her

" It's okay I will... I'm equally sorry for all she said about you and Chiom.. it was also too extreme and even though I heard all of them, I didn't think it was right to interfere between you ladies words exchange" I said and Tessy nodded in understanding before returning to the vegetables she was washing in the sink.

" Tess, hope you aren't upset with me for doing that?" I asked walking over to her at the sink area and I wrapped my hands around her waist as I awaited a reply from her

" No Ton I'm not upset with you.. although I'm already tired of everything but then I will give you a month to sort yourself out with Sophie like we agreed on" Tessy said and I kissed her neck, impressed at her understanding nature

" Thank you for always understanding me Tess, anyways I think it's enough for Sophie's issue.. tell me Tess, what do you need me to help you with for the soup preparation?" I asked releasing my hands from Tessy's waist as I looked around the kitchen in search of what to help her with

" I'm done with everything I need for the soup, all that is remaining now is the cutting of the vegetables... I don't know if you can do that while I start preparing the soup?" Tessy asked and I nodded taking a knife from a shelf

" Sure that's not a problem babe... But you know something Tess?" I asked already cutting the vegetables bit by bit

" What's that?" Tessy inquired lighting the gas to begin the soup preparation

" I just realized that we haven't really drafted out a love name for ourselves or are we going to keep calling each other by our names all the time?.. I find it boring sometimes you know" I said to Tessy who nodded in affirmation

" that's true.. okay then I will be calling you lots of sweet names from now henceforth!.. names like: my love, hunnie, babe, baby, sweetheart, sweetie, and so on.. but above those names I think I will prefer calling you 'Ton' the most" Tessy said sarcastically and I laughed before responding

" No problem, I don't mind it so long as it is coming from you Tess.. but I do have a special name for you though"

" Special name for me? which is?" Tessy asked curiously

" I will be calling you Crystal because even though you were hired as a wife, you had brought so much brightness into my life and that of Angie" I said to Tessy who blushed shyly

" Thank you Ton.. I love the name already!" Tessy excitedly shouted dancing with her waist moving in different directions

Gosh! It's actually been a while I've seen her dance and now she's doing so, I'm enchanted with the way she is flexibly moving her waist even without music, she is indeed talented.

And God knows that I can't wait to touch her flexible bare waist, as well as make love to her and watch her moan my name on our wedding night together.

We had fun gisting in the kitchen and soon the soup was done and ready to be served.

Some minutes later, Tessy and I left the kitchen together after making sure everybody's meal is fixed at the dinning table.

Tessy went to inform the kids that food is ready, that way she can get to see and directly apologise to Angie as well.

While I went to my bedroom now occupied by Sophie to inquire from her if she will love to join us in the dinning room for dinner, or if she will prefer to eat hers separately in her room like she usually do.

The second reason I went there was to apologise to her on Tessy's behalf for those assumptions and words she was told in the kitchen earlier.

I quietly opened the door to find the bedroom empty, meanwhile I was hearing Sophie's hushed voice in the bathroom.

I decided to quietly sit on the bed and wait for her to come out, because I thought that maybe she was taking a bath but when I still heard no water droplets for the minutes I spent in the room, my instincts told me that something was up.

So I stood up quietly and tiptoed closer to the bathroom door to eavesdrop, so as to know what she is doing in there

Now at the door, I observed that she is on a phone call with someone and I wondered who it was that is making Sophie speak in such hush tone in the bathroom.

I pressed my ears tightly to the door to enable me hear what she was saying over the phone.

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