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A Wife For Hire - Episode 17



A Wife For Hire - Episode 17

We abruptly stopped the kiss and recomposed ourselves before Tessy wind down the glass window, since the knock actually came from her end.

The glass window winded down to reveal a young man, dark in complexion and considerately good looking.

Normally I wanted to ask him who he is and his reason for knocking at my window, but the look of familiarity on Tessy's face gave me a glue of who the young man might be.

My mental assumption was right, it's Ben who is Tessy's ex-boyfriend and daughter's father.

He stood outside the car, staring at us who is inside the car with a look of contempt.

Tessy stepped out afterwards to confront him and I followed suit although I stayed behind her, not wanting to intrude or get involved in their discussion.

" Ben, what are you doing here?" Tessy asked as she stood in front of Ben, awaiting an answer from him 

" I came to see you and my daughter, but I see that you are very busy with someone" Ben said emphasizing on the word 'busy' as he briefly turned to look at me in disdain, before returning his gaze to Tessy

" Yes I have been so busy.. as for Chiom, since you've forgotten, let me remind you that it is still school hours here in Nigeria, so she isn't home but in school!" Tessy said and turned to me

"...Ton please lets go in, I need to change to something simple so we can go pick my Chiom up at her school and then move over to your place so I can see my Angel... since it's almost evening I figured there's no need waiting again!" Tessy said lovingly to me whilst walking pass Ben to her apartment.

I nodded in understanding but as I attempted to follow her, Ben swiftly stood in front of me automatically obstructing any further movement from me

" So it's you who is confusing the mother of my daughter with this handsome face of yours huh?... well get this straight! Tessy and Chioma are mine and can't be taken away so back off now that it is still early!" Ben resonated staring at me, and I scoffed at his arrogance added with his low sense of entitlement over someone.

" Ben or whatever your name is, Tessy is not a property to be taken away without choice... She is my woman by choice so you're the one ought to back off!.. Moreso you left her first, so what's the fuss about?" I asked staring back at him 

" The fuss here is simple; I need my family back together, that family includes my daughter Chioma and her mother Tessy.. do you understand that now?" Ben asked me but I smiled before replying in low tunes

" Well I'm so sorry to disappoint you Mr Ben.. your family is taken already, Tessy is my girlfriend and Chiom is more of a daughter to me so if you are that pained by it, then you can go back to the states where you came from and let them be" I said and wanted walking out on him but his next words stopped me, it was at that exact moment Tessy came back to join us too

" Your girlfriend you say? did your girlfriend tell you that I'm her first boyfriend and the one who had deflowered her?" Ben asked sarcastically and I smiled mockingly at the child game he is playing at

" Sure she did and so?.. me as a man I was once a virgin, had a first girlfriend and got deflowered by someone too, so what's there to be loud about?" I answered and watched as Tessy smiled at the reply I gave Ben

" Ben stop all this stunts of yours.. it doesn't work on me anymore, I'm no more that Tessy of seven years ago you were used to manipulating so stop it!" Tessy said coming in between us to face Ben squarely

" Tessy I still love you and I want you back my love.. I'm back for us so lets leave the past in the past please!" 

" In the past you say? did I beg you to come back.. Ben it's been six years, what if I was married with kids by now?.. Stop this! I'm warning you for the last time to stop harassing my boyfriend, it's him I love not you!" Tessy replied holding my hands tightly

I watched as Ben smirked before looking at me and then back at Tessy, before saying sarcastically

" It's him you love yet you kissed me so passionately this morning and even told me how you missed me füçkìng you... did you tell your boyfriend all that happened between us this morning?" 

Immediately Ben said that, I turned to look at Tessy for explanations but she pleaded with her eyes for me to calm down, and then turned to look at Ben

" shut up Ben! you are lying and we both know it, you had forcefully kissed me and I didn't even reciprocate that kiss... and for the second part, when exactly did I say I missed you füçkìng me? I never said anything like that, so quit the forged words!" Tessy thundered in defense and I stood quietly watching the word exchange in front of me, too hürt to say a word to either Ben or Tessy.

" Just admit it Tessy... you still love and want me back, but this man over here is confusing you.. yes I had kíssed you first but we both loved it and that's why you didn't push me off until some seconds later, tell him Tessy" Ben said and Tessy began crying as she kept shaking her head in the opposite direction

" Stop this Ben! it's not true that I love you or want you back... Ton please don't believe him please!" Tessy pleaded looking at me and still holding me tightly by the hand

I was hürt by everything I was hearing but seeing Tessy's emotional state, I knew that showing my hürt in front of Ben would only make him believe that he won against us.

So I made a quick mental decision to defend my woman regardless of what I heard then in private we can sort out ourselves, because of a truth Tessy owes me a whole lot of explanations on why she hide the kiss part from what she told me transpired between them this morning.

As I decided this mentally, I laughed out surprising both Ben and Tessy who looked expectantly at me

" Mr Ben, is that all you've got against my girlfriend? a few seconds kiss?... well you're right, she never told me all that and you know why?" I asked rhetorically and Ben looked at me without giving a reply but I continued nevertheless

"... it's because I clearly told her that she has the liberty to exempt telling me things about you that she doesn't consider relevant or important.. So if she didn't mention that part of your meeting to me, then you can already guess that it means your forced kíss is an irrelevant and forgotten matter to her.. am I right baby?!" I said smilingly looking at Tessy who nodded smiling too

" Yes Ton, you're right... you're my boyfriend whom I love so much... you know I love you and it's only kísses and touches from you alone that are important and memorable to me!" Tessy said emotionally and I smiled touching her cheeks

" I know baby, you don't need to explain further.. Mr Ben I believe you've heard from the horse's mouth clear and sound? so back off now and leave my girlfriend alone... Tess, let go in and leave this moron standing here!" I concluded and dragged Tessy by the hand out from the place we stood with Ben.

We walked the short distance in silence until we got into Tessy's apartment and I locked the door firmly.

Tessy spoke first the moment we sat down on the plastic chairs in her sitting room

" I'm sorry Ton.. I know I was wrong to hide that part from you, but believe me it wasn't on purpose.. he lied, God knows I never reciprocated or enjoyed the kíss nor did I say all what he accused me of! I can swear" 

" Tess according to you, you never reciprocated or enjoyed the fact that you and Ben's lips met forcefully... yet you kept it away from me and I had to hear it from the other party's mouth? do you know how embarrassed I felt, huh Tess?" I vented boiling in anger and Tessy flinched as she has never seen me this ângry before now

" I'm truly very sorry Ton.. trust me I wanted telling you but I was scared you might get it misinterpreted like you're doing now... also I couldn't forgive myself as I felt like I was at fault too for standing close to Ben and not being alert at his antics... please Ton I'm sorry, I will do anything to make it up to you so please don't be angry with me anymore" Tessy pleaded softly almost close to tears and I slowly softened

Looking at Tessy, I asked a question I have never thought I was going to ask until after what happened earlier

" Be honest with me Tess.. do you want séx involved in our relationship? am I starving you by opting for abstinence until marriage without your consent? If yes is your answer, then I don't mind us having séx here and now, that way you won't go looking for such outside when I still have my erection intact" I said shrugging and Tessy countenance changed immediately to that of anger

" stop it Ton! I am not a whore who can't control her séxúal urge, hence will start going outside for sëx with my ex Ben when I'm in a relationship with you!... do you even realize how long I have stayed without sëx? close to three years now yet I am still alive and happy... you know why? because my family is essential to me than all that.."

" ...so why can't I stay without sëx until after marriage and no! you were wrong about me not consenting to the abstinence you suggested... we both know I did consent to it and honestly I was very glad you decided to respect me and my body, so what are you saying now Ton?" Tessy concluded and I began regretting everything I said to her, she's right we both consented to the abstinence.

" Tess, I love you.. I'm sorry I went too far with my words but please lets stop with the secrets, I tell you everything that happens between me and Sophie at home so you won't feel insecure... but you should know that you make me feel insecure when you keep essential things from me Tess" I explained and she nodded in understanding

" I know Ton and I promise it will never happen again.. Ben will never come between us, he is my past and that's where he will always remain... you are my future and Ton I love you!" Tessy confessed truly and that's how we reconciled because we can't stay angry with each other for too long.

" I love you more and more and more and more Tess" I answered smiling and Tessy laughed before replying too

" No, I love you morer and morer and morer and morer and morer.. that's if the English is even correct in the dictionary" Tessy said laughing and I equally laughed kissing her forehead

" Lets start going to Chiom's school, it's almost late, so we can pick her up and head home.. Angie would be back home by now and will be hungry so I need to be home to prepare dinner okay" I said standing up and Tessy stood up too

" common Ton.. you don't believe I will be at home with you and still allow you to prepare dinner for the kids, do you?" Tessy answered smirking and I smiled in response

" I trust you Tessy.. lest I forget, Angie confessed that she missed your cooking and I do miss it as well.. that's why I had to call you on phone this morning to ask you for some of your recipes and preparation techniques!" I said and Tessy was wowed

" Really? she said that?.. well, I suspected when you called for my recipes but then I didn't want to ask until you tell me yourself.. and you finally did!" Tessy said laughing as we walked hand in hand to where my car is packed.

We both got into the car and put on our personal seat belts.

" Naughty girl.. hope you know you are sleeping over at my place tonight?" I asked smiling as I prepared to drive out

" Really? you would have told me earlier nah so I will pack Chiom's night clothes since some of my stuffs are at your place already.. anyways let me go back to the house and do so, wait for me!" Tessy said and attempted to leave the car but I stopped her with my hands

" Don't worry about that Tess.. I intentionally kept quiet so you won't pick anything because I wanted us to go shopping for the kids and even ourselves too.. bills on me so sit well, lets go Tess!" I said and Tessy laughed shaking her head

" This crazy boyfriend of mine is always full of pleasant surprises.. I see you learnt from the best which is me!" Tessy joked as she sat well in the car and I kept on laughing at her jokes as I drove off.

 Although I had my worries, Ben doesn't seem like the type that will give up without a fight.
 I don't want to leave Tessy alone in her place because of Ben and I didn't intend taking her to mine because of Sophie but at this point I had no choice.

Lots of worried crowd up my thought as I drove.

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