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A Wife For Hire - Episode 16



A Wife For Hire - Episode 16


" Ton are you still there?" Tessy asked when she was no more hearing a word from me.

" Yes Tess.. I'm still here, just sort of speechless over what you've said... what exactly did he say he needed and why is he back now? I'm confused, please make me understand Tess"

" I don't know Ton... he gave me some baseless explanations and according to him, he came back to Nigeria yesterday noon and came to see us this early morning after he got our house address from his investigator... Ton can you imagine the effrontery?!" Tessy lamented over the phone as she went further to tell me everything that transpired between her and Ben that early morning.

" Wow!" was the only word I could utter as Tessy explained everything to me without mincing words. 

" I'm still boiling in anger Ton and needed someone to talk to... I mean how dare him! does he think close to six years is six days?... I'm so pained Ton, Just seeing him today brought back memories of how he had denied and abandoned me with a foetus in my womb!" Tessy exclaimed and bursted into tears over the phone

" calm down Tess.. I understand how you feel because I am experiencing something similar over here with Sophie... I was about going to work but I think I will skip for today since my woman obviously needs my comfort and attention" I said slowly dropping my suitcase on the cupboard

" No Ton! Please don't skip work because of me.. don't worry about me, I will be fine at least until you're back from work.. I didn't know you were going to work, if I did I wouldn't have bothered you with my personal issues" Tessy countered over the phone and I shook my head as though she could see me 

" I disagree with you Tess.. you have every right to bother me with your issues, seems like you are forgetting that you're my woman and as your man I deserve to know when my woman is going through hard times so I can comfort her... As for skipping work, to me family comes first before work Tess" I expounded while taking off my work clothes to put on something simple and comfy

" Are you sure I am not bothering you with my personal affairs too soon?... I mean we are barely a month old, I won't want you to see it as a red flag" Tessy explained with a low emotional voice

" Not at all Tess, I am instead happy that you trust me enough to share your personal issues with me and from now henceforth your personal problems is my problems too.. so now tell me, where are you presently?" I asked picking up my car keys from where I usually keep it

" I'm at the bakery for my part-time job but I took a sick break so I will be going home anytime soon! why did you ask?" Tessy inquired

" I'm coming over there Tess and I'm glad you took the break because you really do need it... you can get your stuffs ready, I should be there in the next 30 minutes to pick you up so we can go somewhere relaxing which I believe will make you feel better.. please don't keep me waiting outside for long " I concluded and ended the call before she could protest. 

I opened the door to step out but I halted when I saw Sophie standing there, staring at me with angry eyes

It's obvious that she has been eavesdropping on my phone conversation with Tessy but then I care less about that

" So you are really doing this to me Ton?.. tell me what she has that I Sophie doesn't have?" Sophie asked with hands akimbo and I answered her without batting an eye

" Empathy Sophie! the heart to love and compromise wholeheartedly for those she loves.. do you have that? " I asked sarcastically and Sophie was silent, out of shame I guess

"..do me a favor Sophie.. instead of stalking me around the house, use this same energy to get to know our daughter and let her enjoy the motherly love you deprived her of.. please ma'am" I told her sarcastically

" What's that supposed to mean Ton? have I not been showing our daughter motherly love all this years?" Sophie fired back defiantly

" Really? Okay let me ask you... as a mother since yesterday noon that you came back to Nigeria... you've been in this house for more than 10 hours but have you bothered to check up on Angie to see how she's faring after yesterday's drama? the answer is no you haven't but here you are eavesdropping on me.. is that the right way a mother should behave?!" I asked ignoring her angry face.

I awaited a response from her and when she didn't say anything more, I walked out on her on my way to pick Tessy up.


I arrived at her bakery and thankfully Tessy was already outside waiting for me.

As usual, she was looking beautiful and breathtaking. 

She was dressed in a purple jumpsuit full of flowery designs with a pair of purple sandals to match her outfit. 

I packed close to where she stood and signaled her to hop in and after she sat beside me on the passenger seat, I zoomed off

I have plans of spoiling her with outings today and I believe that by the time I am done, she will be out of her foul mood

We had a conversation while in the car and it was Tessy who spoke first

" I'm sorry for bringing you out here, when you are suppose to be at work now!.. believe me when I say it isn't intentional" Tessy said whilst fidgeting with her fingers

" It's okay.. we've never really had an alone time so maybe this is an opportunity for us to do so.. or don't you think?"

" Yes you're right.. eitherways thank you so much for this immediate attention and comfort.. it's something to be appreciated.. thank you Ton!"

" you're always welcome your majesty.. always bear in mind that I'm always at your service!" I said jokingly which made Tessy laughed aloud

" You're funny Ton.. you've finally succeeded in making me laugh.. you are a darling Ton, thank you"

" I've told you already that you don't need to thank me... I am doing this because I love you" I said touching her hands while using my left hand to control the steering wheel

" I love you too.. I earlier forgot to ask about Angie, how is my daughter emotionally doing now?" Tessy queried and from the look in her eyes I knew that she was truly worried about Angie's emotionally well-being after all that transpired yesterday

" Angie is okay, although she appears strong and tells me everything is okay but I know better that she is still hurting over what we did and Sophie as a mother isn't helping matters either.. how about Chiom, how is she coping with Ben's return and all?" I equally asked as I drove into a restaurant garage, packed my car and came out to open the other side of the door for Tessy

I opened the door and Tessy came out before replying my earlier question

" Chiom pratically went to school with puppy eyes today... My daughter is pained that her father has been alive all this while but never bothered to look for her until today... Well I still had to drop her off at school after making a promise to explain everything to her when she returns home" Tessy replied heaving heavily

Together we walked into the restaurant hands in hands, and sat down opposite each other at a table that had just two seats

" Our children will be fine.. I believe so, we just need to be there for them no matter the circumstance" I said as I beckoned on a waiter to take our orders, and when he left Tessy said looking at me with tears in her eyes

" I know and I pray so too.. Ton I love both Angie and Chiom and seeing them hurting is too hard to bear as a mother.. also I was planning to come see Angie in the evening but I'm scared that she might not want to see me after everything we did, I'm also worried about Sophie!" Tessy uttered trying to control her tears and I held her hands in comfort

" Angie doesn't bear grudges.. moreover I talked to her yesterday and apologized on our behalf and trust me when I say that my daughter is no more angry with us... She is still hurt no doubt, but that won't stop her from seeing you Tess, don't worry about Sophie, she's no threät." I assured her and she looked up at me smiling

" Are you sure about what you are telling me now?"

" Yes Tess I am very sure.. I know Angie misses you although she doesn't say it out.. do push through with your plans of coming to see her, I'm sure she will be so happy to see you!"

" I've missed my Angel so much too... I will come see her tomorrow evening with Chiom unfailingly. Thank you so much Ton, I'm happy I met you in my life" Tessy said looking down and fidgeting with her fingernails

What a shy angel I have as a girlfriend!

" Me too Tess.. but I do have a question though" I said smirking

" What's that?" Tessy asked curiously looking up at me

" Well.. my question is this; who could believe that the questionnaire Tessy will be this shy in front of her man and why is it so?" I rhetorically joked to Tessy who bursted out laughing the moment she heard my comic question

" Stop it Ton.. that's not true, I'm not shy in front of you!" Tessy answered but we both knew she was lying

" it's very true Tess.. you are usually shy in some instances Tess!" I affirmed smiling widely

" I'm not Ton!" Tessy denied unable to meet my eyes

" Should I prove it to you?" I said looking at her lips, and Tessy playfully hit me on the shoulders already knowing what I have in my mind to do.

" Naughty boy, we are in a public place please.. okay fine, I admit that there are times I feel shy in front of a guy but that's if only I have feelings for him, and I have feelings for you!" Tessy admitted blushing and I stared at her lovingly caressing her cheeks

" We've moved pass the feelings stage.. we are now in the love and relationship path!"

" Yes I know.. but I still can't help feeling shy sometimes!"

" I understand.. and you know what? I love your shy side the most!.. It makes it easier to tease and kíss you" I said smirking and Tessy kept laughing 

Shortly afterwards, the waiter brought our orders and we ate, cracked jokes and had fun all through our meal time.

After the restaurant, we visited the spa, sightseeing centers, a female boutique and two different french restaurant.

At about past 3pm, we were done at the final place we went to which was a love garden, I drove Tessy to her place and while in the car we spoke;

" Thank you Ton for making me laugh and enjoy myself so much today... I honestly appreciate everything!" Tessy said holding my hands that is on the steering wheel

" I know you do.. and thank you too for coming into my life Tess!" I answered smiling at her but I noticed her countenance changed into a sad one

" Are you okay Tess? you know you can talk to me about anything right? I am always ready to listen!" I assured nodding at her to tell me what was on her mind

Tessy heaved before saying what has been on her mind

" I won't lie Ton that I didn't know how to react after seeing Ben today.. at some point I was so angry and sent him away but then I know that Chiom needs to get to know her father irrespective of our differences in the past!" Tessy said to me

" That's true.. so what do you intend to do about Ben now?, do you plan going back to him maybe to sort things out, at least for Chiom's sake?" I asked shrugging although I was actually scared of what her answer would be

" No! God forbid me to do so.. what if I was married with kids, would I possibly leave my husband and kids to go back to an ex?... I love Chiom so much and would gladly do anything for her happiness but that's out of it.. I will just give him a chance to get to know his daughter, that's all" Tessy said and I nodded in understanding

" That's the same thing I told Sophie this morning... I want to be with you and no one else!" I said and Tessy looked at me

" Me too Ton.. and looking at you now makes me feel like kíssing you!" Tessy said while I touched her lips and nodded

" Then do it Tess!" I gave the response and we kíssed right there in the car, until someone gently knocked on the car window putting an abrupt end to our pleasurable moment.

A man who stared at us ângrily.

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