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A Wife For Hire - Episode 12



A Wife For Hire - Episode 12


Tessy first broke the kíss and there was clearly this look of confusion on her face, also that of mixed emotions.

" why did you kíss me?" Tessy asked and out of curiosity, I had to reply her question back with a question

" And why did you respond to my kíss?" I asked as we both stared at each other eye to eye

" It's because you kíssed me first and I couldn't resist it no matter how much I tried to" Tessy said now unable to meet my eyes, I have observed that she does this a lot when she is confused or feeling shy.

" And why couldn't you resist it?" I persisted because unlike her, I was no longer confused of my emotions and feelings towards her

" Maybe it's because it has been a while I kíssed... that's why" Tessy answered and I looked at her as I shook my head

" Tess, that isn't it and we both know it.. first, I'm sorry I kíssed you without your permission but just like you I couldn't help nor could I resist it.. and since you don't want to openly admit the 'why', I will have to admit mine first" I began but I was already developing cold feet

I couldn't help wondering how Tessy will likely react or if she even felt the same way towards me, I had fear of many things altogether

I was scared of Tessy's reaction and also scared of hurting Sophie, whom I thought loves me so much

I was also scared of running faster than my shadow only to end up getting hürt, if truly Tessy is in a serious relationship with someone else

" Admit what? Sorry but I don't understand what you mean!" Tessy answered bringing me out of my thoughts, and I knew right there that I needed to clear the air by confessing my feelings for her no what the outcome would be.

It's either today or never! I thought inwardly

After deciding this, I looked at Tessy straight in the eyes and boldly told her all the words in my heart;

" I don't know when or how it happened but Tess I think I have fallen in love with you... infact I no longer think nor am I confused, I know and I'm one-hundred percent sure that I have fallen in love with you and want you as my woman.." I confessed and stared at her to see her reaction before I continued unabashed

" ...at first I didn't want to admit it, I even tried fighting it... I kept living with the denial that it is my wife Sophie that I love and not Tessy my hired wife, but Tess after hearing all those phone conversations and weighing all the jealousy and emotions in my heart.... I realized without a doubt that it is you that I am now in love with but I kept on running away and living in denial for fear of the unknown.. now I am openly admitting to you that I love you Tess!" I concluded and after the confession , I felt as though a weight has been lifted off my chest.

I watched as Tessy eyes kept flickering, and then it became unreadable

" Okay I've heard you Ton but unfortunately for you, I don't feel the same way towards you... I came here to work for money and would love to do that without any distraction or anything or anyone getting in the way.. so please let me focus on my job by keeping whatever happened between us today behind us.. thank you" Tessy said and boldly walked out on me

I stood fixated there, unable to take a move 

This was one of the things I was scared of and trying to avoid, rejection!

God knows how Tessy thinks of me now; maybe as a loose boss who is only trying to get in between her legs.

I heaved heavily before finally walking away from where I stood.

I went into my bedroom to rest my head as I knew that I needed it badly after that rejection from Tessy.


We continued living like two strangers in the house, only using casual and monosyllabic words with each other.

It got to a point Angie noticed the cold atmosphere between us and had to ask us what the problem was, but we simply told her it was adults matters.

Thursday evening I decided that enough is enough, I've accepted the fact that nothing is ever going to happen between us, we are boss and employee and that is how it might likely remain forever.

Moreover my wife Sophie is coming back on Saturday so I need to put my acts together, who knows? probably after re-channeling my love and attention to her, my love for her will return back afresh.

I just want us to return back to how we were as cool friends, before that kiss and confession I made happened.

After making that decision, I moved to her bedroom so as to talk to her, this was shortly after bathing and putting Angie to bed.

I opened the door and got into her bedroom to see an impressively arranged bedroom

I smiled at the new change I have been seeing lately

I heard sounds of stifle cries from across the bed which immediately got my attention because Tessy is the only one laying on it, which means it's coming from her.

But why is she crying? Did something bad happen at home?

I thought in concern as I walked closer to her bed, only to meet Tessy crying face down on her pillow

" Tess why are you crying? is everything okay?" I asked getting alarmed

After hearing my voice, Tessy slowly lifted her head from the pillow and with puffy eyes answered that she is okay, but I knew that she is lying to me

"..please Tess talk to me, why are you crying? did something bad happen at home?" I asked for the umpteenth time since I came in but she still kept quiet sniffling

" it's nothing Ton, I'm fine... It's just personal affairs which you don't have to worry about, I will sort it out myself.. that aside why are you here?" Tessy said wiping her tears and trying to appear all strong, but on her face it was clearly shown that whatever it is that is breaking her down was clearly still hurting her 

" Since you don't want to tell me what is bothering you... No problem! I came for us to discuss on what has been going on between us lately" I said plainly looking at Tessy

" What do you mean by that?" Tessy asked pretending not to know what I mean

" Tess I have accepted that we can never have anything together aside a boss and employee relationship... so please lets go back to how we used to be as good friends instead of all this cold treatment you keep showing me... Angie too is getting emotionally affected even though she tries not to show it" I told her all with all honesty

" Do you honestly think that we can still go back to how we used to be as good friends after those love confessions you made to me?" Tessy queries looking at me squarely

" Well I know it will be difficult but lets just give it a try, at least for Angie's sake!" I answered shrugging

" Okay but I'm still curious though.. why do you love me when we both know that you are married? what is it you really want from me? or are you trying to keep me as a side chick? I don't get it Ton!" Tessy inquired and I smiled 

Oh! how much I've missed this her questionnaire side of her.

" One question at a time Tess.. I am not a computer you know!"

" Okay.. first question; why do you love me as a married man that you are?"

" I do know that your looks, talent and personality is what first attracted me to you.. but with every passing day I've lived with and gotten to know you.. I've grown to love you deeply as a person beyond your looks, talent, personality or flaws! I love you Tess" I confessed unable to control myself

" Okay.. the second question; what is it you really want from me?"

" When I am sure about my feelings for a woman, I will want a serious love relationship with her.. that's the same thing I want from you Tess!"

" Okay.. now the third and last question; what happens to your wife Sophie or are you planning to keep me as a side chick?" 

" Mmm.. I don't know about that but I believe time and future will sort itself out!" 

" That's not an assurance Ton.. that's only a probability!" Tessy resonated with a firm face 

" Okay Tess, I don't know if this is enough assurance but I can boldly tell you that I am not a man who double dates... if we happen to be in a relationship that progresses smoothly, I will love to spend the rest of my life with you as my wife hence Sophie and I will likely go our separate ways because my heart is no longer with her" I slowly said and watched as her eyes gradually softened

" It's okay, I have heard you!"

" So Tess.. what do you have to say? Do you feel the same way for me? I need to know if I should just forget about my feelings for you and move on" I said but got no response from Tessy

"...Tess please say something!" I begged but still yet, Tessy just kept staring at me without uttering a word

I heaved and concluded that she is silence because we did not share mutual feelings for each other

I made up my mind to let go of whatever I felt for her and move on with Sophie, although I knew my heart is no longer with her but with Tessy.

" ..it's okay Tess, I understand the silence.. not to worry I will work towards eliminating my feelings for you, so like you once told me, lets just behave like nothing was said and move pass this phrase.. but we can at least pretend to be cool in Angie's presence. Thank you!" I concluded and stood up to walk out but her next words stopped me from going any further

" Wait Ton.. please don't go" Tessy said with pleading eyes which made me reconsider

I sat down again and watched as she heaved as one who is fighting inner emotional battles with herself.

I kept watching her quietly as I stayed silently and decided not to interfere on her inner issues.

Tessy finally decided to break the silence by confessing;

" I was silent because I didn't want to admit this but I do know that with time I will have to come to terms with it amidst my fear and insecurities... Yes, at first I know I was confused too but then everyday I see and stay close to you, I have every reason to believe that I have fallen in love with you too Ton"

I looked at Tessy with mouth agape, I kept asking myself

' am I dreaming? did those words truly come from Tessy or my mental imagination of her?'

To save myself from every agent of confusion, I had to ask

" Tessy you love me or you are just playing jokes on me?" I asked and Tessy nodded in the affirmative

" Wow! I'm so happy and I think this is the best news I've heard this month... Tessy feels the same way towards me. Wow!" I shouted jumping up from where I sat on the bed

" Calm down Ton.. see the way you are behaving like a child would" Tessy teased laughing at my performance

" No Tess, you can't imagine how I feel knowing you love me too... Can I ask you a question" I said seriously as I sat down on the bed staring intensely at Tessy

" Sure Ton.. what's the question you want to ask me?"

" It's actually a very big question, should I still ask?"

" It's okay Ton.. ask me whatever you want to ask me, nothing can be too big for me to answer!" Tessy said staring at me

I sighed before gathering the courage I needed to ask her the question that is on my mind

" Tessy Ikenna Ugo... Please will you be my girlfriend?" I asked expectantly but instead of getting an answer, Tessy bursted out in tears so much that I became worried, wondering if there's anything hurtful in what I had asked earlier.

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