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A Wife For Hire - Episode 1


A Wife For Hire - Episode 1

" Daddy! Daddy!" My six year old blind daughter called out to me from her bedroom

She lost her sight in an accident as a one year old and although I wanted booking an eye surgery for her immediately, the doctor advised against it following her young age until she was at least six years old, 

Thankfully she clocked six years old two days ago and I went ahead to book an eye surgery for her immediately. I really want my daughter to regain her sight!

" Daddy! Daddy! Daddy..!" Angie called out a second time when there was no response to the first call

When I heard her call a second time, I immediately ran into her bedroom scared that she must have fallen off her bed as she does sometimes. 

I was relieved when I saw her sitting on the bed, with a pillow beneath her back for support

" Yes Angie, are you okay? " I asked gently sitting on her bed

" I'm okay.. Dad I had a nice dream last night so I wanted sharing it with you immediately before I forget!" Angie, my daughter answered smiling

" Oh! what's the dream about Angie? Spill it out, daddy is listening"

" In the dream, I could see again and also I saw one mean looking Aunty maltreating me while a fine Aunty came by and rescued me from her!"

" Oh! Angie don't worry about such ugly dreams.. as for your sight don't worry you will surely see again okay? "

" I believe so too Dad! By the way when will mummy be coming to see me?.. it's been months since she last visited instead we only talk on phone!"

" She will come visit soonest okay" I assured her and she nodded her head lightly before asking a second question

" You forgot to tell me when my eye operation is scheduled Dad!"

" It's next week Angie! Tell me baby what is your first wish, like what you would like to see first after you regain your sight?"

" Anything? Dad are you sure that you will grant any of my wish?" 

" Yes Angie, anything just name it! ranging from clothes, shoes, gifts, vacation trips, name them!"

" Common Dad, you know I have enough clothes and shoes already, so much that I even give some out to orphanage homes"

" Okay Angie, what then do you want? Name it and it will be done!"

" Dad I don't need material things, what I need on that day is for mummy to come stay permanently with us her family, infact I want her to be the first person I see when I regain my sight after the surgery!"

" Angie, you know that it's  going to be difficult because your mom prefers her work in Germany more than us her family!"

" Remember Dad! you promised that you will grant me anything and that's what I want! " Angela shouted, already pissed

" no problem Angie! I made a promise and I will try to get it fulfilled okay" I replied gently although a little unsure

" Okay Dad! " Angela replied smiling. 

Oh! How I love seeing my daughter happy and smiling, displaying her cute dimples which she inherited from me, her father

" That's my Angie, so are you hungry, should I bring your breakfast here? " I responded equally smiling at her

" Yes Dad I am hungry and Thank you so much Dad, you are always the best... Sorry I raised my voice at you earlier"

" I understand Angie! Relax let me go get your food okay" I replied, kissed her on her forehead and went out of her bedroom. 

A few hours later, I'm in my bedroom after successfully feeding Angie, helping her take a bath, getting her room tidied before putting her to bed for an afternoon nap.

I laid on my bed exhausted and bought out my phone to place a call to my wife Sophie. She went to pursue her Masters degree in Germany, but after completion she decided to stay back and work in Germany because according to her, the pay over there is so good and huge

All my pleas and that of Angie fell on deaf ears, for Sophie, it is always work first.

I rang her again after the first call attempt wasn't answered, she finally picked up after three more rings

" hello babe! wassup?" her voice speaks up from the other end of the phone

" I'm good, how are you?" I replied her question

" I'm stressed babe! How is Angie? "

" That's the main reason I called, Angie asked of you, you know that her eye operation is scheduled for next week? "

" Really? Oh! I'm sorry I forgot babe! " Sophie said but I wasn't surprised, it's quite typical of her to forget important things about her family. 

She is now so different from the woman I fell in love with and married six years ago

" It's okay! Anyways she requested to see you first as a wish and I promised her that she will get her wish granted.. Sophie please can you grant our daughter this one wish please"

" I'm so sorry Tony, I really wish I can but I won't be able to, you know I was recently given a promotion so the workload here is so dåmn much to leave behind without dire consequences!"

" Sophie for how long will you keep choosing your work over us? So the dire consequences is far more important than Angie's emotional state? Do you even know how your daughter feels everyday knowing that her mom who is suppose to be her strongest support has only visited once this year! "

" Please calm down Tony! Just explain things to Angie on my behalf, I'm sure she will understand okay! "

" For how long? Sophie for Christ's sake it's her first wish for her eye operation and I promised Angie that I will fulfil it.. okay! why not fly in that day and go back that same day too, I don't mind sponsoring the flight and transportation costs.."

" I'm sorry Tony! I wish I can but I can't, I'm really truly sorry! " Sophie responded nonchalantly that sometimes I wonder if she cares about Angie at all

" So what do you expect me to tell Angie now?"

" Hmm.. you know what? I have an idea although I don't know if you will fancy it with your high degree of holiness! " Sophie told me in a tone that depicted mockery

" What is the idea Sophie? Let me hear it!" I asked attentively

" I was thinking that it's best you hire someone to stand-in as me.. you present her to Angie after her eye operation, that way you will fulfill your promise to her.. problem solved! " Sophie said over the phone as though it was such an easy task

" Sophie are you shæmel3ssly asking me to hire a wife in your place? "

" If that's how you see it.. to me it's like using a stone to kīll two birds.. you fulfil your promise plus Angie would not be bothering you about me for at least few months, until when my next leave comes and from there we can figure out a way to explain everything to her! "

" And then what? Do you really think Angie, our daughter is that stú'pìd? That she would not know when the voice, the scent and the rest is different?"

" It's just the scent and voice that she will really sense the difference.. moreso Angie is a six year old so it won't really matter, that's if she will even notice sef..."

" Sophie she is a six years old but certainly not føølish like you think, Angie is super smart and intelligent!"

" Okay fine! I will talk to her tonight and give her a small white lie about how I intend going for a voice surgery.. the rest I believe you can figure it out! All you need to do is buy the hired wife my perfumes, skincare products and fill her in on other things"

" Wow! Just wow! If someone had told me that this discussion and suggestion is from my own darling wife, I would have denied it! Sophie what exactly is going on with you? You've changed a lot "

" I need to go Tony, I have got loads of work that needs to be done.. I'll talk to you later, love you! " Sophie concluded completely ignoring my question. 

She ended the call before I could even get a chance to say my own goodbye.

I heave already tired, yes! Sophie's idea is somewhat perfect but it's so unfair to both Angie and I.

Hire a wife? I never dreamt of doing that in my wildest dreams.

Lord please help me! I said a simple word of prayer as I laid there staring at the ceiling, unable to take a nap as I initially intended doing before the phone call conversation.

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