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Moana Mulan - Episode 73 & 74




Moana Mulan - Episode 73 & 74

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R




Moses walked into the room where Elliot was and met him sitting and drinking even though he was looking gone already,totally drunk. 

"Dude what the heck" Moses moved to him faster.

Elliot looked up and smiled at him. 

"You're here" He chuckled. 

"I was called that you were here,what the f**k happened to you?" Moses asked. 

Elliot smiled and made to take the bottle but Moses grabbed it from him.

"Let's go home" He said,trying to pull him up.

"She doesn't want me" Elliot said and broke into tears. 

Moses stopped and faced him.

"Are you talking about Irene?" He asked and Elliot nodded. 

"Hey,don't tell me you confessed to her" Moses said

"I.....couldn't.....hold it in any longer" Elliot said. 

"You Should have tried! Fuck I told you she doesn't feel the same,isn't it obvious enough? Come on dude" Moses groaned. 

"It was harsh" Elliot said in tears 

"She ......called it.....puppy love" he cried out and Moses sighed. 

"Let's go home first,you look miserable already" Moses muttered and dragged him up. 

"It's not my fault that I fell for her........ I'm so heartbroken" Elliot said. 

Moses shook his head and carried Elliot on his back,he took his stuffs on the table and walked out,Elliot kept talking while crying till Moses dropped him in the car and sighed out. 

"Rather fuck sluts than crying for a lady" He scoffed and drove off. 



Moana entered the king's bedroom and found him just finished dressing up. She smiled and went to hug him from behind. 

"Where are you going today?" She asked. 

"Nowhere,I'm spending all day with you" King Cyrus said and turned,he cupped her cheeks and kissed her deeply. 

"I love you" Moana muttered. 

"I love you more" King Cyrus replied and she chuckled. 

"Are you really spending today with me? You have nothing to do today?" Moana asked. 

"I canceled all my schedule,I wanna rest" The king replied and Moana smiled happily. 

They were interrupted by Jerome's voice. 

"May I come in your majesty?" 

"Come in" King Cyrus said and soon Jerome appeared and bowed. 

"Any problem?" The king asked. 

"Your majesty,the princess is here" Jerome replied. 

"Which princess?" 

"Princess Louisa your majesty" Jerome replied and the king frowned. 

"You let her in...."

"I tried to stop her your majesty but she insisted because it's important like she claimed" Jerome said. 

Moana bit her lips and moved away a little from the king. 

"Fine,let her in" King Cyrus said. 

Jerome bowed and walked away,the king and Moana went to the living room,some minutes later,Louisa came in. She looked at Moana first and then the king. 

"What are you doing here Louisa" King Cyrus asked. 

"I have something for you" She said. .

"What is it?" King Cyrus asked. 

"Can she excuse us?" Louisa asked,looking at Moana who frowned immediately 

"What is it Louisa" The king snapped. 

Louisa rolled her eyes and opened her bag,she brought out the test result and gave it to him 

"What is this?" He asked. 

"Check your majesty" Louisa replied and he opened it. 

His eyes widened immediately and he looked at Louisa.

"You're......pregnant?" He asked and Moana's eyes grew wide. 

"Two months,,goodnews right?" Louisa smiled 

"What the f**k do you mean by goodnews? Why now?" King Cyrus asked and Louisa scoffed. 

"Why now? Did I get myself pregnant or something? I already told you I won't bother you again before I found out I was pregnant so stop acting like it's all my fault" Louisa said. 

Moana walked out. 

King Cyrus was speechless,he couldn't say a word more. He can't deny it anyway,they've had s*x alot of times,even though Louisa is the one who force things most time but still,he knew he's the only one in her life and obviously the baby is his.

"Say something,I'm tired of standing up" Louisa said. 

"Fine,you can go. I will get back to you......."

"No,I'm not going anywhere" Louisa said. 

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm saying I will stay here from today,I'm pregnant as you can see and it's not even advisable to stay all alone when the child's father is not dead,you're well alive your majesty" Louisa said and sat down.

"Louisa please,just"

"Are you saying you won't accept this baby? Your first child?" Louisa asked in a sad voice. 

"Louisa I didn't say that,I'm just......fine" He sighed and walked out of the chamber. 

"I will have you back no matter what,you're mine" Louisa muttered



Moana was sitting on the bed deep in thought when the king entered and she quickly stood up. 

"Tell me,the pregnancy is not yours right? She possibly made it up or she just want to use it as a means of coming back here... Just....."

"Ana calm down" 

"Please don't tell me to calm down,tell me you're not responsible for the pregnancy" Moana said. 

King Cyrus kept quiet 

"Don't tell me you've accepted it as yours already......"

"Ana calm down.......I can't deny either,we've been engaged for almost one year now already and we've had alot of things together,She doesn't have any other man in her life aside me" King Cyrus said.

"Sounds like you trust her a lot" She said brokenly.

"That's not it,even if we are going to perform a DNA test,I don't know if we can do that now,it's just two months" King Cyrus said. 

"Anyhow,she's not going to stay here right?" Moana asked. 

"I will take care of that" King Cyrus muttered. 

"That's not the answer I want my king,I don't want her to stay here,very soon your attention will be diverted to her,she's pregnant and soon you will start caring about her more than me!  I don't want that to happen,I don't want to loose you to her,I don't want to,so please don't let her stay here" Moana said in tears. 

"That's never going to happen,you won't loose me to anyone......."

"I pray the baby is not yours,and I still don't want her here" Moana snapped. 


Inaya,the queen's maid walked into Queen Karina's suite and bowed. 

"What's going on?" Queen Karina asked. 

"Princess Louisa is back in the palace" She said and Queen Karina stood up.

"What? Why?" She asked. 

"I have no idea for now,but I saw Moana walking to her suite sadly,I think something's wrong" Inaya said. 

Queen Karina smiled.

"I will find out anyway" She muttered. 



"So what are you planning to do now?" Irene asked the king. 

His back was on the seat and he was looking so speechless,Louisa has refused to leave his chamber since morning,Moana refused to even see him or talk go him unless Louisa leaves the palace but according to Louisa,she's there to stay. 

"I'm......devastated" King Cyrus breathe out. 

"What are you going to do about Louisa's baby?" Irene asked.

"I can't do anything sis,I can't deny it......."

"What if it's not yours?" Irene asked. 

"Sis,you know Irene. She's crazy about me,I don't think she will ever have s*x with anyone else aside me,and even if we can't be sure,I can't do anything until we have the DNA results" King Cyrus said. 

"I already called my Doctor,I won't allow the royal Doctor do it,we can't trust anyone at this point,he said the DNA can be carried out so after that,we will know what's next" Irene said.

"Thank you sis" King Cyrus said and roughed his hair. 

"Don't think about it,everything will be fine. If the baby is yours,what will you do then? It's almost ninety percent sure that it might be yours,what would you do?" Irene asked.

King Cyrus shook his head. 

"I swear I don't know,but I will never tell her to get rid of it" He said. 

"If that happens,you should know a princess can't become your concubine right? Think about it well kid brother" Irene said and King Cyrus groaned out. 


Moana was walking with Amelia beside her,they've been talking all morning and Moana still have the sad look on her face. 

"You will be fine,trust me" Amelia said. 

Moana was about to reply when Louisa appeared before them,she smirked at Moana. 

"You can go" She said to Amelia who immediately walked away. 

"I don't have your time now" Moana muttered. 

"Really? You must be feeling so much anger inside of you right now,I can feel it. Don't be angry baby girl,it's not my fault that the king got me pregnant" Louisa grinned and rubbed her tummy 

"Actually,I was already trying to move on,I already promised the king that I won't bother him again,but then this gift said no" Louisa said. 

"Really? Are you even sure that that thing in your tummy is for the king?" Moana asked. 

"Thing? How dare you call my child a thing?" Louisa said angrily and Moana scoffed 

"Now you're angry,that was the same way you always look down on me as if I am nothing" 

"Well you were nothing without the king,I wasn't wrong" Louisa chuckled. 

"I pray you loose that pregnancy" Moana muttered. 

"How dare you!!!" Louisa screamed and slapped her angrily. 

Immediately Moana returned the slap back and grabbed Louisa's hair. 

"Let me go!!" Louisa screamed. 

King Cyrus was coming with Jerome and Jericho when he saw that,he immediately rushed to them. 

"Ana!" He shouted and separated them. 

He faced Louisa.

"Are you okay?" He asked and Louisa shook her head

 Moana swallowed.

"Seriously?" She muttered and ran off. 

"Ana" King Cyrus immediately left Louisa and went after her. 

Jerome and Jericho sighed out. 

"I guess this is just the beginning" Jerome muttered. 

"You can say that again" Jericho said.



Moana entered and closed the door loudly,the door opened again and King Cyrus entered. 

"Ana...I'm sorry....."

"This was exactly what I was talking about my king,you don't even know what happened but you just defended her right there and neglected me....just because she's pregnant" Moana said. 

"I was just....worried she might get hurt" 

"Then what about me?" Moana pointed at her chest.

"Ana,I might not know what happened before I got there,but I found you holding her hair,that was why I reacted that way,believe me it was involuntarily....  "

"If she wasn't pregnant you wouldn't have neglected me for her! That's what I'm saying....why can't you just chase her away like you did before now? Can't she just go away for heaven sake? Why now? I just started getting happy,I just started enjoying my man,why is she coming now? Why?!!" 


"Don't touch me!!" She screamed. 

"Your Majesty!" They heard Jerome's voice. 

"Your majesty! You need to come now,Princess Louisa just fainted" Jerome said. 

King Cyrus looked at Moana. 

"Don't go,they should take care of her" Moana said and the king sighed out. 

"I'm sorry.....I can't just leave her....."

"Tell them to take care of her!" Moana cut in. 

King Cyrus dropped her hand and walked out of the suite. 

Moana fell on the bed and broke into tears. 


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