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Moana Mulan - Episode 71 & 72




Moana Mulan - Episode 71 & 72

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



The king took just a minute before the king broke it and everyone turned again. The councils moved closer and greeted Moana one after the other. 

"You're welcome to the palace lady...."

"Moana" Moana helped him to complete it. 

"Lady Moana!" They all smiled.

"Thank you so much" Moana bowed. 

"That's enough,let's go" King Cyrus said to her,he held her hand and they both walked away. 

The councils also left one after the other,Jerome and Jericho were standing next to each other. Queen Karina still stood there looking shocked. 

"Look at the queen's face" Jerome whispers to Jericho. 

"Don't laugh" Jerome added and Jericho looked up but the moment his eyes landed on the queen's face,he burst into a loud laughter. 

Jerome bit his lips and roughed his hair,regretting ever telling him. Queen Karina walked away. 

"I'm not laughing" Jericho said but he continue to laugh 

"I f**ked up" Jerome muttered and left,Jericho followed him.

"Laugh" He whispers to Jerome's ear and Jerome cracked,they both ended up laughing out 

"I tried my whole best not to laugh inside the court" Jerome said. 

"If it was me,I will definitely laugh. She looks like a boiled squirrel" Jericho said and they laughed again. 

"You're crazy" Jerome muttered. 

Irene's phone rang as she returned to her suite,it's a call from the office. 

"Hello Boss,you have a visitor waiting" 

"Oh,I will be there soon.let the visitor wait,just few minutes" She said and went in to get dressed. 



King Cyrus kept on smiling as he stared at Moana endlessly,he was holding her hands. 

"My king" Moana called.

King Cyrus pulled her into a hug 

"I'm the happiest man in the world right now Ana" He said and Moana smiled.

"Now I can have you to myself without worrying,you don't have to be scared anymore" the king said. 

"Thank you my king,thank you a lot" Moana said. 

"I haven't even done anything yet" King Cyrus said and broke the hug. 

"When are you planning to tell me about the house and cars you got for my family?" Moana asked.

"How did you find out?" Kind Cyrus asked. 

"Even if Jerome and Jericho doesn't tell me,I have a brother. You even gave him a car....I don't know how I can appreciate you ,I just...." The king placed his finger on her lips,stopping her from speaking further. 

"I'm just getting started" He said and Moana smiled out tears. 

"You're such an Angel Cyrus" She said and he smiled.

"I love it when you call my name,it sounds sweeter" He said,wiping her tears. 

"I love you" Moana said and kissed him

"Now we can do a lot of things we haven't done,what do you want to do first?" King Cyrus asked. 

"I don't know,maybe I will think about it" Moana mumbled and the king nodded. 

"Wait" She suddenly called.

"What is it?" King Cyrus asked. 

"Swimming" Moana said. .

"But,you can't swim" 

"You will be beside me right? I just want to have fun with you tonight,let's use the private one here in the chamber" Moana said and King Cyrus smiled. 

"Anything for you sunshine" He said and kissed her head. 

"Your majesty,it's Jerome and Jericho" 

King Cyrus immediately checked the time. 

"I need to go,I have a lot to do today. But I promise to be back soon,you should eat and take a rest and be ready for me tonight" He smiled at her before going out. 

Moana sighed out. 

The door opened again and the maids started coming in with meals,they set the dinning table and came over to her. 

"Breakfast is ready my Lady" They bowed. 

"Thank you" Moana muttered,heaven knows she's still trying to think it's not a dream. All of a sudden they are bowing to her? How come??

"Oh King Cyrus" She smiled and walked into the bedroom after the maids left,she sat down on the bed and took off her heels first,she breathe out loudly. 



Irene entered her office to see the guest waiting for him,and it turned out to be no one else but.....

"Elliot?" Irene called and he smiled.

"You're late" he said and walked over to her. 

"What's this? I was rushing here" Irene snapped. 

"What,am I not important too? I'm offended" Elliot smiled and Irene sighed.

"What are you doing here?" She asked. 

"I missed you" Elliot said and Irene arched her brows,staring at him blankly. 

"Are you here to play with me......"

"Do you ever take me serious? I said I miss you because I miss you,I'm not playing Irene" Elliot said. 

"You can go,I'm busy" Irene muttered and made to leave,Elliot blocked her and she frowned.

"Elliot,I said you can go" She said. 

"How can I leave when you're not even smiling at me? I didn't come here to make you mad" Elliot said and Irene sighed. 

"Elliot,what do you want now? Huh?" She asked,looking at him in the eyes. 

"I don't know why I'm here for real,I was missing you badly but I never imagined myself to be here,somehow I found myself driving here like a dummy" Elliot muttered and Irene looked away. 

"What you're thinking......"

"You know I've had a crush on you for years,I've always loved you" Elliot said. 

"Stop it,that's just a puppy love and nothing else" Irene said. 

"Puppy love you call it?" Elliot asked. 

"Yes,because you were just a kid back then" Irene replied.

"Am I still a kid now? I'm twenty five Irene,a year older than your brother if you think i'm too young for you....."

"I'm not interested to know,you're my brother's friend,even if you're a year older,the fact still remain that,I've always seen you as a younger brother too and nothing else so stop this madness of yours already" Irene snapped. 

"You don't care about my feelings? Like.....at all?? Not even somehow?" Elliot asked. 

"No,and I'm never going to care. So...just stop it" Irene muttered and Elliot looked away,he sighed out. 

"Is that really true? Should I leave? I won't ever bother you again after this so tell me the real truth Irene,you don't find me attractive at all? You don't have any feelings for me,you don't like me......."

"I already told you I don't!" Irene snapped and Elliot nodded. 

"I'm sorry for bothering you,take care of yourself.....big sis" He smiled and her and walked out of the office. 

Irene sighed out and went to sit down. 

"What is he doing this morning?" She muttered and got up again,she ran to the window looking downstairs to see Elliot,he entered his car and drove out of the company. 

Irene bit her lips and exhaled. 



Brielle stopped the car in the lots,they came to school in her car. She faced Jimmie after stopping the car. 

"Don't leave without me after class,let's have lunch together" She said and Jimmie nodded.

Brielle smiled and leaned forward to kiss him,Jimmie pushed her head back and she frowned. 


"Brielle,my lips are swollen already,you did this all night,started again this morning before we finally started coming to school,not now again,please" Jimmie said and Brielle pouted

"Just one teddy,a minute" She pleaded. 

"Even if it's one second,I'm not interested" Jimmie muttered and got down from the car. 

"See you later" He said and walked away. 

Brielle stayed in the car staring at Jimmie as he walked,countless girls calling and waving at him,the fact that he even returned the wave made him jealous but she controlled herself. 

"Brielle" Arielle knocked from outside and she got down.

"You didn't come home last night" Arielle said. 

"Yeah" Brielle muttered 

"I knew you were with Jimmie but you should have at least informed me that you wouldn't make it home last night,I was worried" Arielle said. 

"Sorry about that,nobody found out right?" Brielle asked and Arielle shook her head. 

"Nobody" She muttered and they started walking together. 

"I was planning......Using the palace library until our exams are over,so we can study there everyday after school and then weekends,what do you think?" Arielle asked. 

"I will love that" Brielle said and Arielle smiled.

"Wanna have lunch together today?" She asked. 

"No,I have plans with Jimmie,let's meet at home later in the day" Brielle replied and Arielle nodded. 

They saw Andrew and Brielle immediately looked away. 

"That was fast" Arielle teased and Brielle chuckled. 

"He hugged me and Jimmie was mad ,I hate it when he's mad at me" Brielle said. 

"You've changed a lot.....ever since you met Jimmie" Arielle said and Brielle smiled. 

"I guess" She muttered. 


"Moana is Jimmie's sister" Brielle suddenly said and Arielle gasped. 


"I found out last night" Brielle muttered. 

"That's crazy" Arielle said.

"I know right,I have to find a way to convince mom,I love Jimmie a lot and I can't survive it if we ever break up" 

"Don't worry,I will help you also" Arielle said. 

"Thank you" Brielle smiled. 



Moana was sitting down on the edge of the pool,King Cyrus in between her thighs with a glass of wine in his hand. 

"You suggested this but now you are not even coming into the water" He said. 

"I suddenly became scared" Moana muttered.

King Cyrus dropped his wine and focused on Moana's body. 

"The bikini looks hot on you" He bite his lips and Moana smiled. 

"Thanks" She said. 

"But I want you in the pool,I want to feel you completely" King Cyrus said and held her waist. 

"Don't be scared" He said and gently carried her,he dropped Moana into the pool and held her tightly making sure she doesn't loose control and slip.

"Are you good now?" She asked. 

"Yes my king" Moana smiled. 

"I will get your a female teacher to teach you" King Cyrus said. 

"Why did you specify it that way" Moana laughed. 

"Of course I should,I wouldn't want a man okay?" He said and Maona hugged him.

"I love the feeling of our bodies together in here" She said. 

King Cyrus smiled and she broke the hug. 

"I will be back" she said and turned to get the wine,she walked slowly to the edge and took the glass,she sipped from it and almost turned but then King Cyrus came behind her and stopped her from moving. 

He spanked her @ss and she moaned.

"You're so f**king addictive,i can't take my eyes off you" he said and kissed her neck. 

Moana smiled and turned,the king carried her immediately,her legs curled around his waist and their lips locked instantly into a deep hot kiss. 

The king broke the kiss after a while. 

"Let's go in" Moana muttered and he smiled.


"Hmm" Moana nodded and he smiled more brightly. 

"Let's go before I change my mind" Moana said and King Cyrus chuckled. 

"Stop threatening me,I might just scream" he said and they both laughed. 

They came out of the pool and he carried Moana in a bridal style taking her into the chamber bedroom. 



Recently,she decided to move out of the palace because no one is helping her situation there at all. Louisa came out of the bathroom after having her bath,she used drank some water and was about sitting down when she felt like throwing up.

"Not again" She muttered and somehow as if it heard her,the thing stopped. 

She suddenly heard a knock on her door and she went to open,it's her maid,the only maid she have in her house. 

"The Doctor dropped this princess" She said,handing over something like an envelope to her. 

"Oh thanks" Louisa took it and closed the door. 

She's been feeling strange for some days now and she decided to run a test,this is definitely the result. 

She opened it and brought out the paper inside,her eyes scrolled through till they landed on it. 


Louisa gasped out loudly. 


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