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Moana Mulan - Episode 69 & 70




Moana Mulan - Episode 69 & 70

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



King Cyrus stared at Moana for minutes before returning back to sit down,doesn't look like she's ready to even play to his tune and he can't even concentrate anymore but he had to,he picked up his pen again but the moment he looked up again to see Moana again,this time she opened her thighs slightly and the king dropped his pen. 

"Concentrate" Moana said. 

"How the h*ll am i sypoosed to concentrate when you're sitting down there naked in front of me?!" He snapped and Moana rolled her eyes. 

"I wasn't even mad at you,I was just tired,I've been working all day and now I can't even sleep because I have to finish this up,tomorrow I have alot to do also,that was why I was acting that way,I'm sorry if you were mad at me" King Cyrus said and Moana bite her lips. 

"You can go on,I will just sleep" She muttered and got down from the table. King Cyrus stood up and moved closer,standing in front of her. 

"You know I love you right?" He asked and Moana nodded. 

"But,will you be okay? I provoked you" Moana muttered,seeing he was still hard. 

"I will be fine,don't worry" King Cyrus replied and Moana pecked his lips before getting on the bed,The king also continue his work and minutes later,he finally calmed down. 

About an hour later,he was finally done. He let out a groan and got up,but then he heard the door open which made him walk out of the bedroom. Irene entered the living room. 

"Sis" King Cyrus called. 

Irene smiled and went to hug him,he also hugged her back.

They both broke the hug and sat down. 

"Did something happened?" King Cyrus asked. 

"I heard about what happened" Irene said and he nodded. 

"I'm glad it's out already,but then I'm afraid the queen might call on the royal council" Irene said. 

"I'm expecting her to do that" King Cyrus nods and Irene raised her brows. 

"I have a plan,don't worry" He said. 

"Oh" Irene muttered. 

"How's work?" 

"Great,don't worry about me,I'm doing fine" Irene replied and King Cyrus nodded. 

They talked for a while before Irene left the chamber and the King joined Moana on the bed,the duvet already left her body and the king smiled,remembering how she punished him earlier.

"You will be the end of me" He muttered and kissed her bellybutton,he kissed the waist chain too and then her lips before covering her back with the duvet,he fell beside her and also closed his eyes,he pulled Moana closer,holding her in his sleep. 



Brielle walked out of the bathroom and found the room empty,she just had her bath but Jimmie isn't in the room. She wore Jimmie's shirt and fell on the bed,she took Jimmie's phone and opened it. She let out a frown when she see the person on her screen,it's a girl. 

"Wait.... She looks familiar" Brielle immediately sat up to remember and her mind went straight to Moana. 

"It's her,but what is she doing on Jimmie's phone?" She muttered and went to Jimmie's gallery. Scrolling down she started seeing countless pictures of Moana and also where she's together with Jimmie. 

She was confused. 

At that moment,The door opened and Jimmie came in. 


"Who's she?" Brielle asked rightaway,showing him the picture of Moana. 

"Oh......she's my sister" Jimmie smiled and Brielle's eyes widened. 

"Your sister?" She asked again and Jimmie nodded. 

"Are you telling me you knew she was working in the palace since all these while but decided to Keep me in the Dark?" She asked. 

"No it's not like that,I just thought it's not necessary" Jimmie said. 

"What do you mean by it's not necessary? This isn't nice Jimmie" 

"I'm sorry" Jimmie muttered. 

"That means....everything here came from my brother too right?" Brielle asked and Jimmie nodded. 

"You told me you have no explanation,why are you lying to me!" Brielle got up. 

"Brielle wait" Jimmie grabbed her hand 

"The reason why I said I have no explanation Is because we don't really know why the king keep doing things for us,He's yet to even show up,I want to know why he's suddenly doing this" Jimmie said. 

"Isn't it obvious that he likes your sister?" Brielle asked and Jimmie's eyes widened. 


"That's right,I think they are even dating" Brielle muttered and Jimmie gasped. 

He sat down on the bed right away and rough his hair. 

"What,why do you look devastated? You don't want her for the king?" Brielle asked. 

"Not that Brielle,what about us?" Jimmie asked. 

"Oh,you don't have to worry about that,we only share the same father,our mothers are different" Brielle said. 

"That's not what I'm saying okay? I'm sure your mom probably hate my sister right now,if she find out about us,what do you think will happen? The fact that I'm her brother and you..." Jimmie sighed out. 

Brielle sat down beside him. 

"I already told you I don't care about anything,I'm never going to leave you" She said

"You think we can go on if your mom doesn't support us?" Jimmie asked. 

Brielle ignored his question and sat down on his lapa,she started kissing him hungrily and Jimmie held her waist,but then he broke the kiss. 


"Jimmie please! You promised me" Brielle cut in. 

"Let's do this when we are sure of what's going to happen to us in future" Jimmie muttered.

"Stop talking as if you're breaking up with me please......"

"Brielle no,don't cry" Jimmie immediately said when she made the sad face. 

"I'm not leaving you,but we have to get your mom's approver no matter what" He said. 

"That has nothing to do with this,I don't think I can wait anymore Teddy bear" Brielle said and Jimmie sighed out. 

"I just....want to do this without having to think of what might happen next,I'm not planning to dump you or something,I really love you a lot but now,I'm worried about you,worried about myself and worried about us,I don't want to keep all that in mind when doing this" Jimmie said. 

"Fine,let's find a way out together,I promise to convince mom and my brother too" Brielle said and Jimmie nodded. 

"Let's sleep" He said and they both lay down,cuddling closely. 

"You smell so good teddy bear" Brielle said and Jimmie smiled. 

"My shirt looks sexy on you" he whisper and Brielle bite her lips,she smiled. 

Jimmie's hand went into the shirt and she froze,just as his hand captured one of her boobs. 

A slight moan escaped her lips,Jimmie was staring at her face while touching her and he smiled.  

"Hey,are you enjoying this? You're torturing me teddy bear" Brielle said.

"Should I stop?" Jimmie asked. 

"Don't dare" Brielle snapped and Jimmie chuckled like a kid. 

He continue pressing her gently,their eyes on each other. 

"You're so soft" Jimmie muttered.

"Is this your first time?" Brielle teased. 

"Do you have to say it out?" Jimmie asked and Brielle laughed. 

"Are you laughing?" Jimmie sat up and Brielle kept on laughing. 

He climbed on her and she stopped. 

"What are you planning to do?" She asked. 

"To let you know I'm not a kiddo okay? I won't f**k you but.......I will make you feel good" He said and Brielle smiled. 

"Little bear is getting naughtier....."

"Don't spoil my mood" Jimmie said and Brielle chuckled. 

He started unbottoning the shirt and when he was done he bent his head and captured her nipple in his mouth. 

"Ouch" Brielle gasped. He gave her a sexy bite on her nipple and she grabbed him. 

He began sucking her breast and the feeling was topnotch. 

"Don't stop teddy,please" Brielle said and Jimmie smirked.

"Goodnight" He fell on the bed and Brielle's eyes widened.


"Punishment for teasing me" Jimmie said. 

"Hey...I'm going to scream......" Jimmie immediately covered her mouth before she finished,Brielle smiled 

"Now finish what you started" she said. 

Jimmie chuckled and kissed her,he hugged her waist and kissed her breast.

"Suck my Boobs,come on" Brielle groaned as he keeps on teasing her,finally he started sucking again.

"Oh my gosh" Brielle moaned,grabbed Jimmie's hair softly. 



Moana got something to wear from the king's closet and left the bedroom to the living roon,she was so thirsty and she wanted to get some water but she was shocked to see some maids standing there,she stopped walking and her eyes went wide when they bowed for her. 

"What's going on?" She thought inwardly. .

"Please come with us" They said.

"I cant....."

"It's the King's order" Jericho came in and Moana creased her brows. 


"Yes please,come with me" Jericho said and led Moana out of the King's chamber,Jericho opened the closest suite to the King's chamber and told Moana to enter,she went in still looking confused. 

"This is your new place" Jericho said and Moana faced him immediately.

"What? Mine? She asked again.

"That's right" Jericho nodded. 

"Get her ready" Irene came in,telling the maids. 

"My princess" Moana immediately bowed and Irene smiled.

"We don't have much time,you should get ready" She said to Moana.

"What's going on?" Moans asked curiously.

"You will find out soon,but get ready for now" Irene replied and the maids took her into the bathroom. 

Irene walked into the dressing room and opened the closet that was already filled with clothes.

"He really mean this" Irene smiled and began searching for a dress. 



All the councils and elders were present,including Queen Karina. Like King Cyrus and Irene said last night,she really called the councils. 

"What's with the emergency meeting?" King Cyrus finally spoke up and they all bowed. 

"Forgive us your majesty,but we were all invited by the old queen who told us something impossible" One of them said.

"And what's that impossible thing?" King Cyrus questioned. 

"We were told about your romantic relationship with your slave your majesty"

King Cyrus scoffed.

"Slave? Do I have a slave?" He asked and they all exchanged glances. 

"We really have no idea your majesty,that's what the queen told us"

"Are you saying that I am a liar right now? It is against the royal rules for the queen to have any romantic relationship with a commoner!" Queen Karina said. 

"I don't know what the queen is talking about,but like I told y'all,I will introduce you to my lover when I am ready,I guess to clear this misunderstanding,it's time" King Cyrus smiled and Queen Karina was confused. 

"What are you saying......"

"We will like to meet her your majesty,is she here in the palace?" They cut the queen off. 

"I will be meeting with her,you can come with me" King Cyrus said and stood up. 

"As you wish your majesty" They all bowed. 

King Cyrus smirked at Queen Karina who was still confused,Jerome bit his lips hard to control himself from laughing when he saw the queen's face. 

Like that,they all followed the King out of the court,including queen Karina. 


"I still don't understand what's going on" Moana said,struggling with her long dress. She was totally dressed up in a flowing wine dress giving her the queen's vibe,her long hair followed the directions of the wind as she walked,the sounds of her heels are so satisfying,she was looking damn gorgeous!! With her perfect sexy shape. 

She was walking beside Irene ,Jericho was behind them. The maids keep staring at them as they walked wondering what's going on. 

"Just be yourself Moana,no matter what" Irene said. 

Immediately they sighted the king coming with the elders and councils behind him,they stopped walking immediately. 

King Cyrus smiled when his eyes landed on Moana. 

"Your majesty,is she the one?" 

The king nodded. 

"She's such a goddess your majesty"

"She doesn't look like a princess but she looks like the queen" 

King Cyrus walked closer to Moana and she smiled at him before bowing. 

"Good morning my king" She said in her usual sweet voice. 

"I missed you so much my sunshine" King Cyrus said and without thinking twice,he pulled her by the waist and slammed his lips on hers. 

Everyone turned away immediately,smiles on their faces. 

Only Queen Karina was standing still,burning with total anger,this didn't go as planned at all!! 


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