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Moana Mulan - Episode 67 & 68




Moana Mulan - Episode 67 & 68

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"The woman I'm in love with! Get that straight!" King Cyrus snapped and everyone gasped. 

"What?!" Queen Karina couldn't believe her ears. 

"So you better watch how you talk to her" King Cyrus added and looked at Moana.

"Follow me right away" He said and walked away,Moana bit her lips and went after him. 

Queen Karina scoffed shockingly,staring at Moana's back. 

"Is he for real right now?" She chuckled and fold her fist angrily. 

Moana stayed outside for a while,watching as all the guards walked out of the King's chamber,it's obvious he's angry and she don't even know how to act if she go inside right now. 

Jerome and Jericho came out also. 

"What are you doing here? Go in,the king is angry" Jericho said. 

"I'm scared" Moana muttered. 

"Not like he's gonna hit you or something,go" Jerome said. 

Moana swallowed and entered,she passed the living room and entered the bedroom,she met the king sitting down and smoking angrily and she pinched herself. 

She walked to his front,King Cyrus didn't look at her,he just continue smoking. 

"I'm sorry....I know you told me not to leave here but I swear I just left because I was scared the maids might come in and meet me........"

"When the f**k will you stop getting scared? What are you scared of exactly? You think I don't know what I was doing when I told you not to leave here? Who cares if the maids come here,are you scared of the maids or me?" Kinda Cyrus snapped angrily and Moana took her lip in. 

"I'm sorry" she mumbled tearfully. 

"I'm not ready to see those tears of yours right now Ana,I'm tired and I need to rest,you can go now since you don't want to stay here anyway......"

"No,I'm not going anywhere,you should rest if you want,I will be waiting for you" Moana said. 

King Cyrus ignored her and went into the dressing room. 

Moana sighed out and wiped her tears,she left the bedroom wondering what will happen now that the queen found out about her and the king. 



The door to Irene's office opened forcefully and Hector stormed in,Irene looked up to see him,he also closed the door loudly. 

Irene rest her back on the rolling seat knowing exactly why her dear Hector is angry. 

"How dare you?" Hector slam his hand on the table in front of her,he was boiling angrily. 

"How dare me what?" Irene asked calmly.

"Are you telling me you don't know what you did?" Hector asked,his hand shaking as if he wanted to choke her right there. .

"I have no idea what you're talking about........"

"Why the f**k would you deny my access to the companies money?!! You changed every damn thing!! Who do you think you are to do that?!! I have as much right as you have about the money!" Hector shouted. 

Irene scoffed and stood up,she began walking around. 

"About three months ago,my brother got billions of credits getting into each and every account his company has" Irene smiled and Hector raised a brow. 

"Oh sorry I guess you don't know,awwwn. But as the billions were coming in,they kept going out again,without anyone's consent,nothing in the companies record as an evidence that you got somethings for they conpanies which simply means,the money you withdrew all went into your pockets,Hector" Irene said and Hector couldn't talk. 

"Are you shocked? I guess" She smirked and continued. 

"Now,if I want to make you pay for all that,or probably if the king want to punish you for all that,he would. But we both kept quiet because you're our brother like your mother said,now tell me if I decide to change every money code,am I wrong?? Is it bad that I want to monitor how the money comes in and out of my brother's company?!! My company?!! What f**king damn right do you have to question me? You're nothing but an extra in my family dude,get that into your empty skull if you don't wanna loose everything because I can make sure you loose all. So while I am still gonna be paying you,keep shut and work in peace or you get the f**k out of my company,you Gold digger" 

"How dare you call me a golddigger?" 

"Because that's what you are" Irene said. 

"You will regret this" Hector said and stormed out of the office. 

"Is he crazy?" Irene scoffed. 

She checked the time and gasped,it's past six already. 

"Gosh" Irene began packing her bag,she used one hand to call the driver who answered immediately. 

"Yes Princess?"

"Are you here? I'm ready to go home" Irene said. 

"Yes princess,I'm waiting" 

Irene hung the call up and left her office,something reminded her of Elliot and she smiled,last night was nice with him by the way. 



"You mean,Irene really came here?" Moses asked in surprise as Elliot poured wine into their glasses. 

"Yeah,she slept over... "

"What?!!" Moses screamed and Elliot chuckled. 

"Wow,you're crazy dude. Don't tell me you still have a crush on her...since we were teenagers dude" Moses said and Elliot sighed. 

"I must have thought I've gotten over her,but now I'm going crazy again. She's just too hot to ignore" Elliot said. 

"Do you like her because of her hotness? Cyrus will kill you" Moses said. 

"No that's not it,but still I can't let him know,for now. We both know how protective he was about Irene back then in school" Elliot said and Moses nodded. 

"I wish you can get over her tho,does she even like you that way?" Moses asked.

"I don't think so,that's why I can't tell her" Elliot said and Moses sighed. 

"I see,but don't worry,you might be lucky,what if she likes you too?" Get grinned and Elliot nodded. 

"My wish" he said and Moses pat his shoulder. 

They both clink their glasses together before drinking. 



"Wow,this Is amazing" Brielle whispered as Jimmie came to take her outside the gate,she kept staring at the whole house. 

"Wow" She said happily when they got to the living room.

"Mom!" Jimmie called and Mrs Mulan showed up,she smiled when she saw Brielle. 

"Mother" Brielle went to hug her. 

"How have you been?" Mrs Mulan asked as Brielle broke the hug. 

"Very good ma'am" Brielle replied. 

"Mom...I'm sorry I couldn't tell you earlier,she's my girlfriend" Jimmie said. 

"I'm sorry I had to lie,I was just scared you might not like me" Brielle pouted. 

Mrs Mulan smiled. 

"I know you were lying" She sajd. 

"Really?" Jimmie and Brielle asked. 

"Of course,the moment she told me she's here for an assignment without your knowledge,and when you came in,your reaction said it all" Mrs Mulan said. 

"Oh" Jimmie muttered. 

"I'm not against you having a girlfriend son,you're eighteen so stop hiding such a beauty" Mrs Mulan said and Brielle blushed 

"Thank you mother" She said. 

"Go on,Jimmie take her to your room" 

Jimmie smiled and held Brielle's hand,they both went upstairs,smiling at each other. 

They entered Jimmie's room and Brielle gasped. 

"Teddy bear this is perfect!" She screamed and fell on the bed. She got up again,running around. 

"I wish you can come over to the palace also and have fun with me" Brielle muttered sadly 

"Well at least we can have fun anywhere else but the palace" Jimmie said and she smiled. She moved closer to him and cupped his cheeks. 

"I missed you so much" She whispered and started kissing him. She curled her arms around Jimmie's neck and he also held her waist as the kiss became deeper. 

 Brielle broke the kiss

"Teddybear" she called.


"Can we just......never mind" She shook her head and moved away.

"What" Jimmie asked her. 

"I already promised myself that I won't ask again,I don't want to look too desperate,but the truth is I am desperate" Brielle muttered and sat down on the bed. 

Jimmie moved closer and bent in front of her.

"Let's do what you want" He said and Brielle's eyes widened. 

"We should? When?" 

"Now of course" Jimmie said. 

"Kids,come out and have dinner!" They Heard Mrs Mulan. 

Brielle smiled. 

"I'm sleeping over" She said.

"What? But......."

"Don't worry,my mother doesn't care about me right now,and brother is too busy to notice If I'm not home,Arielle knows I'm here" Brielle said. 

"We are going to school tomorrow......"

"I will order an outfit tomorrow morning" Brielle said and Jimmie chuckled.

"You're so naughty" He said. 

"For you alone,I badly want you" Brielle winked and Jimmie pecked her lips. 

"Let's take our bath after dinner okay?" He said and Brielle nodded. 

"Can I get a more comfortable clothes? Gimme your shirt,I've always wanted to wear my boyfriend's clothe" Brielle said and Jimmie chuckled. 

"You're such a barbie" He said and Brielle blushed. 

She followed him into the dressing room.

"Wow,there are a lot here. I really think we won't have a problem later if my mother decided to stalk my boyfriend to his house,you are equally rich" Brielle said and Jimmie chuckled. 

"Equally? I told you I can't explain what's going on and now you're saying equally? Please" He said and Brielle hugged him from the back. 

"I don't really care teddy bear,I'm obsessed with you and I don't think I'm really to let you go,I will definitely die" She said. 

Jimmie pulled her hands down and pinned her against the wall. He looked down at her lips 

"Don't say that again....stop saying you will die if I leave you"

"But ,that's the truth. You don't know how much I love you do you?" Brielle asked and pecked his lips. 

"Even in this situation,you're stealing a kiss?" Jimmie asked and Brielle chuckled. 

"You're irresistible teddy bear" she whispered. 

"If you keep on doing this,I might do something crazy" Jimmie said and Brielle smiled. 

"Then do it,I've always wanted something crazy from you" She said. 

"You caught me,here,wear this and let's go. Mom will be waiting for us already" Jimmie said giving her a shirt. 



Jerome knocked on Jericho's door and it was opened,Jericho glanced at him. 

"Did something happened?" Jericho asked. 

"I should be asking you that,did something happened to you?" Jerome asked. 

"What are you talking about?"

"You've been quiet all day dude,I don't even know why I was missing you but what the f**k happened?" Jerome asked,sitting on the bed. 

"Seriously? You missed me?" Jericho grinned and Jerome frowned. 

"Don't tell me you were pretending all day" He said. 

"No I wasn't,but you really missed me?" Jericho asked again. 

"Fine I missed you,happy now?" Jerome scoffed and Jericho chuckled. 

"I was just tired,I didn't want the king to notice" Jericho sighed. 

"Are you crazy? The king already told us that if we aren't strong enough,we should take a rest and take care of ourselves,how could you be so careless? You want to die or something?" Jerome rushed his words. 

"Oh please,I only said I was tired. I didn't say I was sick,why taking it too far" Jericho said and Jerome sighed. 

"But still,you should take a rest if you're tired. Don't force yourself" He said. 

"Yeah that's what I was about to do before you came in" Jericho said.

"Fine,goodnight" Jerome stood up and Jericho nodded.

Jerome left the room. 



Moana stared endlessly at the king who have been working for hours,he kept on writing and reading countless reports and other things she doesn't even know,he haven't glanced at her since he started,not even once and she's getting tired of it already. 

"My king" Moana called. 

"Not now Ana,you can go and sleep without me,I'm busy" King Cyrus said and Moana frowned. 

"Really? You said you're not mad at me anymore,you haven't even looked at me for hours,I missed you all day but you don't seem to even see me right now" Moana said.

King Cyrus looked up. 

"I'm not mad at you anymore,that doesn't mean I'm ready to talk to you Ana......."

"Then what exactly am I doing here if you don't want to talk to me?"

"You can go then....."

"My king!" Moana snapped. 

"I'm busy" King Cyrus muttered and Moana stood up. 

"I hope you stick to that decision of yours in few minutes" She said and stormed into the bathroom angrily. 

King Cyrus said nothing and continue working. 

Some minutes later,he heard Moana returned into the room and he looked up,trying to see her through the glass,his eyes widened and he blinked his eyes twice seeing a naked Moana,like she was totally naked,only the waist chain was on her. 

He quickly turned back and it's all real,she's really naked. His neck became dry almost immediately staring at her from her boobs,pink nipples,down to her perfect view down there,what the f**k is she trying to achieve but anyhow,she's achieving it already because he could feel his d**k bounced up almost immediately seeing the perfect whole meal right in front of him. 

Aside that,she was dripping wet! She just had her bath. 

"I think you should close your mouth your majesty" Moana said and King Cyrus closed his mouth. 

"Continue working,face your work," Moana said. 

"Ana wait....."

"I'm sorry but I'm also busy at this point" Moana rolled her eyes and walked out of the bedroom,the king's eyes followed her,she came back after a minute with a bowl of fruit in her hand. 

"You haven't started yet?" She asked. 

King Cyrus stood up. 

"Hey.......okay I'm sorry"he said and Moana raised her brows. 

"For what? Ignoring me? Trust me i'm not angry,I deserve the silent treatment,go and work" She caress his cheek and walked to the table,she sat down there and started eating the banana first. 

"F**k" King Cyrus bit his lip hard as his d**k bulge out even more crazily. 

He was dying inwardly. 


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