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Moana Mulan - Episode 57 & 58




Moana Mulan - Episode 57 & 58

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"Say my name" King Cyrus repeated but Moana didn't talk. 

He bit her nipple and Moana gasped. 

"My......" Before she could finish,he gave her another bite on her nipple. 

"Oh my.....Cyrus" she whimpered arousingly. 

Cyrus began sucking her breast like an infant,at the same time his hands didn't leave her @ss,he was pressing and squeezing to his satisfaction. 

"My king" Moana moaned again,hugging him as the sweetness hit her badly,the way his mouth and tongue was working on her nipple was super crazy,how come he's the king? He's so naughty!

"My king" Moana called. 

"Hmm??" King Cyrus raised his head. 

"We should leave the bathroom,you might catch a cold" Moana said shyly. 

The king kissed her wet lips gently and their lips made a sound when he broke it again. 

He still carried her out of the restroom,he dropped her in front of the towel room. 

"Don't be late,I will be waiting" He said and kissed her cheek before leaving her. 

"Waiting? For me? Why?" Moana asked herself in confusion. 

But nevertheless,she entered the room and she saw the night robe she was looking for almost immediately,she wore it but the moment she remembered that the king already saw her nakedness she almost screamed out. 

"Why!" She shouted and lean on the wall,groaning. She used almost thirty minutes there before she finally gathered enough courage to go meet the king but he wasn't in the bedroom,so where is he waiting for her??

"Why are you here?" King Cyrus entered and Moana looked at him. 

"Come here,you must be hungry" he held her hand and Moana bit her lips,they got to the dining room and he pulled back a seat for her. 

"My king,you don't have to do this,I'm fine" Moana said. 

"Are you rejecting me right now?" He asked. 

"No that's not what I meant...."

"Then stop complaining and sit down Ana" Kung Cyrus said. 

Moana sat down gently,she looked at the many delicacies on the table and the first thing that came to her head was her family,she was wishing they would also get to eat something like this one day. 

"Don't do anything,I will serve you....."

"No please" Moana said before he could land.

"Why?" King Cyrus asked. 

"I appreciate you my king,but you're making me feel uncomfortable if you keep doing this,I should be serving you not the other way round" Moana muttered and King Cyrus sighed. 

'You don't know anything yet do you?' He said inwardly,staring at her. 

"Please eat" Moana said. 

The king dropped his cutleries and focus on Moana's face,she took her lips in nervously.

"Are you still nervous around me?" King Cyrus asked. 

"No...." She mumbled,that was a lie and she knows. 

"I'm sorry" She said. 

"Can you be more free from now on? Huh?" 

Moana looked up. 

"I can't" She shook her head. 

"Why? Because of Louisa?" King Cyrus asked. 

"Not just her....I don't want to get into trouble again my king,,I know I don't belong here,I don't know why you're so nice to me,I don't want you to stop but still......I should know my place here" Moana said. 

"But I want you to be free...just me alone,not everyone else" King Cyrus said. 

"I will try my best" Moana replied and the king smiled. 

He took her hand and kissed the back 

"Are you okay? You don't feel any pain right?" He asked and Moana shook her head 

"Go on and eat" he said. 

"Thanks for the food" Moana muttered and the king nodded,watching her as she ate,she's obviously hungry,but at the sane time he couldn't stop staring at her no matter how he tries. 

Moana stopped and looked at him,she caught him staring. 

"My King......"

"What's your full name?" The king cut in. 

"Moana Mulan" She answered. 

"I just want to know more about you,I guess I don't know anything" He said and Moana nodded. 

"I don't mind...I will tell you about myself" She said and stopped eating.

"Go on" King Cyrus said. 

"So my name is Moana,I'm twenty one and I have a kid brother who I'm three years older than,as you know,my parents are so poor so I had to withdraw from school for my brother...he recently got a scholarship to study in Red Gold University" Moana said,smiling brightly. 

"Oh...you look so excited"  the king commented.

"Of course I am...I love my brother so much and it was my dream for him to study in such school" Moana said and the king nodded. 

"I was on my way here to thank you for what you gave my parents when that happened" She said. 

"You don't have to thank me Ana....."

"No,I have to" Moana said and he sighed.

"I want to do more.....for you,your brother and your parents also" King Cyrus said and Moana stared at him wondering why. 

"I really like you a lot and......"

"I like you too my king,but then.....I think it will be too bad if people find out" Moana muttered. 

"Then we won't let them find out" Kung Cyrus said and hold her hand. 

"I don't want you to leave my side until I find out the best way to sort things out...just stay with me,don't leave me,please" 

"I'm not going anywhere" Moana said. 

"You just promised?"

She nodded. 

"You can eat now my king,before it gets cold" She said and he smiled.

"You're so pretty" King Cyrus said and Moana blushed.



Amelia was standing outside,she couldn't sleep because she was worried about Moana even after she heard that she have been taken care of. 

She suddenly saw Jerome and Jericho walking together and she didn't think twice before running after to them. She blocked them and they stopped walking.

"Who are you?" They asked at a time. 

"I'm Moana's friend" She introduced herself. 

Jerome and Jericho exchanged glances and faced her again.

"I just want to ask...if she's fine. I'm worried about her " Amelia said in a pleading voice. 

"You don't have to be worried,she's perfectly okay,go sleep" Jerome smiled shortly. 

"I....." She wanted to say more but they already walked away. 

"They are so annoying" She scoffed.

"How come I've never seen her before?" Jericho asked. 

"You haven't seen 80% of the maids here dude" Jerome scoffed. 

"She's pretty" Jericho said. 

"She is" Jerome agreed and they both exchanged glances. 

"It's a NO" Jericho shook his head. 

"She's not my type either,what are you thinking?" Jerome scoffed as they entered Jericho's room. 

"Goodnight" Jericho said but Jerome fell on the bed. 

"What are you doing?" Jericho frowned.

"I'm sleeping here tonight,I almost froze before daybreak last night" Jerome muttered. 

"So how is that my problem?" Jericho asked. 

"I can at least cuddle with you tonight" Jerome smirked. .

"Irritating!! Get the f**k out!" Jericho throw him out of the bed and he landed on the floor. .

"Hey! Don't be so harsh,I was just kidding! Who will ever try to cuddle with you?" Jerome scoffed and slept on the bed again. 

"Get out before you loose your leg" Jericho said.

"Come on dude,help a brother. I can't walk to my room,I'm tired....."

"I will carry you" Jericho snapped and Jerome sat up.

"Are you hiding something? Like...are you inviting some girls here tonight?" He asked. 

"Yes I am,so get out" Jericho said and left him for the bathroom.

"I hate you!!" Jerome shouted. 

"I hate you more" Jericho replied him. 

Jerome scoffed and left the room. 



The lecturer finally left the class after about three hours of lecture,the students all groaned tiredly. Ryder and Francisco both faced Jimmie at once. 

"Are you okay? You were lost throughout the class" Ryder said. 

"I'm fine" Jimmie muttered.

"Come on,stop being annoying and tell us what happened" Francisco said and Jimmie sat down properly. 

"Brielle is mad at me" He said. 

"Again?!" They chorused and Jimmie bit his lips. 

"Gosh,you need a lot of training. You fight almost everyday and it's exhausting already" Ryder groaned. 

"Stop making me feel bad and tell me what to do. I don't know how to act most times okay? It's annoying" Jimmie said.

"Gosh,Francisco,lecture this dude to be a little romantic at least and stop this cold attitude of his" Ryder shook his head. 

"You are going to learn from the best" Francisco grinned and tapped Jimmie playfully. 



Jerome and Jericho stood in front of the king as they list out the day's schedule for him. 

"Cancel all those,I'm not ready for them" The king said.

"Okay your majesty" Jerome said and immediately canceled them. 

"You have an important outing to attend in the city your nnajesty" Jericho said. 

"What time?" 

"Around 4pm your majesty,the dresser will be here soon,Jerome and I picked your outfit this time and I'm sure you will love it" Jericho said and king Cyrus nodded. 

"What else?" He asked. 

"Your friends will be coming over to the palace tomorrow your majesty" Jericho said and King Cyrus smiled.

"Is that all?" 

"Yes your majesty" They both said. 

"Have you two eaten?" king Cyrus asked. 

"We will definitely eat after leaving....."

"I don't have any appetite to eat lunch,you can have mine" the king said. 

"We can't do that your majesty,,it's your food" Jerome said. 

"Eat it or get ready to loose your job" King Cyrus said and went into the bedroom.

Jerome and Jericho gave each other the sign only them understand,they went to the dinning room and sat down to eat like the king said. 

"What are you thinking?" Jerome asked. 

"I'm thinking about you" Jericho said and Jerome frowned. 

"Stop asking silly questions and eat if you love your job" Jericho scoffed. 



Brielle stopped her car right in front of Jimmie's place,he was already waiting for her anyway. She came out smiling widely,she rushed to hug him. 

"I missed you all day" She said. 

Jimmie broke the hug. 

"Don't take this the wrong way....but why are you here?" He asked. 

"I want to go to the cinema badly,so I got us tickets" She said and Jimmie groaned.

"What,you don't want to go with me?" Brielle asked. 

"Let's go somewhere more fun" Jimmie said and Brielle grinned. 


Jimmie nodded and opened his palm,she immediately dropped the car key for him,she entered the car and Jimmie also came in.  He started the car. 

"Actually.....I don't want to go to the cinema that badly, it's just an excuse because I missed you all day" Brielle muttered. 

"I know" Jimmie said and her eyes widened.


"Yeah,I know you must been dying to be with me" Jimmie said and Brielle scoffed. 

"You're so proud,but I love it,Even though it's annoying sometimes" she said 

"I'm sorry for making you sad last night,I never meant to make you cry,I was just....."

"Don't worry,I will wait until you're ready" Brielle cut in. 

"That sounds like I'm the girlfriend and you're my boyfriend" Jimmie muttered and Brielle laughed. 

"Are you mocking me right now?" Jimmie asked. 

"Yeah" Brielle said. 

"You better keep this same energy if I'm finally ready for you" Jimmie said. 

"No I should be saying that to you,you don't even know anything Teddy bear,it's obvious" Brielle teased.

"Don't say that in public" Jimmie mumbled and Brielle laughed.

"But seriously,you've never had a girlfriend?" Brielle asked. 

"I had one...in highschool" Jimmie said.

"Then how come I took your first Kiss"  Brielle asked.

"I didn't even love her,she asked me out herself" Jimmie scoffed and Brielle chuckled. "Then?" She asked. 

"I broke up with her the day she tried to kiss me" Jimmie muttered and Brielle burst into another round of laughter. 

"Just because of a kiss? What if it was s*x?" Brielle asked. 

"I would have reported her" Jimmie said. 

"What?!" Brielle screamed.

"She was my senior" Jimmie bite her lips.

"Oh just kill me" Brielle faked a faint. 

"I was just fifteen,and she was eighteen,I dated her because my friends kept calling me a dummy at fifteen,but I was seeing my sister in her" Jimmie said and Brielle opened her eyes.

"Do you see your sister in me also?" She asked. 

"I thought we agreed not to talking about who's older in our relationship,I don't want to think about it" Jimmie said and Brielle smiled. 

"I love you teddy bear" She said. 

"I love you too" Jimmie said

"So what happened after you broke up with her?" Brielle asked. 

"She started giving me different unnecessary punishment....."

"Show me the silly girl anytime we see her together,she needs to be taught a lesson" 

"And you think I will show you? I know you Brielle,I don't trust you at all" Jimmie said and Brielle chuckled.

"I don't want us to see her either,she might fall for you again because now you're more mature and more handsome" Brielle said and Jimmie laughed. 

"At this point,you might even get jealous of my family Brielle,take it easy okay? I'm not going anywhere" Jimmie said. 

Brielle nodded with a cute pout. 

"Where are we going?" She asked. 

"A concert" Jimmie said and she screamed happily



Moana was so excited as she approached the King's chamber,she had saw him going out in the afternoon and inwardly she was waiting for him to return but he's just getting back now. She just finished speaking to her parents and they were actually waiting for her before they would use the money for anything,she had to explain few things to them. 

The guards let her in when she got to the chamber and she entered. The king wasn't in the living room so she entered the bedroom and there he was on the bed sitting,he was on a call. 

Moana bowed with a smiley face,King Cyrus stopped talking and he kept staring at her without looking away. 

📲 Hey C!

📲 Are you there?

He was talking to Elliot. 

Moana turned her face away but that worsen the situation because the King's eyes moved to her behind. 

📲 Hey let's talk later

King Cyrus hung up and Moana faced him again. 

"I'm sorry I interrupted" She said.

King Cyrus nodded.

"Come closer" He said and Moana moved closer to him. 

"I missed you" He said and Moana took her lips in,not knowing what to say but the truth is,she missed him too. 

"I got you something" The king said and Moana gave him a surprise look when he said that. 

"Close your eyes" He said and Moana immediately did. 

King Cyrus took the mini jewelry box on the bed stand table and opened it. 

Moana could feel the king touching her waist and she had to bite her lips hard so she won't bring out the sound forming in her throat,she felt him raising her top up,she was wearing a skirt and blouse version of her uniform since the old one got somehow destroyed from the incident.

Something felt cold around her waist but still she didn't move. 

"Open up" King Cyrus finally said and she opened her eyes. 

She looked down her waist and she saw the gold waist chain around her waist,she let out a gasp. Any normal person would know that it's damn expensive. 

It's a double layer waist chain with crystals. King Cyrus turned off the room light and the crystals were glowing like perfect gold. Her flat tummy and sexy shape made everything look so perfect and seductive. 

"My king......."

"You might reject if I get you something else....but this one is meant for my eyes alone" Kind Cyrus cut in and turned on the light again. 

"I'm the only one who have the right to see them" He said and Moana nodded. 

King Cyrus pulled her closer and kissed her waist and then her bellybutton. 

"I'm really going crazy coz of you" He muttered and hugged her waist,with his eyes closed. 


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