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Moana Mulan - Episode 55 & 56




Moana Mulan - Episode 55 & 56

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



Louisa was walking with Queen Karina while they talked,some guards and maids also followed them. Few minutes later,Jerome and Jericho walked over to them and stopped in front of Louisa who immediately let out a frown. 

"What is this about?" Louisa asked. 

"I'm sorry but we are following his majesty's order at the moment,come with us" Jericho spoke up. 

"What are you talking about? What order?" Queen Karina asked. 

"She was found responsible for the abduction of Moana and his majesty ordered us to lock her up" Jerome answered and everyone gasped. 

Louisa's eyes widened.

"That's...that's not possible" She whined. 

Jerome looked at Jericho. 

"Carry her" He said and Jericho didn't think twice before sweeping her off her feet. 

"Drop me or you will regret this!!!!" Louisa started screaming but they didn't drop her. 

Queen Karina fold her fist and turned to the guards. 

"Lead the way to the King's chamber,right now!" She ordered. 

"Yes your highness" They said and Queen Karina followed alongside the maids. 

They got to the King's chamber but the guards stopped them.

"Get out of my way" Queen Karina said 

"We are sorry queen mother,but his majesty ordered that no one should come into his chamber for now" The guards said 

"That doesn't include me!! Let me in!!" Queen Karina shouted. 

"I'm sorry we can't queen Mother,we don't want to loose our jobs" The guards said with a bow. 

Queen Karina scoffed and turned,she walked away angrily. 

Inside the King's chamber,the royal Doctor just finished attending to Moana but she was still unconscious. 

"How's she now?" King Cyrus asked. 

"She will be fine once she's awake,it's a good thing she didn't get hurt internally,her head wound isn't that deep either,she just ran out of oxygen because of the high temperature but thank God she's back now,she will be awake" The Doctor assured. 

King Cyrus sighed out in relief. 

"I will take my leave now your majesty" The Doctor bowed and left the Chamber. 

King Cyrus walked to one of the phones on the table and took one,he dialed Jerome's number and he answered at once. 

📲 Your majesty,would you like me to do anything? 

📲 Send message to all the royal councils,there will be an emergency meeting tonight. 

📲 I understand. 

King Cyrus hung up and turned to look at Moana who was sleeping on the bed,he dropped the phone and walked closer,he sat down beside her and caress her face,he touched her eyebrows,nose and then lips.

"I will protect you more from now on......I promise" He muttered. 



Irene was on a call,she was on the bed with her laptop in front of her and receiving a call at the same time. The sudden opening of the door made her look up and soon Queen Karina entered her room looking angry.

Irene hung up and raised her brows. 

"Any problem? Queen Karina?" She asked. 

"Do you have any idea what is going on right now or you're playing dumb?" Queen Karina asked. 

Irene got down from her bed and walked closer to Queen Karina. .

"I don't think you're in any position to call me dumb,dear queen" Irene said emotionlessly. 

"Are you even aware that your brother just asked a princess,his future queen to be locked up?" Queen Karina asked. 

"Why should I know that? He's the king and he can do whatever you want,or wait,you are not expecting me to go to him and tell him to stop whatever he's planning right?"  Irene asked,pointing a finger at her chest. 

"Do you even know what this means?!" Queen Karina yelled. 

"No I don't,but I don't think anyone would wanna have a murderer as their queen,or probably this was your plan? Coz I'm wondering how Louisa got to know about the underground prison" Irene said. 

"Are you trying to blame me now?" Queen Karina asked. 

"Of course not,I'm just suspicious" Irene smiled.

Queen Karina glared at her and stormed out. 

Irene sighed out and click her teeth. 

"Does he know what he's doing?" She muttered. 

The door opened,Arielle and Brielle came in and Irene fell on the bed. 

"What's going on? Seems like Monaa have been found" Arielle said. 

"That's right,turns out Louisa was behind it,and now the king locked her up too" Irene replied.

"What?!" Brielle and Arielle gasped.



All the elders and councils were already present in the court,they were whispering and arguing among each other other. 

"The king can't possibly lock his future queen up"

"She sinned,she deserves it"

"The girl in question is just a slave,that's not enough reason to lock the princess up"

"Her parents won't be happy about this"

"His majesty have arrived!!" They heard the announcer and immediately they all went quiet and stood up very well. 

The court door opened and King Cyrus walked in with Jerome and Jericho behind him,his face was so cold and nobody have to inform them that the king is angry at the moment. 

"Good evening,your majesty!!" They all chorused,bowing down till the king sat down on his throne. 

"Raise your heads" He ordered and they all did. 

"Your majesty,we came running after hearing about the sudden meeting" 

"I'm sure you must have heard about what happened in my palace since yesterday" King Cyrus said.

"Yes your majesty,but not the details yet" 

"Jerome" King Cyrus called. 

Jerome Immediately connected his phone to the large smart board in the throne room,he played the video for them and everyone watched,After watching,there was total silence. 

"Well yes,like you must have heard,the girl in the video is my slave who I brought into this place by myself,so what? Because she's a slave,she deserves to die from the person you all choose for me as my fiancee and your future queen?" King Cyrus asked.

Nobody talked.

"I just asked a question!" King Cyrus said loudly.

"Your majesty....we will admit that what the princess did was totally wrong" 

"Really?" King Cyrus asked. 

"That's right your Majesty" 

"Bring her in" King Cyrus spoke up loudly. 

The door opened and Louisa was taken in,just in few hours,her hair were looking rough already,she was looking so different,she stood in front of the king,none of the councils talked. 

"Not just this once,from the moment you all choose her for me,I never accepted her in my heart" King Cyrus said and everyone looked at him 

"But because I have to keep on with the silly rules of royals,I must have a queen by my side? Then who are y'all to choose whoever I want as my own queen?" 

"Your majesty,,it was confirmed that you had no lover.....before we choose lady Louisa...."

"Well now I'm Rejecting her" King Cyrus said and everyone gasped.

"Not just her,I'm rejecting any woman you're giving to me from now on,I am the king and I have the right to choose for myself who I want to be with,you've done enough from my father's time" King Cyrus said. 

"But your majesty.....you can't just......"

"To princess Louisa,I'm breaking our engagement and she will be banished from coming into this palace from now on" 

"Your majesty!" Louisa cried out. 

"Take her away!" King Cyrus yelled. 

The guards rushed in and immediately took Louisa out. 

"Any more comment?" The king asked. 

"If the engagement is broken,that means,you must have another lover you would like to introduce to us your majesty...from what kingdom is she from?" 

It took a whole courage for the king not to mention, he knew the trouble would only be on Moana and he's not ready to loose her,it would seem like she was seeing him even when he was with Louisa and it might justify Louisa's outburst,he knows how things works and he won't allow that. 

"I just broke the engagement,what makes you think I was cheating on the princess?" king Cyrus asked. 

"Forgive me your majesty,I just....."

"Give me some time,I will let you know when I am ready" The king said. 



Jerome bid the manager a good bye after the day's end,he stepped out of the coffee shop and was surprised when he saw Jericho leaning on the car. He immediately walked over to him. 

"Have you found my sister?" He asked and Jericho smiled. 

"Of course we found her,because we still need our heads" He teased.

"I was just....anyway how is she?"

"Don't worry she's totally fine,get in,I will take you home?" Jericho said. 

"Why?" Jimmie raised his brows. 

"Because I want to" Jericho said. 

"I'm not going with you" Jimmie scoffed and made to leave. 

"Wait" Jericho grabbed his hand.

"What" Jimmie groaned.

"Come on get in,isn't this an opportunity? I just want to help you since I will be returning to the palace" Jericho said. 

"Wait,how did you even know I work here?" Jimmie asked. 

"I'm the king's guard,don't underestimate me" Jericho said and opened the door for him. 

"I see" Jimmie nodded and entered,Jericho also joined him and drove off.

Minutes later,Jericho stopped in front of the house and they saw a car in front.

"That car....." Jericho muttered and Jimmie's eyes widened but he kept his cool.

"Do we have a visitor? Wow,see you later" he waved and got down from the car,Jericho drove off.

"Don't tell me it's what I'm thinking" Jimmie muttered and ran inside,he got to the living room and met the shock of his life. Brielle sitting down and talking with his mom,his bag dropped from his shoulder.

"Oh Jimmie!" Brielle screamed and waved at him,grinning. 

Jimmie looked at his mom who was smiling and then Brielle.

"What are you doing here?" Jimmie asked. 

"Oh come on Jimmie,you don't have to be so harsh,she introduced herself already. She's your friend,you don't have to pretend,I won't bite" Mrs Mulan said and Brielle grinned.

"He's so cold" She pouted.

"He's not really like that,just give him more time" Mrs Mulan said and stood up. 

"Go on and start your assignment,its getting late,I will prepare something for you in the kitchen" She said and Jimmie's eyes widened.

"Assignment?" He faced Brielle when Mrs Mulan left.

"I told her i'm your friend and I'm here to do an assignment with you" Brielle grinned.

"You should go home" Jimmie said. 

"No I won't" Brielle said. 

"What the f**k are you doing here? Lying that you're here for assignment? Is that it?"

"Don't raise your voice at me,where's your room? Let's go" Brielle said and Jimmie groaned 

"Come on let's go" Brielle touched his hand but he throw her hand off before leading the way. Brielle ran after him,they entered his room.

"Wow,your room is so nice" Brielle smiled. 

"Is that an irony?" Jimmie asked and Brielle faced him. 

"Tell me the reason why you're mad at me...."

"You came here without being invited" Jimmie cut in. 

"So you mean I can't come to my boyfriend's house?"

"Then you should have introduced yourself to my mom as my girlfriend,why the f**k did you lie to her?" Jimmie asked. 

"I was just.....I thought they don't know anything and I didn't want to spoil things....."

"Then you should have just stayed in your house if you don't want to spoil things" Jimmie groaned.

"Fine I'm sorry okay? The reason why I came here is because you've been avoiding me and it's totally unfair,and even now you're shouting at me,do you even care about my feelings? I was worried,I was almost going crazy,I thought you don't want me anymore,I thought you wanted to leave me" Brielle said and Jimmie rolled his eyes.

"You think way too much" He muttered. 

Brielle moved closer and hugged him. 

"It's because I love you,I don't want to loose you,now or ever" she mumbled. 

"Stop making me feel bad" Jimmie said and Brielle broke the hug. 

"You can't even tell me sorry? I'm expecting that,you haven't given me why you were avoiding me either,did you see someone prettier than me? Huh?" She asked. 

"What if I did?" Jimmie asked. 

"I will kill her,you better don't try to leave me,I will die" Brielle said and tears rolled down her eyes.

"Hey stop,I was kidding" Jimmie immediately wiped her tears. 

"Kiss me,I've missed you badly" Brielle sniffs.

Jimmie pecked her lips.

"I want a kiss,deep one. Why are you doing this to me? I'm going to cry" 

"Is this an emotional blackmail now" Jimmie chuckled and kissed her again,more deeper. Brielle took over the kiss in a fast and deep way,she pushed him on the bed and climbed on him,Jimmie immediately broke the kiss. 

"Hey,my mom might come in anytime......"

"I locked the door" Brielle cut him off and continue kissing him. 

She started unbuttoning his shirt.


"Stop acting this way,I'm dying here" Brielle said. 

"Brielle wait please...."

"Wait until when?" 

"Soon...later...just....not now" Jimmie said but Brielle didn't stop,she started kissing his chest.

"Brielle!" Jimmie shouted and she flinched. 

She bite her lips and got off him. 

"I'm...sorry for shouting at you,I was just......"

"Do you like someone else?" Brielle asked. 

"What are you talking about?"

"You're acting so weird,fine I know it's your first time but then,what about me? I want to have you,I just....I don't know why I love you so much but it's like i'm forcing you......"

"That's not it..."

"Then how is it?!" Brielle snapped and broke into tears.

"You ignored for more than twenty four hours and I was going crazy at home,did you even care to think that I might not be fine? And now I came here,you still shouted at me,I love you madly Jimmie,I love you so much and every little thing you do makes me sad,I just....." She wiped her tears and carried her bag.

"Good night" She muttered and walked out. 



It was around 10pm when Moana finally opened her eyes,she looked around to see herself on the bed in the king's room,the king wasn't in,she managed to get up because she feel so dirty. 

She got up and walked into the restroom,she got an extra brush from the bathroom and brush,after that,she went under the shower and started bathing,the body wash was so amazing and she was literally enjoying every bit of it. 

Suddenly the door opened and she turned to see the king. 

"Ana" King Cyrus called,she could see worries in his eyes as he called her name but she was embarrassed,how could he just come in while she was taking her bath. 

"My......" The king hang in her throat when the king rushed to her and hugged her tightly,under the shower. 

"Thanks for coming back,I was so worried,I thought I won't get to hear your voice again,I missed you so much Ana,you did me so bad" King Cyrus said,hugging her more. 

"My king....you're getting wet" Moana muttered. 

King Cyrus broke the hug. 

"I don't care Ana" He muttered and caress her face,her red lips captured his dummy point immediately and he didn't think twice before going for it,he pushed her to the wall and slammed his lips on her own. 

"Hmm" Moana moaned. 

King Cyrus grabbed her waist and carried her at once,her legs wrapped around his waist and his hands captured her @ss,squeezing the fullness. He broke the kiss and went for her neck,he licked her down till he captured her nipple. 

"F**k.....my king" Moana moaned loudly. 

"My name" He said. 

"Huh?" Moans opened her eyes. 

"Say my name" King Cyrus repeated but Moana didn't talk. 

He bit her nipple and Moana gasped. 

"My......" Before she could finish,he gave her another bite on her nipple. 

"Oh my.....Cyrus" she whimpered arousingly. 


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