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Moana Mulan - Episode 45 & 46




Moana Mulan - Episode 45 & 46

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"With you taking off your clothes" He muttered and Moana's heart skipped a beat. 

"I should take off my clothes?" She asked again and the king moved away from her before nodding. He insert his hands into his pocket watching her next step. 

Moana gave him a long stare before she started to unbutton her uniform,King Cyrus moved closer to her and grabbed her hand,she looked at him. 

"Stop" He muttered. 

"Why?" Moana asked. 

"You really think I mean it?" King Cyrus asked and Moana hide her flushed face. 

King Cyrus smiled,seeing her expression. 

"Your majesty,It's Jerome,can I come in?" 

"Yeah come in" The kind replied,walking away from Moana,Jerome walked in and bowed. 

"Your majesty,it's almost time for the dinner,the dresser is ready" Jerome said. 

"No,I don't need the dresser. Moana will choose what I will be wearing tonight" King Cyrus said. 

"Then....I will be back when you're ready your majesty" Jerome bowed again and left. 

"What are you waiting for?" King Cyrus asked Moana. 

"You can go have your bath my king,I will definitely get something perfect for you" Moana smiled. 

King Cyrus left the bedroom and Moana immediately ran into the King's closet. 



"Hey!!! What the f**k!!" A lady screamed as Jimmie mistakenly poured the coffee in his on her dress. 

"Are you blind or something?!" She shouted but Jimmie didn't say anything. 

The manager rushed over to the scene. 

"Please calm down ma'am......"

"I was supposed to meet my date here!!! How do you expect me to calm down?!" She snapped.

The manager looked at Jimmie and then the woman again. 

"I will help get another dress right away....."

"I don't need it!" She shouted and carried her bag,she stormed out of the café. 

The manager turned to Jimmie angrily. 

"What the f**k is going on with you?? You've been acting so weirdly since you got here today,this is not like you at all" He said. 

"Can I just go?" Jimmie asked. 

"What?! You're not even feeling remorseful?" The manager asked. 

"If I'm remorseful,what should I do now? I need to go because I'm not feeling too well so understand that at least" Jimmie said and walked out of his sight. 

"You're leaving?" The new girl,Sandra asked him as he carried his bag.

"Yeah" Jimmie muttered and left. 

"Geez,his anger" The manager mumbled. 

Jimmie groaned out loudly as he walked,he haven't been able to take his mind from Brielle since morning and it was affecting him,he knew he really hurt her for her to cry that way. 

He took out his phone and dialed Brielle's number,It rang for some seconds but she didn't answer the call,he tried calling again but still the same. 

"She's making me go crazy at this point"  Jimmie mumbled and roughed his hair. 



Brielle's phone kept on ringing while the maids got her ready for the royal dinner party,she ignored it all. She was looking so moody and gloomy even though she looked pretty. 

"We are done princess" The maids said. 

"You can go,I will go to the party hall myself" Brielle said. 

The maids bowed and they all walked out of the suite. 

Brielle's phone rang again,it's still Jimmie calling,she switched off her phone and got up. Arielle entered and surprisingly,they are both putting on the same dress. 

"Whoa,I think it looks prettier on you" Arielle smiled. 

Brielle rolled her eyes and was to the fridge. 

"Why are you here?" She asked,taking a drink. 

"Jimmie is outside" Arielle said and Brielle turned immediately. 

"Jimmie?!" Her eyes widened.

"I'm just kidding" Arielle said and Brielle frowned. 

"If you still react this way,then I wonder why you're proving stubborn. You really want to stay away?" Arielle asked. 

"I don't understand,when did you start to care about my relationship? And why are we wearing the same dress?" Brielle asked. 

"I choose the dress,why,you don't like it?" Princess Irene walked in. .

"It's beautiful sister" Arielle smiled. 

"I love the dress" Brielle muttered. 

"You don't look happy while saying it,you can take it off....."

"No" Brielle said. 

"You should know this party is not just for the family alone,it's a royal dinner,and all eyes are on y'all so act normal like the sisters you are,is that understood?" Irene asked.

"Yes sis" They answered and Irene walked out. 

"Do you wanna go now? We can get to meet some princesses" Arielle said.

"You don't have to pretend to like me......"

"I'm not pretending" Arielle cut in and Brielle sighed. .

"Fine,let's go"  She muttered and Arielle smiled. 

They both walked out of the suite. 



Moana did the last button on the King's royal jacket and their eyes locked,without emotions in her eyes,she was thinking wildly,is the dinner an engagement? 

After tonight,what if she doesn't get any chance again to get close to the king like always? The King's eyes were also on her as if he was reading her mind,then he spoke up. 

"It's just a royal gathering....a dinner" He said. 

Moana moved back at once. 

"Oh..." She bit her lips. 

"I told you because you look lost" King Cyrus said. 

"Thanks for telling me" Moana said and the king smiled.

"You're  welcome" He said. 

'How can he be smiling so hard? Is he that excited?' Moana scoffed inwardly. 

Jerome came in. 

"Your majesty,it's time to leave. Princess Louisa is waiting for you" He said and Moana almost rolled her eyes. King Cyrus looked at her and then faced Jerome back. 

"Let's go" He said and walked out,Jerome and Moana followed. They met Louisa waiting and immediately she saw the king,she smiled and held his hand. 

"Is this necessary?" King Cyrus asked and she nodded. 

Moana stood in one position,staring at the king and princess as the guards walked behind them. 

"Hey Moana,what are you doing here? Let's go,we have alot to do tonight" Amelia said as she walked past her,Moana immediately followed. 



Everyone stood on their feet to pay homage to the king when he entered with Louisa still holding him,even as they were being led to their own table,people kept on coming to meet them for a personal greet. 

Irene was with Moses and Elliot on the same table,Arielle and Brielle were both holding each other hands as they walked,it was Ariell's idea anyway. 

"Wow,you two look like twins!"

"You guys are so pretty"

"I love the dress!"

Arielle was grinning from ear to ear while Brielle couldn't fake a smile. 

"Hey Brielle" Andrew appeared before them as they were about sitting down. 

"See you later" Arielle whispered to Brielle and let go of her hand,she sat down and Andrew smiled at Brielle.  

"Wanna go out for a minute?" He asked. 

Brielle managed to nod and Andrew held her hand,they left the hall together. 

"You look hot" Andrew said. 

"Thanks" Brielle muttered. 

"I just..wanted to tell you that" Andrew said and Brielle looked at him. 

Andrew brought out a jewelry box and opened it,it was a silver necklace. 

"A gift" He smiled. 

"It's pretty" Brielle muttered and Andrew smiled. 

"Should I put it on you?" He asked. 

"I said it's pretty doesn't mean I want it...why are you suddenly acting so nice toward me Andrew. I wanted to ignore this before but I can't anymore...you knew I had a crush on you,I was crazy about you but all you did was making me look like a fool,you never gave me your attention,but all of a sudden you're acting this way? Are you playing a game with me or something?" Brielle asked. 

Andrew bite his lips. 

"I'm sorry if I made you feel that way,but the truth is....I've always liked you also. I am just good in hiding my feelings because I don't want to be the clingy type" He said

"So now what do you want from me?" Brielle asked. 

"You,can we just start over again? I like you a lot Brielle,I love you" he said. 

"I'm sorry Andrew,I'm not interested anymore" Brielle said and turned to leave but Andrew grabbed her hand.

"This is not because of Jimmie right?" He asked. 

"None of your business" Brielle Snapped and walked away.  

Back in the party hall,Moana and the other maids were serving the guests,Moana kept searching for the king with her eyes and finally they landed on him,he was sitting with Louisa with some other royal elders,including queen Karina. 

Soon,the maids and the court lady walked over to the King's table. 

Moana's eyes met with the King's own and she immediately looked away,Lady Amber kept directly them how as they served and dished out the meal. 

"Enjoy your majesty" That maids chorused with a bow they were about leaving when Louisa spoke up.   

"Hey" She called Moana and she turned back,Kinda Cyrus looked at Louisa. 

"Help me with my shoe" Louisa said to Moana. 

"Oh....okay" Moana muttered and immediately bent down. After she was done,she got up. 

"Pour me another glass of wine" Louisa said. 

Queen Karina was chuckling inwardly,staring at the King's face but he had no expression on,he was only looking at Louisa. 

Moana took the wine bottle but her hand began to shake,she was so nervous and she doesn't even know why. As she tried pouring the wine into the glass,her hand shake and the red wine poured directly on Louisa's white dress. 

"Ahh!!" Louisa screamed and Moana's eyes widened and Louisa got up at once and slapped her angrily.

"What were you thinking!!" She yelled. 

Moana bite her lips as tears fell from her eyes. 

Everyone turned to them. 

"What are you standing for? What will you do about my dress" Louisa yelled. 

Moana sniffs. 

"I'm sorry" She muttered. 

Some maids rushed to the scene. .

"Come with us your highness,we will get another dress ready immediately" 

"No,I want her to clean this dress first" Louisa said and Moana looked at the king but he said nothing and somehow it broke her heart. 

"Stop" Queen Karina muttered and everyone looked at her. 

Moana raised her head and Louisa looked at the queen who seems to be having fun. 

"She destroyed my........"

"Leave" Queen Karina said to Moana,cutting Louisa off. 

She bowed and immediately walked away. 

King Cyrus faced the maids. 

"Get her something else to wear" He said. 

"Please come with us your highness" The maids said and took Louisa away.

King Cyrus stood up also and excused himself. 


Moana walked into the store room close to the hall way and she began to cry. 

She wasn't crying because of what Louisa did,she was crying because the king didn't say a word. She knew he couldn't at that moment,it might get people talking but still she wanted him to stop his fiancee at least. 

She suddenly heard the door open and close,she was surprised to see King Cyrus.

She quickly wiped her tears. 

The king walked closer to her,she made to leave. 

"Ana" he grabbed her hand. 

"I'm sorry" He muttered and hugged her. 

"Someone might come in" Moana said. 

"Nobody would" King Cyrus replied and Moana broke the hug. 

"Then,can I ask for something?" She asked.

"What is it?" The king asked. 

"Kiss me" She mumbled softly. 

"I thought you are mad at me" King Cyrus said and she shook her head. 

"I'm not,I'm just feeling sad because I'm a maid....you can't possibly show me off like your fiancee" Moana muttered. 

"But she can't make my heart race like you do" King Cyrus said and Moana smiled. 

The king locked his lips with hers right there. 


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