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Moana Mulan - Episode 43 & 44




Moana Mulan - Episode 43 & 44

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"Because......I'm not planning to let you go Ana" The king said. 

"I really meant it when I said you can do anything you want with me,so sacrificing myself for my parents wouldn't be hard to do,if that's what you want my king" Moana replied. 

King Cyrus gave her a hard stare before speaking up. 

"Don't you think you need to mind your speech? I might be thinking of something else" He said and Moana bite her lips. 

"Fine,I will grant your request by bailing your parents off their debt" The king added and Miana gasped. 

"Thank you my king!!" She said loudly with countless bows. 

"Get up" King Cyrus ordered and she got up,still smiling.

"Your majesty,princess Louisa is here!" 

Moana looked at the king after hearing the king's announcer. 

"Go" the king said. Moana bowed and immediately walked away. 

The king was just leaving his library when Louisa showed up,anyone could tell she was really angry at the moment. 

"Why are you here?" King Cyrus asked,walking into the bedroom while Louis followed him. 

"Are you really asking me that?!" Louisa snapped. 

King Cyrus ignored her and took out a cigarette.

"Are you going to Ignore me...to smoke?" Louisa fold her fists. 

"What do you want?.........."

"You ignored my screams totally last night!!! Your slave girl was inside with you your majesty!!" Louisa shouted. 

"I know that was the reason why you decided to come here last night,no particular reason,you came because of that,who the h*ll told you that she was inside with me?!!" The king yelled. 

"Does that matter?? I don't want her here again......."

"And who are you to say that?" King Cyrus asked. 

"I am the future queen and I have every right to stop any maid here....."

"She's not just any maid Louisa,she's someone I myself brought into this palace so nobody except me have the right on her" King Cyrus said. 

"Are you choosing your slave girl over me now?? Louisa scoffed. 

"Comparing yourself to a slave is what I'm so amused about right now Louisa,I wonder what someone have told you to make you react this way but in a senseless way" The king said. 

"You know what will happen if I decide to tell the royal council what is going on" Louisa said in a threatening voice and King Cyrus chuckled. 

"Is that what the queen mother is telling you? Then I guess I should tell you that the moment you spit that out in my court,that will be the end of both the coronation and the engagement,you will be sent out of my palace and there will be no return at all,what I've been trying to achieve my whole life,maybe this will be the perfect time to achieve it" King Cyrus said. 

Louisa was breathing heavily from the pure anger she was feeling inside. 

"So I will advice you to stay low as you've always done,if you think I'm glad about this engagement,then stop thinking too high and respect yourself,Princess Louisa" The king added. 

"Your majesty........"

"Get out" King Cyrus rolled his eyes and left her alone in the bedroom. 

Louisa screamed out angrily and stormed out of the chamber. 


Brielle entered her room and almost flinched when she met Irene sitting on her bed. 

"Big sis" She called and Irene smiled. 

"I've been waiting for at least,thirty minutes here. Where were you? Or should I ask where you are coming from?" Irene asked. 

"I just...went to see a friend" Brielle replied. 

"Your eyes are saying something else" Irene said. 

"I'm serious,He's a friend" Brielle said. 

"He?" Irene crossed her arms and Brielle bit her lips.

She dropped her bag and sat down. 

"Who's this friend of yours?" Irene raised her brows. 

"You can't know him,He's neither a prince nor someone from a prestigious family" Brielle muttered and Irene sat properly.

"When did that one start? The Brielle I know wouldn't even want to stand in a place with a commoner" She said. 

"He's different" Brielle mumbled. 

Irene stared at her quietly for a while before laughing. 

"Is that love I'm seeing in your eyes baby sis?" Irene asked. 

"Is it that obvious?" Brielle pouted sadly. 

"Oh wow,you're admitting. Is he that handsome?" Irene teased. 

"He's really handsome,but I'm attracted to something else" Brielle said 

"And what could that be?" 

"He's someone who doesn't get swayed easily,I mean,he didn't really care if I'm a princess or something,he tell me when I'm wrong and when I'm right,I just....I think I like how real he is" Brielle muttered. 

Irene stood up. 

"I see,well nice,but I hope your mother accept that kind of relationship" She said Brielle kept quiet. 

"Goodnight" Irene smiled and walked out.

Brielle immediately took off her shoes and brought out her phone to check if Jimmie texted her but he didn't. 

"Seriously? He's not going to accept my offer?" Brielle groaned. 



Princess Irene entered the room just when the king released all the maids. 

"What brings you here this early?" King Cyrus asked,turning his seat to face her. 

"Permit my disrespect your majesty" Irene said and bowed. 

The king sighed out. 

"Why are you doing this....."

"Then great,I'm going to speak informally at this point" Irene cut in and he raised his brows. 

"What happened?" 

"I heard about what happened between you and Louisa,in another word,I just heard her talking to the queen by mistake. Why did you do that?" Irene asked. 

King Cyrus stood up. 

"Do what exactly?" He asked. 

"Why would you threaten Louisa that you will stop the engagement...."

"Because she's getting on my nerves,what f**king authority does she have to tell me what to do?" The king snapped. 

"Exactly why you need to control yourself at this point,you shouldn't give them what they want. Louisa is under the queen's influence and you know that,she's only acting the script the queen gave her,if this get to the councils,you know Moana will be the one who get hurt why can't you just understand what I'm trying to say?....."

"I know what you're trying to say,but I don't think I can keep on controlling myself If she keeps on involving Moana" The king said.  

"You have to try,showing your emotions and feelings for Moana won't end up well,even though I like her but still I have to say this" Irene said and King Cyrus sighed.

"I will see you later" Irene bowed and walked out,almost immediately Moana came in,she still met the king standing. 

"Good morning my king" She bowed. 

The king said nothing as he stared at her,Moana bit her lips and went on. 

"How do you want your morning tea or coffee today?" She asked. 

"I have no appetite for that today,you may leave" King Cyrus said. 

"Oh......my king are you okay?" Moana asked but the king didn't utter a word which made her bow and then left the chamber. 

"Did something happened?" Moana asked herself worriedly. 

"Hey Moana" Someone called her and she looked up to see Arielle. 


"Just call me Arielle please" Arielle smiled and walked over to her. 

"How do I look? I'm leaving for school already" She said. 

"You look pretty as usual,you don't have to ask me" Moana said. 

"Oh come on,are you avoiding me?" Arielle asked. 

"Just because" Moana muttered. 

"Let's be friends" Arielle said,stretching her hand to Moana.


"Are you trying to reject a princess?" Arielle faked a frown and Moana sighed. 

"You think you will get into trouble? Well I don't think so,the king seems to get along with you,my sister also seems to like you,so we are good" Arielle said. 

Moana nodded and Arielle smiled.

"Then,I will send for you when I'm back from school,bye" Arielle said and walked away. 

Moana sighed out loudly,but then she started thinking about the king again as she began walking. 



Jimmie was listening to music from the headset as he walked,passing through the hall way when suddenly he saw Brielle few steps away. 

She was standing,probably waiting for him. 

"Geez" he groaned and immediately turned to pass through the other side but it was too late because Brielle saw him. 

"Jimmie!" She called and immediately ran to him,not minding the students staring at her,she got to Jimmie and smiled. 

"Hi" Jimmie said distantly. 

"Were you trying to avoid me?" Brielle asked. 

"I'm almost late for my class" Jimmie said,removing his headset. 

"Let's talk before you leave,so what about the job?" Brielle crossed her arms under her breast. 

Jimmie brought out the form from his bag,he took Brielle's hand and placed it on her palm,she looked at him. 

"I know I am poor,but I still have my pride. I can't imagine what you will think of me if I become your driver,you will probably turn me into your puppy and order me around,you won't even let me talk freely to people anymore" Jimmie said.

Brielle swallowed,her eyes shaking as she closed her palm on the paper,she looked up at Jimmie again. 

"Is that........what you really....think of me?" She asked in broken voice. 


"Am I that bad?!!! All what you mentioned are the negative side and bad sides of me!! So I don't have good sides too?! You can't even trust me? Is that what you're trying to say?!" Brielle shouted in tears taking Jimmie by surprise,he looked around and fortunately the hall way was empty. 

"Brielle listen,I just......."

"You don't have to explain,now I know" She wiped her tears before she continued. "Your perspective about me will never change no matter how hard I try to prove to you that you can trust me,how much I like you and how much I want to make things work between us,you just don't want me around,you don't want me in your life" 


"I promise I won't disturb you again Jimmie,I promise this time around" Brielle muttered and ran away. 

Jimmie wanted to run after her but someone grabbed his hand from the back and he turned to see Andrew. 

"You've done enough,you can now get lost just the way you came into her life. I will take care of things from here" Andrew said coldly and went after Brielle. 

Jimmie roughed his hair. 

"Why did that made her angry? I was just giving her excuse so she would....gosh" he groaned. 

"Are you feeling that bad?" Arielle asked,leaning on the wall. 

Jimmie faced her. 

"She's mad at me" He said. 

"Are you two dating?" Arielle asked. 

"No" Jimmie replied and Arielle sighed. 

"She will be fine" She muttered and walked away. 

Jimmie's phone buzzed and he checked the text from Francisco

*WHERE THE F**K ARE YOU?* was what the text said. 

"Sh*t" Jimmie's eyes widened when he saw the time,he took to his heels immediately and started running toward the lecture hall. 



The castle was so busy that night,some guests are beginning to arrive,giving the atmosphere that the coronation is really getting closer. 

The maids were so busy attending to different guests,including Moana because the king is yet to return to the palace he left in the morning. 

Moana exhaled and wiped her sweaty forehead as she walked through the passage,she was so tired. 

"Watch out hot legs" The voice suddenly said in front of her and she looked up to see Prince Zayne. Her eyes widened. 

"I see you're shocked" Zayne smiled. 

Moana immediately looked around and there were maids and guards all around. 

"Good evening your highness" She bowed and quickly made to leave but Zayne grabbed her hand and pulled her back. 

"What are you doing?" Moana asked in a whisper. 

"You don't have to act like you don't know me,isn't it a maid's work to serve the royalties?" Zayne asked. 

"What do you want then? Food? Or what?" Moana asked. 

"You" Zayne replied and Moana raised her brows. 

"I want to talk to you, just few minutes,come With me" He grabbed her hand and made to leave,but the moment he turned,They saw the king standing right before them with his guards all behind him. 

He was glaring at the way Zayne was holding Moana's wrist and Moana saw that,she tried moving away but Zayne kept on holding her. 

"Your majesty" Zayne bowed. 

"I can see you're here already,that's faster than I expected" King Cyrus said,bringing his hands behind him trying not to show how mad he was at that moment. 

"I decided to come early because father want me to help anyhow" Zayne said with a smile. 

"Seems like you were going somewhere with the King's slave" Jerome spoke up. 

"Oh,Moana. We are more than what you're  thinking" Zayne said and Moana gasped. 

"More than? What do you mean?" King Cyrus asked. 

Zayne let go of Moana's hand. 

"We are close,outside the palace walls your majesty" He said trying to get the King's reaction. 

King Cyrus nodded with a chuckle. 

"I see,then take your time and enjoy your moment here" He said and walked away,the guards followed. 

"See? Why were you scared?" Zayne faced Moana. 

"Why did you tell the king that we are close? What closeness were you talking about?!" Moana snapped. 

"Come on,I was just trying to save you from the awkward moment....."

Moana glared at him and walked away. 

"Seriously?" Zayne muttered,staring at Moana till she was out of sight.



"You may leave" King Cyrus told Jerome and Jericho before they could think of following him inside,he entered alone and he breathe out loudly.

He walked to the fridge and brought out a bottle of water,he uncapped and drank everything at once but still he wasn't okay,anytime he thinks about how Zayne held Moana's hand,he would feel like chopping off his head. 

"Are they still together now? Why would she even allow him hold her like that?" He started pacing around. 


Even without the King's order,Moana came to the King's chamber and he was allowed in. He entered and met the king pacing so he didn't notice. 

"My king" Moana called in her soft voice and King Cyrus turned and faced her. 

"I'm........" The word got stuck in her throat as the king walked over to her,staring at her intensely. 

"How many times do I have to tell you that you are mine?" He asked and Moana swallowed. 

"I'm sorry,it just......"

"Are you two really close like he said?" King Cyrus interrupted. 

"No we are not,I just met him......."

"And still you allow him hold you that way? From there what would that lead to?" The king snapped.

"My king......."

"Do you know how much it cost me not to come in between you two when I saw him holding you? If it was somewhere else he held that way,I wouldn't have kept quiet" The king moved closer to her and pinned her against the wall. 

Moana swallowed hard as their faces grew closer and closer,her eyes on his lips.

"I'm afraid something crazy might happen if I don't act fast" King Cyrus muttered and Moana was confused. 

"Why don't we start with this?" He asked and Moana glances at him. 

"With what?" She asked almost whispering and that made the king groaned lustfully. 

"With you taking off your clothes" He muttered and Moana's heart skipped a beat. 


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