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Moana Mulan - Episode 41 & 42




Moana Mulan - Episode 41 & 42

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



Soon,it was quiet outside and the king broke the kiss,Moana opened her eyes and they maintained eyes contact. 

"Are you okay?" King Cyrus asked curiously. 

"What if....the princess find out....." The king placed a finger on her lips to stop talking. 

"That's my business to take care of,not you okay? Don't worry about her" he said and Moana bite her lips. 

"Do you regret it?" The king asked. 

"No,it felt good" Moana muttered and he smiled. 

His phone suddenly buzzed and he checked,he turned back to Moana. 

"You should go on and sleep,I have something to do okay?" 

Maoana nodded and watch him walk to the library,she touched her lips and her cheeks turned red with blush. She got down from the table and walked into the bedroom. 

"Am I supposed to sleep on the bed?" She asked and then shook her head,she checked out the long couch and gently climbed,she lay down and closed her eyes. 


Few minutes later,King Cyrus came into the bedroom and met Moana sleeping on the couch,he stopped right beside the couch staring at her sleeping. 

"Why is she there?" He gently carried her and placed her on the bed,the rope tying her robe almost loosed but the king immediately tied it up. 

"Geez" he mumbled and covered her up with the duvet. He touched her face slowly,his eyes on her lips. It took him a lot to stop himself from kissing her again. He climbed the bed from the other side,after some minutes he also slept off. 



"Your highness,you called for me" A guard said as he entered Irene's room,she had a glass of wine in her hand,she was already in her nightie. 

"I heard some voices earlier,what's going on?" Irene asked. 

"Oh,it's the princess who wanted the king but I think the king is asleep" The guard explained. 

Irene kept quiet,wondering what Louisa might want at that particular time of the night,then she asked.."Is there anyone with the king?" 

"I have no idea your highness,but I heard some guards talking about it that the King's slave went into the King's chamber and she's not out yet" The guard replied and Irene nodded. 

"I see....you can go" 

The guard bowed and walked out. 

Irene gulped down the wine and dropped the empty glass on the table. 

"What does he think he's doing?" She breathe out. Her thought was interrupted by the sudden opening of the door,Arielle came in. 

"Hey sis" She called and Irene stood up from the chair she was on. 

"Hey little sis" She smiled. 

Arielle walked over to her and hugged her. 

"Did something happened?" Irene asked,stroking her hair gently. 

"I'm lonely and bored in my room,can I sleep with you tonight?" Arielle asked and Irene chuckled. 

"Are you scared because of the rain?" She asked. 

"No I'm not" Arielle said immediately and Irene laughed. 

"Fine,let's sleep together. I've missed you a lot anyway" she said and they climbed the bed together,Arielle hugged her. 

"Now you're acting like the five years old Arielle" Irene muttered. 

"I was really cute back then" Arielle said. 

"So now you're not cute again?" Irene teased.

"I am,but back then......When Brielle's mom take care of her and do all stuffs for her,it was you and brother who were there for me" Arielle said. 

"Because it's our responsibilities,Mom left you for us to take care of" Irene said. 

"I miss those times,but sometimes I always wish I had a mom like Brielle,but then when I remember that you're my sister and brother is my brother,and now he's the king,I always feel proud. You know,she have just the queen while I have the king and the sweetest sis in the world" Arielle muttered. 

"You don't have to compare yourself with her you know? Maybe that's the reason why you two don't get along,I see Brielle as my sister also,same with Cyrus,he love Brielle just the way he loves you. So I hope you two have that mindset one day" Irene said. 

"I don't think we can ever get along" Arielle scoffed. 

"You can,and you will. But don't force it,trust me it will happen naturally" Irene said. 

"Now go on and sleep,you have to go to school tomorrow" she added. 

"Goodnight sis" Arielle closed her eyes. 

"Goodnight baby" Irene kissed her hair and also closed her eyes. 



"Your majesty,it's just fifteen days to the queen's coronation and we have the list of the royalties coming from different kingdoms" 

"We've been preparing this event for the past few weeks and we are sure it's going to be the best queen's coronation ever your majesty" 

"We will like to know if you want us to do anything else or carry out any ceremony on that day"......

King Cyrus said nothing as the royal councils and elders kept on talking,Jerome and Jericho exchanged glances. 

"Your majesty" Jerome called gently and he looked up,he seems to be lost in thought. 

"I have nothing to say,just do it the way you've always have" King Cyrus said. 

"Talking about this,your majesty we received an apology letter from Silver palace,the king made it known that he won't be present because of a business,so with this,he sent his first son,Prince Zayne to come in his place" 

King Cyrus almost frowned but then he calmed down. 

"I don't think there's a need for representatives,if he wouldn't be here,the son don't have to" he said. 

"I think prince Zayne finally decided to let go of the rivalry your majesty,he sent a message to the right council president last night that he would make sure he's here even before the d-day" 

King Cyrus scoffed. 

"If that is all,y'all are dismissed" He ordered. 

They all bowed and started walking out one after the other. King Cyrus turned to Jerome. 

"What is it I'm doing next?" He asked. 

"Your majesty,I think you should eat first,you refused to have breakfast" Jerome replied. 

"I guess I have some left over reports in my office to attend to, bring them over to my chamber and call Moana for me" The king said. 

"Okay your majesty" Jerome and Jericho said. 

The king stood up and they followed him out of the throne room,other guards joined them outside.

They got to the King's chamber and met Irene waiting outside. 

"Your majesty" She smiled. 

"Why are you outside?" King Cyrus asked and then turned to the guards standing there with an angry look. 

"It was me who decided to wait,not their fault" Irene said and he faced her back. 

"What is the matter?" He asked. 

"Let's go in" Irene said. 

King Cyrus and Irene went inside. 

"You look worried" Irene said. 

"No,I'm fine" King Cyrus said as they sat down together. 

"So.....I discovered that Hector and the queen are after something,a lot of things. Don't you think it's time to do things right and let him know where he stands?" Irene asked. 

"Do you have to ask me? Do things anyhow you want,I've been waiting for you" King Cyrus said and Irene nodded. 

"The queen might get upset...."

"I will give you my permission letter,she wouldn't have a choice. Spoiling her plan is what I am after" The king said and Irene smiled

"I'm glad you know she's not what she show she is" Irene muttered. 

"I have something else to say" She added and King Cyrus raised his brows. 

"Moana.....she spent the night here,am I right?" Irene asked. 

"You always know things even if I don't tell you anything" King Cyrus mumbled. 

"I think you should be careful,you know what would happen if news....."

"I'm not worried about that at all,trust me sis." King Cyrus said and Irene smirked. 

"Don't tell me you've....."

"What are you thinking? I've not done anything yet,trust me...but I'm planning to" He said and Irene laughed. 

"You will never change,but then...you have to be careful,queen Karina only want your downfall and I won't be surprised if she knows what happened last night. I know you're not worried but then again,if things get out of hand,Moana will be the one who suffer the most,you know that right?? So if you want to protect her,you can't let anyone find out until you have a solution to whatever you're planning" Irene said.  

King Cyrus nodded. 

"I will see you later" Irene stood up,she got to the entrance and saw Moana coming in with Jericho and Jerome who were carrying boxes in their hands. 

"Hey pretty" She smiled.

"Your highness" Moana also smiled as she bowed. 

"Thanks for the other day"

"It's nothing,enjoy your day" Irene smiled and walked away. 

They all entered the King's chamber,Jerome and Jericho went to drop the boxes in the library while Moana proceeded to the King's bedroom but wasn't there. 

She had to keep on standing there and after few minutes,the king came out,he was now putting on a casual outfit and different thoughts filled Moana's head when he showed up. 

He look so insanely hot,the royal robe and jacket doesn't hide his hotness but still,dressing like every normal guy makes him more than hot. 

"You called for me my king" Moana said.

King Cyrus pushed his hands into his pockets.

"Have you eaten?" He asked.

Moana bite her lips,she don't want to lie but at the same time,is she supposed to tell the king that she haven't?. 

"I have a lot of work for you today,let's eat first"  King Cyrus said and walked out of the room,Moana immediately followed him and they entered the dinning room. 

The king sat down and Moana started dishing out the meals,her stomach began making noise while she inhale the aroma. 

"I'm sorry" she apologized and held her tummy. 

King Cyrus chuckled and she bite her lips. 

"You're always sorry for everything Ana" He said. 

"I'm....." Moana shook her head and continue what she was doing,after she finished,she sat down. 

The king added more to her side and she looked at him. 

"Stop staring and eat up,you're hungry" he said.

"My king,that's not really nice" Moana pouted and he chuckled. 



"Your highness,here's the information you asked for" Zayne's PA said,placing the info on the table,Zayne rolled the seat he was sitting on and faced him. 

"Are you sure you got everything?" He asked. 

"Of course your highness,I did. Check it out" 

Zayne removed it from the envelope,he only read for a minute before raising his head in shock. 

"She works in Red Gold Castle?" He asked. 

"Yes your highness,heard she's King Cyrus's special slave girl" The PA replied. 

"I see" Zayne muttered and fold his fists. 

"Send a letter to the palace that I will be there as early as possible for the coronation so they should prepare a space for me" He said. 

"Yes your majesty" 

The PA left the office and Zayne chuckled. 

"Why is she his slave?" He asked no one in particular but then smiled. 

"I will see you soon sexy" he said and grinned. 



"I don't know why we keep having customers over,can't I just take a rest?" Jimmie asked the manager. 

"Hey kid,stop complaining. I already told you another girl will be joining you tomorrow so it won't be so hard anymore" The manager said. 

"You should have told her to start today" Jimmie scoffed,adding enough cream to the coffee he was making. 

"Geez,he's so tough to handle" The manager muttered when Jimmie finally left for the customer's table. 

"Wow,you're so handsome. What's your name?" One of the girls Jimmie was serving asked. 

Jimmie kept quiet and continue serving them. 

"Come on cutie,I just want to know" The girl said and touched Jimmie's bicep since he had his sleeve rolled up. 

Jimmie looked at her. 

"Don't you think touching a stranger like that is bad?" He asked and the girl smiled. 

"You finally replied me,your voice is cute" She blushed. 

Jimmie rolled his eyes and dropped the last cup. 

"I want something else,any snacks?" The girl asked as Jimmie was about leaving. 

"Check the menu" Jimmie said and the girl started checking,she would look up and glance at Jimmie every second 

"Where's the waiter?" Someone suddenly asked from another side of the café. 

"I'm coming.... " Jimmie turned at once but was surprised to see Brielle looking at him with a frown. 

"I'm not done with you yet" The girl grabbed Jimmie's hand when turned to go. 

"You're not ready,call me when you know what you want" Jimmie said and left,he walked over to Brielle. 

"When did you get here..... "

"Do you allow girls touch you anyhow?" Brielle snapped.

"Brielle not here......"

"I'm talking because I'm so f**king mad right now,why would you expose your bicep for her to even think of touching? And why were you still standing calmly after she touched you? She was flirting with you!" Brielle said. 

Jimmie sighed out. 

"Brielle,are you going to order something or not" He asked. 

"I don't want you to work here anymore"  Brielle said. 

"What are saying? Where am I supposed to work? Do you think I'm rich like you......"

"Become my driver" Brielle said.

"What??" Jimmie's eyes widened. .

"I would have prefer if you don't work at all but I know you will never agree to that,so be my driver" Brielle said and brought out the form on the table,Jimmie gave her a shocking look. 

"I will pay you daily,five hundred dollars everyday" She said and Jimmie's eyes widened. 


"Sign here and we start immediately,I'm sure you don't even earn that kind of money if you work a full year here" Brielle said. 

Jimmie sighed. 

"Is that the amount you pay your drivers or you're trying to......"

"That's it,because it's you" Brielle cut in. 

"Then I'm not interested" Jimmie muttered and left her table.

"Hey Kiddo!!" Brielle called but he ignored her. 

"Geez" Brielle bit her lips. 

She got up and walked over to Jimmie,she dropped the application form there. 

"Tell me anytime you're ready" She said and walked away. 

Jimmie took it and exhaled. 

"What is she trying to do now?" He muttered. 


"I'm coming" He immediately put it into his pocket and went to take the customer's orders. 



Moana groaned out tiredly and dropped the pen in her hand. 

"I'm done your majesty" she said excitedly and the king smiled,they've been working for hours. 

"Weldone" the king said and touched her hair. 

"Thank you my king" Moana smiled.  

"Tell me anything you want,it will be done" King Cyrus said

"Huh?" Moana couldn't believe her ears. 

The king nodded. 

"I'm serious,just mention anything" He said and Moana bit her lips nervously. 

"Don't be scared" King Cyrus said. 

"I......I don't know if it's going to be possible but.......can you just..overlook my parents debt??" Moana said and stood up,she went on her knees and the king blinked his eyes. 

"The truth is.....I don't think they will ever be able to pay,even if I spend years here,we are just that poor. I don't want my parents to ignore my brother who is in school just because they want to pay up and let me out of here,you can hold me here with you but can you just give my parents assurance that they don't have to pay anymore?" Moana asked. 

"If I do that....it means just one thing......you are willing to sacrifice yourself because of your parents?" King Cyrus asked and Moana looked up. 

"Because......I'm not planning to let you go Ana" The king said. 


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