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Moana Mulan - Episode 39 & 40




Moana Mulan - Episode 39 & 40

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"I want you beside me all night,Ana" King Cyrus said and Moana felt her throat become dry,she kept on staring at the King's face speechlessly. 

"What,you want to go back?" King Cyrus asked. 

Moana gently shook her her and the king proceeded to unbotton her uniform,it dropped on the floor,the King's eyes buried on her chest,the singlet she had on already became became a bit transparent,due to the rain which made it wet. 

She wasn't wearing a bra anymore since it was night,she never planned to even take so long in the King's chamber when she was wearing her uniform. 

The king could see her firm bréast from it,looking pretty and white like her skin,but her standing nipples almost made him go crazy,no matter how he wanted to turn and just stop staring,he couldn't.

Moana took her lips in,she avoided the King's face totally,she was more embarrassed than to be called shy or nervous. 

"Don't worry.....even though you said I could use you anyhow,I wouldn't do anything" King Cyrus muttered and Moana quickly looked at him. 

"That wasn't what I meant my king" She said 

"So,use me anyhow,what was the meaning?" He asked. 

"I mean...I will continue serving you with my whole heart and do anything you want" Moana said. 

"Do you want to take your bath and eat with me?" King Cyrus asked.

"I'm not hungry" Moana said but her stomach betrayed her by making noise. 

"I....will have my bath" Moana said shyly. The king chuckled and nodded. She bowed and walked away,she entered the restroom and exhaled. 

"What's going on? Why is he suddenly acting this way? Me? Sleeping here? I'm surely dying if the princess find out" Moana said to herself as she entered the bathroom. 

She stripped naked and went under the shower,after bathing for some minutes,she looked around. 

"Am I supposed to use the King's towel?" She asked,she sighed and left the bathroom,she entered the towel storage room,she was about looking for one to take out of the numerous when she saw the neatly packed night Robe placed on the table. 

"For me?" She asked soundly but yet nervously,she walked closer to the table and took it. It was a robe and a hair towel. 

"I might die if it's not for me" She mumbled and put it on,she tied the hair towel also,she checked herself in the mirror and smiled but quickly walked out and left the restroom.

Getting back to the bedroom,the king was still there sitting on the bed,waiting. He looked up to see Moana. 

"My king I found this...." King Cyrus stood up,cutting her statement short,he grabbed her hand and took her to the dinning room,he sat down and gave Moana the go ahead sign. 

She dished out the meal for the king,she tasted it and dropped the cutleries. 

"Aren't you going to eat?" King Cyrus asked. 

"I will eat when you're done my king" Moana said and he sighed. 

"Sit down and eat with me Ana" He said. 

"Oh....thank you" Moana muttered and sat down,it felt awkward but because she was hungry,she started digging in the delicious meal. 



Jimmie and Brielle stared at the heavy downpour of the rain through the window,instead of going home,they had spent the whole day together,And now finally,they are both stuck inside the cinema house which was already empty. 

"This is all your fault,you suggested we watch a movie" Brielle muttered 

"How is this my fault? I wanted to go home so badly but you said spending time with me is what you want,furthermore,who advised you to park your car in a public garage and walk instead?" Jimmie asked. 

"I just wanted to know how walking in the street feels like...."

"You should have just maintained your royal status and go everywhere with your car,so stop blaming me. The garage is about thirty minutes from here,we can't possibly enter this rain" Jimmie said and sat down.

Brielle also sat next to him. 

"Honestly,today was really fun. Especially with you" she muttered and Jimmie kept quiet. 

"I'm cold" Brielle said,rubbing her arms. 

"You should try putting on clothes with long sleeves" Jimmie said. 

"I love short clothes,I would dress like a guy if that's what you want" Brielle said. 

"Do whatever you want" Jimmie muttered and pulled off his jacket and handed over to her. 

"Here" He said. 

"Wear it for me" Brielle grinned and raised her arms. 

Jimmie started wearing for her but in the process she hugged him. 


"Don't push me away" Brielle muttered,she got up and sat down on his laps. 

"What are you doing" Jimmie whispers.

"Why are you whispering? We are the only one here,the security is outside and he said we can even spend the night here if the rain doesn't stop" Brielle said. 

"So what?"

Brielle touched his hair as she stared at his lips. 

"I don't think I can stop myself" she said. 

"What are you saying...." Brielle's lips landed on his own before he could finish,the jacket he was wearing for her dropped on the floor,Brielle changed position on his laps,her legs both on his sides as she faced him completely without breaking the kiss. 

Jimmie pushed him back gently. 

"Brielle,you need to stop this" He said.

"I told you,.....I can't" Brielle muttered and tried kissing him again. 

"This is a cinema" Jimmie cautioned.

"What,are you concerned? You don't want your first time to be in a cinema?" Brielle teased.

"Hey" Jimmie frowned. 

"But I am right" Brielle winked. 

"Fine,you're right" Jimmie said. 

"But I'm quite naughty" Brielle whispers.

"Don't try anything" Jimmie immediately said and Brielle laughed.

"I won't" She muttered and placed her head on Jimmy's chest,Jimmie took his jacket on the floor and covered her with it. 

"Damn kiddo,you smell so good" Brielle muttered,inhaling his scent.

"Stop sniffing,it's annoying" Jimmie said. 

"I can't help it" Brielle said,hugging him. 

"I'm dead" Jimmie said inwardly,he was even finding it hard to breathe. 



The queen's guard entered and bowed to the queen who was sitting down. 

"Any news?" Queen Karina asked. 

"The King's slave entered the King's chamber minutes ago and she's not out yet" The guard said 

"Is she the only one there?" Queen Karina asked. 

"Yes your highness,the king sent everyone else out" The garage replied and the queen smiled. 

"Perfect" She muttered.



King Cyrus already finished eating and now his focus was on Moana who was still eating,he dropped his cutlery and kept on staring at her. Moana drank water from the glass cup and then saw the king staring. 

"My king,do you need anything?" she asked. 

"Are you done?" Kiing Cyrus asked and Moana made a gentle nod. She got up

"Where are you going?" The king asked. 

"I'm going to pack and do the dishes" Moana muttered. 

King Cyrus stood up,he walked over to Moana,he stood in front of her and unexpectedky,he held her waist and lifted her up,a gasp escaped Moana's mouth and then he placed her on the table. 

Moana swallowed hard,their eyes locked,the king came in between her thighs. 

"Why?" King Cyrus asked. 

"Huh?" Moana gave him a naive and confused look. 

"Why are you so pretty?" He asked and Moana took her lips in. He caress her cheeks sweetly,Moana's heart was beating so fast as he touched her but at the same time,she don't want it to end so soon. 

King Cyrus gently untie the hair towel and her hair fell all over her shoulder,he smiled and pulled them behind her ears. 

"Am I making you uncomfortable?" King Cyrus asked. 

"No" Moana muttered immediately and the king giggled. 

He slowly came closer to her face,his fresh breath hitting her face almost made her act stupid but she stood still without moving,as the King kept coming closer,she closed her eyes,awaiting the kiss when suddenly.....

"Your majesty,Princess Louisa is here!!" They heard the announcer and Moana opened her eyes,the king also stopped. 

"Your majesty!" 

King Cyrus wanted to move back,Moana grabbed his robe and pulled him back,she gave him her cute puppy expression. 

"Your majesty,this is really important,can you open the door?" Louisa said from outside. 

The king and Moana were still staring at each other,Moana still holding him without letting go,and in the last minute,their lips slammed against each others own. 

"Your Majesty!!" Louisa called again. 

King Cyrus squeezed her @ss and she moaned softly into his mouth,the kiss was filled with so much crave and hotness but then the king broke the kiss. 

He looked at Moana's grip on his robe.

"You can let go,I'm not leaving you" He muttered and Maoana released him,the king slammed his lips on her own again and another hot kiss started. 

"Baby!!" Came Another scream from Louisa. 


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