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Moana Mulan - Episode 37 & 38




Moana Mulan - Episode 37 & 38

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



King Cyrus disengaged from the hug after a while and Moana picked up the shirt. After he put it on,she helped him button up and finally moved back. 

"So how was your break?" The king questioned. 

"I don't know why you reduced my break to one day my king,but I had fun with my brother last night,I didn't realize how much I missed him until last night. And I managed to put a smile on his face thanks to the princess" Moana said. 

"Princess?" King Cyrus raised his brows  and Moana bit her lip. 

"I don't know if I should tell you" She muttered. 

"Then don't say it,tell me more about how you spent your break,you didn't meet anyone?" King Cyrus asked. 

"No I didn't" Moana shook her head. 


"Of course,I went straight home. I went to where my brother work in the evening and we went out to have dinner together,we returned home together and....that's it" Moana muttered,avoiding the King's face as he kept on staring at her. 

"Your majesty,Princess Louisa is here!" The announcer said loudly and Moana immediately moved far away from the king. 

"Let her in" King Cyrus said and Louisa came in,she frowned when she saw Moana. 

"When did she get back?" She asked,glaring. 

"You can go" King Cyrus said to Moana and she walked out instantly. 

"Why are you here?" The king asked Louisa.

"I'm sorry about last night" She walked closer with a soft face,she adjusted the king's collar and faced him again. 

"I'm sorry" She repeated,looking into his eyes. 

"It's okay" The king said. 

"Your majesty,it's time to leave" Jerome said from outside. 

Louisa smiled. "I will be waiting" she said. 

Jericho and Jerome came in at the same time,they bowed and the king nodded. 

"Let's go" He pushed his hands into his pocket and walked out,they followed him. 


Moana watched from afar as the king entered the car and the guards closed the door,the car drove out and other cars followed. 

"Do they follow him around every time,like this?" She asked no one in particular. 

"Moana?" She heard her name and she looked back,it was another maid. 

"Hey" Moana said,curious to know what she wanted to say to her,coz as far as she's concerned,none of those maids ever spoke to her,aside Amelia. They don't even know her name. 

"Princess Louisa summoned you" The maid said and Moana's eyes grew wide. 

"What did you just say?" She asked again. 

"The princess want you in her suite" The maid repeated and Moana inhaled,she followed the maid nevertheless. 



Louisa sat down,waiting patiently for Moana to come in,a smirk was visible on her face as she remembered what the queen told her the previous day. 


"What are you talking about your highness" Louisa asked queen Karina. 

"I'm telling you to make sure she stay away from the king,that girl have another motive,you're just too blind to know Louisa" Queen Karina said. 

"Honestly,I know. But I can't do anything because he's always angry when it comes to me doing anything to her" Louisa said. 

"You're now in the palace,and the king knows how things would turn out If he Favour his slave girl more than the future queen" Queen Karina said and Louisa smiled. 

"I know,he wouldn't do that" She said. 

"Then this is your time to send her out,if you don't want to loose the king" Queen Karina said 

"I will never allow that to happen,the king is mine and mine alone" Louisa said and the queen nodded. 


The door opened and Moana came in gently,she avoided Louisa's glaring eyes. 

"I'm here...your highness" Moana said.

"Good,I want you to clean my suite for me" Louisa said and Moana looked at her. 

"Your highness......"

"Are you trying to decline? You won't do it?" Louisa stood up. 

"That's not it,I....there are other maids who are to do the job" Moana said. 

"So you're saying I'm a fool for asking you to do it?" Louisa frowned. 

"No" Moana said. 

"Then why are you complaining?" 

"The king......" Louisa slapped her hardly the moment she mentioned the king. 

"How dare you bring my husband to this conversation?!! How dare you!!!" She yelled angrily. 

Moana held her cheek,it already became so red from the hard slap. 

"What,are you going to slap me back?" Louisa asked and Moana shook her head. 

"If you dare tell him about this,consider yourself dead. Start" Louisa said and sat down. 



Princess Irene stepped down from her car looking pretty as always,she carried her bag and used her fingers to wave back her hair. She was about going inside when she heard her name,making her turn. 

"Wow,it's really you" Elliot said,smiling. 

"Elliot!" Irene called looking excited to see him. 

Elliot walked over to her and they both hugged each other. 

"I've missed you so much" Elliot said 

"I don't believe you" Irene shook her head. 

"I'm for real,believe me" 

"And you haven't visited me for once since I got back? I'm sure my brother told you" Irene scoffed. 

"Fine I'm sorry,let's say....this lunch is on me" Elliot said. 

"I'm planning to eat a lot tho" 

"Anything for you" Elliot winked and they both went in together. 



Jimmie already left his two friends inside the class,he was in a hurry to go home and he doesn't even know why,ignoring all the voices calling his name,he kept on walking. Until he saw Arielle. 

"Hey Jimmie" She waved at him and Jimmie smiled. 

"Hi" He said. 

"Are you going home already? I can drop you" Arielle said. 


"I insist" Arielle said and Jimmie sighed,he almost took a step to and meet Arielle. 

"If you follow her then don't talk to me again" Brielle appeared and Jimmie looked at her. 


"I'm serious" Brielle said. 

Jimmie looked at Arielle. 

"It's fine,see you tomorrow" Arielle smiled at him and entered her car,she drove off. 

"What is wrong with you for goodness sake" Jimmie groaned. 

"I gave you the chance to reject me again but you didn't" Brielle glared at him. 

"That has nothing to do with this,she just wanted to help" Jimmie said. 

"I am here to help you anytime,you think I will stay away just because you rejected me? We are still friends,get in,I will take you home...."

"I'm not interested" Jimmie muttered and started walking away. 

"Jimmie!!" Brielle screamed and Jimmie stopped. 

"Until you learn how to treat people right,don't talk to me either" He said to her and walked away. 

"Hey Jimmie!!! Jimmie!!" Brielle kept on calling but he never looked back. 

"Brielle" Andrew appeared and Brielle faced him. 

"Do you wanna have coffee with me??" He asked. 

"No,she's going with me" The voice said at the back and Brielle immediately turned to see Jimmie looking at Andrew. 

Andrew frowned. 

"What do you mean by she's leaving with you?" He asked. 

"You can ask her" Jimmie said and Andrew turned to Brielle,she nodded. 

"Go start the car" Jimmie told her and like that she walked to her car. 

"What the f**k do you think you're doing?" Andrew glared at Jimmie. 

"You started it Andrew,I never wanted to be in any silly competition with you but you started it,that girl from the party,it was you right? You were trying to get Brielle's reaction" Jimmie said. 

"I don't know what you're talking about" Andrew said and Jimmie nodded. 

"Then good" He muttered and went to join Brielle in the car,she smiled and drove off. 

"Why did you change your mind? Were you jealous?" She asked. 

"Coming back doesn't mean I want to talk to you,do you get it?" Jimmie said blankly. 

Brielle kept quiet and continue driving.



It was a cold night,the rain was falling so heavily and the breeze was blowing coldly. 

Inside the King's chamber,he just finished having his bath,it turned out that he came home late today also. 

King Cyrus walked out of the restroom after freshening up,he expected to meet Moana in his chamber since he haven't seen her since he got back to the palace,but still no sight of her. 

"Where is she?" He mumbled and walked into the dressing room,he put on his night wear and came out again. 

He could hear the sound of the rain becoming even more heavier on the roof. 

"Your majesty,dinner is here!" 

"Let them in" the king said immediately,expecting to see Moana but was confused when the maids came in without Moana.

"Good evening your Majesty" They all bowed before proceeding into the dinning room. 

Jericho came inside after that. 

"Where's Moana?" King Cyrus asked. 

"The court lady said she's sick your majesty" Jericho said and the king frowned. 

"But she was fine this morning" He said. 

"That's right your majesty" Jericho replied. 

"Tell her I summon her" King Cyrus said. 

"Yes your majesty...."

"Take the maids with you while leaving" The king cut in and left him. 


Moana ran in the rain till she entered the royal building,she exhaled. The reason why she's trying to avoid the king is because of her red cheek,even after so many hours,anyone would see that something happened to her there. 

After walking for some minutes,she got to the King's chamber and the guards opened the door for her at once. She entered,the living room was empty so she walked into the bedroom and there was the king,standing,their eyes met. 

"My king" Moana bowed,folding her already wet uniform. 

"Why didn't you ask for an umbrella before coming here? I thought you are sick" King Cyrus said. 

Moana bite her cold lips and the King's eyes fell on her cheek. 

"Why's your cheek like that?" He asked. 

"I.....it's....a reaction" Moana mumbled.

King Cyrus walked to her. 

"Are you lying to me right now?" He asked. 

"No your majesty I'm not......"

"Why are you so nervous?" The king cut her off and she swallowed. 

"Tell me what happened" he said gently. 

Moana bite her lips and then broke into tears confusing the king. 


"Please stop asking me what happened to me.... Please" She said,still crying. 

"Fine,I won't ask you again,now can you stop crying?" King Cyrus asked and Moana sniffs and exhaled. 

There was silence,Moana's face was buried to the floor,she didn't raise her head up not even once,on the other hand,the King's eyes were on her. He suddenly noticed she was shivering,probably from the cold. 

He moved closer to her and Moana raised her head up. 

"Don't move" He muttered and began to unbutton Moana's uniform,she looked up at him. 

"My king....."

"You should take it off,you're cold" King Cyrus said. 

"I will do that when I get back to my room...."

"You really think I'm letting you out of here tonight?" The king asked and Moana bashed her lashes.

"What....are you....talking about?" She asked. 

"I want you beside me all night,Ana" King Cyrus said and Moana felt her throat become dry. 


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