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Moana Mulan - Episode 35 & 36




Moana Mulan - Episode 35 & 36

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R




Irene stepped down from the car and all the guards started bowing one after the other,she handed her bag to one of them as they led her into the company. 

The staffs started greeting and bowing respectfully. 

👥 Good morning princess!

👥 Welcome back your highness!

👥 Good Morning your highness. 

Irene smiled at them all till she entered the elevator. 

"Is anyone in the office?" Irene asked the guard beside her holding her bag. 

"Sir Hector is there princess" He replied and Irene nodded. 

"Nice" She muttered. 

They got to the first floor where the CEO office is and Irene turned to the guard. 

"You can leave from here" She said and took her bag from him,she stopped in front of the door and opened the door with her palm print and it opened at once. Hector was in the office,he looked up and saw Irene. 

"Oops,you were here?" Irene grinned and  walked deeper into the office,looking around. 

"I didn't know you got transferred into this office in my absence" she said. 

"Why are you here?" Hector asked and Irene faced him. 

"I think I should be asking that question,not you" She said and Hector raised his brows. 

"Coz this position doesn't belong to you in the first place" Irene added. 

"It's not totally yours either" Hector said. 

"Oh....I love challenges. But anyway,I'm not here to argue with you,but to tell you...the clock is clicking,very soon,you will have to step down. Till then,I will be watching you from afar,how you will manage to take care of my father's company for these past years. See you later....Hector" Irene winked at him and walked out of the office. 

Hector fold his hands angrily,he felt like screaming out but then he didn't,he surpressed his anger forcefully and sat down before letting out a loud breath. 



Jimmie was quite busy when Moana came into the café,she walked over to him but his face was buried and focused on what he was doing that he didn't notice. 

"Anyone here?" Moana asked. 

"Please you can go take a seat,I will come over in a minute to take your order" Jimmie said without looking up. 

"Well sorry I want you instead" Moana said and Jimmie looked up. 

"Moana!" He screamed and quickly rushed out of where he was,he ran to Moana and hugged her tightly,lifting her up. 

"Hey!" Moana hit his back and he dropped her and started checking her body. 

"It's really you,wow are you back for real? Oh thank goodness you have no scar on your body,I thought they would treat you so bad,I'm so happy" He rushed his words and hugged her again. 

"I'm going back tomorrow" Moana said and Jimmie frowned. 

"What?! But why?!" He asked. 

"The king only gave me a break,it was supposed to be two days,I dont know why he changed his mind...so that's why I'm here,we can go and have fun" Moana smiled.

"But....I'm still working" Jimmie mumbled. 

"Where's your boss?" Moana asked,just as she asked,the manager appeared. 

"Oh,there he is" Jimmie said and Moana walked over to him. 

"Hi" Moana said,letting out her pretty smile,the manager's mouth opened that he couldn't close it back as he stared at Moana. 

"Can you please let my brother follow me! It's really important and...."

"Of course he can,I don't even mind giving him a break" The manager said and Jimmie's eyes widened. 

"Are you for real?" He asked. 

"Oh please,stop making it sound like I'm a bad person,go with your sister" He said and Jimmie grinned. 

Moana faced him.

"I will wait for you outside,hurry up" She said and went out. 

"Is that really your sister?" The manager asked and Jimmie nodded as he packed his bag. 

"Wow,now I see. Your family is so blessed with beauty,f**k she's so sexy......" He stopped when Jimmie glared at him. 

"I'm just admiring....."

"Don't do it" Jimmie said coldly.


"Then,goodnight" Jimmie smiled out his dimples and walked out. 

"Okay I didn't know he can be so scary when he's serious" The manager muttered. 

"Hey Moana" Jimmie hugged her from the back. 

"Back off if you love your hand" Moana said and Jimmie groaned before leaving her. 

"You don't know how much I missed you right?" He pouted.

Moana smiled and faced him. 

"I missed you too" She pulled his cheek. 

"Doesn't look like you really do" Jimmie scoffed. 

"Oh come on,you know I love you" Moana said. 

"I love you more,I miss fighting with you but I miss your hug more" Jimmie muttered. 

"But by the way,you look happier than I expected,Is the palace that good?" Jimmie asked. 

"The king is good to me at least" Moana smiled. 

"Okay I wasn't expecting that,what about the princesses?" Jimmie asked. 

"The princesses....we don't really see each other on daily basis,I've only spoken to Arielle once" Moana said and Jimmie nodded. 

"Where are we going?" Jimmie asked. 

"On a date" Moana winked and Jimmie smiled. 

They boarded a taxi after that. 



Moana and Jimmie are both sitting while facing each other and eating. 

"Where did you see the money though?" Jimmie asked with his mouth full of chicken. 

"Hey,what if your girlfriend comes in and see your mouth like this?" Moana asked. 

"I don't have a girlfriend" Jimmie said and Moana laughed. 

"Are you kidding me? All those girls running after you,where are they?" She asked. 

"I will prefer the ones I run after,not the ones who run after me" Jimmie said. 

"Oh wow,I see. Playboy finally dropped a quote...."

"You know I'm not a playboy" Jimmie said 

"Yeah sure,I trust my brother. Please get a girlfriend soon,your cuteness is a waste at this point" Moana said. 

"What if she's older than me?" Jimmie asked and Moana spit out the drink in her mouth. 

"What? Like sugar mummy?" She asked with wide eyes. 

"No,like your age....."

"Then she's your sister" Moana said and Jimmie rolled his eyes 

"Can you be more serious please?"

"Okay fine fine,she's like my age?" Moana asked and Jimmie nodded. 

"So you have a crush on her?" Moana teased.

"Maybe" Jimmie muttered. 

"So you don't want to proceed because of age?...."

"No,not just that,a lot of reasons" Jimmie said. 

"I can guess,she's a rich kid and you're worried it might not work..."

"Exactly" Jimmie cut in and Moana shook her head. 

"I'm in that kind of situation too" she muttered. 

"Let's skip talking about that" Jimmie said and Moana nodded.

"So you're going back tomorrow,I wish I can punch the king in the face right now,how dare he?" Jimmie faked anger and Moana laughed.

"You're so cute please,I missed you so badly." she said and finally brought out the money Irene gave her. 

"Here,it's a gift for getting into college" She said and Jimmie's eyes widened. 

"Are you....."

"The princess gave me when I was coming,the older princess" Moana said. 

"Then use it for yourself" Jimmie said. 

"You're the boy,you're the one in college,I don't need to buy clothes or food. Just go get some things with it" Moana put it into his bag.

"I love you" Jimmie muttered and Moana smiled. 

"I love you more" She said.



King Cyrus entered his chamber after the long day,he already stopped any maids from coming into his chamber tonight,he just wanted to take his bath and sleep off,he started pulling off his jacket right from the the living room but the moment he entered his bedroom,there was Louisa laying on the bed,he stopped walking. 

"My king" Louisa smiled and immediately jumped out of bed,she went to hug him,she was only putting on her nightie. 

"I missed you alot" She said. 

"What are you doing here?" King Cyrus asked. 

"I knew you might be a little bit moody when you get back,so I prepared myself as a gift...."

"Go back to your suite Louisa,I'm not in the mood for that" King Cyrus muttered. 

"I will make that happen okay? I want you tonight" Louisa said. 

"Is that all you're thinking about right now? I'm f**king tired! You didn't even ask me how my day went,maybe I'm tired,do I need help with something,you want to have s*x? Really?" King Cyrus nagged. 

Louisa sighed out.

"You never appreciated it whenever I ask anyway" She said. 

"That's because your mode of approach are irritating" The king said and Louisa looked at him. 

"Baby,I am your future wife,not your slave girl,what mode of approach do you need....."

"So you can't speak well just because you're my fiancee? I am not ready for this argument Louisa,please leave" King Cyrus said. 

"I'm sleeping right here and that's it" Louisa snapped. 

"Havw you forgotten the rules already? You can't sleep here until after the wedding,what are you thinking?" 

"We can just have a quickie and I will be fine,nobody will know if you don't tell them,so are you in or not" She asked and King Cyrus stare at her speechlessly. 

"Get out!!!!" He suddenly yelled and Louisa flinched. 

Four guards rushed in at once. 

"Your majesty!" They called. 

"Get out or I order them to throw you out" the king glared at Louisa and pushed her out of his way before going into the bathroom. 

Louisa wore her robe angrily and stormed out. 


Laying inside the bathroom with his eyes closed while he smoked his cigarette carefully,his mind drifted to Moana. 

*Is there anything you need?*

*My King are you okay?*

*What can I help you with?*

He could hear all those things in Moana's voice and he didn't know when a smile escaped his lips but it faded away almost immediately. 

He continue smoking and stopped himself from thinking any further. 



It was all quiet as the dresser styles the king's hair,the king was looking too gloomy for a day start. 

"Your majesty,are you okay? We can cancel your schedule for the day if you are tired...."

"Is she back?" King Cyrus cut Jerome off. 

"No she's not your majesty" Jericho answered and King Cyrus nodded. 

"Your majesty,I'm all done. I'm bringing in your shirt" The royal dresser said. 

"Your majesty!! The king's slave is here!!" They heard the announcer and King Cyrus raised his head immediately. 

"Tell him to let her in" he said to Jerome and he immediately left,seconds later he came back in with Moana. 

"Good morning my king,I'm sorry I'm late" Moana apologized. 

The maids started exchanged glances. 

King Cyrus cleared his throat. 

"Everyone...leave. She will do the rest" he said. 

"Yes your majesty" 

Like that,everyone exit the chamber and Moana moved forward,she didn't look up seeing the king's naked chest. 

She gently took the shirt and tried wearing it for him without looking up. 

Meanwhile,King Cyrus was enjoying the show,he didn't move,he was staring at her face. 

"My king,please can you raise your hand up a little?" Moana asked still not looking up. 

King Cyrus ignored her and gently wrapped his arms around her waist,hugging her to himself,Moana's eyes widened. 

"My king" She called in a whisper. 

"I missed you.....Moana" he whispered into her ear and she froze,the shirt in her hand dropped. 

"A lot" The king added and held her waist even more closer. 

"My king....someone might...."

"Don't say a word" King Cyrus said and Moana bit her lip. 

"What if I talk?" She asked in a cute voice. 

"I'm going to touch you for real this time" King Cyrus muttered and Moana blushed but she didn't make it obvious. 

"The princess will kill me then" She muttered. 

"Last warning" King Cyrus said. 

"I'm sorry my king" Moana smiled and hugged him back,she closed her eyes inhaling his sweet fragrance. 


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