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Moana Mulan - Episode 33 & 34




Moana Mulan - Episode 33 & 34

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"Even though you're so cold and harsh sometimes,I want to keep on seeing your face....please" she added,tears dropping from her eyes. 

"Don't cry" King Cyrus said and Moana immediately wiped her tears. 

"Fine I won't give you a break anymore" He added and Moana nodded like a child. 

"But I know you want to see your family at least,am I right?" The king asked. 

"Yes my king" Moana said. 

"Then,I'm giving you two days off instead" He said and Moana smiled. 

"Thank you my king" she bowed. 

The king nodded. 

"Your majesty,The King's guards are here!" They heard the announcer. 

"I wonder why he never announces that you're here" King Cyrus said and Moana smiled. 

"Let them in" He said and immediately Jericho and Jerome walked in. 

"Your majesty,it's time to go. The princess is already in the car waiting" Jerome said and Moana bit her bottom lip. 

"Okay" King Cyrus said. 

"I will lead the way your majesty,please follow me" Jericho said. 

King Cyrus looked at Moana and she bowed,he went out with Jericho. 

Moana faced Jerome. 

"Where is the king and princess going?" She asked curiously. 

"His majesty will be going on events with the princess from now on,since they will be married soon,it's part of the queen's duties" Jerome replied when they both began walking out of the chamber. 

Moana sighed inwardly. 


All the guards bowed in unison when the king appeared,Jericho opened the car door for him and Louisa looked up. 

"Good morning Your Majesty" she smiled brightly. 

King Cyrus entered the car and Jericho closed the door,he entered with the driver in the front seat and the car moved,other cars followed them also. 

Louisa kissed King Cyrus cheek and he faced her,she was smiling. 

"How was your night?" She asked.

"Fine" the king said said lowly. 

"Mine was amazing,the suite you gave me is so comfortable,thank you so much,I feel so good to be here finally. Even though I won't be close to you,but it's just for a while,we will be together soon" Louisa said and the king nodded. 

"It's nice you feel good" he muttered and looked away. 

Louisa smiled. 



Arielle walked into the lecture hall and met only Andrew sitting down with his headset in his ears,he pulled it down when he saw Arielle. .

"Hey" he called and Arielle walked over to him. 

"Hey" She muttered. 

"Take a seat" Andrew tap his side and Arielle shook her head. 

"I wouldn't want to get into my sister's trouble again" She said. 

"Not like she cares again" Andrew chuckled. 

"What are you talking about?" Arielle asked. 

"You know that kid she's following around now" Andrew said. 

"Jimmie?" Arielle called his name. 

"You also know him" Andrew muttered and continued.."I still can't believe Brielle is that easy" He said. 

"Oh please,you knew she likes you all along but you never looked at her. Whose fault is it? You don't expect her to keep chasing after you right? She's a princess too for heaven sake" Arielle said and Andrew nodded. 

"That's why I'm not going to give up" he said and Arielle raised her brows. 

"What do you mean??"

"I'm going to win her back and make her mine,that kid doesn't deserve her,she's mine" Andrew smirked. 

"Don't do anything crazy" Arielle rolled her eyes and went to sit down somewhere else. 


"Hey,where are you?" Brielle was on call,she kept on smiling as she spoke to Jimmie on phone. 


"Let's meet up before I go to class,I missed you all night" She immediately cut in. 

"But,my class starts in ten minutes" Jimmie said. 

"So you can't spare some minutes for me?" Brielle pouted as if Jimmie could see her. 

"Fine,where should we meet?"

"The private class,third floor. I will be waiting" Brielle said and hung up,she bite her lips and started walking to the class.  

She entered and started pacing until the door finally opened and Jimmie came in. 

"Hey" She immediately rushed to hug him. 

"You might make people misunderstand when they see us" Jimmie said. 

"If that would make those girls stay off from you" Brielle rolled her eyes and stepped back. 

"I don't think that should be an issue with you" Jimmie said. 

"Seriously? You think I called you here for nothing?" Brielle asked. 

"Why am I here?" He asked. 

"I missed you" Brielle muttered. 

Jimmie moved closer to her and kissed her cheek. 

"I need to go back" He said. 

"Is that all??" 

"I'm not your boyfriend" Jimmie groaned. 

"So the kiss was nothing to you? I was thinking about it all night....."

"Brielle,you really don't think both of us would work out do you?" Jimmie asked. 

"Why wouldn't we? Coz of our age?...."

"That's just part of it,but then....we are two different people Brielle. I'm not even close to being good for you,I'm just a poor boy,a commoner who is on scholarship,even if you don't care,your family would never let it happen,and in the end,you will probably get married to a prince who's up to your......."

"I can't believe you've thought about all that already......"

"Because its necessary" Jimmie said. 

"But I don't care" Brielle said 

"Well I care,I know I got carried away a little bit but...this is the reality" Jimmie said. 

"What if I tell you I'm in love with you?" Brielle asked and Jimmie shook his head. 

"Don't say it then" He muttered and walked out of the class. 

Brielle bit her lips,trying not to make tge tears in her eyes drop. 

"He's just kidding,He's joking,he will come back ,He's just in a bad mood" She muttered,tapping her chest gently. 



Moana already changed her clothes and about leaving the palace. 

"I will miss you Moana" Amelia said sadly. 

"It's just two days,I will be back" Moana said and they hugged. 

"Off to somewhere?" A voice asked and they separated. 

"Your highness!" They both bowed when they saw Irene. 

"Are you leaving?" Irene asked Moana. 

"Yes my princess,the king gave me two days break" Moana replied. 

"Oh,get in I can take you to the bus stop at least" Irene said she Moana hesitated. 

"Come on in pretty" Irene said. 

"Thank you your highness" Moana said and entered. 

Irene drove out of the palace. 

"Never knew my brother is now so nice that he's giving his slave a break"Irene said sarcastically,Moana only took her lips in. 

"I guess you're different then" she added. 

"You don't look happy like someone who's going to see her family after a long time" Irene said. 

"I am happy" Moana said 

"Well I can read lies,it's partly true but you look bothered,did something happened?" Irene asked. 

"Don't worry,you can tell me anything" she added. 

"It's nothing,I'm just....somehow worried about the king" Moana said. 

"Worried about him? Why? You think something will happen in your absence?" Irene asked and Moana shook her head. .

"You're going to miss him" Irene said and Moana gasped. 

"No,,,I wouldn't dare miss the king" Moana immediately said and Irene laughed seeing her reaction. 

"Why not?" She asked. 

"I might get into trouble for that" Moana muttered and Irene chuckled. 

"You're so cute Moana,thanks for making me laugh" Irene said and Moana smiled. 

"And by the way,I don't think you will get into trouble for missing the king,I know my brother is cute of course" Irene winked and Moana bite her lips. 

"The princess won't like that" She said. 

"Now I see what you're scared of" Irene nodded and there was silence. 

"I'm stopping here" Moana said when they got to the bus stop. 

"Do you have your transport fee with you?" Irene asked. 

"Yes I...."

"Here,you can buy things for yourself" Irene said and handed some cash to Moana,she gasped. .

"Your highness,this is a lot,I can't....."

"Take it and get down,I'm almost late for office" Irene said. 

"Oh...." Moana took the money and got down from the car. 

"I'm so grate....." Before she could finish,Irene drove off. 

Moana smiled and checked out the money. 

"I'm giving Jimmie this" She muttered and put it inside the bag Amelia gave her to hold at least. 

She sat down on the bench waiting for the bus.  

Zayne was driving on the road when he suddenly saw Moana sitting. His mouth opened as he enjoyed the beauty view with his eyes. 

"It's her" he muttered and stopped the car at once. He came down of the car and walked over to Moana. 

"Hey sexy" He grinned and removed his sunshade. 

Moana stood up when she recognized him. 

"I'm sure you know me this time" Zayne said. 

"What are you doing here?" Moana asked. 

"I was going but I had to stop when I saw the most sexy girl I've ever seen" Zayne said. 

Moana ignored him and made to leave but Zayne grabbed her hand. 

"I will give you a lift....."

"No thank you" Moana snapped. 

"Well sorry I don't take NO for an answer,I'm taking you and that's it. Take it as a punishment for not knowing me the first time we met" Zayne said and winked at her. 

"Fine" Moana muttered. 


"Isn't that your slave girl?" Louisa asked King Cyrus beside her in the car,they watched as Zayne opened the car door for her. 

"It's Moana your majesty" Jerome confirmed. 

"So?? Do we still have somewhere important to go or not?" King Cyrus asked coldly. 

"Your majesty,the princess is free to leave now but you have a private meeting" Jerome replied. 

"I can wait till you finish up...."

"Get down" the king said. 

"Fine,get back soon" Louisa kissed his cheek and got down,the guards opened another car for her and they took her away. 

"Your majesty,we are about to start the car...."

"Follow Zayne" King Cyrus cut in. 


"Hurry up and follow Zayne's car!" He snapped. 

"Follow the car" Jerome immediately told the driver and the driver sped off. 


After driving for minutes,they stopped,watching from afar as both Zayne and Moana came out and started talking. 

"I think she's quite close with the prince" Jerome said.  

Meanwhile,King Cyrus was fuming with anger at the back. 

"Call her and tell her I'm reducing her break to one day,she should get back to the palace tomorrow morning" He ordered. 

Jerome blinked his eyes twice in confusion. 


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