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Moana Mulan - Episode 25 & 26




Moana Mulan - Episode 25 & 26

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



The king release Moana just after some minutes,he sighed out and rest back on the seat. 

"I think you should really take a break for today my king" Moana muttered.

The king got up. 

"Your drink...."

"I'm not interested in that" The king uttered and Moana bite her lips,she carried it and followed the king in silent as he walked out of the office. 

"Your majesty" The guards all bowed when he showed up. 

They also followed him,walking toward the King's chamber. 

"Don't allow anyone else into my chamber for today" He informed Jerome and Jericho. 

"Then please allow your slave take care of the rest for tonight" Jericho said and Moana looked up. 

King Cyrus said nothing and went in.

"Make sure he takes his night bath and dinner,before sleeping" Jerome told Moana and she nodded before going inside. 

Moana went straight to the dinning and the meal was already set on the table,she dropped the drink there too and went to find the king,she stopped by the bedroom door.

"My king,can I come in?" She asked. 

"Come in" She heard the King's voice and entered. 

King Cyrus faced her. 

"Do you realize that you're the only one who call me that here?" He asked and Moana's eyes widened,is she going to be punished for that? 

"Everyone else...Your Majesty,Your highness,but you keep calling me your king..."

"Forgive me....your majesty" Moana fell on her knees. 

King Cyrus scoffed. 

"So you're respectful to this extent?" He muttered and left her sight.

"Get up" He said and Moana got up. 

"My king I.......I mean...your majesty" Moana bite her lips. 

"You can continue calling me that" King Cyrus said. 

"Thank you" Moana immediately replied and moved closer to him. 

"Would you like to eat before taking your bath?" She asked. 

"Why? So you can bang into the restroom again?" King Cyrus asked. 

"I thought you forgot about that,I apologized already" Moana pouted. 

King Cyrus gave her a long stare with no single expression on his Face and then looked away. 

"You can go" He said. 

"My king,you look really tired,I want to help you dish out your food,please let me do that at least" Moana said. 

"Fine,I will have my bath first" The king said and Moana nodded. 

"Shall I help you with your shirt button?" She asked. 

"Forget it,you can go out and wait" King Cyrus said. 

Moana bowed and walked out of the room.



A slow music was playing in the background,not too loud. The students invited are already coming in one after the other and the house was becoming full. 

Arielle came in with Stormi and Gracie. 

"You look so hot Arielle!" The boys said loudly

Arielle smiled and waved at them. 

Andrew walked over to her,Stormi and Gracie left them. 

"Hey,I've been expecting you" Andrew said.

"Am I that late?" Arielle smiled. 

"Not really" Andrew said,handing her a glass of wine. 

"Thanks" Arielle said and took it from him. 

Outside,Francisco stopped the car among the numbers of cars already there,they actually brought Ryder's car but Francisco insisted on driving after they succeeded in dragging Jimmie with them. 

"We are here dude,get down" Ryder said and Jimmie sighed. 

"Come on,have fun at least" Fransisco groaned and dragged Jimmie out of the car. 

"I'm really going to avenge for this" Jimmie said. 

"Who cares? Let's go in" Ryder smirked. 

The three of them walked in and all eyes fell on them. 

"We seem to be the only junior students here" Francisco muttered. 

"Then let's just go back" Jimmie said but they quickly grabbed his hand,he sighed out. 

👥 Isn't he Jimmie? 

👥 He's truly handsome. 

"They even recognize you" Ryder teased Jimmie as some girls were beginning to wave at him. 

"I'm not here because of this" Jimmie muttered. 

"Hey Jimmie" Arielle waved at him and he returned it with a smile. 

Andrew walked over to yejm. 

"You came " he said and Jimmie looked at him. 

"Because you dropped your invitation card as if it's a must that I am here" He said and Andrew smiled. 

"Come on,it's just a friendly sleepover" Andrew said. 

They were still together when Brielle walked in looking freaking hot,her friends followed,all eyes fell on Brielle as she came in,she was wearing a short sleeveless  gown,the gown stopped on her thighs and it was so tight that it brought out her perfect slim figure shape. 

Brielle ignored the stares,she removed her hair band and her hair fell behind her. 

Jimmie and Andrew were both staring but Jimmie was the first to look away,he scoffed when he saw Andrew also staring. 

"Enjoy the party" Andrew winked at him and left his sight,he walked over to meet Brielle. Jimmie rolled his eyes when he saw Brielle smiling at Andrew the moment he got there. 

"I don't think she saw you,why is she looking so fucking hot?" Ryder and Francisco joined Jimmie but he said nothing. 

After some minutes,the entrance door was closed and the party started. 

"Let's dance the night away hotties!!!!" One of Andrew's friends said loudly and everyone screamed excitedly. 

"Dude,don't tell me you're just going to sit here" Ryder said. 

"The fact that I came here doesn't mean I was going to do anything" Jimmie said. 

"See you later" They said and left him to dance with some girls. 

Jimmie shook his head looking so uninterested,he brought out his phone and started doing what only him knows. 

"You look really hot tonight" Andrew said to Brielle. 

Brielle smiled and gulped down the wine in her glass. 

"Don't get drunk,wanna dance with me?" Andrew asked. 

Brielle wss about to answer when her eyes caught with Jimmie. 

'He's here?' She said inwardly. 

Andrew's eyes followed her gaze and he grabbed her hand. 

"What are you looking at?" He asked and Brielle faced him. 

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Brielle,what are you doing here,come on let's dance baby!" Treasure and Margo dragged Brielle with them,they got to the center and started dancing sexily to the music. 

Jimmie who was still sitting alone couldn't help but stare at Brielle,their eyes suddenly met and Brielle winked at him. 

Almost at that moment,a girl came over and sat down on his laps. 

"Hey Handsome" She smiled. 

"What the f**k,is she drunk or something?" Jimmie mumbled. 

"You are so hot,do you wanna kiss? Your lips are cute" The girl said and cupped Jimmie's cheek,she tried kissing him but Jimmie avoided ber lips. He was about pushing her off his laps when someone dragged the girl up roughly and before Jimmie could blink,a slap already landed on the girl's face and everyone gasp in shock. 

"What the f**k do you think you're doing?!" Brielle yelled at the girl and tried hitting her again. Jimmie got up and grabbed Brielle's hand. 

All eyes fell on them as they stared in confusion. 

"Let go of me let me teach her a lesson" Brielle said. 

"What lesson are you talking about? Why did you even hit her in tge first place?" Jimmie asked. 

"She was flirty with you....."

Jimmie grabbed her hand and dragged her out. 

👥 That was hot. 

👥 The boy looks romantic. 

👥 Does Brielle have her eyes on that guy also?

Andrew chuckled dryly and fold his fists. 

"So it's true?" He muttered. 

"What the f**k,are they dating?" Stormi asked Arielle. 

"I have no idea" Arielle muttered. 


Jimmie releases Brielle's hand angrily when they got outside,he sighed out loudly ,controlling his inward anger. 

"Are you angry?" Brielle asked. 

"What do you mean by am I angry?!" Jimmie yelled at her and she flinched. 

"What was that you performed in there? Why the heck did you slapped her,just give me a reason why you did that" Jimmie said 

'She tried kissing you,I already told you. I couldn't just stand it......"

"Hey,don't you think we should get something straight? What are we? Coz this is driving me insane,I am confused,I don't know why you can't stand another girl next to me,you even got mad because your sister was with me,what are you thinking in your head?" 

"It's because I......." 

"Brielle" Andrew called and Brielle faced him. 

"Are you okay?" Andrew asked. 

"I'm fine" Brielle muttered. 

"Then let's go back in" Andrew smiled at her and held her hand. 

Jimmie frowned and looked at Andrew but he didn't say a word. 

Brielle followed Andrew in and Jimmie dialed Ryder's number. 

"I'm going home" He said. 

"But,the party just started" Ryder said 

"I will see you in school tomorrow" Jimmie muttered and hung up. 

He was about walking out when someone called his name and he stopped. 

"Hey" Arielle walked closer to him. 

"Hi" Jimmie muttered. 

"You don't look happy,or are you banned from talking to me?" Arielle asked. 

"What do you mean ban?" Jimmie asked. 

"I'm just saying....well..  I'm on my way home,are you leaving also?" Arielle asked. 

"Goodnight" Jimmie said and made to leave. 

"Wait" Arielle grabbed his hand and he faced her again. 

"Would you like to go somewhere quieter with me?" She asked and Jimmie raised his brows. 

"With you?" He asked and Arielle nodded. 

"I don't want to go home yet" she muttered. 

"Please don't reject" She said. 

"Fine" Jimmie said and she immediately smiled. 

"Let's go" Arielle said and got into her car with Jimmie. 



Moana sighed out for the umpteenth time as she roam around the dinning room,the king is yet to come out. 

"I don't want to believe her slept off in the restroom again" Moana said worriedly. 

She was still pacing when she heard footsteps behind her. 

"My King...." She turned immediately but was welcome by a shock when she saw Louisa. 

"My king?" Louisa said,glaring at Moana angrily. 

"I meant.... His majesty"  Moana said. 

"Wow,so you are so close now that you refer to him as that? What Is your plan exactly?!" Louisa snapped,moving closer to her. 

"You're trying to seduce him right? You really look like an harlot to even begin with,can't you just disappear already?!" Louisa said but Moana said nothing. 

"I'm talking to you b*tch!" Louisa yelled. 

"If you want me gone,then talk to the king" Moana said. 

"What?" Louisa raised her hand to slap her. 

"You're not planning to slap her are you?" King Cyrus entered. 

"What if I am?" Louisa asked,glaring at Moana. 

"Then the guards will drag you out while she remain here" The king said and Moana couldn't believe her ears. 

"What?!" Louisa's eyes widened. 


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