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Moana Mulan - Episode 23 & 24




Moana Mulan - Episode 23 & 24

( The King's Slave... )

GENRE: Royal Romance. 

Written by Summer Gold R



"Can I touch you?" He blurted out and Moana gave him a confused look. 

"Huh? Where?" She asked,their eyes on each other. 

"Your butt" King Cyrus answered and Moana's throat went dry. 

While the king wait for Moana's response to his question,she couldn't utter a word,she couldn't think of what exactly to say. She only stood there speechlessly. 

"You look lost" King Cyrus muttered and Moana took her buttom lip in. 

"Forget I ever said it" The king added and walked out of the kitchen. 

Moana released a loud breath and quickly turned off the heater,her hands were shaking as she made the tea. 

'Can I touch you?' The question kept on ringing in her head.

"Calm down Moana,he was just pulling your legs,remember he have a fiancee,so get hold of yourself" She muttered and after she was done with the tea,she left the kitchen and went straight to the king's bedroom. He was standing,staring out of the window and Moana wondered what he's always staring at. 

"Your majesty,here" she finally announced her arrival and King Cyrus made a turn to face her. 

"I will make it a little bit cool your majesty,it's too hot" Moana said and King Cyrus kept quiet,he watched as she gently fanned the liquid with a mini plastic hand fan. 

"I think it's better now" Moana smiled and handed it to him. 

King Cyrus took it from her. 

"Your majesty! The King's personal guards are here!" They heard someone announce. 

"Let them in" king Cyrus said. 

"Did you charm them when coming in or something?" He asked Moana and she bite her lips not knowing what to say. 

"I just......" She couldn't complete her sentence when Jerome and Jericho walked in. 

"Good morning your majesty" they both bowed and Moana moved away from them. 

Soon,the maids arrived with the king's dresser. Moana stood at the back,quite far from the king,she couldn't stop staring and watching how the king was being prepared,probably for today's work. 



Moana walked into the kitchen to find it empty,all the maids were gone and she was starving. 

"Where's everyone?" Moana asked in a low voice and was about turning back to leave when the court lady came in. 

"You're back?" Lady Amber said. 

"Yes" Moana replied. 

"Have you eaten?" Lady Amber asked. 

"I'm starving court lady" Moana muttered. 

"I guess right,come with me" Lady Amber said,leading the  way to another part of kitchen. 

"Have a seat" She said and Moana sat down,watching as Lady Amber dished out her food with enough meat,just what she was dreaming about. 

"Eat this before the other maids return" Lady Amber said and Moana looked at her. 

"Why?" She asked when she collected the food. 

"Why what?" Lady Amber asked. 

"Why did you become nice to be again?" Moans asked. 

"Because you are finally acting like the king's slave you are,I once told you,raising your ego here will only make things difficult for you right?" Lady Amber asled and Moana nodded. 

"I guess you should now understand why I said that" 

"But still,it's hard here" Moana muttered. 

"That's what other maids go through everyday also" Lady Amber said. 

Moana continue eating her food. 

"Thanks for this court lady,it's been long since I tasted meat" Moana said. 

"You're welcome" Lady Amber replied and walked out. 



The councils were all on their feets,standing while waiting for the king to show up. 

"His majesty just arrived!!" The jungle announcer said loudly and immediately the court door opened,the king was guarded in by bodyguards who all waited at the door,only Jerome and Jericho followed him inside. 

"Good morning your majesty!!" The royal councils all greeted. 

King Cyrus walked over to the throne and sat down. 

"You may sit" He said bluntly and everyone sat down,excluding Jerome and Jericho who continue standing. 

"Let's start" King Cyrus said. 

👥We are here for discuss about the taxes with you your majesty 

"What about it?" The king asked. 

👥 The taxes has been increased by ten percent of the usual one hour majesty,the citizens are complaining and we discovered that you're but saying anything about it,we also wondered if the governors spoke to you about it before taking their decision. 

👥 Sudden increasement of taxes might be a damage to a lot of things if you don't do anything about this your majesty. 

There was silence for a while until the king called Jerokem 

"Yes your majesty" Jerome moved closer. 

"Is there anything like that in the waiting reports I'm to attend to?" He adkrd. 

"Yes your majesty" Jerome answered.

"Then why didn't you tell me?" King Cyrus adkrrm 

"You've been busy all week your majesty....." He stopped when the king glared at him. 

"I'm sure they must have requested for my order before taking such step" King Cyrus said 

👥 But taking the step without your order is disrespectful your majesty,you need to call them to order. 

"I will do that" King Cyrus nodded. 

👥 Then I will quickly send a message to the governors house in your name. 

"That's good" the king agreed. 

"Anything else??" He asked. 

👥 We want to know if it's okay not to go ahead with the coronation of the future queen

"Not yet" King Cyrus said. 

👥 Your majesty,don't you think it's getting late already? You were supposed to have a queen even before becoming the king. 

👥 If we don't act fast,I'm afraid other kingdoms might start talking also,especially from the future Queen's family. 

"I will think about it then and give you feedback" King Cyrus said. 

The meeting continued,different cases and complaints were discussed and all. 



Jimmie was done with all his classes and on his way home,he haven't even walked for a minute when some group of girls covered him up. 

👥 Hey Jimmie,will you be at Prince Andrew's party? 

👥 Please tell us you will be there. 

👥 I really want to keep on seeing your face. 

Jimmie couldn't even talk,he was trying his best not to scream out at that moment,and alas Brielle showed up,the noment the girls saw her coming,they left Jimmie and walked away. 

"Hey Kiddo" Brielle smiled. 

"You must be so proud,everyone is scared of you" Jimmie said and Brielle scoffed. 

"Do you enjoy those girls flirting with you that much?" She asked 

"I'm not in the mood to battle words with you right now" Jimmie muttered and they started walking together. 

"Will you be present st the party?" Brielle asked. 

"How about you?" Jimmie asked. 

"I was invited so definitely I will be there" Brielle said. 

"You mean your crush invited you" Jimmie said and Brielle faced him immediately. 

"How did you know?" She asked. 

"My friends told me you have a huge crush on the prince" Jimmie said. 


"You two look good together" Jimmie cut her off. 

"Hey,who are you to say that?" Brielle asked. 

"I'm saying the truth......"

"It's annoying" Brielle rolled her eyes. 

"So you don't like talking about him?" Jimmie asked. 

"Make sure you're there,I heard Andrew invited you" Brielle said. 

"News travels so fast" Jimmie scoffed. 

"Be there,it's really rare for him to invite a junior himself" Brielle said. 

"Fine,I will come" Jimmie said and Brielle smiled. 

Meanwhile,Andrew and his friends were watching them. 

"They seems really close" 

"I will confirm that myself....tonight" Andrew muttered. 



"What's all this?" King Cyrus asked when Jerome and Jericho dropped all the reports on his table,if counted roughly,they should be more than fifty. 

"It's all the reports from last week and thus week......"

"How could you allow them get to this extent? How?!" The king snapped. 

"We are sorry your majesty,you were busy with other things that we couldn't stress you more" Jerome said. 

"You couldn't stress me? So what's all these? Fun?" 

They kept quiet. 

"Where am I supposed to start from?" King Cyrus muttered and sighed out. 

He glared at Jerome and Jericho again. 

"We are....."

"Get out" He cut them off and they immediately walked out of the office. 

King Cyrus sighed out and took one of the reports,he opened and roughed his hair,attending to reports isn't a child's play,he can't do it roughly,he have to read them calmly in order to know how to respond and how to react. 

He sighed out again and opened the first three button of his shirt as he started reading. 



Moana watched as Lady Amber prepared the special drink for the king,they got a message that the king haven't left his office since morning and he has been working endlessly. 

After Lady Amber was done,she turned to Moana. 

"Make sure you don't make any mistake by stressing the king even more,drop this in front of him and get back if he asks you to leave immediately" She said. 

"I understand" Moana muttered and took the tray from her. 

"Good,you can go" 

Moana walked out of the kitchen. 


As soon as Moana got to the door of the King's office,the guards opened the door and let her in. 

Maona entered gently and slowly,the first room she arrived in seems like a mini lounge where the king can rest,she proceeded in and finally found the king inside the office,he looked so busy and serious that she was almost scared to enter but she did anyway. 

"My king" Moana called and bowed. 

King Cyrus looked up. 

"What's that?" He asked. 

"It's a drink the court lady made specially for you,she said it will renew your energy and strength" Moana said,dropping it on the table. 

King Cyrus dropped the pen in his hand and sighed out tiredly,he looked so stressed than she have ever seen. 

"It will be nice to stop walking also" Moana said and the king looked at her. 

"What did you say?" He asked. 

"I'm sorry....I Just.....wonder if you must finish it today" Moana said calmly. She was not expecting the king to reply her anyway. 

"You don't know anything" he muttered and Moana looked at him. 

"Then......can I...help?" She asked,almost stuttering. 

King Cyrus stared at her blankly before speaking up. 

"You can" He muttered. 

"Really? How? What should I do?" Moana asked immediately. 

"Come closer" the king uttered and Moana gently walked over to him,where he was sitting. 

She was expecting him to show her what to do for him,but to her surprise,the king held her by the waist and pulled her closer. 

He hugged her waist and Moana almost screamed out with her eyes wide open. 

The King was really resting his head on her tummy,his hands around her waist almost touching her @ss. 

Moana bite her lips,hiding the hotness she was feeling at the moment. 

"This feels better,don't move until I say so" King Cyrus muttered with his eyes closed. 

"I won't go anywhere....my king" Moana replied. 


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