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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 21




Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 21

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.



Getting into the car made me regret ever going to the party with Zombie in the first place cause that was where everything started, I was surprised when I heard it was that small bitch that exposed me! Women are never to be trusted. 

I could imagine how angry and mad Barbie could be right now, I doubt if she'll probably let me talk but I was determined to try, and as for that Sophia, she's finished. 

We soon arrived at an unknown location, unlike Barbie's hideout, this place was bigger and wider, the outside of the building looked like a normal one, on top of the building there was a writing which says 

"School of Computer skills " and it was impressive, no one could think this place was ran by drug dealers, as we entered the people were busy typing on their laptops or desktops, as I later found out, they're also members of the gang, they deal with account transactions of clients who need Nightshade! I never knew they had a place like this, Soon we went up stairs to where barbie was! 

As we reached Barbie's place, Vixen searched me s+xually, she winked as she did that,she touched everywhere to see if there was something on me, as she touched my pocket, she removed my phone and asked me to open the lock and I did, after that we entered the room. 

The room was cool and neat, this was quite a big place enough to contain hundreds of people, the carpets on the floor was soft and fluffy, at the front, There sat Barbie and her cronies, I saw T- gun and Sophia, they all sat enjoying themselves smoking shisha! As they noticed my presence, Barbie's face became deadly and vicious, she snapped her fingers and T-gun called in some members, Soon the place was filled, I was pushed forward to where barbie was, I  stood confidently and looked calm, Sophia and T-gun were smiling waiting for what was going to happen to me! 

Barbie snapped her fingers and the place was dead with silence, It took a while before she finally spoke. 

Barbie ➡ Why? Why? Why? Johnson Why? After everything I've done for you, you still had to stab me in the back? You traitorous bastard, Why? 

Johnson ➡ What have I done? As far as I know I've done nothing wrong? 

Barbie ➡ Really? You've done nothing wrong? So you just stand there calmly saying you've done nothing? How ridiculous! 

Johnson ➡ Instead of throwing insults at me, just tell me what this is all about? 

T-gun ➡ Fucking pig, you think say you be James bond abi? You just dey form boss Abi? 

Johnson ➡ Shut the fuck up, I'm talking to the lady, not a scum like you, and if you can't speak proper English shut up and mind your business, let literate people talk. 

Despite the tension in the room, Some people laughed at what I said, T-gun wasn't happy about the change of tables towards him, He looked angry and tried to say something but he was stopped by Barbie. 

Barbie ➡ Enough! So Johnson if you haven't done anything can you tell me why you told Sophia what you were going to do? 

Johnson ➡ And what is that? 

Sophia ➡ Don't pretend o, you said you were going to expose Barbie and the rest. 

I laughed catching them unawares, They were surprised, they weren't expecting this from me, they expected me to be panicking and begging to be forgiven, Sophia looked uncomfortable, her reaction even made me laugh more,. 

I was not going to tell the truth, I was going to show them the Big lie technique "The outrageous the claim, the more they believe it"  it always works and who says lying is a bad thing 😂😂😂. 

Barbie ➡ What's so funny? 

Johnson ➡ Really? Yes I did tell her that but it was for something else. 

Sophia ➡ Don't lie here, you told me that yourself. 

Johnson ➡ I'm surprised, that you people still don't trust me, I've told you all before that if I wanted to expose you, I would have done that a long time ago, and the question I want to ask Barbie is, Can she really trust the people around her? 

Barbie ➡ What are you saying? 

Johnson ➡ What am I saying, Most of your cronies have tried to expose you but failed, like that girl that was killed in your hideout, you trusted her but she betrayed you, and I'm sure everyone here isnt loyal to you, they're  all waiting for an opportunity to expose you and get that money bounty. 

And speaking for trust, I deserve to earn that, from you people especially you Barbie! You of all people should know money doesn't bother me, cause I have lots of it, its just like I don't want to show off, I'm just  surprised you still don't trust me. 

Sophia ➡ Look, just admit that you..... 

Johnson ➡ Shut up bitch, I admit I did but you forgot something, and I'm about to tell everyone! I told you to keep it a secret but you didn't, that's to show you're nothing but a traitorous bitch. 

Barbie ➡ What is going on? Can you guys please get to the point? 

Johnson ➡ I told Sophia  that I was going to expose you all when I had the chance so I told her to keep it a secret, Recently, I heard from the police that someone was giving information about This gang so I decided to investigate and test the members I know so I started with Sophia, and as it turns out, she's among those people sneaking information to the police. 

Sophia ➡ That's a lie, he's lying! Liar.. 

Johnson ➡ Really? If I'm lying then how did billy get information about the gang? I'm guessing you all know billy? 

As soon as I said that, all eyes turned towards Sophia, She stood shivers, she was sweating despite the cool atmosphere, she started shaking and stammering as she tried to talk, I was loving this change of course, These fools were believe my lies and the big lie technique experiment was successful. 

Barbie ➡ Sophia, what is Johnson talking about? 

Sophia ➡ B-B-Barbiee, h-he's lying, I  sw-w-wear! 

Johnson ➡ Shut up bitch, you told billy about this gang, and the bounty, if he had succeeded in telling the police, you'd  be enjoying yourself enjoying the money and fucking each other as well but he got greedy and dumped you, he wanted the money all to himself, so you got angry and exposed him and also got him killed in the process, Is that a lie? Isn't that what you told me? 

Sophia ➡ Devil, Liar, please barbie he's lying! 

Barbie ➡ Shut up bitch, Everyone knows he's your boyfriend! It seems like I have started inspecting everyone in this gang! Boys!  grab her  and make her bleed till she dies. 

Johnson ➡ Wait, since I'm the one who exposed her, she's mine to do as I please! 

Vixen ➡ What are you going to do? Make her your bitch? 

Johnson ➡ Its none of your business, in fact I have a better plan, Since the police are desperately looking for those involved in the nightshade stuff, they'll be happy if I took Sophia to them. 

Vixen ➡ But won't she tell them about us? 

Johnson ➡ Who's  going to believe the words of a criminal? Besides I'm their informant, so I'll handle the situation, I'll make sure they ruin her, her future is over! Bitch you'll rot in jail. Boys lock her up! 

Sophia ➡ *crying* Please don't do this to me, I'm the only child of my parents,  please have mercy! 

Barbie ➡ Take this bitch away! 

Poor Sophia, she cried and shouted as she was being pulled away! She should be grateful that she wasn't killed, Besides I couldn't allow that, if she had kept her mouth shut this won't have happened! This was the only way I could save her from a gruesome death, With her taking to the police she would be safe from harm. 

As soon as she was taken away, Barbie ordered everyone in the room to go out except me. 

Barbie ➡ I'm sorry, Johnson, I should have trusted you let me make it up to you by showing you a good time. Let's fuck. 

Johnson ➡ No barbie that's enough! You have no shame or remorse! I still can't believe you don't trust me, Why? All because someone told you I was going to expose you? You  didn't even investigate, you think sex can solve everything? Love isn't all about sex besides since this semester break have you called to say 👋 hi? Do you even know I was involved in a terrible accident? 

All you care about is your self alone, and I'm hurt and angry at you, this thing between us is over. 

Barbie ➡ Johnson baby! Please... 

Johnson ➡ Enough barbie! I'm tired from all this bullshit, I need to get home. 

I left her standing alone, she deserved what she's getting, I mean who the hell does she think she is? Besides I tried hard to resist her temptation to show her that I can't bow to her whims, I know she'll definitely call me back, She can't resist or do without me, if you all know what I mean. 

I borrowed their car and took Sophia to the police station and handed her over to Regina! 

After that I drove back home to rest, as I arrived home, I saw missed calls  from barbie, she called again but I didn't pick, if she wants to talk she has to find me. 

As I entered my room and laid on my bed, a call entered my phone, I checked and saw it was Vivian, so I quickly answered. 

Johnson ➡ Hi Vivian, how are you? 

Vivian ➡ I'm fine, Are you at home? 

Johnson ➡ Yes, why do you ask? 

Vivian ➡ I'm at your door! 

Johnson ➡ Seriously? Now? 

To be continued...

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