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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 20




Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 20

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.



Regina ➡ Tell me about it. 

I told her everything and even showed her the pictures I took, she immediately called a staff to copy the list, after that was done, I deleted the pics. 

Regina ➡ Johnson you've really tried, you just be careful! 

Johnson ➡ Babe! Don't worry about me! 

Regina ➡ Babe? Since when did I become your babe? 

Johnson ➡ Come on don't be so snobby about it, oh and don't forget you need to bring in Oga James. 

Regina ➡ Don't worry, with these files you've showed us, he'll be locked up for a very long time. 

Johnson ➡ Okay, I have to go, I have some place else I have to be.  

Regina ➡ Okay then, see you later, Joe come in. 

Joe ➡ Finally, wetin una dey talk about? 

Regina ➡ Never mind, tonight you're going to have a good time, there's some criminals that need dealing with. 

Joe ➡ Okay, 

Johnson ➡ Later! 

I left the office and decided to  head home, as soon as I crossed the road, i noticed a black car, it was weird and unusual, something didn't feel right about the car, so i pretended not to notice them and boarded a taxi, As soon as the taxi drove off, the car started following us, I knew something was wrong, it was probably thugs sent by  Barbie's sugar daddy, so I asked the taxi to take me to Kate's house location. 

The car kept following us till we reached Kate's house, these people were dangerous and the only person that could fix this for me was Kate,

I reached her house and entered with haste, I went in straight to the main building knocking the door, it took a while before the door was opened, I asked the servants if Kate was at home, they said she was busy doing some business meetings and wants not to be disturbed, I entered and waited for her. 

I walked around the room admiring her paintings and art collection, and from the look of it, they were really expensive, I also looked at the pictures she hanged on the wall, most of them were pictures from her teenage days, Kate was really beautiful, as I kept looking at the pictures, I saw a large picture frame with Kate and our son, the picture was beautiful, I came close to see the writings under it, which was "My world and joy", I stood there speechless looking at the frame, Kate looked really happy, in fact too happy, and who wouldn't be? She got the most treasured thing in the world, thanks to me, but what worried me was the kid was going to grow up without his father by his side to care and be there for him! 

I stood in front of the picture absentmindedly for minutes before Kate came and interrupted my thoughts! 

Kate ➡ Johnny boy! 

Johnson ➡ Huh? Oh hi Kate. 

Kate ➡ What are you doing here? 

Johnson ➡ I was just staring at the picture! The picture is beautiful! 

Kate ➡ Yes it is! 

Johnson ➡ Can I see the boy? 

Kate ➡ No, he's asleep! So what do you want? 

Johnson ➡ I came to see you about something! 

Kate ➡ Let me guess! Nightshade! 

Johnson ➡ Yes, no it's something related to that! 

Kate ➡ I told you to stay away from that! 

Johnson ➡ Look, I would have but its already too late, so I can't turn back now, I need you to help me, my life is in danger! 

Kate ➡ Your life is always in danger! I warned you but you wanted to be a hero. 

Johnson ➡ Look this isn't about me, okay! People are dying, people I know are being killed because of a useless drug, and if I don't do something this thing will soon be spreading in the streets. 

Kate ➡ Why do you have to be the one? Why do you risk your life? Its not worth it! 


Johnson ➡ This time around it is! Those bastards are doing whatever they want, selling harmful substances to people all because of money! I can't let that slide, they have to pay! 

Kate ➡ You won't succeed Johnny boy, you'll be killed. 

Johnson ➡ Look, if you won't help me, I'll do it alone! Good bye. 

I walked out of her presence and went out of the building, I couldn't believe Kate was reluctant to help! Well, it looks like I have to find a way to deal with these bastards myself, I just hope this works out all fine! 

As I was about to go out of the gate, when I was stopped by her security guards, I hope she isn't trying to keep me locked up here! 

Johnson ➡ What is it? 

Guard ➡ Madam wants to see you. 

Johnson ➡ I just did! 

Guard ➡ She called now, she asks for your presence! 

Johnson ➡ Look I don't have..... 

Guard ➡ My friend she wants to see you NOW!!! If you don't want to be treated like a scape goat, I suggest you turn around and go back! 

God! I felt humiliated, I had no choice but to go back, What could she possibly want with me, I went back to the main building to see what is it she wanted, as I entered she was sitting down, crossing her sexy legs, she lit a cigar and started smoking  🚬, I looked at her amazed as she puffed smoked! And she was doing it well, I sat close to her and she pretended not to notice my presence, she ignored me and continued smoking. 

I tried talking to her but she kept ignoring me! I soon got tired of her snobby attitude, I reached out and snatched the cigar from her and pinned the smoky edge on the floor, She looked at me calmly and dead in the face, she was pissed! 

Kate ➡ What do you think you're doing? 

Johnson ➡ I was going to ask you the same! 

Kate ➡ I'm smoking 🚬 and that cigar was expensive! 

Johnson ➡ So? Smoking is bad for your health. 

Kate ➡ How is that your business? 

Johnson ➡ I'm not talking about you, its our son I'm worried about, you can't smoke in front of him. 

Kate ➡ Our son? Really? 

Johnson ➡ Yes! 

Kate ➡ Let me refresh your memory, you said you wanted nothing to do with the kid (check Season 1)

Johnson ➡ Still you're not showing the kid a good example, that's bad parenting! 

Kate ➡ What do you know about being a parent? All you do is fuck women! 

Johnson ➡ Well, that's different but I've changed. 

Kate ➡ 😂😂😂😂 Please don't make me laugh, you've changed??? That will be when pigs start flying. 

Johnson ➡ Okay enough! But please don't smoke again, please. 

Kate ➡ Since when did you start caring about me? Are you having feelings for me? You better not cause I told you I don't want to get married! I like my life! 

Johnson ➡ Look! Why have you called me back? 

Kate ➡ I wanted to tell you but I've changed my mind! Now leave!!! 

I was surprised when she told me that! Was she really serious? I stood up and walked to the door, I looked back and noticed she went back to her room! I just stood thinking about what had transpired! 

Who the hell does she think she is? Did she forget who I was? I'm Johnson Jr the second! No lady messes with me and goes Scott free! I turned back and went to her room! 

As soon as I barged into her room, Kate was surprised to see me. 

Kate ➡ What do you think you're doing? 

Johnson ➡ You've been naughty lately, I have to deal with you to remind you who you're talking to! 

Kate ➡ What are you planning to-do? 

Johnson ➡ This! 

I grabbed her waist and planted a kiss on her lips, she was hesitant but I force my will on her, her mouth was closed but I forced my tongue into her warm sweet mouth, I kissed her mouth, massaging her br+asts and @$$, I pinned her on her bed and stuck my finger into her p_$$y, she was already wet, I fingered her hard making her squeal and m0@n, She grabbed her bedsheets tight as I assaulted her c+nt she was m0@ning loud, begging me to f+ck her, I ripped her clothes and kissed her luscious body, She purred like a cat as I did that, I sucked on her br+asts and bit her n+pples, She yelled hard, wrapping her legs around me, as I sucked her br+asts and fingered her c+nt hard,  her body jerked as she came hard sq+irting! 

I removed my clothes and adjusted her legs! She had this fear look on her face, and begged me to go slow! 

I stroked my d+ck and plunged her p_$$y hard. 

She screamed hard! grabbing hold of me, I banged her hard, smacking her p_$$y, she m0@ned, squealed and even dropped tears from her eyes, her p_$$y was tightly wrapped around my d+ck as I f+cked her, It was driving my d+ck crazy, I kept hammering her c+nt till she came hard again, She panted hard for some air and begged me to let her rest but I wasn't done, I adjusted her legs and impaled her pussy hard, we fucked for several minutes till I emptied my c+m into her and no longer c+m! 

Minutes later on Kate's bed....... 

Kate ➡ Jesus! Johnson where did you  get this stamina? 

Johnson ➡ I've been training! 

Kate ➡ I've never been so spent and satisfied! Thanks for the workout, you've annihilated my c+nt! 

Johnson ➡ you were also amazing, you've drained me, I love you! 

Kate ➡ What? 

Johnson ➡ Yes, I love you! 

Kate ➡ You're serious? 

Johnson ➡ Yes! 

Kate looked at me for a while, she was contemplating whether  what I said is true, so I pulled her close to me and gave her a kiss to show her I really do, she accepted my kiss warmly and wrapped her hands around me! We kissed for a while before we stopped. 

Kate ➡ The reason why I called you is because I've decided to help you! 

Johnson ➡ Really? 

Kate ➡ Yes but you have to promise me that you'll stay alive so that Richard can see you. 

Johnson ➡ Who's Richard? 

Kate ➡ He's our son! 

Johnson ➡ Our? What changed your mind so soon? 

Kate ➡ Look, do you want my help or not? 

Johnson ➡ I do, 

Kate ➡ So what do you know? 

Johnson ➡ First, there's a guy trying to kill me! He's the sugar daddy of Barbie. 

Kate ➡ Sugar daddy? Wait are you talking about Chief Akanga? 

Johnson ➡ Chief Akanga? What kind of name is that? I don't know his name. 

Kate ➡ Let me show you his picture is he the one? 

Kate showed me his picture on her phone, it was the bastard, he was holding Barbie in the picture and behind them was T. Gun! No wonder! 

Johnson ➡ Yes he's the one! 

Kate ➡ So he wants you dead because you fucked his girl and stole his place? 

Johnson ➡ Well, yes! I want to get him off my back. 

Kate ➡ Simple, I can get him killed. 

Johnson ➡ No, I don't want him dead, I want his girl to hate him and as soon as she pushes him away, I want him out of the picture permanently. 

Kate ➡ Don't worry, I'll take care of that. 

Johnson ➡ Thanks! I have to get going! 

Kate ➡ You're leaving? Come on spend the night with me and Richard! 

Johnson ➡ Sorry sugar, but I have to get home. 

I'll do that some other time, I promise. 

Kate ➡ Okay, let my drivers drive you home. 

Johnson ➡ Don't worry, I'll manage. 

Kate ➡ Bye, love you ❤. 

I got dressed and walked out of the house! I couldn't believe she said that, looks like I might take some time and spend some time with my family! 

As soon as I was far from Kate's house, the mysterious black car drifted in front of me, there was no way I could run so I waited and see what would happen! 

The door opened and there was Vixen with a gun in her hands, she clicked it and pointed it at me! 

Johnson ➡ Vixen what's the meaning of this? 

Vixen ➡ Step into the car and if you try to run, I'll shoot you. 

Johnson ➡ And why should I do that? 

Vixen ➡ Barbie wants to see you, Sophia blew the whistle on you, traitor! 

To be Continued!! 

Johnson you should have accepted Kate's proposal to drive home! 

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