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Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 19




Johnson Jr.2 - Episode 19

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


In the past, troubles meant nothing to me, I just had to go and ask for help and POOF!! it's settled but now, not only do I get into bigger troubles but i may also get killed if I'm not lucky! 

I soon woke up feeling a bit dizzy, my head was really paining me like it was going to split in two, and my visions were blurry, That teaser gun really is dangerous, I hope I don't get beaten next, cause my body can't handle it, after I regained full consciousness! I looked around to see where I was, as soon as I turned around I saw the bastard who almost killed me with that teaser gun, it was the Fulani bastard, he was smiling wickedly looking at me, Just then everything seemed so familiar, this house belongs to  Mrs Linda, I was in Mrs Linda's house, God, I'm in deep trouble! There was no where I could run or escape and my body isn't in the tip top position to fight my way out! Besides it would be unwise to do so, these Fulani men are dangerous and unpredictable, you'll never know what's coming! 

So I sat on the couch and looked at the Fulani goat, why is he still smiling at me? What's so funny? His ugly face made me despise him even more! I  turned my face away from him and concentrated on my predicament but I could still feel his eyes bore through my back, I had had enough so I turned around and confronted him. 

Johnson ➡ Mallam stop looking at me! Wetin dey worry you? 

Fulani ➡ So you get mouth ko? Zant worry Oga go come! Shege!! 

Johnson ➡ Na your father be shege!! Idiot. 

Fulani ➡ Aaaaa!!? Are you insulting me? Me fa? 

Johnson ➡ Yes wetin you go fit do? 

Fulani ➡ Zant worry, by the time Oga give you death sentence, I go skin you alive! 

This guy wasn't kidding! So the professor is trying to massacre me? Chei! Why God? Why? Why my life con turn to like this ehn? Chei that Linda na God go punish her, I regretted going to that party, it was the beginning of all my problems! Why can't my life be normal? Chaii, I'm finished! 

As I was busy lamenting inside my mind, the professor came in, He walked slowly and painfully, The Fulani help him as he sat down comfortably looking at me, God! Why did I ever fuck his wife? This man is going to make my life miserable! He kept looking at me, his face was motionless, he had no expression or sign that I could see what he was planning for me, I looked at the Fulani, he was busy smiling at me as he made a slaughtering sign with his finger around his neck! I swallowed my saliva and waited for what's going to happen next. 

As we sat in silence staring at each other for some minutes, Linda walked in sexily swaying her hips, she wore a short strapless dress which exposed her thighs, She had no look of worry and anxiety on her face! Could it be that she blamed me for the whole thing? It might be possible because this her husband has probably lost his sense of thinking considering his old age, he was on the verge of collapse and anything she says it's final. 

She sat on the arm of the sofa, wrapping her hands around her husband, giving him a small kiss on the cheek! The Old monkey reacted smiling at his wife as he grabbed her waist! It was surprising o! How is this old clunker satisfying a BMW like Linda? Seriously, I'm just trying to imagine the scenario cause with the way Linda fucks she could drain the remaining life out of her husband! 

Linda ➡ Johnson! 

Johnson ➡ Yes Mrs Linda! 

Linda ➡ This is my husband, Professor Ogbe okwonko. 

Johnson ➡ Nice to meet you sir! 

Ogbe ➡ I highly doubt that! So you're Johnson, the little lizard jumping on people's wives. 

Johnson ➡ Please sir, I can explain..... 

Linda ➡ Shut up and listen! What a chicken. 


Ogbe ➡ As I was saying, I was surprised when I saw you banging my wife! In any circumstances, I would be mad and even make you pay dearly but I'm not. I wanted to talk to you on that day but you took off running like a antelope, I asked Dan Fulani here to catch you but you eluded him and unfortunately got knocked down by a car. 

Fulani ➡ Oga, the car for break him leg! This yaro na kwarto! (Translation : play boy) 

Linda ➡ That's enough, Fulani. 

Fulani ➡ Sorry madam. 

Ogbe ➡ Look Johnson, all my life I've been working hard, I never had time to socialize or hang out with people and as a result of that, I grew old without anyone dear to care for, Linda here was my favorite student, she was caring and a determined student, for the first time, I fell the need to care and love someone, She didn't resist when I told her about my feelings, we got married eventually, but when it was time to have a baby, I found out I was sterile, it was painful and shocking, I thought Linda was going to leave me but she didn't, she was only interested in staying with me, we spent twenty years together without having kids, but deep down I wanted us to have a child even if it was a handicap! 

Linda may not mind but I felt angry for wasting the youth of such a beautiful woman and if I die now, she won't inherit a thing! My relatives are waiting for me to drop dead so they can take everything I possess, but I won't let them, so I finally made a crazy decision to let my wife get impregnated by someone else, Linda never wanted the idea but I had to force her to do it, cause if I die without a child, Linda gets nothing and I'll feel guilty for that! 

So since, she has chosen you, then I ask you to make her pregnant!.. 

Johnson ➡ What?  is this a joke?  

Ogbe ➡ No, and if you succeed, I'll give you ten million and I'll write a recommendation letter for you so anywhere you go seeking for job, you'll get it without waiting for interview. 

Johnson ➡ Jesus is lord!! Ten million??!! 

Linda ➡ Yes, ten million! 

Ogbe ➡ So are you interested? 

Johnson ➡Yes sir, I am! 

Ogbe ➡ Ok then, good luck 🎰 give me your account  number so that I'll send the money to you when the job is done. 

I quickly wrote down my account number and gave it to him, he collected it and slowly stood up from the sofa and went back to his room, Linda followed behind him holding him as they walked away, I wanted to jump and shout for joy but I had to maintain my cool, I stood up and looked at the disappointed face of the Fulani, and threw a tongue 😛 at his face, he was furious and mumbled some terrible words, I laughed at him and walked out of the house! 

God! Ten million no be small gig o! and also a letter of recommendation, Wow! I walked straight to the main road and boarded a taxi to drive me to Regina's place so I tell her what I saw. 

As I arrived at the place, the place was filled with police trucks, what was going on? I hope its not trouble , I went in and told the officers that Regina was expecting me, they allowed me to pass and I went straight to her office! 

I knocked at the door before she let me in, she wasn't alone, the Big Gorilla Joe was with her, I could recall what he tried to do to me, I walked in and sat on the chair facing her! 

Johnson ➡ Regina! 

Regina ➡ Johnson, what brings you here? 

Johnson ➡ Can we talk in private? Just the two of us! 

Joe ➡ Hey, Little boy, which kind private? Abeg talk! 

Regina ➡ Joe, please give us a minute. 

Joe ➡ Arggh, okay.... 

As soon as the big ape went out, I went straight to her and kissed her, she wrapped her hands around me kissing me as well, we kissed for some minutes, before we stopped! 

Regina ➡ Oh, Johnson ❤, you could have called me! 

Johnson ➡ There's no time, there's something I have to tell you. 

Regina ➡ Which is? 

Johnson ➡ I know about the Nightshade delivery! And its going to happen tonight! 

Regina ➡ What? 

To be continued.

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