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Dethroned - Episode 40





Dethroned - Episode 40

Written By Amah's Heart.

" That is how I went into the forest pregnant with Ammon.. it's over there that I met your father and married him" I concluded my story and heaved sadly

" Oh, mother.. it must have been so hard for you. Now I understand why you are so tensed about me seeing a man" Olamma said feeling pity for me because of what I had to go through. 

I could see tears cascading down my daughter's eyes as she continued with a cracky voice mixed with sad emotions 

"...I have grown to love Ejike.. mother. I was thinking his love for me is true but after hearing your story.. I don't know if it's actually true as he portrays. I'm scared for my safety and that of the people. I won't want to make the same mistake you made by risking it all. It's hard mother but I am willing to let go!" 

I watched as my daughter broke down in tears afterwards. 

She was practically choking in her tears such that it stung my heart and I had to pull her into a warm hug whilst patting her back soothingly.

" It's okay Olamma. I have been there so I know how hard this must be for you... but trust me when I say that this is the best decision you will ever make" I said these words close to her left ear

" I know mother but then I'm wondering how I'm going to cope since he is here in this village. I will be seeing him no matter how I will try to avoid him. It will be truly hard to let go and move on" Olamma expressed her worries and I nodded in agreement to what she said 

Her words also brought back memories of when I tried avoiding and letting go of Eze yet he kept coming back until I fell for his love tactics over again.

" You're right Olamma. In a place of power it is necessary to recognize our weaknesses and discard of them hence I suggest you banish him tomorrow. Send him away from this village and use your powers to place a spiritual covering at the border. That way he will never be able to sneak back here no matter how he tries... it's the best remedy I can think of which will guard you from mistakes" I uttered as I continued patting Olamma who was still crying heavily. If only I could take all her pains away then I will.

" Will I be able to do this mother..? Somehow I'm beginning to have doubts about this crown. I'm scared of failing in my assignment and many other things" Olamma said doubtfully.

I sighed sadly as I disengaged from the hug. I touched Olamma's cheeks lovingly wiping her tears away with my hands.

" I told you that the crown isn't so easy as it seems. You'll have to compromise a lot for the sake of the people you are leading. I believe in you Olamma and I know you will be the greatest Priestess of all times...far better than I ever did as your mother. So be strong Olamma!" I answered smiling at Olamma who smiled back before nodding vigorously

" I believe so too mother. Thank you for your kind words, massive support and encouragement. You are my backbone and I will constantly thank the gods for making you my mother" Olamma said hugging me for the second time. My smile widened and I felt genuinely glad that my young daughter is happy again.

The following day, Olamma banished Ejike from the village and set a seal at the village entrance as I had suggested.

She further surprised me by lifting I and Nonso's banishment decree making us freeborn bona fide villagers again.

I didn't want it to seem like I'm always controlling or influencing my daughter's decisions, so I stepped back and allowed Olamma rule in her own way without any more intervention from me.

A year down the line, I am glad for that decision I made because Olamma indeed makes me proud. 

My daughter rules so well and it gladdens my heart that she is finally over her forbidden love history.

Afterwards, my son Ammon found a beautiful maiden in the village of Zada whom he took a liking to and the maiden goes by the name Ijeoma.

Ijeoma is a nice and well trained maiden so it was easy for everyone to approve of her.

We had immediately asked for her hand in marriage from her parents and after getting their approval, the marriage preparation begun in earnest. 

As the groom's mother it is the tradition that I chose the marriage date.

I picked this weekend and I made sure the date is the exact date with Olamma's eighteen birthday celebration. 

I had intentionally fixed it on that day so that it would be a double celebration for everyone in the family.

But despite all this endless celebrations, I am still weary and there's something really bothering me.

It's about my husband Nonso, he is yet to divulge his origin or who his family are. 

Yes! I am aware that he is from the Land of Gada but till date I don't know who his family members are nor do I know why he was banished or any tangible information about his kindred.

When we newly got married, I constantly queried Nonso about it on a daily basis but the only answer he gave me was that he is from the Land of Gada and that was it! From his body language, I knew he didn't want to divulge further.

Since we were both banished, I felt it wasn't important so I allowed it slide back then. But now we are back to the village with our banishment barge lifted, it has become essential that I at least know my husband's origin before people would begining asking me of it.

I've been asking him for about a year since we returned to this village yet each and every time I raise the topic, Nonso will find a way of avoiding the questions until I eventually stopped asking him about it. 

I'm feeling so worried again!

It's our son's traditional marriage by weekend and it will be absurd if no person from my husband's family is present on that special day. 

Either ways, I am planning to talk to him again today and at least for our son's sake I believe Nonso will say something different from his usual monosyllabic responses.

" You're here. I've been searching everywhere for you Obim. Wait! don't tell me you're thinking again..? I'm usually wondering what exactly you are always thinking about Obim" 

Nonso words disrupted my thoughts as he caught me spacing out in our bedroom hut for the third time today.

" I'm fine my husband. I see you're back from hunting... I hope it went well...?" I asked smiling at Nonso who shrugged nonchalantly 

" I couldn't catch anything Obim. It seems the animals went on a break today but I will try again by evening. I'm just so tired!" Nonso said laying tiredly on the bed and I laughed sarcastically

" You're being dramatic my husband.. anyways I prepared Akpu and Oha soup for you. Should I bring it here...?" I said to Nonso and at the same time climbing his back to give him a soft massage 

" I'm hungry but it's not for solid handmade food. It's for a different and special kind of food which is solely in my Obim's possession" Nonso said in an attempt to play naughty games with me. 

I beamed as I got the cue and I decided to play along since he is my husband.

" Really..? So tell me my husband.. what is stopping you from taking the 'special' food when it's right behind you..? Oh! if only you know how the food craves for you as well then you'll do the needful" I said with a naughty grin on my face

" Naughty wife. My Obim! come here let me eat you!!" Nonso said as he swiftly turned me around and laid on top of me

We continued laying in silence staring at each other for a while before we eventually clamped our lips in a passionate kiss and the rest of what we did is better imagined than said.

After our love making session, I laid on Nonso's chest sexually satisfied. I was listening to his heartbeat with my mind focused on how to come up with a better way to raise the topic about his origin. 

I won't want to get him upset hence my mind was debating if it should stay quiet and just savor the beautiful sensual moment. Or if it should go ahead and talk to him about him regardless.

Nonso sighed heavily which made me lift my head to look at his face. I could see the conflicting emotions in his eyes which got me wondering what is wrong

" Are you okay my husband..? You look worried. Is something on your mind..?" I asked worriedly and Nonso nodded in affirmation and then he begun talking 

" I know you too well Obim so I'm aware that I'm part of the reason you've been worried lately. I was reluctant to tell you anything about my family and our son's marriage is coming...so it's only natural that as a mother you are anxious!" Nonso said and exhaled as he continued after seeing the curious glint in my eyes 

" Obim can I tell you a story...?" Nonso asked touching my cheeks tenderly and I nodded affirmatively whilst smiling in other to encourage him to go on. 

" Please go on with your story my husband. You know I'm always ready to listen to you!"

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