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Dethroned - Episode 39





Dethroned - Episode 39

Written By Amah's Heart.

I sat dejectedly on a wooden chair outside the compound I once stayed as a Priestess of this Land. 

Today is making it a month of being back to staying in this vast compound again. The only difference is that I am here as the mother of the Priestess and not as the Priestess herself.

I'm sitting here merely staring into space as I reminisced on a lot of things since everything around this compound seems to be filled with both pleasant and unpleasant memories.

After the fight with Nene, my daughter Olamma was crowned the Priestess of the three merged communities; The Land of Yada, Gada and Zada. 

Nene's body wasn't given a proper burial instead it was thrown into the evil forest for her carcass to be fed on by wild animals and birds.

As for me, the fire balls Nene threw at my thighs almost led to the amputation of my leg due to the great damage it caused. 

Oh I suffered!

It resulted to a serious swelling which wasn't responding to any of the medical herbs in the village. 

My health kept failing and just when I thought I would not make it, Eze sent a messenger to deliver a special herb to me with a message that it was the antidote which will heal me. 

Coming from a man who betrayed me in the past, I didn't trust his words but then I had nothing to lose since I was already close to dying so I took the drugs regardless of my trust issues.

True to Eze's words I healed after two days although I still wasn't so strong, but with my husband and children's unwavering love, care, support and assistance I was able to recover rapidly.

After I successfully recovered fully, I was widely recognized as Rana the dethroned Priestess who is now the current Priestess mother. 

I made use of that authority to ensure that the young boy was set free whilst Jack was sentenced to death by hanging for being an accomplice to Nene in her evīl manipulative schemes.

Afterwards, the villagers took turns in seeking my forgiveness. 

It wasn't easy but with the collective efforts of my family and Great Uba whom I hold in high esteem, I forgave them genuinely and wholeheartedly.

I wanted to go back to the forest but my daughter pleaded with me to stay with her here in the village and with the soft heart of a mother I obliged her request.

Well I'm glad I stayed because from the experience I had in the past, I don't think it's actually a good idea leaving my daughter alone without proper mentorship and guidance.

As for Eze, his health had already deteriorated to a reasonable degree so there was no need passing judgement on him. He was a blind man and also shadow of himself when I met with him again after so many years. 

I felt sorry to see the man I once loved with my whole heart in such a state. Eze eventually asked for my forgiveness and that of his son Ammon who forgave him readily unlike me who had a really tough time before I finally forgave him.

Three days after Olamma's crowning ceremony which was coincidentally the eve of the day Ammon marked his 20th birth date, Eze died on his sick bed.

And just like Nene he was thrown into the evīl forest without a burial.

Before Eze's demise, he had confessed to me how he regretted betraying and treating me the way he did. 

He went further to admit that it was when I was gone that he had realized he was in love with me but it was already too late to turn back the hands of time.

Well I've forgiven him and I hope that he is resting in peace wherever he is. 

I looked sideways and I heaved heavily as I saw a maiden servant passing by. 

She reminds me of Amarachi whom I miss greatly. I wish I could see her again!

It's funny how many people believe that the top is such a great place to be whereas no one truly understands the loneliness that comes along with it. 

I hate the fact that it is often filled with many self-centered people with evīl schemes and no genuineness.

I felt a soft tap on my shoulder and I jerked back into reality. 

I relaxed when I saw that it is Ammon who is trying to get my attention.

" Mother! mother! You seem lost in thoughts.. are you okay...?" Ammon asked with his voice laced in concern

" I'm fine Ammon. Why are you here..?  where is your sister...? I haven't seen anyone of you since morning" I said as I readjusted well on the seat I was sitting. 

" Of recent I don't know where Olamma keeps sneaking out to because every afternoon she will sneak out and then come back late in the evening. I don't know why but I have a feeling that she is secretly seeing a man!" Ammon answered and as I heard that I abruptly stood up in trepidation.

" You're suspecting Olamma of seeing a man...? Since when has this new development been happening without my knowledge...?" I asked already pacing around in anxiety. 

" It's been more than a week mother. There are times I follow her silently and I've fortunate to meet her with the man on two instances without her noticing"

Oh no! I just hope the cycle isn't about repeating itself. 

If yes, I need to stop it immediately before it goes beyond control.

" When exactly did you say she usually loves coming back home...?" I asked looking at Ammon fiercely.

" She is usually back towards late dusk. I just feel scared for her mother... I mean what would people say when they see their Priestess with a mortal man..?" Ammon asked rhetorically but I ignored him as I hurriedly walked towards Olamma's bedroom which is situated at a certain area of the compound.

I entered Olamma's bedroom and sat on her well dressed bamboo bed still feeling so scared for my daughter. I will be here waiting for her to come back so I will confirm from the horse's mouth!

I couldn't tell for how long I sat there and then I saw her swiftly sneaking in and gently closing her door behind her. She exhaled in relief as she turned and there was a huge shock on her face when she saw me sitting on the bed.

" Mo.. moth.. mother why are you here..? Is there something you would like me to help you with...?" Olamma quizzed trying to feign a smile. 

I shook my head as I looked at Olamma pitifully which I'm sure made her somewhat uncomfortable.

" Where are you coming from Olamma..? Okay, let me rephrase that question... is there any man you are secretly seeing that I and your family do not know about..?" I asked going straight to the point.

" Ah! Of course not mother.. I'm not..not..not seeing any man" Olamma replied stammering and I could see the fear and struggle in her eyes.

From the way she was fidgeting with her fingers and kept trying to avoid my eyes, I didn't need any further confirmation to know that Ammon was right. My Olamma is secretly seeing a man!

I beckoned Olamma to come closer and I patted the empty space beside me for her to sit down. 

She nodded in obedience as she slowly walked over and sat down beside me. 

I sighed sadly and I emotionally braced myself for the past story I was about divulging. I know it would mean baring my heart, my scars and my wounds.

Yet to ensure that my daughter doesn't make the same mistakes I made in time past, I am more than willing to do anything to avert such ugly fate for her.

" Olamma I suppose it's about time I tell you about my past. You see I was once a young maiden like you; full of dreams and I always wanted to experience love and life outside my crown and destiny... I..I..I.. " I begun my story but along the way, I momentarily broke down in tears.

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